Which Way USA? By Anteneh Shiferaw (Engineer)

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Open Letter: To President Barack Obama

“The French People have made their choice . . . Francois Hollande is president

of France and he must be respected,” Nicolas Sarkozy, AF-Press!!
On the 6th of May 2012 the French people have had elected its’ legitimate leader with a difference of small margin, nearly with 51.5 per cent to 48.5 per cent. Imagine that the difference is really very small; however, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy had neither said that the Socialist had elected Francois as their president nor the margin was very small; rather, what Mr Sarkozy had said publically was that the “French people have made their choice . . . Francois Hollande is President of France and he must be respected,”
Mr Nicolas Sarkozy’s acceptance of the choice of the French people is one of the key fundamentals of democratic politics and values which your government upholds it since the founding father of American democracy, George Washington, and later consolidated more by Abraham Lincoln.

In fact, history teaches us that while George Washington led the USA’s Independent War which was called ‘The Revolution War’ of mainly the year 1775 – 1783 and as the first elected President in 1789 put all the bases of USA’s democracy in which Abraham Lincoln had also consolidated it more with his profound speech of the 1858 stated as “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free . . .” To uphold these legacies and historical democratic values you had also launched your presidential candidacy on the weekend of Lincoln’s birthday with a speech on the steps of the old state capital in Illinois.

Sadly, when the Ethiopian people, for the first time in its modern history, have had elected their leaders in a Ballot Box with a relative peace on May 15, 2005 general election and a secular democratic political party named ‘Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)’ had won the election with a grand slide victory in all cities of the country including ruler areas – - – as a case in point in Addis Ababa where by diversified Ethiopian Communities are living all the Federal level and Local seats were all taken by CUD except just only one seat in which TPLF was ashamed and left naked in public and in front of different diplomatic representatives.

As a result, the TPLF’s leaders had refused to accept the verdict and choice of the Ethiopian People and consequently Meles declared as his group was re-elected and farther went so-far and imposed a state of Emergency countrywide to change the course of the election from peaceful to day time vote rigging , violence and gun down 200 innocent Ethiopians just in Addis Ababa city only and finally instead of respecting, as what Mr Sarkozy said to the French people to respect Francois, the then newly elected legitimate CUD leaders were humiliated, mistreated and sent to prison for TPLF had refused to concede defeat with grace. According to TPLF’s leader, Meles, all that ups and downs with the name of democratic election was nothing but a symbolic gesture to deceive Western Aid Donner. Otherwise, as usual, Meles had publically and blatantly declared that “- – - those who oppose the new power order have only to do what TPLF did, that is, go to the bush, start the war, and become a victorious army.”

During the May 15, 2005 election the leader of the European election observer team Hon. Ana Gomes, MEP on her November 03, 2005 Urgent Appeal letter to her colleagues in the European Parliament under the title of ‘Another bloodbath is taking place in Ethiopia’ had clearly stated it “Meles was invited to rub shoulders with G-8 and African Commission leaders in Scotland. That amounts to rubbing salt in the wounds of Ethiopians who thought that democracy was at reach when they massively turned out to vote on May 15, 2005.”

Although Hon. Ana Gomes and her European election observer team were unable get the support of the European Parliament to change the vote rigging and the killings of TPLF against innocent Ethiopian she had genuinely discharge her responsibilities at her capacities. For that we Ethiopian had a great respect to her and her team. Astonishingly, however, the Carter Center which was led by Mr Jimmy Carter himself and the then American Embassy to Ethiopia had never said a single word than a cover up mission.

Now, here again and again, the western power in particular USA has failed to help to address the fundamental problem of Ethiopia, and Ethiopian hoping and believing that democracy is possible in Ethiopia and voted peacefully to the then opposition CUD are each day picked up in each cities, towns and villages of the country and became victims of the ethnocentric regime of TPLF. As a result, although Meles and his close associate are directly accountable for their personal decisions to massacre our people at different times, we believe that ‘God and history will also remember’ USA’s double standard foreign policy towards to Ethiopia.

