The Dictator’s Doublespeak; Lies, Lies, and more Lies! By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

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“Prime Minister Meles is not capable of telling the truth, even when you ask him his name, he doe’s not tell you the truth.”

Professor Mesfin Woldemariam

In 1995, I had the honor and immense pleasure of interviewing Professor Mesfin Woldemariam when I was working with “the Hibret Radio”. During that interview, he told me that Mr. Meles Zenawi is someone who is incapable of telling the truth. This statement was made by the well known Human Rights activist four years after the Zenawi regime took power in Ethiopia. About 17 years after the remark made by Professor Mesfin, things remain the same. At least in telling lies, Mr. Zenawi’s behavior is consistent. It is not surprising that those who serve the ruling party with loyalty display similar behavior like Mr. Zenawi.

Recently, several ethnic Amharas were unjustly uprooted from their home by the Southern Ethiopian Nation Nationalities Regional Administration president direct order. These Ethiopians were even turned away from the church when they sought refugee. Because they did not have any choice, they went to the office of All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEUO). Some of the people who were uprooted with their families, including infant children, were interviewed by the VOA and other media outlets form AEUO office. To hear the outcry of the children is heart breaking; to hear grown men sound helpless because their basic human right and dignity was violated by a government that is supposed to protect them is equally heart breaking. As the news of such brutality was spreading all over the world, the EPRDF and its surrogates were at work to discredit the victims and to debunk the opposition. Mr. Shegute, the president of the region, issued a press release about a week ago stating that no one was uprooted from the region. His despicable lies were repeated again and again in the airwaves that the EPRDF and its surrogates control. What a shame! Adding insult to injury, the EPRDF completely denied the illegal eviction of Amharas from South Ethiopia and blamed the opposition for “spreading false propaganda. I don’t know how the regime could be such arrogant and oblivious in this information age.

Such behavior is not unique to Mr. Meles and his cronies; such behavior is a typical character of dictators. When you examine the typical characteristics of world authoritarian regimes, you begin to see consistencies in the way that authoritarian leaders and the people who serve them rationalize their brutal action. They tell the world that their subjects are better off because “their regime has established a stable government, there is economic progress, and the opposition is controlled and influenced by foreign enemies….. and so on.” Such dictators claim to believe in the basic principle of human rights protection, democracy, justice and liberty. They claim that to achieve such objectives, the culture and the behavior of their subjects must change through the divine intervention of their iron fist rule. Because they believe that they are above everything, they consistently defy public opinion, distort history, defy human decency and orchestrate lies to excuse their brutal behavior and action. Some of their mode of operands is to doublespeak, deny, and blame. These are the exact behaviors that we witness in today’s Ethiopia.

The Zenawi regime unashamedly try to tell us that “democratic” progress is made in Ethiopia despite the fact that there are more prisoners of consciousness in Ethiopia today than at any time in the history of our country; there are more people abducted, killed, uprooted, and exiled during the rule of the EPRDF regime than at any time in the history of Ethiopia. Although the Zenawi regime is one of the most brutal regimes in the world, Zenawi himself tells the world the undemocratic nature of the Eritrean regime; and he preaches about “regime change” in Eritrea. In one of the most dramatic event in Ethiopia, last year, Eritreans in Ethiopia were give permission to hold a protest against the Issaias regime. The Eritreans held a slogan that says “YEAKEL” (ENOUGH) and burned Issaias’ picture in the middle of Addis Ababa, while Ethiopians were denied any permit for protest in their own country. Although the Constitution gives Ethiopians the right to hold a protest and to petition their government, the Zenawi regime denied these basic and fundamental rights to its own citizens while allowing foreigners (Eritteans) to exercise these basic rights. No one denies that Zenawi’s intention, when orchestrating the “Eritreans protest”, was not holly, but it is a clear example of hypocrisy. If the Eritreans in Ethiopia are allowed to hold a protest, why are Ethiopians in Ethiopia denied permission to hold a protest in their own country? Talk about doublespeak.

