Eternal legacy from the Great Emperor Menilik II By Robele Ababya

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Founder of Addis Ababa

Empress Taytu Bitul set her eyes on the beautiful yellow floors spread like a carpet on the plain behind her as she was climbing the Entoto Mountain to the Imperial Palace on the top after bathing in the famous hot spring down below. She decided to call the vast plain and its surrounding Addis Ababa and her husband the Monarch gave His consent to make it the Capital City and moved His Palace to where it is now.

The new Headquarters of the AU built as a ‘gift’ by China to the African continent at the cost of US$ 200 million is now shamefully standing in Addis Ababa as an eye-soar to most Ethiopians. It symbolizes the shame of the leaders of 54 African states that have failed to contribute US$ 200 million opting to be remembered as corrupt and greedy beggars devoid of revolutionary zeal of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana.

The brilliant Ghanian Dr. George Ayittey is quite right in his call to move the AU from Addis Ababa elsewhere because of the gruesome atrocities perpetrated by tyrant Zenawi for the last 21 years. Fellow Ethiopians should oblige to the call for we cannot afford to put up with the new form of slavery, vote robbery, rampant land sales unleashed by the vindictive tyrant Zenawi misruling Ethiopia from the city of our beloved Emperor Menilik II – the celebrated fighter for unity, freedom, liberty, and dignity of Ethiopian citizens. What for is the tyrant invited to the G8 Summit at Camp David?

The famous Battle of Adwa

The celebrated victor of the famous Battle of Adwa affectionately known to His people as Immye (Mother) Menilik lit the flame of eternally priceless values of freedom, liberty and dignity in March 1996. The Ethiopian Flag and the Arch of the Orthodox Tewahido Christian Church witnessed the glorious victory at the Battle field. The victory: stood as a beacon of hope to all black people in the Diaspora struggling for the same basic values mentioned above; ushered in an aura of respect for Ethiopia from European colonizers; and humiliated the Italian invaders – forcing them to swallow the bitter pill of the devastating defeat. The invaders unleashed another invasion in 1935 after 40 years of meticulous preparation.

The European colonizers accorded respect to the black Emperor Menilik II for defending the land of His ancestors while they were in cut throat competition to grab larger portions during the scramble for Africa. Similar scramble for the vast wealth of Africa persists with growing appetite facilitated by puppets like the genocidal tyrant Zenawi in the present exploitative scenario which we now call neo-colonialism.

Amhara-Oromo collaboration

1. Yilma Deressa, ex-Minister of Finance during the Imperial regime, in his book titled “የኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ በአስራ ስድስተኛ ክፍለ ዘመን” on page 136 writes that the invasion of Ethiopia by the ጋሎች (Gallas) starting from the south and moving north was a family feud arguing that the two ethnic groups combined their forces at a later time collaborated to eradicate Muslim and Turkish invasion and ensured the independence of Ethiopia; also, the collaboration of the two by fighting side by side enabled in vanquishing the armed forces of the government of Harrar Sultanate and the Arabs. Note: – Empress Mennen and Minister Yilma were the most powerful Oromos from aristocratic family ii their own right in the Imperial regime.

2. During the invasion of Ethiopia in 1977 by Somali armed forces the sheer majority of members of these two ethnic groups in the Ethiopian army were no doubt decisive factor roles in expunging the invaders in humiliation eventually leading to the fall of Ziad Barre leaving a dysfunctional state up to now.

3. The 1998 – 2000 Eritrea – Ethiopia war instigated by the former claimed the lives of 100, 100 on both sides proportionately most of them logically Amharas and Oromos.

