Massive protest to save Ethiopia By Robele Ababya

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World of corruption dominated by thugs

It is abundantly clear that we live in a dangerous and rotten multi-polar power world without a distinct global leader. This much is recognized but none has a solution to the immorality pervading our planet and the fathomless depth of multiple socio-economic problems into which this generation has sunk as a result of insatiable greed and unbridled corruption on which iniquitously inept leaders like Zenawi feed to satisfy their lust for power.

As long as the pain caused by the tyrant persists and increasingly becomes acute, genuine democrats must use the power of their pens to call on the silent majority to join in the struggle to fight back.

Paranoid Zenawi haunted by hatred & betrayals reacted with great alacrity and gruesome atrocity to what was a marvelously peaceful election that culminated in humiliating landslide defeat to his TPLF party in the 15 May 2005 election forcing the tyrant to declare the illegal state of emergency in panic. As Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), English logician and philosopher said: “Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.” Zenawi was no doubt in great fear and had to run to his immoral supporters; he got away with his atrocities including genocide, crime against humanity and war crimes in full view of his masters.

When asked, what legal authority he had to by-pass the Parliament and declare a state of emergency, Meles responded by saying that, after all, the donors did not object to the action he took. His response is solid proof that the monstrous killer is subservient to the interests of the donors at the expense of the vital interests of poor Ethiopia. Donors are cunning actors who alienate African Leaders from their peoples by corrupting, blackmailing, and turning them into greedy dictatorial puppets so that they will have no choice but obey the orders of neocolonialists.

Zenawi was given red carpet treatment at the G8 Summit in the immediate aftermath of his ordering the execution of 40 innocent civilians in cold blood, throwing thousands into jail under harsh conditions, and making many to suffer mental and physical tortures. It is not known whether the former Prime Minister Tony Blair had even privately regretted for inviting the tyrant Zenawi to the G8 Summit where the killer basked in the lavish functions of powerful world leaders exchanging smiles and champagne toasts while atrocities in Ethiopia were taking their tolls. Successive British Prime Ministers have been doling out direct budgetary support to the brutal TPLF regime despite the ongoing tyranny in Ethiopia.

What a shame the genocidal tyrant Zenawi has just reportedly received an invitation to Camp David for similar red carpet treatment in spite of: ongoing act of genocide on the Amhara and Anuak people; confirmed massacre of innocent Oromo people in Asasa committed by Zenawi’s Federal police while they were attending Friday prayer on April 27; desecration of the Waldeba Holy Monastery; our Muslim brothers suffering under Zenawi’s divide and impose dictatorial rule policy; dislocation of the Afar and Anuak people from their ancestral land; ad infinitum. The question is why he is such a darling to the USA bent on using food-dependency as a potent weapon in order to stay on top of the world.

“Examining the U.S. Policy Response to Entrenched African Leadership”
The quotes below refer to the testimony by Assistant Administrator of USAID Africa, Earl Gast, to the Subcommittee on African Affairs of Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 18, 2012 under the title in caption on Ethiopia; each quote is followed by my brief comment:-

“Ethiopia is one of the starkest examples of the risks that emerge when a country lacks sufficient democratic checks and balances. By significantly constraining political speech, human rights, and the ability of civil society and the media to hold government officials accountable, the Ethiopian Government is creating an environment that is ripe for instability and that sends mixed messages about its place in the international community”.

Comment: Mr. Gast is right. But lack of resolute action on the part of the Executive branch of the US government has done irreparable damage to Ethiopia.

“On the one hand, the U.S. Government must maintain a close working relationship with Ethiopia as one of our key African partners in fighting terrorism, countering the effects of global climate change, promoting food security, and providing peacekeepers in some of the most difficult locations in Africa such as Darfur. In fact, with the exception of democracy-building, USAID’s programs in Ethiopia are among the most successful anywhere in Africa. Ethiopia commands a growing presence in global economics, and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his colleagues in the Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) can take credit for lifting millions out of poverty and improving living standards in Africa’s second-most populous country. As seen in the Horn of Africa’s recent food crisis, millions of Ethiopians were able to withstand the worst effects of drought due in part to the Ethiopian Government’s work with the international community to build resilience to climatic shocks”.

