Axis of Evils By Ewnetu Sime

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I concur with President Bush’s famous speech when he described his enemies as axis of evils after 9/11 World Trade Center attack. We have our own axis of evils that comprise TPLF top leaders, their notorious prison systems and their informants. The three are operating in tandem and ranked in the same level performing the evil tasks. Their psyche is a deep seated fear of opposition party’s activism, brave and persistent journalists, patriotic individuals and others.

TPLF`s leaders understand that the future of their regime depends on the effectiveness of silencing opposition groups, journalists, bloggers, and others concerned citizens. The regime’s constitution appears to be providing basic rights for all citizens, including freedom of press, but in practice all rights is almost non-existent or strictly controlled by the government. It is evident that the regime is continuing violating its own constitution by simply eroding – freedoms, civil liberties, with arbitrary orders to kill, and arrest those who have been fighting under given constitutional rights.

The opposition party leader, Andualem Aragi and journalist Eiskinder Nega and many other citizens are the recent clear examples of the arbitrary political motivated arrest. These patriotic indivuals took responsibility for protecting and defending our rights to live lives of freedom and equality under this evil regime. We say thank you to these and other patrotic indiviuals for having the courage and persistence to fight for the rights of all Ethiopian. They will be honored and remembered forever by all Ethiopians.

As we have read it in several free media a journalist/ blogger Eiskinder’s several articles had demonstrated his open minds with strong conscience, and love of his contury. He has option to join the exodus or to stay in the country. Although he had been in and out of jail under this regime for several times, he chose to stay in the country to continue fighting against injustice. What we witnessed – after his release from prison is for him to get back on his journalistic duty and write on local and international papers as well as online and critic the injustice the regime perpetrated on the people. The opposition party leader Andualem also did similar fights, he campaign and against all forms of injustice through his party platform and showed he no longer accepts oppression by this regime. This type of unfettered commitments and beliefs landed them to TPLF’s notorious prison. TPLF supporters and beneficiaries always turn their head pretending they just don’t see it. They choose to accept woyane’s crumbs and “guresha” as incentives as way of life.

Maeklelawi dungeon in Addis Ababa was infamous during the years of Derg now run by TPLF’s. Human Right Watch and others wrote about the prisoner conditions in the dungeon as the worst by any standards. According to former prisoners, the political prisoners were held in overcrowded conditions and cramped with other prisoners who committed horrible crimes. Conditions are poor and unsanitary. Their day began with the guards cursing the prisoners. The prisoners are subject to ruthless TPLF interrogator with harsh and life threatening condition. Their effort is to manufacture evidence for their kangaroo courts. As we have read and listen recently on free media the opposition leader Mr Andualem under their custody was severely beaten up by other prisoner who was coerced to bit Andualem, and left him unconscious. The dissidents that left the TPLF’s prison camp expressed that the images of past horrors are still too vivid in their mind specially the torture of each day. The informants are at every turn. They are posing as prisoners in an attempt to infiltrate the political prisoner’s networks. Informants are one of the main players in silencing opposition groups. As we have seen or heard they followed up on opposition party members, friends or relatives to their homes and take them away never to be seen again. There are still dozens of unresolved disappearance cases in need known.

The opposition group leader Negasso shall continue to demand Human Rights Watch or International Committee of the Red Cross to get access to this prison. To date, the regime failed to provide any information on prisoners to allow access to any human rights organization. Our political future is more uncertain, the regime continues routinely attack, kill, jail who voice opposition to his dictatorial rule. It is encouraging that lately diaspora community, civic activists, free mass media appears to be cooperating and continue relentlessly exposing the regime corruptions, illicit outflow of billion monies, the land giveaway, human rights violations, detentions, torture and other forms of cruel and inhuman punishment. This will lead significantly diminished the regime’s axis of evils operation, the reappearance of national unity and eventually restoring the livelihoods and lives of all Ethiopians.

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