The LEBANESE Saga By Msmaku Asrat

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The people of Lebanon have continuously demonstrated that they are one of the worst types of Arabs. Many years ago an Israeli diplomat had told me that in order to study the evil side of the Arabs it is only necessary to study the Lebanese who are continuously at war and not even able to live with each other peacefully. Because of this millions have immigrated to other countries. It is known that 15 million Lebanese or three times as much as those living in Lebanon live outside their country of origin (10 million in Brazil, 3.5 million in US, and the rest elsewhere) Their current population is less than 5 million. They are traditionally a merchant people who believe that they are the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians and were trading as far as Carthage (now in Tunisia) and their homeland being in the Levant (Lebanon).

They were the main slave traders in West Africa during the age of colonialism and slavery. They go into the interior, capturing whole villages, killing those who try to escape, pillaging the land and selling all the inhabitants to the White slave merchants anchored in their large ships at the various ports. So they are the traditional enemies of black people. (may be that is why they went to Brazil, a country which has the largest black population outside Africa and the blacks there are still the most oppressed black people in the world). To this very day the Lebanese have settled in West Africa and are the middle men and the richest traders there, continuously exploiting and abusing the inhabitants, being allied as they are with the West African dictators. The Americans had built a College in Lebanon and many Ethiopians, especially medical students have studied there. The students always refer their place of study as Beirut, and not Lebanon (just like Ethiopian students who had studied in Egypt at earlier times referred their place of study as Alexandria, and not Egypt)

The extent of the Lebanese cruelty to Ethiopian female slaves (the modern slavery name is “maid”) has been recounted many times and we have heard the horror stories of the Ethiopian women being gang raped, burned alive, thrown to their death from high-rise apartments, of never being paid for their work, imprisoned in houses and forced to labor for up to 20-hours per day, their salary being denied, etc, etc,. This happens all over the racist Arab world but is most intense in Lebanon. During the last bombardment and destruction of Beirut their employers escaped with their dogs and pets and left their Ethiopian”maids” behind. All countries EXCEPT ETHIOPIA tried to rescue their citizens. An estimated 40, 000 Ethiopians were left in the ruins. Some of their friends from other countries took them to shelter in their Embassies. The rest waited it out in the ruins until their masters returned. The horror that has befallen Ethiopian women is a matter that needs to be addressed by all countries and international agencies who claim that they are committed to battle genocide anywhere, and the Ethiopian Government should face the International Criminal Court. Countries like Philippines, Madagascar and Nepal have stopped exporting maids to Lebanon. The TPLF gang in Ethiopia is profiting by selling Ethiopian female slaves.

A mother in Bekoji said it all some time ago in a YouTube interview. “I sent my eldest daughter to Beirut because we were so poor and we were going to starve to death. Now she has given us some creature comforts (as you can see) but I knew she was sad, so I sent her younger sister so that she can give her company and support.” It was heart wrenching. I wish my children have a means of surviving in their own country. Then there was the Ethiopian Airlines which was probably shot soon after takeoff. The Lebanese said it was pilot error that led to the crash in which everybody died. The most plausible speculation is that it was shot out of the sky. Now comes the tragic melodrama of the young mother who was forcefully and brutally abducted in front of the so-called Ethiopian Consulate, with all able bodied Lebanese men calmly watching the criminal who never even attempted to stop him. This criminal, Ali Mahfuz and his helper forcefully put her in a car after she lost her struggle for life and death. All this times crying in Amharic “I do not want to go” This should tell volumes about the callous nature of the Lebanese Arabs who had not chalantly and clearly exhibited their cruel nature which is devoid of humanity or any human feeling what is so ever. Nowhere else will such a thing happen without someone trying to intervene. The young woman, Alem Dechasa, 33, has gone to Beirut leaving her two children behind hoping to support them. Now we are told that she has hanged herself in the hospital where it is assumed that she was being closely watched. The suspicion is that they have killed her and hanged her corpse. Since the Ethiopian Government will not fight for her we have to try to get justice for and her children- she has tragically passed away at such a young age.

It is generally believed that Beirut is a beautiful city. I have gone there during the intensive bombing of the city by Israel in 1981. I was the Deputy leader of the Ethiopian delegation led by the Foreign Minister Colonel Feleke Gedle Giorgis. The delegation was to establish contact with Syria and we passed though Beirut to meet Yasser Arafat of the PLO and other Palestinian liberation front leaders. Beirut was in an intensive bombardment by Israel. We met with several Liberation front leaders separately throughout our first day. Our delegation was put in a “safe house” in East Beirut to wait until Arafat returned from the war front. They gave us each a Kalashnikov which they placed beside our beds. It made me uncomfortable. My Foreign Minister asked me if I have used fire arms before. I told him that the nearest thing to a weapon I had was a Swiss army knife. The FM, who was a former police Colonel, was not amused. Well, nothing happened during the night, thanks God. The next day we could see from the balcony of our building a continuous flow of military jeeps filled with heavily armed men rushing through the street below and watch Israeli Jets dropping their bombs and heavy smoke rising in the far distance. This was the first and only war I ever saw. We eventually met Yasser Arafat who told us he had just returned from the battle front in order to meet us. Talking to him was a clock-and-dagger operation. He would suddenly leave in the middle of a sentence and a few minutes later we will be escorted to a fruit stand, enter a dark alley, go up a flight of stairs, and into a room and there was Yasser Arafat smiling broadly and continuing the conversation as if nothing strange has happened. Such change of venues was made four different times and Arafat told us that he has to do it to protect his safety from the ubiquitous Israeli agents. When we left to Damascus it was by road and with an army escort.

Beirut was a beautiful city even in the middle of a war then. We could see that expensive buildings being constructed even while the bombing was going on while we were there. This may account for the continuous rebuilding of the city and the resilience of its inhabitants to start all over again and again. For such a strife torn country Beirut seems to be an unlikely place to go for employment. But the Lebanese merchants know how to get rich quick, so they attract employees and the hapless Ethiopian girls are their victims. It is TPLF affiliated agencies who recruit these slaves and sends them to their death. We must be able to stop, by all means necessary, the human export not only to Lebanon but to all the inhuman and barbaric Arab countries.

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