US considers putting Eritrea on terrorism list – By Arshad Mohammed

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It is “very troubling” to see Zenawi being rewarded for his role on “war on terror” and Afeworki considered being on terrorist’s list. The people of Ethiopia and Somalia know too well that both are terrorists who literally butchered their own citizens and Somalians. (more…)

It is “very troubling” to see Zenawi being rewarded for his role on “war on terror” and Afeworki considered being on terrorist’s list. The people of Ethiopia and Somalia know too well that both are terrorists who literally butchered their own citizens and Somalians.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said on Friday it was considering putting Eritrea on its list of state sponsors of terrorism for allegedly funneling weapons to insurgents fighting the Ethiopian-backed government in Somalia.

Putting Eritrea on the list would impose sanctions on the Horn of Africa nation, including a ban on arms-related sales, prohibitions on some U.S. aid and U.S. opposition to International Monetary Fund and World Bank loans to Eritrea.

The fragile interim Somali government, backed by troops from Eritrea’s archrival Ethiopia, is fighting an Islamist insurgency in a conflict that has killed hundreds of people since December.

A U.N. monitoring group last month said large quantities of arms, including surface-to-air missiles, were flowing from Eritrea to Somalia. Eritrea has denied sending the weapons.

Diplomats say Eritrea and Ethiopia have been waging a proxy war in Somalia since last year, when Asmara backed a hard-line Islamist movement against the country’s government.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer said Eritrea could avoid being designated a state sponsor of terrorism if it stopped its alleged activities in Somalia.

“We are not looking to go down this route but if they continue their behavior and we put together the file that’s necessary, I think it would be fairly convincing,” she told reporters.

Frazer said the United States had intelligence that backed up the U.N. report.

“We are still in the process of collecting that data and … it’s an opportunity — before they are put on the state sponsors list — for them to change their behavior,” she said.

U.S.-Eritrean relations have long been strained.

The United States earlier this month decided to close the Eritrean consulate in Oakland, California, to demonstrate its unhappiness both over Somalia and over Eritrea’s treatment of U.S. diplomats in Asmara.

The United States says Eritrea has insisted on inspecting its diplomatic pouches and refused visas for U.S. diplomats, making it difficult for the United States to provide consular services in Eritrea.

“We have tried our best to act with restraint with Eritrea,” Frazer told reporters. “What we cannot tolerate is their support for terror activity, particularly in Somalia.

“Closing their consulate is a major signal to the government of our seriousness in terms of the activities that they are carrying out in Somalia,” she said.

However, she suggested the United States did not wish to sever diplomatic ties, saying, “We are not trying to move toward a fundamental break in our relationship.”

  1. haile
    | #1

    victory to ethiopia!!!!
    the eritrean government isayas who said he gave ethiopia 100 year assignment by dividing our country and supporting ONLF, OLF, SLF is the TRUE DEVIL!!!!

    Thank you America for humiliating the Eritrean dictator!!!!

    Long live Ethiopia!

  2. Jyigzaw
    | #2

    Not only the eriterian government but also the so called zenawi. Meles zenawi is also the murder and has to be proscuted.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  3. Tsyon
    | #3

    Yes, an ugly and little meles is on the Issayas’s head chasing him to down fall for death. When you imagine and feel what these two once the one as a dog and evil creature and the other as a master and provider to that dog and evil creature have do against innocent Ethiopians and Ethiopia, it is impossible to describe about.

    Right now the dog has got other masters. His evil creature behaviour is grown while his humanity is totally disappeared from his little and ugly body. His evil and dog habit makes him more evil by day and now he is concentrating on Issayas.

    Issays (a creator, care taker, the one who brought the little dog and his dog puppies to Addis and lastly became an X master) knows with in few period of time his time will be over. He is in a very very critical point never ever faced in his entire life before. The fire is coming from all sides against him.

    He planted TPLF in Addis keeping in mind he could milk Ethiopia as much and as long as he wanted. He thought he was giving Ethiopia a hundreds of years misery by planting TPLF in Minilk Palace. Thanks to hero Ethiopians those sacrificed in badme in a war created by two evils for their personal ego, Ethiopians became free from TPLF and EPLF joint atrocity.