Comment: An average 5.5% (?) economic growth on a thin base amid abject poverty is more likely. Moreover, it would be disastrous if close working relationship with the USA is to continue at the expense of Ethiopians living in terror in total absence of democracy.

“On the other hand, the experiences of Ethiopia’s neighbors in Africa and the Arab World demonstrate the long-term risks of instability that come from suppressing basic freedoms. In 2005, Ethiopia held the most free and fair elections in its modern history, in which opposition parties appeared to have won a substantial minority of parliamentary seats. This outcome could have resulted in a balance of power sharing between the ruling party and opposition, and a real opportunity for political development to match the economic modernization underway in the country. Instead, the ruling EPRDF attempted to destroy the opposition or drive it underground. Since then, a systematic campaign has clamped down on basic freedoms. These actions, including domination of the 2010 elections and the passage of restrictive laws like the Charities and Societies Proclamation, have gained the EPRDF unprecedented control over the political life of Ethiopia and a brittle form of stability in the near term. However, in the long term, Ethiopia is now in danger of reliving its history of turbulent political transition. Unless restrictions on civil Society and the media are lifted and dissenting political views are allowed, the country’s substantial gains in economic development and poverty alleviation will be threatened”.

Comment: the USA is best placed to preclude this dire scenario from happening.

“Integrating democracy and governance work into the significant investments the United States is making in other sectors, such as food security and health, will give us important opportunities to support social and economic resilience in Ethiopian society outside of the ruling party structures and, to the extent feasible, participatory decision-making. To this end, USAID has developed a strategy that promotes a cross-cutting approach that builds democracy, human rights, governance and conflict interests into its varied portfolio. The strategy will minimize investments in democracy and governance—such as human rights defenders and civil society support—until diplomatic or other efforts open the political space for more robust engagement. USAID has also developed a cross-sectoral objective in its strategy to promote citizen participation and social accountability around service delivery.”

Comment: This initiative would be too little too late in coming if it ever does come. For the USA cannot be trusted based on its reneged promises to disengage with tyrants as and when its national interests dictate.

Tiny return for Ethiopia’s hefty sacrifice

Let me narrate to Mr. Gast from my records of what Ethiopia had sacrificed and got in return from the western powers. The US government:

• was at one time requested to provide more military equipment and warheads to deter a growing military threat from Ethiopia’s neighbors. The request was turned down on grounds that the Ethiopian Army possessed enough military hardware and warheads in its arsenal to fight or deter insurgents within the country;

• threatened to order air bombardment from its Air Force Base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, unless the Ethiopian Air Force complied with the order to bomb the Headquarters of the Imperial Bodyguard in Addis Ababa during the attempt by Brigadier General Mengistu Neway to overthrow the Emperor in December 1960. The Carter Administration in 1974 refused to deliver critically needed military equipment for which Ethiopia had paid, thus forcing the Military regime of Mengistu Hailemariam to procure arms from the former USSR to repulse aggression by Somalia;

• rendered effective assistance to put the TPLF Stalinist regime in power and, together with the British government, gave it generous diplomatic and financial support for its survival while turning a blind eye to rampant heinous crimes of the regime including genocide.

• was quick and the first to give recognition to the Eritrean independence, which has left Ethiopia and her 82 million people landlocked; this action by the USA resulted in the gravest damage to the economic lifeline of Ethiopia and her other strategic interests;

• presently pursues the policy of making Ethiopia one of its power bases in the fight against Al Qaeda; it would be a wrong policy for the US government to pursue an alliance with a repressive regime of Zenawi who has lost the TRUST of the Ethiopian people as demonstrated in the election of 15 May 2005.

