Get out, you don’t belong here By Ephrem Madebo

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When I recently heard the sickening news of mass deportation of ethnic Amharas form the southern regional state, my stomach flipped and somehow I was catapulted back to my boyhood when I was a student in Awassa Comboni Elementary School. The Comboni School of my time was home to Amharas, Ormos, Wolayitas, Sidamas, Tigrigna speakers [ from Tigray and Eritrea] and students of many other nationalities that enjoyed classes together and called themselves nothing but Ethiopians. If ethnicity was what really matters in defining who I am, I don’t belong to the Sidama ethnic group, but I always took pride when I said – I am from Sidama. I believed and I still believe the group name “Sidama” defines me more than my actual ethnic group because I was born and raised in Sidama. So according to the recent troubling news coming from Ethiopia, if I go back to Ethiopia and settle in Bensa, Shebedino, Aroresa, Arbegona, or in my home town of Awassa, does it really mean that Meles Zenawi and his slave Shiferaw Shigute can tell me “you don’t belong here”? Can they? Where else do I belong? God save the king- Oh no!

Here in the United States, I’m surrounded by law and freedom; hence, saying “yes” or “no” to the above proposition is so easy. But, the 22 thousand Ethiopians who were told “you don’t belong here” were told so at gun point and did not have any option other than running for their lives. Most of them were born and raised in the south and the south was the only place they called home until Zenawi’s Bantustan like ethnic policy made them homeless.

Meles Zenawi is a revengeful killer. He left Haile Selassie 1st University and went to dedebit to kill, and 17 years later, he came back to Addis Ababa to kill more. His brutality and his desire to kill don’t aggravate me anymore because unless I stop him, killing is what he does for living. What really aggravates me and makes me sick to my bones is that there are some sadist creatures who throw a house warming party every time Meles tortures their countrymen. To be more precise, there are fellow Ethiopians who enjoy and defend the abuse, torture, forced evacuation, and even the killing of their own brothers and sisters.

To me, this highlights the basic tension between the values of individual rights, personal freedom, social values and shared ownership of a country. I respect the freedom of all human beings including their choice of entertainment. But, I have a serious problem when fellow Ethiopians flamboyantly clap their hands when their own country men are told. . . “Get out, you don’t belong here”. We may have ideological or political differences, but I think we must look beyond our political differences or even beyond our emotional and visceral reaction when we see people being abused, tortured, or killed.

Most of the defenders of the TPLF regime, from the usually tanked-up professor Andreas Eshete to the rank and files here in the Diaspora, all of them are blind supporters of Zenawi’s actions with little or no regard to the consequences of the actions. It really annoys me that however big the fools in Menelik palace are, there are always bigger fools to appreciate them. The other annoying thing is that, almost all of the TPLF supporters don’t even bother to know what the issue at hand is – if the opposition or the Diaspora likes it, they hate it; or if the opposition/Diaspora hates it, they most likely like it. I guess, sometimes we should pretend to love what we actually hate so that these fools start hating it. After all, isn’t this what we call stupidity?
In the last three weeks, the forceful eviction of ethnic Amharas from southern Ethiopia, the displacement of 70K people in Afar, and the bulldozing of the nation’s sacred places have been hot button issues for Ethiopians inside and outside the country. But, by the idiots in the Menlik palace and by their blind supporters around the world, this headline news that troubled millions of Ethiopians is viewed as a simple publicity campaign. In Gambella, there is an army keeping the people of Gambella off their land. In Waldiba, federal security forces are beating monks and demolishing sacred lands. In Afar, there is a standoff between 70 thousand Afar farmers and a federal mechanized force. In Bench Maji, federal police is beating locals who protested the deportation of ethnic Amharas [who lived with them for decades]. Elsewhere in the country there is a constant battle between the criminal army of the TPLF regime and the people. Who is the regime in Ethiopia working for?

I do believe that, in general people are rational, but I must concede that sometimes it is possible for rational people to slip into a state of irrationality and do things they would never do under normal conditions. I would also expect that such abnormal behavior should fade away once the cause that triggered it diminishes. However, in the case of the TPLF supporters, it seems that abnormality is the norm to them. At the very least, the TPLF supporters are shameless bands of Zenawi’s foot soldiers who continually humiliate themselves and their nation. Most of them have a different version of their country’s reality, a reality so distorted and twisted by their masters. The weirdest thing of all is that, how disturbing it is, Zenawi’s supporters tend to believe his lies as the truth [most of the time knowing it is a lie]. Here are two excerpts from an article on aigaforum titled “Propaganda vs. Fact”. I urge the reader to carefully read these excerpts and realize how inconsistent these fools are even when they lie (to read the full article Click Here)

“The regional government of the Southern Nation and Nationalities is trying to regulate and control the rampant expansion on of clearing forest by new comers from all parts of Ethiopia including from its own Kilil. The official told us many people from highland Ethiopia including Amhara, Oromia, Tigrai and even Sidama and Gurage zone has moved in to farm in the affected area. Note: Those few affected are not of any particular ethnic! They come in all colors so to speak”
“People who have been farming there for long are not asked to leave. In fact there is more land to farm in the region and more will be given with proper guidance and fair allocation. There is no shortage of farm area”

Mind you, the article was written to justify the most recent crime of Meles Zenawi on the Amhara people. But, thanks to the retarded writer, the article ended up exposing the despicable crime of the ethnic minority regime. Albert Einstein, father of the theory of relativity and arguably the most famous scientist of the 20th century once said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” As stupid as the TPLF regime and its surrogates are, if Einstein was alive today, I’ve no doubt that he would have concluded the above quote with absolute certainty.

Let’s have a closer look at the first of the above two excerpts which according to the writer is fact # one. There are two ill-assorted sentences in the first paragraph alone [even by the TPLF standard]. In the first sentence of the first paragraph, there is a part that says new comers from all parts of the country are engaged in massive deforestation. While the second sentence in the same paragraph implies that highlanders from Amhara, Oromia, Tigray, Sidama and Gurage zones have moved to the affected area through the years; and those who are evicted out are not just the Amharas, but the Oromos, the Gurages, the Sidamas and the Tigreans.