The history of EPRDF clearly indicates that it was established based on lies. At least during its armed struggle era, the EPRDF could lie and could get away with it. In this time and age where information is at our finger tip, I don’t know how the EPRDF assumes that it can simply lie and get away with the lies that it is telling the world. The entire world is watching with great sadness and disappointment the rampant corruption in Ethiopia; however, if you had the opportunity to visit Ethiopian embassy websites, this is what you read as one of the 10 reasons to invest in Ethiopia: “• Absence of corruption – Ethiopia is described by the U.N. and ICC as “exceptional…in its almost complete absence of routine corruption ”today than at any time in its history”. Such daring and bold statement is coming from a government immersed in corruption. Global Financial Integrity in its report stated that Ethiopia has lost $11.7-billion to outflows of illicit funds in the last decade. If this is not an indicative of a corrupt government, I don’t know what is. It is not only GFI that is sounding the Alarm about corruption in Ethiopia; Janice Winter, a South African journalist, wrote an opinion piece on Daily Maverick titled ‘Climate of Corruption in Ethiopia. In her article, Janice highlighted the state of corruption in Ethiopia and called for strict examination of Melese Zenawi’s regime before the release of the Green Climate Fund. The fact is according to the Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Ethiopia ranks 120 out of 182 countries and territories in the world. Does this sound an absence of corruption in Ethiopia?

Of course, EPRDF apologists and Mr. Zenawi’s cult builders would like the world to believe that Ethiopia has established a stable, corruption free government, and a pluralistic democracy. One of the supporters of Mr. Zenawi wrote “Ethiopia today is a pluralistic democracy and as such would not sit on its hands while others try to circumvent democracy for there cannot be such thing as lawless freedom.” This is a comment made by an EPRDF apologist called Mulugeta in one online forum. It would be interesting to see how this apologist defines what he termed “lawless freedom.” Dictators and their mouthpiece ardent supporters interpret the basic principle of democracy as it fits them. May be they do not understand that there cannot be democracy in a country where freedom of speech is termed as terrorism. The notion that Ethiopia has it is own version of “democracy” contrary to the universally accepted basic democratic principles is as foolish as daring attempt to make us believe Black is White. Dictators and their cronies always have double standard and doublespeak to justify their fatal action. Their interest is to prolong their grip on power by any means necessary. It is up to concerned citizens and democratic forces to expose the lies and to strive for a regime change to establish democratic governance in the country. We are duty bound to vehemently oppose the human rights violation in Ethiopia and struggle for democratic change. We are also duty bound and the current condition in Ethiopia demands that we clean our act, stop bickering on irrelevant issues, focus, refine our strategy, and take the struggle against the brutal regime in Ethiopia to the next phase. It is time for action!

  1. Beniam
    | #1

    We have been talking for the last 21 years, we know everything about Meles and the TPLF. The question is what are we going to do about it?

  2. Nebiyu
    | #2

    Meles is the most stupid person that I have ever known. In some ways he thinks if you have the gun then the rest is about lying. Well he better learn from history. The fall of the Axumite Empire, the fall of king Yohanness and Allula came because they had bitten more than they can chew. Yes Meles thinks that was the right thing to do to stay in power. Divide the population by race and religion, profit from terrorism and off course fabricate wars. Yes I am afraid that Meles might start war with Eritrea simply to stay in power. Once the war is started then the justification is election is not the right thing to do during war. Well if he thinks the election he administers is a real election his answer might be right. However what the Ethiopian people are interested in is for Meles to go even with faulty election.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    I am sorry to be involved in such a wasted propaganda, but would like to say about people encroachment to jangle forest both for legal and illegal settlement. In the south west part of Ethiopia, the forest is badly treated, the indigenous people are displaced from their original home (forest for hunting, shelter and any other basic needs)not only by Amhara, but also by Tigre, oromo etc. Do you think it is fair to say it is human right violation because the people who displaced are Amhara. Am really sorry for reading your complain about the dam construction in south Omo 7 months ago, Just because you have to criticize EPRDF you raised indigenous livelihood is endangered which is 100miles away from Gurafarda, but when it comes to poor Amhara people, it should be the gov’t to take responsibility of the forest,land and the water. If you want: go to Gambella, you can make again big lie to international communities that it is the Amhara who is being evacuated from Godere forest, that is protected forest- I am sure you would say same to Gurafarda issue. Please do not trade as the expense of Poor Ethiopians, do some thing small in group or individually to help Ethiopia advance. Do not be obsessed with the feudal mentality, time is gone for mischief activities. Come to Ethiopia, see the change and be appreciative to be change agent otherwise you will stay forever complaining or laying to people who have no information about Ethiopia. Thanks for reading my comment, from Khartoum, Sudan.