    Thanks to the CUDP; the TPLF atrocity and policy in Ethiopia exposed to the world defeating them in a free election on the ballot box. The TPLF wide and limitless revenge atrocity against the Ethiopian people following their defeat in the election including the vote rigging, the killing, imprisoning the elected CUDP leaders, supporters and concerned Ethiopians with thousands badly exposed TPLF in International arena. Ethiopians in the country and around the world closely and actively participated by being behind the CUDP. In the process Ethiopians discovered that they have lots in common. They feel responsible and obliged to stand firmly for the sake of the country and ordinary citizens that have no power and ability to protect themselves from TPLF evils.

    This is the time TPLF and their supporters have realised that they will not continue they way they are doing until now. They also know that their action today will cost them badly tomorrow unless they behave humanly and equal as every citizen does. If TPLF continues the way they seems to understand about the Ethiopian people hot spot towards them and the country, our country will be the place to live and being proud with.

    Issayas knows that. Peace and understanding in Ethiopia means, bad for his project with OLF, ONLF and ICU, all of them Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists. He knows his project of 30+ years for the disintegration of Ethiopia is failing. He feels Ethiopians all over the world became proud and patriotism to their oldest and beautiful country. Ethiopians are plastering writings written with the oldest, easiest to write and only black people alphabets has (geez) on their cloths or anywhere they can and their green, yellow and red flag carrying and showing higher with proud feeling. Ethiopian nationalism for one, united, peaceful and prosper Ethiopia is already reborn again and grown faster to all age and gender levels.

    I think the CUDP, which is a very popular and trusted party Ethiopia has today, need to follow very closely issayas’s move towards our country. If he is healed and became healthy from his hate against Ethiopia, he deserves forgiveness but not forget what he had/has done. There is a forgiveness and reconciliation process in apartheid South Africa. TPLF is an apartheid style not Issayas. They are responsible what they are doing despite Issayas created and asked them to do so.

  4. zalalm
    | #4

    Eritrea’s adventure in Somalia has so far been an embarrassing state of affairs for the international community which wanted to support the TFG. The new government there is being challenged by the daily barrage of attacks by those who are generously sponsored by Eritrea. No one warned Eritrea. The impoverished small state of Eritrea has even declared its plan of calling a conference in September with the aim of establishing a parallel government in Somalia. Eritrea is doing the unknown. For some this is a result of Eritrea’s lack of skill in how to use diplomacy as a tool of promoting its interests. For others it is a height of maximum nervousness. However, there is a darker element to Eritrea’s design. This is a country that has done in the Sudan and even in Darfur what it has now done in Somalia. The reaction of the international community to Eritrea’s involvement in the Sudan never ending crisis was baffling. It continued to invite Eritrea in the high tables regarding the Sudan. We all remember how officials of the EU in Brussels, often immeasurably crude in their diplomacy, declared the president of Eritrea as an important peace maker in the region. Presient Issayas has always been the Horn’s pacemaker for all its woes. He was a good student of how the world is emerging and wanted to copy his moves in the Sudan to Somalia.

  5. Sentayehu
    | #5


    You cannot compare any mature and responsible politician from EU with criminals that have consumed many innocent lives and make the lives of millions misery such as issayas and meles. EU politicians perfectly know these kinds of so called leaders with gun and they are threatening them not as equal politicians but as irresponsible and damaged children telling them only what they want to hear about.

    EU or any developed nation politicians know who really Issayas is. First they don’t care about him or the country itself as long as the country chooses to be the way she is right now. When they care about the suffering people, they have no option to choose from. Only issayas is there on the top controlling the lives of our eritrean sisters and brothers to the very detail including their breathing.

    It is well predicted once Issayas is gone, that would be the end of so called Eritrea. He is keeping the country with merciless brutality. If Eritrea becomes another Somalia even worst than that despite a very small country she has more 9 ethnic groups with extreme religion differences. They don’t want EU or other developed nations to be flooded by Eritrean refuges as it happed with the Somalis, Afghans and Iraqis refugees. There is also a danger; Eritrea would become the breeding place to Islamic terrorists.

    EU politicians are treating him as a play toy, telling him what he likes to hear when they entertain themselves by being like this. They know the African problem is the leadership problem. But as long as Africans are not behaving as human beings of the time, they don’t care.
    The point is anything EU or anybody is doing with issays especially approaching him as normal human being, they are joking on/about him. Truly, they don’t like him as they do towards another side of the coin, Meles.

  6. Daniel
    | #6

    I don’t really care about Eritras future or Isayas’s for that matter But what we should be concerned is how does this affect us in our struggle againt the fascist Meles Naziawi. Because our main problem is the one inside our home in Addis who is harrassing our people making them leave their country which is creating a big brain drain effect.

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