Mr President,

We Ethiopian remember Mr Jimmy Carter on many very bad scenarios; one of these are: when Somalia had waged war against Ethiopian sovereignty in the 1977 with the support of the then Soviet Union, Mr Jimmy Carter had refused to help Ethiopia and even deliberately had frozen Ethiopian foreign currency which was deposited in the USA’s bank so that Ethiopia could not able to buy any arm and instead simply surrender to Somalia’s aggressions without any resistances. However, when Soviet Union had realised that USA was not supporting Ethiopian’s cause, it had immediately left all its’ bases in Somalia and peaceful moved in to Ethiopia and supported the Ethiopian patriotic with arms and logistics to fight back the USA supported Somalia in which this had technically reduced our sovereignty to the level of Soviet Union form of colonization for nearly fifteen years. In the meantime all TPLF leaders were taking the military training in Somalia and elsewhere in all Arab Countries to wage their gorilla war to secede Tigre region from Ethiopia. For that matter when Meles Zenawi landed to Addis Ababa Airport in May 1991 from the London conference by special Sudanese Airways he came with Somalia Passport; on the same token, while two month before this happened Meles Zenawi, as usual, had visited and convinced Gaddafi of Libya to help his war (TPLF’s war) with: cash, supply of all necessary fuels for military tanks and high military advisors to be available right in the front with TPLF fighters to launch the last military assault against the Ethiopian arm so that all East African Countries including Ethiopia be under Arab league with Gaddafi’s leadership in which Gaddafi had met all Meles’s demands without any reservation.

However, when 9/11 inhuman act committed against the American people and modern societies by in large and Meles Zenawi officially switched in his alliance with USA/West with the name of anti-terrorism paradigm Gaddafi was astonished with Meles deceiving tactics and was showing his Video record to public how Meles was expert to exploit situation and immediately changed his position from the slogan of Arabism to Americanism/anti-terrorism to stay in power, for only his personal ambitions.

Unfortunately, after 21 years of TPLF’s massacre and genocide committed against innocent Ethiopian across the country USA is still supporting the TPLF sectarian and ethnocentric group against the will of our people with the name of an alliance against terrorism in the region. Most noticeably when top USA diplomats such as: Ambassador David Shinn, Ambassador Herman Cohen and many others officially had said to public media outlets “we prioritized American security interest in the region than Ethiopian Democratization agenda” is rubbing salt to our existing wounds. Sadly, your invitation of Meles Zenawi to the G-8 meeting of next week is not only considered playing a dirty game against Ethiopia and its’ people but also undermining American long-time democratic principles, legacies, values and traditions. In fact this is not short of saying that Ethiopia and its people are so primitive and don’t need any democratic change in their government.
In 1989, I remember in BBC, when the then vice president of USA George Herbert Walker Bush campaigned against Mr Michael Dukakis for the presidency, he said “What Dukakis knew about American politics? He came from kitchen . . . ,” this was interpreted as strategy to play the race card, in directly to tell that Dukakis is originally from Greece family/families; while forgetting that Greece was the birth place of modern democracy. Whatever the case, Senior Bush’s strategy had succeeded for that time. However, after 20 years of time George Herbert Walker Bush’s bad speech he had seen how American democracy devolves faster than expected and elected a black family background immigrant in its history. In fact this was not only victory to you but to all Americans who had been questing for democratic equality of race and gender, and most importantly it is also victory for American democracy and Abraham Lincoln’s legacies!!
Similarly, the very known historian, poet, playwright, an author, a university Professor Firkre Tolosa had asserted history that during the reign of king of kings Minas (r. 1559 – 1563) Ethiopia had created a founding principles of modern parliamentary democratic system of almost similar to Great Britain. However, due to the continued war waged against Ethiopia by the then Ottoman Empire and later by the new European colonialists have had jeopardized our civilized breakthrough even in the medieval period. Meaning, although our history is a war history resisting against different kinds of invading forces since the medieval period and including in the modern era due to The Nile River and Red Sea geo-politics and Ethiopia left far behind from modern civilization our people still deserves an equal democratic opportunities and fair relationship like any other sovereign states. Otherwise, if USA continues to undermine and ignore our grievance and plights inflicted by TPLF armies history will always remember its token democracy and be judged morally and politically by the generation to come too.

Mr President,

What must be clear to USA leaders and diplomats are, when Ethiopian used to fight with the military junta of Mengistu H/Mariam and the Soviet Union’s technical colonization within the big cities of Ethiopia, almost a generation had perished within that fighting. The power gap created due to the infighting within inside have had helped TPLF to exploit the power vacuum and first with the support of Mr Jimmy Carter and later with direct command of Ambassador Herman Cohen of the May 1991 London Conference single handed arrangements TPLF had got the green light to control the whole of Ethiopia without including any genuine representative who cares for Ethiopia and its’ people. This had given an ample opportunity for TPLF to massacre and commit genocide against Ethiopian loving societies: in particular the Amharic language speaking societies, the Gambella region and the Afar people, etc. in all parts of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, although the hardship to overcome this TPLF’s deconstruction agenda against Ethiopia is so tough and challenging this does not mean that we Ethiopian could not be able to stand together and bring down the Meles regime by our own efforts and means; we assure you this. Because Ethiopia had survived from ashes of many enemy destructions including the religious war waged by Ahmad Gran’ in 15th- 16th century which was supported by Somalia, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, and by all the Middle East countries; so, what we need form USA and its Western alliance is to stop helping and financing the killing army of TPLF.