  4. bimm
    | #4

    zenawi is consumed by hate,hate, hate, particularly towards the amhara. it does not mean he loves everybody else. A hateful person cannot think properly for his thinking is biased and stained. That is why zenawi is a liar extraordinaire. He lies through his teeth unashamedly instead of accepting mistake and apologising. that is the nature of a dictator like zenawi: barbaric, uneducated, and perrenial liar.

    This fascist bully will have to face the music sooner or later. THERE IS A pent-up anger ready to explode at any time in Ethiopia.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    Well, lying and deceiving is a teaching of Hu Jintao.

  6. Tagadalit Adanhoum
    | #6

    Melese has always been operating on lies since day one.It is probalamtic to belive what he says anymore. May be it is a long cultural tradtion-there is no word for a lie-it is just simply dismissed as things that is not there. And it is accepted as norm whereas other cultures wince with evident embarrassment. I do not think lie and shame are in short supply all the way from Eritrea and north of Tigray. It thrives. Dr. Berket,Issayas Afeworki,Berket Simon among million others, lies come easy to them as breathing. What a ghastly specimen to live with as a next door nation!

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Meles cannot help it! He is a very sick out of control cruel evil minded individual that needs to be evaluated by two or three psychoanalysts and needs to be locked up in a mental hospital somewhere. Meles has no business running a small village let alone a country of over eighty five million people.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    The TPLF/eprdf regime has created a constituion of ethnic fedralism, secessionism and totaliarinism, the later incroprated from the derg regime and its own inclination of Marxisist ideology, with TPLF as spearhead of the liberation movements, under the symbol of oppression of nations and nationalities by the previous regimes, apart from those engaged in class struggle and of which the OLF opted out of the coalition to engage in secessionism upto self-determination in the same mode as EPLF did previously are known facts that the Prime minister
    as the frame work of the constitution. It is this frame work of the constituition of ethnic federalism (article 46) which has given ground for a divide and rule policy in a colonial and/or for the most part an apartheid system of governance, a supportive teletafi (ethnic federalists) rather than federalists of the original provinces, security forces loyal to TPLF/eprdf regime trained side by side with the old guards for national security, police forces and agazi forces for sharp shhoting and put down peaceful demonstrations to bring forth grievances and the clammping down of Aritcle 29, for press freedom and the universal Human rights declaration stipulated in Artice 21(3) and the prevalence of Aticle 46 of ethnic federalism, article 39 (1), pertaining to ethnic secessionism, Article (8), rarding the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last one referring to individual freedom, liberty and equality to have pecedence to ethnic and secessionist rights are lingering facts that the Prime minister would not lie about and the teletafi parties (ethnic federalists) are indirect support, along with the administrators of the Killil Mengistats, the security forces.

    Whereas the loyalist opposition parties, with ethnic agenda which formed a coalititon with Tgrai-harena and UDJP with the subset of the national agenda: democracy, human right and Justice, which Professor Alemayehu, eloquentely defined it by linking it to the contituion stipulated in Article 21 (3), which has been violated and yet as party of coalition the three ideologies of ethnic fedralism, secessionism and toltalirinism, which the main causes to humanitarian, economic political and environmental crises on the silent majority of Ethiopians of all ethnic groups that the tendency built ito their psychie and culture to live harmoniously together as one nation, one flag and one Official language and cuture with languages and culture to be developed simultaneously to demonstrate the mosaic nature and grandeur of Ethiopia by looking into their Ethiopiawinet first and their ethnic identity second in Ethiopia by the implicit support and putting these ideologies under the rug as the major cuases for hindering free market capitalism, democracy and individual fredom. These ideologies, supported by the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties serve as the mainstay the and operating system of TPLF/eprdf regime, do not amount to the humanitarian, economic, political and environmental crises perpetrated by a system of government with ethnic fedralism, secessionism and totaliarinism.