Let me be as stupid as the writer is [at least for a moment] and believe everything he said, but where are the deportees from Tigray and Oromia ? Are they invisible? Is aigaforum trying to tell us that Shiferaw Shigute is still the governor of SNNP, or still at large after writing eviction letter to Tigrean settlers in South Ethiopia? Is this a joke aiga? If it is, please add at least a drop of Ethiopian humor in it. The sanitized version of this sad story states that the order to deport the Amharas from South Ethiopia was issued by the governor of the SNNP [Shiferaw Shigute], but the whole world knows that this is the work of none other than Meles Zenawi who left Haile Selassie 1st University to take out his long time hate towards the Amhara people. I’ve a copy of Shiferaw Shigute’s eviction letter written to the Bench Maji Administration office. The letter clearly states that people who are implicated by the order are people who came from the northern part of the country with specific reference to the Amhara people. Who is the liar here? Is it Aigaforum, Shiferaw Shigute, or Meles Zenawi? Well, it is each and all. Here as one can clearly see, aigaforum is wagging its tail like a puppy to cover the lies of its master Meles Zenawi and his loyal slave Shiferaw Shigute. But, aiga ends up ridiculing itself by lying a lie that makes even the devil feel a little embarrassed.

The second excerpt stated in the article as a note to the 3rd fact reads as follows: “People who have been farming there for long are not asked to leave. In fact there is more land to farm in the region and more will be given with proper guidance and fair allocation. There is no shortage of farm area” I’m sure no one knows the meaning of this oxymoron sentence except the morons of aigaforum. Sometimes I really wonder what kind of country I have and what kind of leaders my country has. Haile Mariam Desalegn goes to India and tells the Indians that Ethiopia has unlimited supply farm land. Meles Zenawi evicts domestic farmers and sells the land to foreign farmers. Aigaforum tells us SNNP has no shortage of farm land, but yet Sheferaw Shigute forcefully evicts out tens of thousands of Amhara farmers from SNNP. Look Mr. shameless editor of aigaforum, you told us that there is no shortage of farm land, and you also told us that more land will be given with proper guidance and fair allocation. Does your version of proper guidance and fair allocation include the 22 thousand ethnic Amharas who are ordered to live the Bench Maji zone? Does it? If what you said is right, why can’t the Bench Maji zone government resettle the deported Amharas from the areas off-limit to settlement to areas where there is no shortage of farm land [ instead of evicting them and treating them like animals]? Mr. Editor, you seem to be a kind of person who happily lives with shame and guilt. Well, that is your prerogative, but please when you cover the mistake of your masters in Addis Ababa, at least do a good job that gives you a bang for the buck.
One of the most disgusting moments in Zenawi’s month old eviction drama is Shiferaw Shigute’s insensitivity to people’s felling and his quick change of color like a chameleon. Mr. Shiferaw let me ask you – are you a governor as your title suggests, a robot as your action depicts, or are you an idiot as your attitude portrays you?
Your master ordered you to deport ethnic Amaharas from your jurisdiction – you happily took the order and deported 22K Ethiopians. Idiocy #1

As the deportation gets too much national and international attention, your master tells you to blame the AEUP- you happily took the order and blamed AEUP. Idiocy #2
You used two of Zenawi’s mouthpieces [Civility paltalk room and aigaforum] to deny the very action you took. Idiocy #3 I can keep on saying, but once an idiot. . . always idiot.

Mr. Shigute how long do you betray your own people? How many times do you lie to yourself and to the people you supposedly claim to lead? In one of your public speeches on ETV, I heard you saying that you are first a Sidama and then and only then an Ethiopian. Good for you Mr. Shiferaw. I have no problem with that as long as we both are Ethiopians. But, how can you be a Sidama before you are Shiferaw; or don’t you think you should first be the individual “Shiferaw” before you are a Sidama? Look Mr. Shiferaw, your real problem is that you are putting the cart before the horse, or letting the tail wag the dog. If you didn’t get it, you are the ‘dog’ and Meles is the “tail”. I’m not sure how old you are, but I’m pretty sure you did not live as “Sheferaw” the last 21 years. My dear fellow country man, you’re possessed by Meles, and it’s funny that it seems your last name “Shigute” is given to you by Meles. He pulls the trigger you scream.

Mr. Shigute, do you know that farmers form Amhara, Sidama, Wolaita, or Kafficho have similar interests and wishes regardless of their ethnic background? Do you know that north, south, east or west, we are all Ethiopians and we live in the context of each other? Do you know that we are diverse and yet one and many and yet indivisible? Do you really know this? May be you don’t and this alone explains your hollowness.

For the rest of us, this must be the final wake-up call. Meles and his gangs are in a rush to obliterate the spirit of “Ethiopiawinet” that they have been pounding ever since they set their dirty foot in our nation’s capital. Meles Zenawi has time and again displayed his hate towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians, but what he’s done the last couple of weeks is just beyond the pale. Deporting innocent Amharas from their land and telling them to go to their own zone is a national tragedy that has shocked our nation to its very core and left most of us trying to understand why and how this awful act of state sponsored terrorism took place in our country.

I wonder what satisfaction a human soul gets when traditions, beliefs, and artifacts are demolished for commercial purposes. I wonder what drives a patriarch who is responsible for the continuity of the church to bond with an evil force that flattens the very foundation of the church. I wonder how fellow Ethiopian can sleep in peace when his written orders make thousands of mothers and children sleepless drifters. For how long do we allow the physical and psychological suffering of our mothers and fathers? How long do we let a mother cry because her son is tortured? How long do we watch a woman cry because her husband is mutilated? How do we let a child cry because it’s orphaned? How long should an Amahara boy worry because he is born to Amhara parents? How long should a young Oromo choose between servitude and prison? How long should a farmer from Afar choose between giving-up his ancestral land and his life? How long do we see our sisters go to the Middle East and commit suicide? How long does a nation tolerate when the physical and mental abuse of an ethnic psychopath crashes a nine month dream of an expecting mother? Oh Ethiopia for how long? … How long?

