TPLF hitting Amharas & Oromos as did Mussolini By Robele Ababya

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Purpose of this piece

The Italian Fascist military garrison and observation post at Deneba in north Shoa is an indelible symbol engraved in my mind of famous patriots and their followers comprising the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups. My upbringing near this garrison, dominated by the two ethnic groups, living in enviable harmony at the time, had formed my character as a child and the memory of that experience refuses to go away until now. The purpose of this writing is to stress that the Zenawi regime is emulating the Mussolini doctrine to hit the Amharas & Oromos and that naïve Ethiopians are falling prey to the secret design of the regime to destroy the country.

Life as a child in the environ of Deneba

The garrison is one of the strongest World War II Italian garrisons in Ethiopia located in Deneba in the Tegulet Province of Shoa in northern Ethiopia. It was built on a high huge plateau from one end of which rises a steep tall hill used as an observation post overlooking the lower surrounding grounds visible to the naked eye as far as tens of kilometers away on a clear day. Imagine how further the Fascists could see with their binoculars to detect the movements of patriots that gave the invaders terrifying time during their short but destructive occupation of our motherland!

The parish Church Deneba Giorgis, where I went to ቄስ ትምህርት ቤት (priest school), was built on a big plateau beside the garrison. The two plateaus formed a narrow deep gorge providing a route for travelers to Addis Ababa and back with their belongings laden on their animals.

It was natural to speak in Oromiffa or Amharic under the same roof switching from one language to another swiftly. All of my playmates, the children in our village including me, were bilingual in that we all spoke both languages fluently.

Conversations in both languages among the elders were almost always monopolized by the atrocities the Italian Fascists cruelly inflicted on the people of Ethiopia. Famous patriots including the legendary guerilla leader Ras Abebe Aregay and others like Dejazmach Abera Kassa, Fitawrari Haile Balcha, Dejazmach Geleta Quoricho, Dejazmach Meshesha Banché and scores of others were gloriously mentioned for giving hell to the invaders in Deneba and its environ as far as Selalle, Yifat, Debre Berhan et al.

It would be interesting to note in passing that Selalle was the birth place of Abichu who was a dynamic young heroic organizer and brilliant leader of the Special Forces in Tembien, Adwa, and Maichew, among others, that demoralized Marshall Badoglio through a series of surprise attacks. The Emperor dubbed the young Abichu “Leju” (The Boy) and his compatriots in the war arena fondly nicknamed him Liju; he was known for his loyalty to his Commander of Selalle militia, Dejazmach Abera Kassa.

Traders and shoppers streamed to the Deneba market on the plateau – Amarigna speakers mostly from the north and east and Oromiffa speakers from the south and west. As I recall the market stood once a week on Mondays and goods were exchanged peacefully; the people treated one another with magnificent civility.

As children we played like crazy in the big grazing field adjoining Laga Jeldesa River (Zingero Wonze in Amahric) originating from the high ground in Debre Birhan. We played all kinds of games including hockey, wrestling, swimming, horse riding competition, running, you name it. Our technological contrivance was building wheels out of straw and chasing them in the wind until we were tired. In retrospect I imagine that our playful childhood life was an immensely pleasing reward to our parents; we relished the freedom our forebears had bequeathed to us by paying the ultimate price in fighting the Italian Fascist invaders.

In my tiny world at Deneba as a child, I thought Ethiopia was the home of only Amharas and Oromos (Galas) because these two were the only dominant ethnic groups that lived there. However I was to learn more in Addis Ababa about the reality of Ethiopia’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Back to Addis Ababa

When I came to Addis Ababa at the age of nine I was surprised to find out that there were so many other ethnic groups with rich culture, dexterity and intellectual capacity that in retrospect I see as having enormous potential for development. But Amharas and Ormos were far more in number than any other ethnic groups and being fluent in these two languages I had no difficulty in communicating with the residents of Addis Ababa (Shagar).

In my elementary school, among boys in my class, some came from Tigray under the auspices of Ras Abebe Aregay who led an expedition there to quell the first Weyane uprising. One of them by the name of Bahta Meles and I became close friends until completion of our elementary school and for many years after till fate set us apart.

Zenawi’s paranoiac sustained hatred for the Amharas

A group of Ethiopians in the Diaspora originating from multiple ethnicities including me expressed strong support for the late legendary Professor Asrat Woldeyes for his noble effort to save the Amhara ethnic group singled out for vindictive onslaught by TPLF as soon as it took control of Addis Ababa in May 1991. We made financial contribution to the Professor’s All Amhara People’s Organization (AAPO) that he was then leading. I personally wrote to the AAPO pleading with it to shed its tribal garb as soon as the threat to the Amhara people had vanished. Unfortunately the Professor died prematurely before his honest cause bore fruit.