    It is not a mystry that it stayed so long in power, when the parties alligned from ouside are not only mirror images, but also each party has counterpart inside the palrilament. I realised this phenomena, when an Ethiopian lady remarked prior to the 2010 election, when she said “ከንጊዲህ ወዲህ ሚርችሃ የሚባል ነገር ዋጋ የለዊም: ኢነዚህማ ያለው መንጊስት ጊሊባች ናችዉ;;”, and lately when Riot Alemu declared ” we will not be silenced”, which basically, that the press and the vast majority of Ethiopians are silent but are being silenced.

    Those aligned with “Andinet Hayloch” with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians have no part in the autocratic, ethnocratic rule under ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism

  9. Abebe Tessema
    | #9

    The sadistic and Megalomaniac Melese is a pathological liar and that is his natural condition as he is a sick individual. The people he chose to work with and those who chose to support him, exhibit the same treats or else he wouldn’t tolerate them in the power, hence you see people like Haliemariam going to church on Sunday with a bible in hand and tell outright lies recklessly and with such contempt to the people who hear them saying it on Monday. It is really very sad to see lie and deceptions institutionalized in our country.

  10. aha!
    | #10

    What is to noted also interms of expulsion of the Amahara ethnic group by way of etnic cleansing of the Amahara from the region, is the response given him: ” አሁን ያለው (እትኒክ) ፈድራሊስም ባይኖር እትዮፕያ ኢስካሁን ትተፋ ነበር;; ይ;ህ አይነት አነጋገር; ያልዉን የመንጊስት አኩአሚና አገዛዝ ሲነ ሲራት ከማተባበል በተችማሪ የኪልል አስተዳዳሪ ;ላለው መንጊስት ሲራ አስፈትስሚ ኢና ደጋፍ መሆኑን ነው የሚአስየው; በርላማ በተሰገስጉትና ተለታፍ ፓርቲዎችሂና በተማግን ተኩአዋሚ ፓርቲዎችህ ከትሎ;;

    What the leaders of the oppostion parties and the teletafi party leaders “”are revealing through their interviews, including Andargachew Tisgue is ” Yebihere bereseboch yekuline mebitachew indikeber”, and “we have no problem with ethnic federalism as long as they do not dictate over us”, and lately the Ethiopians are being told by ENC the newly converted OLF to Oromo freedom front with its ethnic agenda and wearing its ethnic hat, is geared up to crate a “New federal democratic republic of Ethiopia”, with ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism in tact, which the new front as OPDF/OFF/EFDF/fdre, that nothing in common with those aligned with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, wating in line to usup power to impose the next majority ethnic rule, if at all this multi-layer heirachcal political model crumbles along with ethnic federalism, secessionism,and totaliarinism taking with it Aricle 46, 39 (1), 8, and reinstating Article 21 (3) for human right and 29 for press freedom and reinstating individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights as the centeral piece of the new constitution. The move for such ideals is a move to save Ethiopia from the negative forces of disintegration, far beyond the lies and corruptions committed by TPLF/eprdf leaders.