  1. code
    | #1

    Shigute is being blamed as if he is the one who is conducting the ethnic cleansing of the amhara. Meles is using shigute to cover his back, the ultimate responsibility lies with the ethno-fascist woyane leader Meles.

    The day of justice is near. Ethiopia will prevail

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    እንኹዋን ለ ብርሀነ ትንሳኤው በሰላም አደረሳችሁ::
    ክርስቶስ ተንስአ ሙታን
    በአብይ ሀይል ወ ስልጣን
    አጋዝኦ ለአዳም
    አሰርዎ ለሰይጣን

  3. astra
    | #3

    you are the foremost cheerleader of ethnic division. Do you remember your visceral venting against Emperor Menelik on occasion of Adwa day. You were attacking his Amara origin and urging everybody to rise against the Amara. And yet you are a deputy leader of a supposedly “multi-ethnic” party – and and you choose to hate the Amara. What a smoke screen -so thinly disguised, Now you want us to believe that you are a different person. What a shame.

  4. aradaw
    | #4

    Every Ethiopian should read this article and answer the the serious questions asked. Ephrem thank you. Ethiopia needs many people like you.

  5. Konjit Kassa
    | #5

    Well written.Most people tend to by pass atrocities against Amharas until
    recently.As an Ethiopian what I am witnessing now makes me to have hope
    in politicians and others in the diaspora for openly criticizing or cond
    eming the illegal eviction of Amhara Ethiopians from the South by TPLF and Shigute.This action proves to all of us that Weyane and its rubber stamp ethnic parties have gone insane.Abugida and other websites must be thanked and encouraged for the back and forth discussion forum they are providing Ethiopians.Let us not forget the displaced Amharas, and extend
    our hands for help in this holly month and remember them in our Easter
    Thankyou Abugida!

  6. ቲኮ
    | #6

    ብታም የሚገርም ነው: ሚን መደረግ አለበት የመስለሃል? ወገን ተሰብሰቡ ጉዳዩ የሁላችሂን ነው እና አብረን ዲምሳችሂን እናሰማ ነገ የከፋ እንዳይመታ; አደራ

  7. Yacob
    | #7

    I’m Eritrean, this case is not new to me they(weyane) deported me from the the place i born and grew up coz me my EYE COLOR wasn’t good enough for Ayte Meles. But the difficult question for me is, If you guys are not belongs to your home where are they gonna send you? This our world is moving dramatically forward but Meles and his flow angels of death are taken Ethiopia to 11 centuries back. By doing this division, this slave of America and CIA Mr Meles’s trying to extend his time on power. Thanks

  8. Gerum
    | #8

    Ato Ephrem
    You are one of the G7 leader we all really wonder when are you guys fighting Woyane OR we are going to hear the same all Invisable (Hebu Tegek) as usual.

    | #9


  10. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #10

    Astra, I am not sure if your comment was addressed towards the author of the article. But if it is and you-yourself wrote the above comments, then it would be fair to assume that you can read and understand the English language. The only conclusion that I can make your comments then would be: you either have not read Ephrem’s article at all and are commenting on hearsay, or you are one of those intolerant, (Rush Limbaugh-like) idiotic people demonizing anyone that may diverge from your opinions even so slightly.

    I have read the article you are referring to in its entirety. Your description and characterization of Ephrem’s viewpoint in your comment is totally baseless. You have the audacity to use the word “shame”. I dare say – you are the shameless one, not the other way around. If you have a ‘mirror’ take a minute to reflect upon the things you are saying and you shall see who is full of hate. If you have a basic level of intelligence read, or re-read the article that you are referring to, and If you have a sane mind, I am convinced you will come to appreciate the facts that Ephrem pointed out in the article and the genuine arguments that he was making which appear to be plausible, but may be you don’t necessarily have to agree with.

    In case you heard about Ephrem’s article from hear-say, the article was not at all a “visceral venting against Emperor Menelik” as you describe it. In that article, Ephrem wrote about the subject of “Nation-building” attempts in Ethiopia under three leaders: Emperor Menelik, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and Meles. I may not do justice in paraphrasing his points. But if my understanding serves me right, Ephrem’s writing dealt with the attempt of “Nation-building” by these leaders and compared the methods they used to achieve their objective. A brief digest of goes something like this: In the case of Emperor Menelik, he used language (Amharic), and to some extent the dominant “culture” as a standard for assimilation of others to unify the country and build a stronger nation … . Mengistu used ideology in large part as the tool for Nation-building. And Meles in contrast used a methodology by undoing the very things that Menelik did to unify the country, namely encouraging local/ethnic identity and local languages to undermine Nationalism, …, and in the process creating a loose association of ‘nations and nationalities’, which Ephrem clearly stated is a dangerous undertaking for the unity of the country. In my opinion, that seems like a fair analysis. Efrem’s contrast of these leaders’ methods for “Nation-building” should not be equated to comparison of the personalities (Menelik vs. Meles) as some have tried to make it look like.

    For your own sake, and the sake of Ethiopian people try to detach yourself from this hate-based politics. Remember the 100 years “homework”? Meles and his “big” brother Issayas planned this ethnic based politics for us precisely for one reason – so that they would be able to rule us much more easily and stay in power for a long time, while we are engaged in unnecessary fraternal conflicts. Let us not give ‘em a chance. Let us keep our focus on removing Meles and his mafia organization (the TPLF/EPRDF). Let us not be distracted by anything else.