4. The Italian Fascist Invasion: It is to be recalled that the peasant militia army of Ethiopia had to travel to the warfront for six to seven months most of them on bare foot, others on horseback or mule carrying their provisions by donkeys or on their backs – climbing and descending rugged steep mountains. Those from the south including the 15,000 peasant militia army from Kembatta are reported to have closely coordinated with Abichu and his heroic compatriots in their armed encounter with the enemy. They all affectionately vowed in the name of Immye Menilik II to fight the enemy to the last drop of their blood. These precious children of Ethiopia, unknown to each other and hailing from distant regions and all of them young, could form their own command which by his own admission became excruciating thorn in the flesh of Marshal Badoglio – supreme commander of the invading Italian Fascist Army. Source: Habešská Odyssea (YeHabesha Jebdu) የሃበሻ ጀብዱ by Adolf Parlesak brilliantly translated into Amharic by Techane Jobre Mekonnen – page 274.

Ethnic origin was hardly a factor in deterring collaboration to rebuff aggression. So it is critical at this moment for the parochial opportunists to apologize for their past political blunders and respond to the call for unity in order to dislodge Zenawi’s tight grip on power with the help of immoral neo-colonialists.

Zenawi’s invitation to Camp David

The butcher of Addis Ababa is probably set to attend the G20 Summit to be held at Camp David. He will do so leaving domestic burning issues unresolved, to wit: the plight of Waldeba Monastery & Orthodox Tewahido Churches; constitutional right of Ethiopian Muslims to elect their leaders and exercise their freedom of worship; acts of genocide and eviction. It should be embarrassing to the host to see the midget killer mingling among the President’s invited dignitaries.

President Obama should disinvite genocidal tyrant Zenawi from the G8 Summit at Camp David and show to the world community: that moral imperatives take precedence over political expediency; that he is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him shortly after he took the oath Office of the President of the United States.


The wise Emperor Menilik II is known to warn his entourage or members of His expedition saying “ዓመልክን በጉያ፣ ስንቅህን በአህያ” “– which roughly translates to “keep your habit under your armpit and carry your provisions on the back of your donkey”. No wonder the Monarch earned the accolade Immye Menilik for His extraordinary ability in keeping His subjects of different ethnicity in harmony under the same tent. This is one of the most important legacies of the endeared Monarch.

We are on the threshold of a massive protest. Therefore, I extend the same passionate appeal to the TPLF security and defense forces that I made to the men and women in uniform of the coward Derg regime NOT to interfere with popular protests. The urgent demand made in writing in 1974 and handed to Mengistu Hailemariam proved costly to me and my colleagues and eventually led to the humiliating downfall of the Derg regime. Is history going to repeat itself?

The Amharas and Oromos were Mussolini’s main targets for carnage; they are now Zenawi’s targets all the same. History repeated itself! The ongoing onslaught on the two ethnic groups and the Anuak and Afar people must be stopped.

The unity of Ethiopia is not negotiable; universal values of freedom, liberty and human dignity must be defended as a matter of right. United strength of democratic opposition forces should grow within the framework of these basic parameters in order to throw out the pathological liar Zenawi from office.

Let us move forward with the heroic spirit of our brave ancestors and uphold the eternal legacy bequeathed to us by Emperor Menilik II. Let us sing the revolutionary rallying song of the 1974 for bloodless change that was broadcast nationwide sparking patriotic response for its inclusivity and passionate call to develop our country by harnessing its rivers; Let us vow to bring the killer boss of TPLF and his cronies down to their knees and build true democracy on their ashes. Let us exercise our human rights in self-defense and humiliate tyrant Zenawi who has publicly called us his enemies rebuffing our quest for peaceful change. Let us resolutely say no more prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia. Let us remove the eye-soar emblem put on our flag that stands as a symbol of superiority of the exclusive minority regime. Let us do all these in the spirit of self-reliance!