It is agonizing that help is still coming from Western donors to alter the tainted image of Zenawi despite overwhelming international condemnation of the atrocities committed by Zenawi and his thugs.

Twin impediments to massive uprising

Fear and ignorance acting in concert have debilitating effect on a society. As the English Logician and Philosopher, Benjamin Franklin, put it, “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” And in regard to fear the Philosopher said: “Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” Certainly Ethiopians are victims of fear and ignorance for two reasons: (1) failure to tear down the walls of fear in which they are enclosed; and (2) lack of action in unison due to ignorance of their ancient history.

Ethiopians as young as Abichu, Amdetsion, Gashu, Haptom, Worku and the leader of the 15,000 strong militias from Kembatta chose to fight Fascist Italy fiercely with determination to die than live in slavery. Common values bound these heroic compatriots together and trust took Haptom of Hamassein to Sellale in retreat with Abichu of Oromo. Young Ethiopians should follow their example to tear down the wall of fear in order to build an environment of trust and bravery in order to evict Zenawi from power.

Therefore, a stern warning for our survival, fellow Ethiopians, is couched in this quotation by Benjamin Franklin: “Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you.” Let us admit the TPLF thugs have been feeding on us for the last 21 years; their insatiable appetite is still growing. We cannot count on outside help to save us. Forget the purported new Africa Policy under consideration by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Do not expect the Obama Administration to disengage from friendship with the genocidal tyrant Zenawi. Let us put our faith on self-reliance!

Finally, I wish to conclude this piece on a positive note that Ethiopians everywhere are on course to conquer fear and ignorance in order to avert grave danger to their survival; the onset of massive uprising to save Ethiopia is inspiring; our resolve must be irreversible for our struggle for just cause is viable and victory is inevitable.

Amen to EYNM & NEC progress!

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia including Andualem Aragie, Iskinder Nega, Nathnael et al

  1. Oda Tulu
    | #1

    Yes we must not beg the USA for our freedom and life sustaining necessities

  2. Biruh Tesfa
    | #2

    I understand your sentiment but I am skeptical of your report. I understand Meles has done atrocious things to the Ethiopians but I did not see any evidence of it in your report. This seems like a report on your personal opinions which I sympathize with but you need to add evidence of the Meles’ bad decisions.
    I also think you should not be one sided. Meles’ has done some good things too, your disregard for his positive contributions makes you sound ignorant.
    Just mention the good and the bad, then mention how the bad outweighs the good.

  3. love
    | #3

    It has been years since we fought in unison. Many of Ethiopians do not even think of Ethiopians anymore especially the diaspora. The “Ethiopians” we are is masked with what we adopted in the west, our individaul, wealth and material come first. Of course the disconnection from true Ethiopia is there. What we call the diaspora that we are going back to make a difference means, we are going back to perpetuate this individualism, privilege over regular Ethiopians, wealth and materials. To put it simply, we actually do nothing in Ethiopia except profit.

  4. Tola
    | #4

    It is nice article. It has sent strong message to the bosses of zenawi, especially the USA. It is obvious that the west doesn’t care about democratizing Ethiopia or Africa. We don’t need to be naive about any help from colonial powers on our way to democracy. We have been thinking that we can import democracy from outside. In general, the west doesn’t want to see stronger Ethiopia or Africa.

  5. Oda Tulu
    | #5

    #5 Hebere: You are a filthy TPLF agent seving a dying regime.

    There was never a person named Robele Ababya who was Youth Associaton Chairman during the Derg regime.

  6. Aba Guda
    | #6

    Biruh Tesfa: You do understand Meles has done atrocious things to the Ethiopian People. But you ask the writer to give you report. Moron Weyane it is enought you undersood it. Don’t try to be smart. Man, this is the best we can get even after our country’s best resources are spent on these Weyane Cadets. What a creature Weyanes are?