  11. Lemlem
    | #11

    “Oh Ethiopia for how long? … How long?”
    I cry no more
    I laugh no more
    I walk no more
    I sleep no more
    But stand
    On a human right ground
    and ask
    “Oh Ethiopia for how long? … How long?”
    For how long
    Do we walk
    Under a tyrant’s
    For how long
    Do we dance around
    While being whipped
    By the tyrant
    In his compound?
    I dance no more
    For a penny
    Just to ride on
    A tyrant’s pony.
    Shame to all
    Who rule
    By the barrel of the gun.
    Under a tyrant rule
    Say no more
    I ask once more
    “For how long”
    © Lemlem Tsegaw, April 14, 2012
    Inspired by “Get out! You don’t belong here!” By Ephrem Madebo (

  12. Zerayakob Yared
    | #12


    ዝም ብለህ አትቀባጥር:: በርግጥም ተባረህ ከሆንክ, መንሲኤው የአራት ኪሎዎቹ “ደቂ ሓትኖታትካ” የመሰለው የአይንህ ቀለም አይደለም መንሲኤው::

    በማይገባህ ጉዳይ ውስጥ ጣትህን ስታጠልቅና የመድሓኒት ፋብሪካ ብሎንን ለጥፋት አስበህ ስታላላ ተይዘህ ብቻ ነው ሊሆን የሚችለው ምክኒያቱ!!

    የበላችሁበትን ወጭት መስበርን ይወድላችኋልና!

  13. Wagudo
    | #13

    Wow what an article by Ephrem! Thank you so much for revealing your true identity inside out. Thank you for telling your identity crisis. Thank you for revealing your illusion about Ethiopiawinet. Thank you for being ashamed of your ethnic identity and inventing a new identity (Ethiopiawinet) called a born of Awassa=Ethiopiawi. Thank you for wearing an Amhara camouflage and pretending to defend the rights of Amhara. A brave leader of Ginbot 7, a man created in a test tube called Ethiopia! That is how you envision the unity of Ethiopia and expect the majority to follow your lead. Keep it up and you will see all nations of Ethiopia-Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Sidama, Hadiya, Wolaita, Somali, Afar and all the nations-will rally around your mantra.
    As for the alleged eviction of Amhara, I did research in deforestation and natural resource degradation in South Western Ethiopia including Bench. I am an eye witness to the massive deforestation of forestland by waves of illegal settlers coming from different parts of the country. That is one of the few remaining forestlands in the country at the verge of vanishing. That is the only forest belt which protects expansion of desertification from Sahel. That is the only area which maintains the natural ecosystem balance of the country. That is the area which requires the protection of every Ethiopian and international community. So G7 does not care about the fate of the country and its people so long as it serves its political purpose by portraying eviction of a few illegal settlers as ethnic cleansing of Amhara to garner support. There is no argument about every citizen should be treated equally regardless of their ethnic origin or religious orientation. I do not blame the settlers as they are desperate to find a means of livelihoods. Unless we provide alternative means of livelihood, these people will never stop clearing forestland. If there are any violations, there are civil procedures by which the rights of these can be guaranteed. Why do you portray a small incidence that happened in small pocket as ethnic cleansing from the whole of Southern region? When you magnify the case of a small number of Amhara evicted from illegal settlements, why did not you mention about the millions of Amhara living in peace in Southern region? Why not you come up with alternative policies which bring gainful employment in civil manner? Why do you guys orchestrate unwarranted civil war in the country from your comfort zone?
    Are you blood thirst of innocent citizens?
    Oh God, have mercy on this nation!

  14. ጉረኞች
    | #14

    Anbabi from Dalla
    “In the case of Emperor Menelik, he used language (Amharic), and to some extent the dominant “culture” as a standard for assimilation of others to unify the country and build a stronger nation …”
    This where you got it wrong and Astra got it right. What Emphrem said came out directly from propaganda pamphlets of ethnic ideologues that wants to distort history to raise the emotion of their ethnic group and galvanize support. He did not get it from any credible history books or historian. What history tells us is the opposite. Menelik did not impose either Amharic language or Amhara culture on local cultures. He united the country occasionally by force but most of the time by negotiations with the local leaders. Even after he won a war, he is well known for giving back full power to his opponents, the local feudal lords and cheftians. He exercised tolerance and much balanced approach to build a nation than Ephrem wants to give Minilik credit for. Instead of telling the truth, Ephrem chose to appease ethnic ideologues by assuming that Minilik is unpopular by them. Apparently, that looks like the general understanding among G7 leadership as most of them get their history lesson from Shabea’s propaganda pamphlets. Ephrem might get a passing mark for socialist ideologues of class struggle and ethnic ideologues fighting for hegemony, but he miserably fails the history test. Ethiopia would do much better if all tell the truth instead of distorting the truth for whatever purpose. እውነትን ተናግሮ የመሽበት ማደር ሲባል አልሰማህም::

  15. aradaw
    | #15


    Most of the things that I wanted to say have already been said by Anbabi from Dallas. I searched the article you reffered and read it in its entirety for the second time [ I read it when it first appread]. My question to you is – did you understand the article? I doubt because I cas see your inteligence from your comment. Efrem did not say anything about the Amhara- he just wrote about nation building in Ethiopia. Million Ethiopians including Amharas can write in the same topic. I can assure you they can not be that different from Ephrem. Where did in the article did efrem “urge everybody to rise against the Amara” ? What a hateful rat you are! I have read and enjoyed efrem way before he joined G7 the orgnization I don’t agree much. Go and read most of his views on enset blog. He is one of the most center forces among the Ethiopian writers. His ideas and choice of word is unparalled. We have seen many writers including doctors, but Ephrem is the most gifted writers who uses the English language more than any writer that I have seen. He always calls for unity and he has no fear to tell the truth. I wish I was in the East coast to have time with him. By the way, the articel you commented was aritten in August 2011- which Adwa occassion were u talking about?

  16. shiruamba
    | #16

    It is well read, closely seen and throughly spoken and extensively written about the campaigns waged on ethnic Amharas by Zinawi and his organization for years and years,and recently,since 1991.

    Simply put it,Zinawi ordered the mass eviction of 22,000 ethnic Amharas,and Shiferaw Shigutai accepted the order and excuted it.Ethnic cleansing and cleaning has been the major plan of Zinawi and his subordinates on a largescale,of course,not to mention a lot of dispecable and weird crimes that Zinawi and his mafia organization committed on citizens and the population at large in clandestine for the last 21 years.

    True,Zinawi was the order giver;a hiwahat agent was an instigator and a catalyst;Shiferaw Shigutai was the doer,and the victims were children of all ages and their families.Is it fair?

    Is there any dispute about being Ethiopians those innocent children a nd farmers? There wasn’t even a fund-raising campaign for the victms.