Let us stop ruminating on the evils of Zenawi and move with our legitimate struggle forward by implementing the call “Expel the AU from Ethiopia” made by Dr. George Ayittey. Indeed, as Dr. Ayittey put it, “The expulsion of the AU from Ethiopia would be the GREATEST SERVICE Ethiopians can do for Africa – comparable to the great achievements of Nkrumah and Mandela.” It “… will shake the very foundations of kleptocracy and dictatorship across Africa and spark the SECOND LIBERATION of Africa.” I would add that Ethiopians will then rejoice the legacy bequeathed to us and black people in the Diaspora by the great Emperor Menilik II; and the souls of our martyrs will rest in peace.

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia including Andualem Aragie, Iskinder Nega, Nathnael et al

  1. Tarekegn Muchie
    | #1

    Nice piece. But shifting the AU from Addis to elsewhere is not a solution to neither Ethiopian nor African chronic problems. Wherever it is situated, unless we bring about change of behavior and attitude, the same thing will go on happening. The solution is to have ‘men of the people’ in power, though utopian as to our sordid experience in most of African countries hitherto. So, as to me, we do not have to advocate the shifting of this empty gargantuan office; let it be here for its historical and economic implications or benefits to the country. ‘kezinjero qonjo min yimerartu’ aydel yeminil? ezihu endelemedebet tegolto gentuwochu siangolajiju enybet. kemola godel hulum leba, hulum ketafi, hulum asmesayna wushetam, hulum mircha achiberbari, hulum gedayna asari… nachew. man’gnaw keman’gnaw yishalalina AU ke’ethiopia yiwuta yibalal?…yichin negere’nkua bians ‘egnoch’ entewat.

  2. Oda Tulu
    | #2

    There must be no going back in our resolve to enhance our massive civil disobedience. The legacy given to us by Emperor Menilik II and our martyrs following His example must give us the impetus for action.

  3. selamta
    | #3

    WHAT? ARE you people crazy or just plain dummies…..THE most unbelievable of the ethiopian opposition has been harping on the past as if the past is going to move them forward by wiping up emotions in this day and age.MAKE your on history man stop bringing all this dead heroes for your benefit ,it will never work.

  4. Metal Iron
    | #4

    Mr Robele do you think the book titled “የኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ በአስራ ስድስተኛ ክፍለ ዘመን” that writes on page 136 the invasion of Ethiopia by the ጋሎች (Gallas) can be an evidence to show Oromos and Amharas colaboration. You are insulting the intelligence of the Oromo people.
    How on earth you dare to quote from a book which uses an insult word to support your argument.
    I know you did it intentional, but such kind of tricks wont help the collaboration.By the way Ethiopians have every right to reject Minilik II as you too have the right to worship him. Mr Robele let me ask you one thing do you think one writer from tigray region who works for TPLF could write against his masters, so is true about Yilma Deressa book.
    Unity and democracy for Ethiopia!!

  5. ጉረኞች
    | #5

    AU is not only historical but also an asset in all counts for Ethiopia. I don’t understand either why concerned Ethiopians should rally around moving the AU out of Ethiopia. It is not that long ago Ethiopians were worried that Meles will succumb to the request of Gadafi and others to move AU out of Ethiopia to satisfy his pleasure of depriving Ethiopia its significance. Why is it different now, just because Ayittey said it? The problem Ethiopia has with the dictator Meles is temporary, he will be removed sooner or later and with or without his consent. I do not think it is wise strategy to go as far as destroying what the farsighted Ethiopians built in the past.

  6. astra
    | #6

    I agree with Tarekegn Muche that it serves no purpose of moving the AU to another African dictator’s country. Prof.Ayittey should have advocated the dismantling of the AU altogether unless he wants to take it to his native land – Ghana.