    Hebere: This is your best finding that keeps you work in one of those foreign Embassyies. It is not an opionion,not a counter attack, it is not even a revelation. Doma Ras.

  7. Muluken
    | #7


    He is now woyanne’s nightmare and that is what matter!!

  8. Muluken
    | #8

    Biruh Tesfa
    You are right he should have mentioned all those good things Melse has done for the last 21 years
    Let me try
    1) He fought for Ethiopia not to lose her port – oh sorry he didn’t he sold it to Eri.
    2) He brought those committed crime against the Anuak – oh sorry he didn’t he is killing more
    3) He fought with Erit. And save Bademe — oh sorry he gave it back
    4) Internet technology is flourishing in Ethiopia—oh sorry even Somalia have better access to internet
    5) He allow independent journalist to work freely –oh sorry he accuse them terrorists and lock them
    6) He manged to feed Ethiopian 3 time/day –oh no people are eating in shift 1 guresha/ day
    7) He give freedom to religion – ooohhh sorry people are protesting even killed demanding their freedom of religion respected –he also burned historical places and churches
    8) He respect every ethnic live in Ethiopia—-oh no he detest the Amhara and ordered their removal from West East North and South his plan is to eradicate Amhara from Ethiopia
    9) He build dam so that we all have sufficient electricity –opps not true he sold it for Djibouti and Candle for us
    10) He protect our sovereign from invaders as our father did — oh no he sold Ethiopia to Sudan, India, china etc.. I hope his grand pa is pleased in his grave and jump for joy
    SORRY I tried but the man is a disappointment to his country, embarrassment to his supporters, and a curse to the nation. MELESE HAS TO GO NOW!!!!

  9. Asmelash
    | #9

    Good article. Well thought out and written well. I disagree with the previous writer who claims Meles did some good for Ethiopia but didn’t mention exactly what. Yet he asks Ato Robele to present facts. Double standard? Here is what he may want to say if he likes; that Meles borrowed Billions of dollars making the country one of the top indebted nations and again received Billions in aid. Even most of the infrastructure built were forced on him by the lenders and donors after the 2005 national non-election. What did Meles do between 1991 when he came to power and 2005? I will leave that to the writer to answer.

  10. Binyam
    | #10

    The writer looks like he got some knowledge., trust me I believe meles needs to go cuz nothings increasing except for misery and inflation. bt wat u people r saying abt anuak or muslims is wrong.zer has to b stick along with the carrot sometime. Nobody in dis world brings pearce with out using some force. if u thnk it does u must b naive. Bt z fact zat zis govt imposes arrogant and inconsiderate laws n proclamations shows its planning to stay forever. I hate to c zat. its time z fat cats had a heart attack!!!

  11. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #11

    @Biruh Tesfa
    Biruh Tesfa is a name which should have not been used by this particular participant. It is not suitable to the comment that he provided. Sir, your name should have been YEWOUSHET MINCH. You might be Dawi!

    Birhu Tesfa said, “I understand your sentiment but I am skeptical of your report. I understand Meles has done atrocious things to the Ethiopians but I did not see any evidence of it in your report. This seems like a report on your personal opinions which I sympathize with but you need to add evidence of the Meles’ bad decisions.
    I also think you should not be one sided. Meles’ has done some good things too, your disregard for his positive contributions makes you sound ignorant.
    Just mention the good and the bad, then mention how the bad outweighs the good.”
    Hey brother/sister, your understanding of the writer’s sentiment does not define your capability of being truthful to your humanity. May be you do not care about the essence of humanity like your atrocious dictator of Ethiopia. You tried to accept the reality of Meles’s atrocity, but in the middle of your thought fear overwhelms you, and you wake up to ask for the proof or evidences from the writer because you realize that your assigned job is to cover up the crimes of the UNELECTED BIG BOSS on the throne in Menelik Palace in Addis. The burden of proof is on your boss, Meles Zenawi, that he has not committed any kind of atrocity, and never showed indignation towards of Ethiopian People. I assume that you are a God-fearing individual who promised to yourself that you do not engage in lies to defend the sins of Meles as the leader of Ethiopia. Melese’s bad decisions are many, and it is difficult for the writer to itemize them in the limited space. Sure, Meles might have done some good things to you which you seem to praise about. But you cannot force another person to go along your line by calling that person one-sided ignorant. Actually your comment helps to judge the shallowness of the thinking of the Melese’s supporters, and his agents in general. Do you prefer Abay dam or saving people from starvation? Do you prefer your human rights respected or building highways? Do you prefer your freedom of speech and expression, or money in pocket with stipulation that you are under control of the regime?
    I would like you to answer these questions. MELES’S regime is antidemocratic, anti=human, and anti-ethiopian.

