Atlanta Meeting

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  1. base
    | #1

    Bravo Seeye,
    We need you at this critical time to participate and lead!!

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    your contribution is your stand your stand is your contribution. Below

  3. Ewnetu Taye
    | #3

    This is a great begining. What needs to happen is that Seye should tour North America and establish UDJ/Medrek support groups in major cities such as Atlanta, DC, LA, NY, Dallas, Toronto Canada, and Ottawa, British Columbia. There are no such support groups any where except G7. This will be a very useful asset for UDJ/Medrek to be strengthened both on the international arena and to be supported financially by the Diaspora.

    Organize , organize and organize. This is the only way to strengthen UDJ/medrek. And this is in the best interest of all Ethiopians.

  4. Yonas
    | #4

    Yas this the way we organise & united each other, bravo Ethiopian!

  5. Melkamu
    | #5

    Ato Seeye should not go to Atlanta only to talk but do something tangible…Organize the Medrek support Group at least from that meeting participants…I know there are many initiatives and discussion underway. what they need is to give green light and encourage them. The only way to victory is supporting the real party that advances the interests of Ethiopia, promotes Unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, the rule of law and democracy, the reclaim of Ethiopian territories, including the Assab Port and similar border areas. This is vividly enshrined in the mini-program of Medrek!
    Ato Seeye, make this mission of organizing real Ethiopians as Medrek Support Group Members at this Atlanta meeting as the core of your duty to fulfill. Otherwise, the mere talk won`t bear fruit! God help you in this regard!

  6. Andargachew
    | #6

    Lets ask Seeye what he really things about the port of Assab.
    I have doubt what Seeye thinks about port Assab when I heard this interview. We really want to know the stand of Seeye is on this important national issue.

  7. Melkamu
    | #7

    change is urgently need in Ethiopia…Megrek is the way forward to bring that change..I hope Seeye`s deliberation with the public at Atlanta will contribute towards this end…
    Participants, Pls be practical and come up with Medrek support that can operate globally!
    Organizers, Pls try to broadcast the discussion via the moderate paltalk rooms, including Qale Ethiopia….thanks!!

  8. Zega
    | #8

    Thaks organizers of Atlanta meeting. It was diretly broadcasted live in Qale Room while Ato Seeye was addressing the mmeting and many participants were inspired and motivated by the speech! Unfortunately it was interrupted towards the end of his speech and we could not participate in the Questions and answers session, Anyways, his speech is partly recorded and we will post it in Qale website..Thanks a lot again for your dedication!

  9. Andargachew
    | #9

    Can someone post us the discussions Siyee has on March 18 in Atlanta? I wish the meeting was successful to bring some political change in Ethiopia.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    what else did he want to talk about, he is a man fully play with mistakes and say sorry after it. he is the worst politician i ever seen in my life.

  11. Geze
    | #11

    Anonymous AKA Cyber Arbegna, what else have you dont for your country aside taking day and night on PalTalk. At ilst Seye has learned from his mistake and he is working with the oppostions.@Anonymous

  12. aha!
    | #12

    It has long been apparent since after the 2005 election debacle and the inability of CUD to for failure of the coalition to merge of the parties into one party, with national agenda, I presume. Since then, I reckon the split parties of UDJP, with subset of the ational agenda for democracy, human right and justice, with the mantra for “no change but durable democracy”, in a country where the priority is economic development before democracy, and Ginbot 7 in the armed struggle recesisitating AFD1, sponsored by EPLF/Eritrea into AFD2 affiliated with EPLF/Eritrea under the principle of “enemy of my enemy is my friend”, a philosophy that is also embraced by UDJP with respect to accommodating Ex-TPLFites, embracing ethnic federeralism, secessionism and totaliarinism, the three ideologies and the pillar for the constituiton.

    The creation of coalition of UDJP with the loyalist opposition(ethnic federalist) parties has created a divergence within UDJP, among other things, and definitely with KAEUP and others in the “Andinet Hayloch” with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights.

    For UDJP to adopt the Ex-TPLFites with ethnic agenda and labled in the same catagory for human right violations with the pretext “enemy of my enemy is my friend” and Ginbot 7 to fall under the same trap with EPLF/Eritrea is failing to perceive, there is no difference btween the prime Minister and ato Siyee Abraha in terms of ethnic fedralism, secessionism and totaliarinism as the main frame work of the constitution. But what is apparent is the rivalery between the two over the same ethnic agenda and the same idea holds true between the prime Minister and the Eritrean president, in the words of Essayas Afeworki, Benena be Meles mehakel liyunet binor be Eritrea guday ine ibelt ine ibelt bemalet bicha new, where both of them do not agree on exploiting Ethiopia together while Eritrea maintains its independence from Etiopia.

    There is no difference with both of them in undermining the non-violent uprising for freedom and democracy by “Andinet Hayloch” and armed struggle for freedom and democracy by EPPF, whose goals for both factions) are unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians along with adopted strategies.

    It is this this paradigm, that ones sum total idea has to fit in.

  13. Derege
    | #13

    Ethiopia pays %5 Million dollars for port service EVERY DAY for Djibouti!
    In a simple math this is more than 1.5 Billon US a year.
    This more than pays all the cost for the planned Addis to Djibouti railway. With this amount of money we can build a railway ~900km long every year. Think of how many hospitals, schools, real universities…..we can build.
    Above all how can this be sustainable for Ethiopia if we are to grow our export and our import demand? Gobez, we are in a serious situation!

    Assab Woyim Mot!

  14. Zega
    | #14

    You cripped nosense, what have you done to your country good so far?
    You dont have a moral ground to criticize since you did contribute nothing. Seeye have been and still is active in political activism nearly four decades and although he might been mistaken, he has learnt and corrected the mistakes and trying to compensate with hard work and devotion.
    You loser dont have the legitimacy to those who are workinghard..Shut up your big mouth!

  15. Kassa
    | #15

    perhaps Siye would work to the betterment of our country. I believe he has the experience and witnessed the failer of what they had been trusting their struggle brings about.I firmly believe this man and birtukan mideksa would serve as locomotives to speed up our struggle and do away with meles and bunch of yes people around him. Let us help the effort

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