  7. Tgadalit Adanhoum
    | #7

    It just a total waste having OAU/AU in Ethiopia. I have really a diffcult time dealing with Eritrean/Tigryans with whom I am supposdely share the same outlook and culture. One cannot imagine dealing with Nigerians, Congolesse, Cameroon and Ugandans with whom I have nothing in common among several other African countires. In other words, Ethiopia for all it did to those African counties it gained nothing in return. Personaly I interact with Djoubtians, North Sudanese,Somalilanders,Putlanders,Benadires very well. Africa will never be united. Even those Arabs who are uniformily the same race and culture are not solidely united. Look how the North and South Yeman, and the Tigryan and Eritrean sluaghted each other in recent past. One should not pin one’s hope in AU and UN. I see no logic for its existence as instituation. Poor counties are on reciving end. Puke!puke!puke1

  8. Anbessaw
    | #8

    Welll, looking after the interest of Ethiopia is a different thing, but advocating the removal of OAU from Ethiopia is making you the person who had different vision to our Beloved country of ETHIOPIA. Minilik the 2nd have done his share for the country but u are using his name to tell us that u are one patriotic Ethiopian sitizen? I don not think so!!!! When u know dip inside ur heart that u are a person working for shabia. So go fuck your self.

  9. love
    | #9

    Tegadilit Adanom,

    You sound like isolationist. What is weakening Africa is for its resources that outsiders want. More trouble will come for Africa that is why it will never be united. Ethiopia in the midst of all this have isolated her self in order to protect itself and the people past emperors, hence they wanted to wait for blind development which was smart thing to do. From the beginning the power of TPLF and Shaebia has always been planned by Arabs and West. So what we have in our country is the 21st neocolonization of course different style than what used to be. Because today politically correctness is more considered.

    Regarding Oromo and Amara. Even though OLF seems to be anti Ethiopia brainwashed AGAIN by outsiders. Such groups don’t know the history of Ethiopia even TPLF or Shaebia. They are only driven by what outsiders tell them and those who have resentment. One way these days to show their evidence of why they are anti Ethiopian is they can get away saying my “great grand father, my grand father told my father…” basically that is the evidence because when they tell you based on their story they don’t have to show the proof. That is basically proof enough to spread the propoganda to push their agenda. As African they are, driven by ignorance, little do they know they are plotting against their own demise. They absolutely don’t know Ethiopia’s history, especailly if you are fighting to be anti Ethiopian, it is because you have no knowledge of it even with bad story of Ethiopia they know. You need to know the ins and outs of your nation, your people. Even I can say, except the obvious, we don’t the story of Ethiopia very well even when we should learn at schools. We should be adult enough to learn the good and bad of history of Ethiopia. As U.S has wisdom to write about their bad history, slavery and Indians. We grow and change mistakes for better when we deal with past mistakes. That being said, what we have today is the fabricated story the Liberation Fronts. It is also very obvious that it is very much outside influence. So when OLF is resenting Amara, let them understand that they are creating the demise of Oromos/Oromia. It is vice versa for Amara as well. Both have to change their shameless dispute, compromise and unite. I am sure the outsiders will intensify this time make themselves visible this time if these groups are untied and as usual, both will be tricked as if they are allowed to unite but there will be attempt to demise them via TPLF eventually by outsiders because the goal will not be achieved if these groups are united. Let us face it, obvioiusly if OLF has been campaigning as TPLF, by now after 20 years, of tPLF they should know the game and where TPLF is heading and understand that since TPLF rule where Oromos are… not the superficial speaking Oromiffa or, land kilil, these are superficail things, although good to make you think you have now preserving your culutre, but you can’t eat these things or none of these things make you viable if you are not free to grow your food as you used to, or develop in future as you plan to. This by no means to say to isolate Tigray, if they come abroad and make solidarity with the rest of Ethiopia. Frankly speaking, non of these groups would survive wtithout the other you can bet on it. Why they may not be viable individually is because today is the 21st centruy, you have to see different aspects of the situation today why they won’t be viable due to geopolotical politics, resources, climate change, wars, so on.