Mr President,

When I said genocide is still going on in Ethiopia, perhaps, you may not be aware of this at all or categorically may be not worried about it either, – - – who cares for the dead fish except the fisher man principle. However, within the newly subjugated, annexed by Tigray in 1991, towns and villages of Gondar and Wollo alone (please refer the Fig. 3 below with the coloured one Northwest and Southeast colours, totally 8 towns and more villages within it), almost 2 million Amaras had been reduced to ashes since TPLF controlled these towns and villages while the rest are digging the big mountains to rehabilitate proper Tigray region, the heart land of TPLF, as prisoner and servant until they die in agony and hunger.

To quantify the genocide committed by TPLF in the above 8 coloured towns, for instance, if we take what had happened in ‘Kafta Humera’ of the above Fig. 3, in early 1980th there was a normal size high school facilities for the local inhabitants Amharic speaking communities. However, as this community believes historically as part of the region of Gondar and their language is Amharic, TPLF had eliminated them all within a short span of time and all forcefully vacated their villages to the new settlers from the neighbouring region of Tigray. For that matter, currently, one cannot find a number of ten Amharic speaking family holds within that big towns and villages. Sadly, similar policies had been implemented by TPLF leaders and army generals to the rest of the other seven towns and villages as part of TPLF’s ethnic cleansing policy.

I personally believe that any Tigrean or whoever it is has the right to move any part of Ethiopia and work and live peaceful and harmonically with the localities. However, with policy of ethnic cleansing and annexing these towns and villages without any historical clue to Tigray region is an absolute violation of human right that amounts to double genocide.

In fact, historically these subjugated towns and villages of Gondar and Wollo that neighbours with Tigray region were the main rival forces of the then Axum Kingdom that causes it collapse in 1137 and moved power form Tigray of Axum to Lasta that centred Walqait Simen of Gondar and the Agaw areas of Wollo, Zagwe dynasty (r. 1137 – 1270). This is a historical fact in which TPLF is trying to overwrite with its policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against these vast areas communities since its/TPLF inception. Why these vast areas of communities became TPLF’s victim for the simple reason that Zagwe had defeated the Axum Kingdom and moved the central power to these areas during the medieval period? Why such genocide?? These genocides are not only done by the current TPLF’s leaders and army generals, but this includes those who are now claiming are in the opposition camps too!! You cannot hide from justice!! Justice will be made when time permits!

Mr President,

TPLF, its leaders and army generals as well as their special force called Agazi are deliberately committing genocide against our brothers in: Gambella, Afar, the South and as well as in West part of Ethiopia targeting strong Ethiopians who have no any interest to be an instruments to TPLF ethnic politics. Most noticeably the Amharic speaking societies are unable to live in their country. This is a very serious issue which you cannot ignore it either. As a matter of facts while the Ethiopian Population growth increase from 70 million to 85 million within the last 21 years of TPLF ethnic ruling the Amara population had rather dropped down by 10 million, from 27 Million to 17 million based on the previous census data conducted by the previous government. There is no any other ample evidence more than this.

Soon after I had started writing this letter, as a matter of chance, I had read a wonderful letter addressed to you by a prominent and known Ethiopian activist Mr Yilma Bekele. Mr Yilma had eloquently explained each and every issue of the country, such as: the media press, the ethnic politics, the administration, the economy, and the corruption. And I had decided not to repeat these topics, rather, what my letter seriously focus is about the genocide committed by TPLF and its leaders. We cannot share this problem with Chinese leaders as their principle is just one and only one, i.e., whoever runs the country run your business by ignoring the plight of any respective people. So, my fellow Ethiopian fundamental question is which way USA is going on? In one of your books, The Audacity of Hope . . . P. 319 you had wrote as: “We should not expect to help Africa if Africa ultimately proves unwilling to help itself.” So, why you had contradicted with your principle and goes to the extent of inviting Meles to eat dinner on the same table as if he is democratically elected leader of Ethiopia? Is that still to arm TPLF as a hired arm to kill our people and compromise our democratic right as most of your diplomats declared USA’s security issues are more important than Ethiopian democratic process?
I thank you,

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