    The exit door to Meles Zinawi and Shiferaw Shigutai might be different,but they both will be walk to face the justice on the crimes that they committed on 22,000 ethnic Ahmaras in the court.Victims impact stament and the criminals charge will be presented to the judges and jurrors seclected among the people where the crime has been committed.

    Equally,most imprtantly,what messaged did Shiferaw Shigutai receive in addition to the order he received? Sad,sad,the message was that Zinawi saying to Shiferaw Shigutai,I showed how to do it;then,you are on your own to take similar or any type actions without waiting for my order in the future;besides you are and you will always to be the exemplary for others in the rest of killils.


  17. Bekalu
    | #17


    You repeatdly said we in your comment- Who is “We”? Who in the hell are you to ask a group to do something that you don’t want to be part of? You think G7 is your home servant to do your dirty laundry? G7 is as good as you are willing to be part of it and work with it. Ps avoid this idiot mentality of expecting others to do your job. You want freedom, then fihgt for it even if it demands your life, don’t ask G7!

  18. askeyame
    | #18


    I think you are sick and there seems to be no medicine for you. Mr.Ephrem did not say any of the things you mentioned in your comment. He dicussed about the unlawfull eviction of Amharas from the south by Meles zenawi and about the propaganda of his supporteres. Where is your comment coming from? Can’t Ephrem choose to be what he wants to be? Why would you force him to think like you. Your use of words indicates that you are one of those blind OLF souls who curse anything that is Ethiopian. I wonder how you hatful creatures handle the rest of us if you get the chnce to rule the nation. The only thing your mind can carry is “Hate”

  19. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #19

    Guregnaw, (an interesting choice of a user name)

    It is also interesting how the “100 years homework” has somewhat succeeded in shifting the discussion from Meles’es and his mafia organizations’ crimes to petty bickering among brethren and amateurish intellectual gymnastics on Ethiopian history. If you ask me, the topic of our discussions would make a good choice for a journal of Ethiopian history, but not quite a good choice for the momentous challenge of removing the yoke of oppression imposed by a tyrant and his criminal organization on the Ethiopian people.

    I could have pointed out some contradictions from your comment above, but it would further shift the focus from the tyrant’s crimes to magnify our petty differences on historical interpretation.

    Have you heard the term: “Eyes on the prize” from the American Civil Rights Struggle? That is what we should do, if we care to rid off the criminals pretending to be our leaders.

  20. Girum
    | #20

    I once had a ‘fight’ with Ephrem Madebo that eventually ended like “go your way and I go mine”.
    He is more or less wise and sensible guy who can handle disputes and differences. I even learnt some good lessons from this guy as to how to handle disputes and differences. Well any way we fellow Ethiopians better understand that down to the earth the deepest sense of fight in life and in this world is mainly of two nature that boils down to:
    1) The fight is mainly internal with in self (individual)
    2) The fight is mainly between evil and good.