  12. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #12

    So what? Robele Ababya is not the issue here at this moment. His past does not disqualify him to expose the cruel and atrocious events happening under Melese’s control. Do not engage in character assassination, and try to be truthful to yourself.

  13. The Truth
    | #13

    #5 Hebere: I made my enquires and found out the name of the Youth Association chairman was GETACHEW Robele. This proves that you are one of those agents in the Zenawi death squad.

  14. The Truth
    | #14

    #5 Hebere: I made my enquires and found out the name of the Youth Association chairman under Mengistu was GETACHEW Robele. This proves that you are one of those agents in the Zenawi death squad.Check it out and tell readers the fact.

  15. Ze-Waldiba
    | #15

    I don’t know what to say,but I heard that Meles (Wodi Mussolini )
    will be expected to claim that his father land (The Great Tigrean
    Republic) to be the 9th nation of the group.
    Ha ha ha ha ………..

  16. Ze-Waldiba
    | #16

    Ze-Waldiba :
    I don’t know what to say,but I heard that Meles (Wodi Mussolini )
    will be expected to claim that his father land (The Great Tigrean
    Republic) to be considered as the 9th nation of the group.
    Ha ha ha ha ………..

  17. love
    | #17


    Well said. It is time to list Meles crime dossier and post it all over the world and say ok, so he favored few of his ethnic groups, huge benefit to outsiders, development by erecting buildings all over where it has no use, so basically Meles/tplf did nothing. They are using those who all of the sudden feel like they are participating in Ethiopia in businesses and development so they believe TPLF must be good as long he allows them to do what they want to do. Does that mean TPLF is still a good regime when the facts in the ground is different? Many have said, go look at how Ethiopia is developing rapidly but they never talk about the pepole being starved on the street. Of course the economic forum being held in Ethiopia is the best support for the TPLF making Ethiopia look like it is on platform. No matter how you paint a pig, it is still pig. Artificial and superficial development that doesn’t address the majority still remains useless. Visual development is what is tricking people that they think this will feed people. Ha.

  18. askeyame
    | #18

    Two things, 1) Yes, there was a man called Robele elected as chairman of Ethiopian Youth Association from Addis Ababa University, but this Robele is not the same as him. Ps check and double check your cliam before you post it. 2) what if he was the same Robele, can’t he write and share us his idea? What in the hell are you telling us when you said “Robele Ababya is the Youth Association chairman during the former brutal military regime of Col Mengistu Hailemariam” Shame on you!

    Biruh Tesfa,

    Did you say evidence? I guess, unless you are blind or deaf, the whole world knows about Zenawi’s atrocibeties. The writer wrote articles to start dialog. It is up to you to go cross check what he said. I’m sure if you do, the next good article on Meles will be written by you and you will amazed how evil he is. You will also say sorry to what you said today.

  19. Oda Tulu
    | #19

    Hebere is on the payroll of genocidal tyrant Zenawi

  20. qenqissa
    | #20

    We don’t and shall not trust Zinawi with our country and people.

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