  11. Wahid
    | #11

    The guy by the name Zenawi (the grand son of shumbash Asres )brought up like this as he cant help it because of the gen inside him so is his wife ,i heard that these couples are parents of three because of the genetical heridity we could not not expect nothing other from the whole family and the other gang members their fate is like that of Seye Abrha or being killed if they could not follow his way even the woyanne pop G/Medhin and the elders chief Efrem issac ,the judges in the court the witnesses ,cadres ,sympetheisers,and the entire administration is only based on lies not to forget Aiga Forum but 20 years knowing all that and could not find a solution is the biggest question mark and time to ask one self specially freedom loving what i have i done to stop these collection of neanderthaler and gain my freedom back.Had it not been woyanne administration Ethiopia by now would have been African Japan and woyanne enablers are very much aware of all this facts, dont get me wrong all that could be achieved only by the people elected government took over (Woyanne is 100+% occupier choosen by the enemies of Ethiopia for their long time national interest) We dont need no discussion with woyanne about Ethiopian issue period.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    The only thing that would shock me and surprise me about Meles is, if he has a change of heart, remorse and ask for forgiveness for all the despicable crimes he has committed on innocent people since he was young. But the possiblity of that happening is a big zero! Hitler had no conscience and was a subhuman that was born with the most hateful heart and mind that was unable to love and care for others. And at the present time, we are witnessing the sickening history of Germany being repeated on innocent Ethiopians at our home land at the hands of a subhuman that has the same characteristics, mind and personality of that evil subhuman Adolf Hitler who slaughtered over 20 million innocent people in Germany and other countries because of HATE. The only way to cure the cancer of Ethiopia by getting the growing cancer tumor that is destroying the whole country and the people in it!!!!!!

  13. Lucy in America
    | #13

    anonymous, ante banda agame le indians , chinians and pakistians beneta meretachinen shetachihu sent chaka sichefechifu menem aletayachihum ethiopianoch behagerachew seretew endayinoru zeregna ena mekegna tegerewoch afenakeluachew. gene ande kene ke kotetachihu wodmetachihubet yemeteguazubet kene ruke ayidelem.

  14. Yilma
    | #14

    I do not have any doubt the TPLF leader Meles is evil and trust me this man is evil and he used the westerner and talk to them the language they understand but soon when pressures mount up, he will turn around 300 degree to china….
    What the Ethiopian progressive force have to know is that he is fighting back in the way we do not understand and know, he is plotting every day to change the fabric of Ethiopia, and he is preparing to exploit Ethiopia forever and he is against all Ethiopians, he will kill and destroy or even he is not going to backup to poison drinking water (Gambella) even the brutal menguistu regime never done that. The most evil regime ever exists in Ethiopian history.
    But the question is how do you fight back this brutal regime? How to create unity among Ethiopians within and outside the country? With out unity, we are nothing, each one of us easily targeted by TPLF regime, we have to work for unity..
    Second we have to cleanup like the ESFNA we need to clean up all Ethiopian organizations from TPLF thugs, that is the only way you can fight back the TPLF regime in particular Meles.. if we do not have unity at least in Diaspora, we have no chance

  15. She is Ethiopia
    | #15

    I ain’t surprised by this man, Meles, lies, lies, and more lies; I will be surprised when and if he starts talking the truth.

  16. Daniel
    | #16

    @Tagadalit Adanhoum
    I’m not sure if you realized this or not, but the article is about Ethiopia’s internal problems. So why comment including Isaias??

  17. Zerayakob Yared
    | #17

    Tagadalit Adanhoum,
    Some more for your list: That ‘Arena chief’ (lol) in Mekelle, Mesfin Woldemariam, Endrias Eshete, that Gedada or Gidada, and most of them ሆዱን አሰፋ ወልደጊዮርጊስ and many others!

    And you sentence “from Eritrea and north of Tigray.” must be corrected to from Eritrea, which is north Tigray, located north of Mereb.

    Axumite Empire, king Yohanness and Allula ምስ ስርዓተ ደቂ ሓትኖ ግብረ ክፍኢ ወ’ጸይቂ ዝነጻጸሩ አይመስለንን, ትጋገ አሎኻ! ልቢ ወዲ ሓትኖይ ገዝኡ ባጽዕ’ዶ ብውጽ-ብውጽ ማለት ጀሚራ እያ!? እእእ…!