Now that Zenawi’s paranoiac sustained hatred for the Amharas has become increasingly acute and worrisome, Ambassador Imru Zeleke is right to rise to the occasion in mobilizing the victims for self-defense. One modus operandi is to create a website that would inform the plight of the victims to Ethiopians and the international community.
History affirms that the Italian Fascist invaders of Ethiopia, “dropped leaflets over villages in Tigray singling out and blaming the Amharas and Oromos in particular for hindering the ‘civilizing’ mission of Italy; the leaflets carried strict warning intimidating villagers not to cooperate with the Ethiopian army in any way.” Vide my article titled “Hegemony: Potential for war between Ethiopia & Eritrea” by Robele Ababya dated 03 February 2012.

It is crystal clear from the above that the TPLF strategy is to pulverize the Amhara stamina first followed by similar satanic action second – eventually to vanish the name of Ethiopia from the world map.


I understand the concern by some stakeholders in the unity of Ethiopia expressed in their reaction to Ambassador Imru’s initiative in the creation of a website that would serve the legitimate right of self-defense against the ongoing genocidal program aimed at the Amharas and subsequently at the Oromos. The central theme of the concern is that the gains towards unity so far made must not be lost.

Nothing should stand in the way of our critically needed unity. With the all the foregoing proviso intact, I support that the Amharas and indeed all other ethnic groups that are threatened by the Zenawi onslaught have every right to create complementary websites solely focused on attacking the heinous crimes of the TPLF regime in self-defense. In fact there are some such websites already in existence in symbiotic cooperation.

Abichu at the age of between 16 and 17 became commander- in- chief of peasant militia army organized under four Generals leading militia from Hamassien, Tigray, Gojjam and Sellale and in collaboration with the 15, 000 strong militia from Kembatta bravely mounted devastating attacks on Fascist bases in Tigray thus bringing tears to the eyes of Marshall Badoglio at his Headquarters in Mekele. Abichu and his compatriots exalted in reverence the beloved victor of the battle of Adwa, Immye Menilik II. Let us revive that heritage of spirit of unity to defeat Zenawi who publicly calls us his enemies.
The plight of the masses must come first. I hope that all pro-unity Oromos et al read me loud and clear!

Thank you for the inspiring logo below where the four words in Amharic on it mean Unity, Freedom, Equality, Prosperity:

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega et al

  1. Birtu/can
    | #1

    Woyane is playing the ethnic card for its own selfish reasons. Divide and rule prolongs dictators grip to power.There has never been a single ethnic dominated government in Ethiopia in the past,which can be compared to the present woyane dictatorship.Woyane is “the mother of ethnic politics”, which in the end will lead it to disaster. Unfortunately, you don’t expect high school drop outs to use logic from which they can deduct truth from garbage. The vast majority of Amhara or Oromo citizens never benefited from the gains of past regimes. They were in the same boat as the rest of Ethiopians, if not worst. Their crime according to woyane knuckleheads seems to be guilt by association through ethnic background to the leadership of past regimes. How lame does that sound? The present regime is run by Eritreans and Tigreans who are quickly becoming home made colonialists to their own kind. Even apartheid had the decency to keep the motherland intact or safe and secure. Past rulers of Ethiopia with their shortcomings had one thing in common:love of the country.On the other hand, the present leaders of Ethiopia are not only allergic to anything Ethiopian, they are in a race to destroy Ethiopia altogether. Do we condemn all Tigreans for few woyane misfits? That’s a big NO!NO! That would be like blaming Obama for the killing of 16(?) civilians in Afghanistan by crazy serviceman. If we have to point a finger on what is ailing Ethiopia, just look in the mirror. The so-called elites of every ethnic group in Ethiopia are responsible for the demise of the country, not the downtrodden Amahra, Oromo, Tigrean…etc. peasant whose goal in life to feed his family.


  2. koster
    | #2

    We should fight by all means possible woyane state terrorism and we should not be fooled by thé black color of Meles he is no more different than Graziani. Mengistu killed due to ideology but Meles is systematically killing due to hatred.

  3. astra
    | #3

    Birtu- why do we fear to condemn All Tigreans (from Tigre and Ertra) who are the SOLE benefactors when all other ethnic groups are destroyed FOR THEIR BENEFIT. especially for the benefit of ALL those from Tigrey province. Where is the outrage of Tigrean elites who support the Tigrean pillage of Ethiopian assets. WE know that 99.99% of them support the TPLF. Why confuse issues or speak with a forked tongue. The Tigreans collectively are happily supporting the suppression of all other Ethnic groups, especially the suppression and elimination of the Amhara. Where is their outrage about this injustice. if so when? Why confuse the main issue by mixing it all up. All of us should have the courage of our convictions instead of side stepping the in the name of a vague “fairness” which is is tantamount to a moral retreat.
    Koster- what is the difference between Mengistu and Meles? are you trying to make Meles worse than Mengistu. They are NOT even close. Mengistu is one of the worst criminals of the 20th Century. We should NEVER FORGT THAT!