    However the above two main and inherent pillars of fights manifest themselves externally through race religion, political ideology, class, and other differences. So the biggest challenge in life is to win and manage self and also the evil drives or compulsions originating internally.So it is better to think that we have to be willing to honestly and courageously understand others what they mean rather than we deliberately pervert their ideas in order to fulfill our self-prophesy by becoming so selfish, arrogant and rigid that ends up in building walls around us. Tolerance means to tolerate the mistake of others that is mainly committed unknowingly and even sometimes that is committed knowingly till they come to their true sense of wisdom. Tolerance means to be patient about others by giving them some break time so that they are able to rectify their mistakes by themselves. As far as I can some how understand one of the main problems in Ethiopian politics is the very lack of discipline in handling conflicts and other burning issues. I mean not the sort of patient or tolerance to tolerate such deliberately and perpetually committed heinous blatant abuse, oppression and plundering of TPLF. Well indeed in that case of TPLF we have tolerated it beyond what is deserved as natural and sane for the last 20 solid years that eventually ended up to such blatant misery of deportation and other tragedies. And in this case no further tolerance of TPLF!!! However, if Ehprem or somebody else at one time and at one point holds a wrong perception about a certain issue and at other times he/she rectifies his mistakes and comes with a new good ideas then what is wrong with it. As I said it I once had such an inadvertent ‘fight’ with him which I remember the good constructive ones from what he said and also I hope he will also one day understand the good constructive ones from my side. So every body needs some time and tolerance to understand and accept the view of others. In Ethiopian politics especially among the opposition camp what really matters most is not the difference of views but rather the conflict that arises from such differences and more than this the required wisdom how to handle such conflicts in a very civilized and disciplined manner. What the opposition usually very lacks as its very ingredient or constituent of intrinsic value is this sort of wisdom and discipline. And in this regard I learned something from Ephrem Madebo during our ‘fight’. When I say this it is without forgetting that I am even still confident in the righteousness of my views during those times of ‘fight’ but the problem was as to how to handle the differences between us. So all fellow Ethiopian I want to emphasize that the way and the wisdom we handle our differences and subsequent conflicts matters even more than they very differences themselves. Our differences may be like “The devil is scary until you see it and by the time you see it then you laugh at it.” And hence let’s not be scary of our differences like a devil but rather let’s be wise honest and courageous to confront them in a civilized and disciplined manner and by the time we happen to confront them revealed as naked then we may get relieved and relaxed if not laughing. So we better not try to ignore and conceal our differences but rather let’s honor them and also let’s handle them in a wise civilized and disciplined manner. Here I am telling it honestly from my heart and indeed it is for those who are honest as well not for the crafty dishonest ‘politicians’ who are abusive and want to get advantage of every moment like a one night stand. So let’s think that others, if tolerated, can/want to do good and to be good though they actually are not doing like that. Here no one is a winner. The nation Ethiopian is in dire condition under the miserable rule of racist and plundering stooge client-regime TPLF that is begging for help. And hence if we can and want let’s save it and indeed save ourselves as well by removing it from the grips of savage TPLF.I happen to understand that there are so many TPLFites who deliberately want to disturb the event of genuine dialogue here. But let’s forget them and pose our views honestly and politely in a civilized manner.I tell you openly that Ethiopia is today,I guess, the top most nation where not only poverty and other environmental pollutions are rampant but also there is such a very endangering emotional pollution aggravating from time to time.The situation in Ethiopia has such a very strong sense of emotional string attached to it. Our current rulers have become so psychopathic in that they are emotionally ignorant emotionally unstable and emotionally dishonest and like wise they are leading the entire nation in to this abysmal of emotional pollution. When I come to the main point, the recent deportation of Amharas is also filled with full of emotional abuse. Forgetting the legality of the deportation even the very process of the deportation being undertaken tells every thing about it. Why Meles deported them waiting till the very times very nearer to the coming of recently passed Easter holiday? We can imagine what sort of feelings and emotional trauma the dislocated peoples experience when things happen like this. Meles and TPLFites are such psychopathic sick individuals and like wise they are making the entire nation so sick and emotionally traumatized. If the settlers are allegedly illegal why not they are deported and punished legally through human ways? Why their personal property and wealth that is achieved through hard work as farmers is looted? Even after they are deported why they are harassed in the process of deportation? This is blatant ethnic cleansing. Dear Ephrem Madebo it is good that you come to amply understand that evil is inherently evil and eventually sooner or later it knocks every door one day. The friend of evil is only evil and hence no friendship or intimacy of any sort with evil can help and save us unless we ourselves are evil too. If ethnicity is to create us a sense of comfort and safe haven with regard to our own identity well I do not oppose it and even support it as long as we can get happiness, intimacy and love out of it. But when unbridled ethnicity makes us crazy to this extent of inhumanity then it is devilish. We have to be ware that down to the earth ethnicity or politics or what ever eventually boils down to the earth that it is for sake of the deepest sense of purpose, meaning, integrity and wellbeing of humanity itself. Any body who may claim as Tigre or Amhara or Oromo or Guragie or Gambella or Sidama or Adere or Harere then if he has not the deepest sense of love and respect for humanity then he/she is simply cheating his own ethnic identity and also self. Our intrinsic virtue and value originates from our very humanity not from our ethnicity or religion or whatever other external appendix attached.
    If we achieve the required wisdom then i think our intrinsic-virtues and values of humanity unite us more than those external ‘appendices’. Or may be are we some how confused as to how to wisely discern the differences between those ‘appendices’ and that of our common humanity and then also wisely make a balance to exploit and celebrate our unity and diversity. Yes we missed the DISCERNEMENT and the BALANCE between our common humanity and our diversity in different forms be it ethnicity or other!!!So any one who thinks that this blatant inhuman deportation of Amhars like this does not concern him/her then it is an absolute denial of humanity. And indeed sooner or later it will knock every door.Yes evil is evil and hence knocks every door without discrimination. The discrimination is temporary but eventually yes it will knock every door. If Amhara is to do the evil then let every Amhara becomes the first, not the last, to demonize and punish the evil act. And the same for Tigre and others.Why we express our intimacy of ethnicity through complicity of bad acts and crime? Let’s properly celebrate and utilized ethnicity through its intrinsic virtues or values in a constructive manner but why we abuse it to oppress and harm others? Let’s come out of the cocoons of our ethnicity and then reclaim our grace, meaning and purpose as a full-fledged human being. For the last 20 years TPLF has downgraded us to the level of ethnicity that does not fully describe or present our complete grace, meaning and purpose of humanity. Ok let’s not ignore our ethnicity and honor it but hoe about our very humanity. Do we find our humanity in our ethnicity or do we find our ethnicity in our humanity? Which one is the means and which one is the end? Which one is the horse and which one is the cart? This is what we are really confused. Let our very humanity and then our Ethiopiawinet unite us in unison to fight the evil TPLF!!! All Ethiopians Please remember that Meles hates and disdains Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet that was already established before his ascendancy to his throne. He wants to create a ‘New’ ‘Ethiopia’ and ‘Ethiopiawinet’, if any, in his own image and likeness. But what is that ‘New’ ‘Ethiopia’ and ‘Ethiopiawinet’ for the majority of us? May be nothing!!! And this sort of inhuman blatant act of deportation or ethnic cleansing is one of the process of the making of this ‘New’ ‘Ethiopia’ and ‘Ethiopiawinet’ in the image and likeness of Meles. Any way good work Ephrem Madebo to condemn the evil manifestations of ethnicity implemented by Meles and TPLF.
    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  21. ጉረኞች
    | #21

    Anbabi from Dallas
    The only conclusion I made from your response is that you do not have critical mind even to understand what you wrote. Why did your backbone of your arguments suddenly lower down to petty issue? You are the one who brought the line of argument to defend your idol Ephrem. I’ve some respect for him, don’t take me wrong. But, I don’t worship him. That should be a lesson for you, the worshiper, not to try to defend the indefensible. You said that you can point out the contradiction but won’t do it so that you won’t be distracted from fighting woyane. So you think woyane will chop your neck from the back when you are scribbling some blurbs in Abugida forum? Watch your back they can come after you when you are bending on the key board!!! You are a complete jerk, man!! Why would you even think you are fighting woyane here, except defecating your frustration? G7 bunches are delusional, you even think you rule Diaspora. I heard that you guys are trying to coordinate boycotting Tedi Afro’s new song because Minilik was the theme. No wonder there are stupids like you in it that do not have the ability to think by themselves.
    There is nothing you can take away from the history of Minilik, if you care to remember what you have been thought in school. But, you are a bunch of opportunist who would say anything for small political gain.

  22. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #22


    Your bizarre sense of logic and Meles-like junky-talk is enough for me to ignore you. Your puke here did not only reveal the crude/immature knowledge of Ethiopian history you claim to possess, but it also manifested the depraved and gutter kind of mentality you have. Many say – that kind of behavior is usually forged in developmental stage, and if not corrected in time, what emerges is a deformed personality. So, you may not be the only one responsible for the sad person you are today.

    God help you.