  18. yeshimebet
    | #18

    You people disgusted me all when you talk only amhara, and keep blaming eprdf.we should have said something when they were uprooting the eritreans 15 yeears ago. They are our brothers and sisters suffered long with us and more. we are hating meles and yet using his propaganda and lie to uproot to anybody who stands againist him. I don’t sww issaias doing any wrong, but keeping what he think is write and isolated from the rest of the world by the lies of meles and is croonies.
    sorry to disappoint you, but this is the truth and I’m pue and proud Ethiopian.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Add this to the above comment to #10 about what the the Killil Administrator said at the time “እነ ኢትዮፕያዊነተን የሚከበለው ሲዳማዊነተን ሲያውኩ ቢቻ ነው”, not knowing who he is chalenging with that assertion, when even sidamaenet is compressed among 45 nationalities and when perhaps when what is expected of hime as far as the silent majority is concerned that he thinks of hiself as an Ethiopian first and his ethnic second to save Ethiopia from disintegration into ethnic-based feudal system of self-rule and separate development of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism that does not allow for individual freedom, liberty and equality to live and prosper freely anywhere in Ethiopia from Borena Negelle to Sellale, from Lekemti to Bati from Harar to Gonder from Wollo to Chillalo.

  20. Tagadali Adanhoum
    | #20

    The non-Tigrawwes you mentioned at least live in their home turf. Tigryans have no place in the land of Amharas,Afars,Oromos and Somalis.I could go on but the point is I am Wolqaitee of Agazza decsendants. As the wind is not the same as the sky, Akalguzi,Hamassin Raya,Seraay and Wolqait have nothing in common with you. It is a question of time that You need to get out from the country once and for all. Thank you

  21. enqelkil
    | #21

    Obviouvly,when Zinawi is not seen in public or keps low,it meanse,he is planning another crime.His latest victims were thousands of farmers and their families.He did not live in the fantasy of crime world;he lived murder,he lived robbery;he lived lies, and he is int it.

  22. chizaq
    | #22

    Meles’s fate could even be worse than Mubark’s,Ben ALi’s,or Gadaffi’s.Zinawi reminds us Gadaffi.We don’t see any change in him because he is more gravitated to his final and his tragic fate.He is really worthless.

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    #3 Anonymous, it is obvious that you’re one typical woyane, always try to shift the crimes woyanes committed on other ethnic groups. Shame on you!
    Woyanes, are you that stupid moron and clueless criminals that you don’t even realize the heinous crimes you have been committing on the country and on millions of Ethiopians for over 20 years, and how much you are hated by Ethiopians? Please know that every negative comment that is directed at you, doesn’t come from your Eritrean cousins, who are also being ruled with iron fist by Meles’s evil blood cousin Isayas. Please be aware that, because of the despicable crimes you have conflicted on 85 million innocent Ethiopians and the country, you woyanes and your devil possessed brutal dictator Meles are the most despised, hated group of people in Ethiopia at the present time. You have no one to blame for the hate you brought to yourselves, but yourself for bloodcurdling crimes you have committed on innocent people in Ethiopia and Somalians.

  24. ethio
    | #24

    I have confidence that there are a lot of genuine Ethiopians who are
    very close to Meles and his cronies and yet are ashamed of this
    evil adminstration to the point of taking matters in their on hands.

    There is no question that such heroic act is an obligation given the
    condition and the magnitude of the problem.

  25. ashagre
    | #25

    Please please stop this hallucination and learn to be realist.Really on no one but only in GOD and on the resolve of the couragesous and brave Ethiopian people.Blame no one but the diaspora oppostion leaders for delaying our freedom.It is my conviction that it has never been the office of professional intellectuals or wht the mrxisits terme it the pety bourgeois to lead the people to freedom.The professional intelectual loves his way of life so much and is not willing to risk it.

    Therefore,it is important to that we need to build our confidence on the people of Ethiopia to begin with.the Ethiopian people are willing to fight but we have to assist them with material aid such as armament,ammunition ,and basic necessities. We need to go back and to rethink our strategy and bring our people together to imbrace the notion of liberating the country.