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    I have learnt the death of President Girma

  5. MA
    | #5


  6. Kostir
    | #6

    Mellesse and his TPLF/Woyane thugs are the worst type of enemy a people or a country may have. They are a group of theifs, killers, and die hard terrorists. They kidnap, imprison, torture, terrorize, and murder citizens without cause. They are the most treasonous people ever known in the world committing the most unimaginable crimes of treasons against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Yes, from fighting the Ethiopian Army siding with the EPLF, another terrorist group to begging the UN for the dismemberment of Ethiopia, Woyane/TPLF has done it all. From giving the inherent Ethiopian territory of Assab port and Awraj to the enemy to under mining the nation’s interests Mellesse and his Woyane thugs have done it all. They don’t have any idea of what a country, nation, territorial integrity, and sovrienity means. They are a group of illiterate, backward thinking, and dead enders filled with hate. In short they are psychopaths and should not belong in society. They divided Ethiopians ethinically creating the largest ethnic aparthied system in this century. They planned, coordinated, and excuted ethnic hatred, cleansings, in-fightings, and violences. They all have to be eliminated from the face of the earth so that Ethiopia and Ethiopians can survive and trive.

  7. beyu
    | #7

    The address for Genocide Watch is

    There is a serious threat on the mass annhilation of the amhara in particular as well as the oromo ethnic groups by the TPLF. There are documented evidence for this starting back in 1991, which includes the massacre of 1000s of amharas in Arbagugu,Harar and Arsi.

  8. Hiika
    | #8

    “It is good news that Amharas are slowly waking up and starting to figure out that they are suffering, not only under the repressive regime, but also under the Tigrean colonial rule. They have started to talk about a liberation struggle from the colonial rule instead of rehashing about the possible democratization of the present Tigrean empire, which is neither federal nor democratic as the regime tries to make us believe. It seems that they have now started to understand the fact that democratization of the Tigrean empire is a pipe dream, which was already assessed and told by OLF since 1992. Till now, they had been deceived repeatedly, including the last deception through the notorious hand-shake before the 2010 “election.”…”





  9. Gaye
    | #9

    no one but us the Oromos and Amharas are to blame for what weyane killer is doing to us. Instead of promoting weyane created agenda of ethnic mongering, we should unite and stop weayne before they take over our land or finish us one by one.

  10. Henok
    | #10

    It is about time the Amhara people wake up. It has being humiliated and pushed aside. As Robel Ababya suggested everybody should support Amb. Imiru’s appeal.

  11. hmmm
    | #11

    The woyane started the annihilation process in 1991,and people are being raped, tortured and their bodies mutilated in all parts of the north, especially Gondar and Wollo as well as in the south.

    Gambella region is now fully occupied by the woyane mechanised army, and the people in the region are being deported to places which they do not know or belong, to make way for the woyane and their pay masters and their work force to be settled and to exploit the land.

  12. Zekarias
    | #12

    Good call Mr. Robel Ababya. It is Amhara’s full right to defend itself and we all support that. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK. I was wondering why it took them this long.

  13. AmiNa
    | #13

    Plsss ppl Stop calling Amhara oromo Tigray and Try To Unite our ppl or Stfu!!!

  14. Hewan
    | #14

    There is nothing wrong with saying let Amhara organize itself. Evey group does it. Tigreans are organized under TPLF, Oromos are under OLF and Somalies are organized under ONLF. Why can’t Amhara do that?

  15. aha!
    | #15

    Gaye, that what I have been saying all along for the loyalist opposition (ethnic fedralists) to unite over the common agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the the last item has to do with individual liberty, freedom and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights, where currentely the loyalist opposition party leaders are campaignining for equal rights of the ethnic groups/ “yekilil Mengistat ikulent mebit”, and are in support of ethnic federalism, secessionism? and totaliarinism, stipulated in the constitution.

    As you suggested for the oromos and Amharas to unite, they must adopt the same goals with strategies to achieve those goals is more effective problem solving approach to resolve the humanitarian, economic and political crises over the the silent majority of Ethiopians.

  16. aha!
    | #16

    It is not only ethnic mongering, but also ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinsm built into the constitution that they have to fight together to dismantle to form a constitution based on individual freedom, liberty and equality, similar to the constitution of the United States of America, different from the current regime that is led by ex-liberatin fronts, nor the new liberation fronts that whose ideology hinges on the oppression of nations and nationalities, rather than class struggle along with its marxisist ideology and destined to human rights viololations, and and any party that comes in its image, with ethnic agenda and in support of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarianism.

  17. Oda Tulu
    | #17

    Yes every threatened individual or group have a right to self-defence. But the ultimate guarantee to stop threat is to remove TPLF from power.

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