  23. Kush-Kush
    | #23

    Why on earth you the writer blamed his exellency Shiferaw Shigute ? His excellency Shiferw Shigute has no real power to evict the Amharas because that was/is the policy of the TPLF and he was told to execute it on the TPLF behave . Denying this fact is like overwheilming ourselves with emotions . I am positive His Highness Shiferaw Shigute feels the way you felt about the Amharas,but his power is minimal and could be an easy target if he crosses the line . Dear writer I agree with all the points aside from using vulgar language. What I believe is we do not have to be very sentimental . Besides, we do not have to attack individuals and our main target should be TPLf . Here, I am not saying His exellency Shiferw Shigute is right or wrong and if he has an access and right , I hope he can defend and express himself . What I am trying to get across to you is let us be vry civil and we must avoid unnecessary and bad words . In the end, you asked what is wrong with us? As far as I know we Ethiopians are divided in Ethinic lines, in Region and worest of all we are divided by incompetent and criminal organizations . One more for response to # 21 . If you chose to have that name you shuld act acordingly . What I know is Anbabis are vey reserved . You Mr Anbabi is inflicting yourself with evrything you said and please have some respect .

  24. astra
    | #24


    I think you are Ephrem himself who is writing. Please don’t try to confuse the issue by trying to absolve yourself. The fact that you are an ethnic tribalist and an Amara hater is for all to see. You have not even tried to disguise it before (as you are trying to do now) Can a ribalist change his skin of a leopard its spots?

  25. Tatek
    | #25

    Ato Ephrem, thank s for your insightful article. As usual, you have said it magnificently.

    To the ever delusional Wagudo,
    So sad you still live in the delusions of your master’s Mellesse/ Woyane/TPLF making. You tried in your blatant lies to tell us that the devastation of forests and natural resources was caused by certain ethnic group and hence the Woyane/TPLF pseudo government is justified in committing ethnic cleansing and forcing people from their land. How sick, pathetic, and delusional are you? You moron, ethnic cleansing and forcing people from their land is crime against humanity and can never be justified by any one and anywhere.

    The Ethiopian people especially those in Gonder, Bale, Gamu Gofa, Gambella, and Sidamo are eye witnesses to the destruction of their national parks and forests many times over. All these destructions were committed by none other than the hands of Woyane/TPLF cadres and soldiers. Anyone can go today to Netch Sar, Bale Mountains, Omo valley, and other national parks and will see devastated forests and burned down national parks which are the hall mark of Woyane/TPLF’s destructions. The tens of millions of acres of farm land destroyed in Shoa, Arusi, Bale, Sidamo, Keffa, Gambella, Gonder, and Gojam by Woyane/TPLF’s EFFORT fertilizers are proofs of the policies and actions of the Woyane/TPLF government. Ethiopians have also seen the millions of acres of land sold and destroyed by Woyane/TPLF to Saudis, Indian, and other countries’ businesses. We all know who the real criminal is. We know where the buck stops.

    These are all the hall mark of Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF’s campaign of destruction and devastation of forests, lands, and natural resources. This is as if Ethiopia and Ethiopians are being raped, killed, and destroyed by revengeful enemy that don’t stop until everything destroyed. Let alone the people of Ethiopia, even the land, the forest, the animals, and the natural resources are suffering and being destroyed by the hateful, revengeful, destructive, and devastating policies and actions of the Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorist government.

  26. ጉረኞች
    | #26

    Anbabi from dumb land
    Cool down, my friend. If you are so mad at me for this, how are you going to handle the protracted fight you are waging against Meles? I don’t want you to loose it all together before you liberate our country from the midget dictator. I cannot help but have to point out that you are a dumb cadre with full of mucous brain who follow your master by the tail. Your little brain is molded to cheer to whatever your masters utter. As they say fool despises good counsel, I say this to you; don’t be a fool who can never learn from your mistake. Next time, when you try to defend your masters, first understand what you have been told to say before putting them out to public. Keep your history lesson to yourself, if there is any, but share your knowledge about Meles atrocities with others. Life will be much easier for you. ሁሉም በችሎታው ያገልግል ይላል አሉ ቃሉ::

  27. Tilahun
    | #27

    Ephrem Madebo’S is aways insparational- he should be comended his broad mindenss.

  28. Aba Guda
    | #28

    Mr. Anbabi from Dallas

    You know these individuals who are engaging you with frivolous issues. Look what they say, and you will find out that they are here to create division. At one point they look like those back benchers of the EPRP thugs who always say that they should be on the forefront on the issue of Ethiopian politics. We know these group had been and will be ‘Spare Parts’ for Weyane, that inculde the Hodam elite and Hodam Amhara. The second group is the Weyane propagandist who now claim their elite status after educating themseves in most prestigious schools in the world. They may know logic and agrument but they lack concientious. So my message is you and Mr. Mandebo are doing good job.

  29. Girmu
    | #29

    The 1933-45 Nazi German ‘race hygiene’policy exterminated:Jews,insanes,delinquents,negroes,homoseuals,criminals,people with disabilities etc..The Ethiopian version of race extermination has been one of the policies of TPLF for the last twenty plus years.What Mr Ephrem has narratted and reflected is one of those critical,real and sadist episodes.I am very happy with his passion and being outrageous for the on going suffering of fellow Ethiopians.Mr Ephrem imposed repeated how ‘long questions’ on his artile readers.But he has not mentioned any solution points:as how fractured oppositions be united,come together,form an alliance fight aganist a common enemy.If I am not mistaken, as he is one of the G7 polical organization decision makers,he did not even mention the position of his organization towards the possible overcoming of our national crises.

