“Oh Ethiopia for how long? … How long?” By Lemlem Tsegaw

April 16th, 2012 Print Print Email Email

I cry no more

I laugh no more

I walk no more
I sleep no more
But stand
On a human right ground
and ask
“Oh Ethiopia for how long? … How long?”
For how long
Do we walk
Under a tyrant’s
For how long
Do we dance around
While being whipped
By the tyrant
In his compound?
I dance no more
For a penny
Just to ride on
A tyrant’s pony.
Shame to all
Who rule
By the barrel of the gun.
Under a tyrant rule
Say no more
I ask once more
“For how long”

© Lemlem Tsegaw, April 14, 2012
Inspired by “Get out! You don’t belong here!” By Ephrem Madebo (http://www.ethiomedia.com/2012_report/3706.html)

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Thanks Lemlem, very touching! Indeed, how long Ethiopians have to suffer under one of the most hateful, ugly, and coldblooded subhuman that ever born in Ethiopia? How long, my friends? hasn’t enough been beyond enough?

  2. selamta
    | #2

    AS long as you and your kind keep on crying foul you will never have followers that are convinced by such word b/c you are full of HATE.GROW up man/woman you are not going to leave forever so turn this ugliness to positive attitude for the benefit of all ethiopians not for those who are too far to do a dam thing inside the country,proof see what you and your buddies bravado has done to the so called journalist who are either in jail or exile.I ask you for what? DIASPORA has never ever made a difference inside ethiopia so pleas leave your old age in grace and retire from spewing hate,this is to all who think they know it all.

  3. Teferi
    | #3

    Where is the hate on what she wrote? Selamta, she couldn’t let you sleep by touching the deepest corner of your mind where you couldn’t reach. It is not crying foul but it is foul when citizens are being forced to leave their home because they are Amharas. The journalists were not pushed by anyone but their conscience to tell the truth. You want hate: all Tigres have to leave every corner of Ethiopia and enjoy your great life in Tigray. Nothing short of this would be the solution to the problem we find ourselves in. If you are a non tigrean, you can still follow them and live happily with a positive attitude in Tigray with all the development created by your leader.

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