Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of August 18, 2007

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  1. Jyigzaw
    | #1

    Dear Professor Al Mariam
    I would like to forward my appreciation for the last interview.
    You have displayed everything about the current situation in Ethiopia and May God bless you so much for you time and effort..

  2. hana
    | #2

    Professor Almariam, I wish you long life and success in your democratic and peaceful struggle.

    God bless you.

  3. belayqoaraw:
    | #3

    hello Professor Al Mariam
    I would like to give my respect for effortful
    giving of information about hr 2003 ,thank you
    be on the struggle and effort..

  4. tigiste
    | #4

    Professor Almayehu, you are on of the Golden son of Ethiopia. Keep up your struggle to bring real democracy in our mother land.
    After disorganizing of woyane from power we all will meet in Ethioia.
    God bless you and all members of your family

    Long live mother land Ethiopia and all our people

  5. Neutral
    | #5

    he is another asswhole from diaspora

  6. Josh
    | #6

    First, I would like to express my heart felt respect and appreciation to the time and energy you devote to such a great cause.I agree that,it is a very critical time for the ethiopian people to seek a redeemtion where ever it is available.It is obvious that the human right records of the present regime is very disgraceful and descended to the level where it hadn’t been in history.we have witnessed many to be dead,tortured,maimed,exiled for the mere fact that they are ideologically different.As I said it is a very crucial time for ethiopians to rise up from their slumber and fight for
    their freedoms.I strongly agree that this regime is a no good government and need to be hindered from its precarious action by any means possible.
    Eventhoug this is the case I don’t agree that any foregin involvement will have a long lasting solution to our situation than worsen it ahead of time. Actually I would leave the definition of soveriegnty to you but in what world would a country decide on behalf of another nation in such scenario as ours(domestic problem)? I consider this as Colonization.I would be more than happy if you can clarify me on that.
    Thank you!

  7. | #7

    Prof. Al. Mariam.

    I like to thank almighty God who helped him, prof. Al Mariam to do on behalf of his country. We should have pay attention for his remarkable contribution to our mother land . Having said this, he is a true son of Ethiopia. Meanwhile, he is highly capable to talk, to do and to comments due to his indispensable life and educational experience. His ( Prof. Al Mariam) effort and comments could be a headache for TPLF /Melles since they do not want to see the knowledgeable person/s rather gathering uneducated and corrupted cabiates.

  8. oromtichaa
    | #8

    I like thise tv and hole journal but you all of thise tv workers .aregood i will say jest thise

  9. ewnet
    | #9

    yekifu ken ye ethipia lij…igziabhier yibarkih!!!

  10. KOKO
    | #10

    Prof. wow, u teach ur future generation what they will say. We are aslo teaching our generation their unquestionable right to be free. We are no more voiceless generation, we are cultivating vibraint future generation. Freedom of Oromia is indisputable.

  11. piassa
    | #11

    I have a great respect to the professor AL mariam .I use to follow your sincere struggle against the dictator meles zenawi and his regime.HR -2003 had forced him to release the elected leaders ,at this time meles zenawi has lost his face on the international arena ,he is in panic .u are doing a great job for our mother land Ethiopia .The rule of law ,accountability ,the right to vote ,the right to demonstration ,the right to be organized freely ,the freedom of press and the right to get information, at last not least all forms of governmental institutions have to arise from the ballot box not from the barrel of Gun.Meles zenawi and his criminal groups have to abide for the rule of law.
    May God bless u

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