  30. Enkidu debaba
    | #30

    This is the stratege how to rosting african people and prepare and transforming in to food item. the new transformation is alligadly start to distruct the Amahara tribes for they are strongly against colonalism. After Amahara people the Oromo people are prepared to be slouated, after distraction of Oromo people, then it will be applied all African people. USA intlligent man Helmant Koul, already say ”stratege is frist than humanity”this means any corupption, discrimination will applied to destablizing ethiopian frist then african people. so please reader don’t countthe cia messanger tplf words.u must stand strongly wereever .call african people.already fighting is start,help and strangize anticolonail movements

  31. ጉረኞች
    | #31

    Aba Guda
    When you were sending condolence message to Anbabi you said “We know these group had been and will be ‘Spare Parts’ for Weyane, that inculde the Hodam elite and Hodam Amhara.” I appreciate your classification ability but you didn’t elaborate who each one of them are. Why was it you were compelled to identify “Hodam Amhara” separate group from “Hodam Elite”? That is typical racist view aimed to attack Amhara as if Amhara is different than the rest of collective ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The G7 leadership Ato Bogale has found it necessary to identify the ethnicity of the leadership in public meeting to proof there is no Amhara among them. That is indicative of the mindset in the G7 leadership. Unfortunately, many of the cadres and G7 loyalist do not get it. I said to አጨብጫቢው from Dallas that you guys are a simple stooge of Shabea but you do not know it. Shabea have identified Amhara as necessary evil that its existence should be undermined if not eliminated by all means necessary. Woyane who has been worshiping Shabea for long follow suit and implementing Amhara cleansing, little by little, as much as it could. What Ephrem said about Minilik is not history, it came off Shabea propaganda pamphlet. Your friend አጨብጫቢው from Dallas try to convince readers that it is minor differences in the interpretation of history. Well, how would one interpret history, except in the mind of Anbabi? Is history written in parables for any one of us interpret it as we wish? One can falsely re-write history but he or she cannot interpret history. That is what exactly the enemies of Ethiopia are doing, re-write history so that corrupt mind set propagate. A long habit of not challenging the “supreme powers” when truth is distorted it would give superficial appearance of what they say is always right. That is what you and your friend did not get it yet!! Either go to your hibernation or enlighten us about you classical Hodam Elite Vs Hodam Amhara.

  32. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #32

    Aba Guda,

    Please ignore ጉረኛው as he might be a TPLF cadre tasked to divert the focus from the crimes of Meles and the mafia organization(s) he leads. As much Though it might be the desire of many Ethiopians to have a thorough examination of historical details, I think most Ethiopians don’t have that luxury today while the momentous and paramount task should be ridding ourselves of the tyrants that have subjected us to second class citizenship in our homeland. These tyrants (sometime, in the not too distant a future) might even try to rob us of the homeland itself as we have known it and leave us with a bunch of ‘kilils’/'nations’, ‘nationalities’ as separate countries. Therefore, we should not be wasting our time and attention to engage in academic acrobatic exercise ለዛውም (amateurish). Let us leave that to the pros in Ethiopian academic journals, or if there is a dedicated website for Ethiopian History, for them to get deep into it there.

    For the rest of us, the forceful eviction of thousands of Ethiopians (be it in Gura Farda, Gambela, Afar, … etc.) should be one more reason to dedicate ourselves to fight this evil regime with a focused objective.

  33. ጉረኞች
    | #33

    Anbabi from Dallas
    አንተ ደሞ ዝም ብለህ ነው:: አታናደኝ:: ፖለቲካና ታሪክ ለይ እንጂ:: Aba Gudu is sharing his analysis of the current politics. You are defending the re-write of history by Ephrem. You cannot defend what you wrote and why Ephrem draws similarities of Minilik, Mengistu, and Meles imposing the central government will on the regions. That is why you are in deep sh**t here. You do not need any history book to know that Minilk left the regions to the regional lords to administer themselves even after they were defeated by war. This is common knowledge, it shouldn’t be a mystery for any one, including you.
    Aba Gudu is kindly trying to educate you, to watch out for Hodam Elite and Hodam Amhara. I suppose you need to know them to execute what he is advising you. I don’t think you do, if you know them already, please let us kindly know. If you don’t ask him. Last but not least, please respect my nick name, I do not like it when you distort it. I wrote your nick as accurate as it could be. ምንም ጠብ ላይ ብንሆንም በዚህ እንከባበር:: ቀልዴን አይደለም:: ነገረኛ ቢጤ ነህ በዚህ ደሞ እንዳትጀምረኝ:: አደራ!! ለላ ማሳሰብያ አንተ ልትዘጋኝ ብትፈልግም እኔ አልዘጋህም:: ማኩረፍ ለማን ይበጃል!!!

  34. aha!
    | #34

    I congradule the author for articulating the importance of individual rights perhaps not simultaneously with ethnic rights with respect to the expulsion of the Amahara ethnic group by way of ethnic cleanisng, when he said: “To me, this highlights the basic tension between the value of individual rights, personal freedom, social values and shared ownership of a country”. To me also this this the core issue that the new revised constitution should be built upon by dismantling ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and resorting to the original provincial boundries to eliminate ethnic boundry disputes as is the case with eritrea, a divide and rule policy of self-rule with ill defined boundries as a prelude to secessionism and boreder disputes and the claim of expelling the Amahara from the ethnic zone/Killil Mengistat, denying the the individual of “shared ownership of the country”.

    Taken from the spoken words of Killil adminstrator in his defence of ethnic federalism, (secessionism and totaliarinsm) ” እትኒክ (ፈደራሊስም ባይኖር ኖሮ ይች ሃገር ቲተፋ ነበር ዪሊና አስከትሎ ሲለ እትሂኦፒአዊነቱ ሲያወሳ “ኢኔ እትዮፕያዊነት የምከበለው: ሲዳማነተን ሲያውኩልን ቢችሃ ነው” He is making this statement as if the Southern region is made up one ethnic group not 45, and as if parties aligned with ethnic agenda do not contribute to the negative forces of disintegration and those lined up with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians do not contribute as positive forces of intergration with individual rights having prcedence over ethnic rights and as you put it “a shred ownership of the country”, having the right to believe and live and sing by saying “this land is my land from Borena Nelle to Sellale”, From Nekemti to Bati, or Harrar Kotu, from Gonder to Harrar, from Mekele to sellale”, much in the same way the racial groups in the United States.

    I wish you direct your condemnation to the framework of the constitution and Master Architect of TPLF and the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties as direct and indirect supporters of the constitution and cosigners of the charter and liberation movements that contiributed to the negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia and now this killil adminstrator is telling Ethiopians otherwise.

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