  26. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #26

    @Lucy in America

    How low can you put yourself by calling Anonymous with the word I hate to repeat? You should be ashamed of yourself. If you do not have the intellect to counterpoint Anonymous’s argument, insulting him does not make you logical or smart. Ethiopia has suffered a lot because of our tribal division. Whoever stands up for the unity of Ethiopia should pledge to himself/herself that he/she won’t engage in any offensive tribal name calling. Lucy in America, you crossed the line by calling the Anonymous with the insulting word. If you are respectful to yourself, it is appropriate to apologize to Anonymous and you will have the respect and admiration of the readers and participants of this forum.

  27. koster
    | #27

    say no to Tigrean fascism. We have heard more than enough about fascist Meles but Ethiopians are languishing under his reign of terror. Enough is enough. Action speaks louder, fascist Meles will be happy as more of his “enemies” burn themselves or die of hunger – his biological weapon.

  28. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #28

    @Tagadali Adanhoum
    I tried to understand your point and got lost. Would you please put it in a layman term what you tried to convey? You told us that you are Wolqait. But the forum is on the lies of the current leader of Ethiopia, and you mumble about your narrow minded tribalism. In fact I do not consider it tribalism, but I call it by coining a name “villagizationism”. You said, “As the wind is not the same as the sky, Akalguzi,Hamassin Raya,Seraay and Wolqait have nothing in common with you. It is a question of time that You need to get out from the country once and for all.” Who do not have anything in common with you and who are “You”? Which country are you talking about? I am puzzled,and confused. I am not sure whether you are trying to send a message to someone. Please elaborate to clear my confusion. Thanks!!!!

  29. love
    | #29

    Dear Abugida,

    Can you post this on Abugida please?
    “Libyan authorities ban religious, ethnic parties

    As Libya prepares for elections in June, the government has banned political parties based on religion, tribe or ethnicity. The National Transitional Council passed the law governing the formation of political parties, spokesman Mohammed al-Harizy said on Wednesday. Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists had been expected to compete with secular parties for seats in a national assembly, which will draft a new constitution for the country.”

    Even Libya recognizes the divide and rule scheme and is banning these groups because unity is important to form just and peaceful nation although Libya still has long way to go and at least recognizes the danger of relgion and ethnic groups. So, why is it alright for Ethiopia? I wanted to post this on OLF sites. Any one said OLF is working with the rest of Ethiopia? ARe you kidding me? They still have on their Mission how Ethiopia is colonialist, Imperialist state, very ethno fascists. I would like to post this on their site to see a lesson why other nations understand the danger of ethnic and religious policies. Those Ethiopians fooling themsleves that OLF is forming association is palying with Ethiopians and themselves. OLF pretty much supports TPLF agenda of ethnofascism and I don’t think they will ever change.

  30. Anonymous
    | #30

    It seems impossible to change some of the minds of Ethiopians who have been born and grown up watching the other bloodsucker and madman Mengestu slaughtering innocent people on the streets of every province, and grew up watching Mengestu’s and Meles’s loss of respect, disregard for human life and human dignity. The same people also have been brainwashed by Esaysa and Meles’s made up history intended to create division, feud and hate against one ethnic group with another, particularly, against Amharas with unfounded charges. The saddest thing is that even, after all the crimes the woyanes have carried out through out Ethiopia, even the well educated Ethiopians hard for them to come to terms and realize that the purpose of the made up history that was created by Esayass and Meles is just to divide, control and rule Ethiopians. It is a no brainier, the greatest threat to TPLF and the only way to get rid off the brutal TPLF regime is THE UNITY OF ALL ETHNIC ETHIOPIANS.

  31. sinqaima
    | #31

    Zinawi developped irrigular personality because he was born and grew up in hate manufacturing home.When Zinawi lies,you can actually notice white-yellow dead tissue underneath his lower lip.For example,after having given order to evict farmers and their families,he kept low and quiet;then came on a TV screen and lied about his victims.This never had valued community and human life.Why breaking up communities and distroying the lovelihood families?

  32. qenqissa
    | #32

    Zinawi lived mureder;lived lies;lived hatred.What is that he has not done injustice and the we should remain patient ?

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