  10. ጉረኞች
    | #10

    All of us should be over this by now, and scholars has to tell the truth to avoid confusion and unnecessary resentment. ጋሎች (Gallas) is not an insult word. Certainly, it is not an Amharic word or any other languages spoken in Ethiopia. There are some who argue that the word originated from Somale word, but even then it is not an insult. Because of political reasons and abuse of the word most Oromiffa speakers do not want to be called by that name, we need to respect their wish. At the same time, we should not overlook there are some Oromiffa speakers who wants to call themselves ጋሎች (Gallas), the notable ones are Rayas in Wello province. This should not give a heartburn for any of us. The time for word misuse to advance political interest because of ethnic identification should be over.

  11. Metal Iron
    | #11


    Mr ጉረኞች in your logic; it is true for a white, niger isnt an insult word. It is only we the blacks who can decide by which name we should be called.But if you are a poor minded white you can keep calling and try to legitimize the word and may try pass it to your children. So is true about the Oromo people , Oromos have the right to choose in which way they are called.But you (ጉረኞች) a non-Oromo can keep insulting the Oromos.My brother you still have a feudal mind in the 21 century. If you hate the people Oromo it is ok, they dont need you love. So keep legitimizing the insult word with your fabricated history.
    Unity and Democracy for Ethiopia!!

  12. TRUTH
    | #12

    His Excellency Yilma Deresa’s book was published in Hedar 1959 (Ethiopian Calendar) when he was the Minister of Finance. This was a critical when intrigues everywhere including the entire Arab world, Turkey, Pakistan and renegades in our midst were at play to ignite insurrection aimed at dismantling Ethiopia. The intrigue was to drive a wedge between the Oromos and the Amharas . His Excellency’s book was timely and relevant in that it revealed collaboration between Oromos and Amharas in defeating Turkish and Arab imperialism – and educate misguided individuals or groups of the two sides not to fall into the trap of our enemies.
    The writer Ababya simply stated the series of crucial collaboration in order to underline that the interests of the two ethnic groups, Amharas and Oromos, were convergent in matters of the independence of Ethiopia.

  13. TRUTH
    | #13

    #4 Metal Iron: You are ignorant of history and shallow in your analysis. Le me help you.
    His Excellency Yilma Deresa’s book was published in Hedar 1959 (Ethiopian Calendar) when he was the Minister of Finance. This was a critical when intrigues everywhere including the entire Arab world, Turkey, Pakistan and renegades in our midst were at play to ignite insurrection aimed at dismantling Ethiopia. The intrigue was to drive a wedge between the Oromos and the Amharas. His Excellency’s book was timely and relevant in that it revealed collaboration between Oromos and Amharas in defeating Turkish and Arab imperialism – and educate misguided individuals or groups of the two sides not to fall into the trap of our enemies.
    The writer Ababya simply stated the series of crucial collaboration in order to underline that the interests of the two ethnic groups, Amharas and Oromos, were convergent in matters of the independence of Ethiopia.
    It is always morally imperative not to forget martyrs and heroes.

  14. ጉረኞች
    | #14

    Metal Iron
    First, you do not know my tribe so you can not confidently state that I am not an Oromo. I also do not know your tribe, I cannot speculate from your nick name as it doesn’t represent Oromo tribe. The only thing we know is that what you are saying about the writer use of the word galla, which looks like you did not understand the message of the writer. What we know for sure is that both the writer and Yilma Deressa are Oromo, and both proud Ethiopians didn’t use the word as derogatory term when the book was written and when it is quoted in this write-up. I rather believe the two gentleman all Ethiopians know as advocates of Oromo than your statements who do not even use an Oromo word for nick name. I noted, one of the difference between you and me is that you do not feel that you have a right to speak up on behalf of other tribes in Ethiopia. My feeling is the opposite of yours. I have a deep feeling that I have the right and even obligation to speak on behalf of all tribes in Ethiopia. That feeling will force me to speak for any derogatory terms used against any tribe. As to the logic of using nigger for whites and blacks is all dependent how it is used. The blacks use the word with little twist to it thousand times more than whites. The offence is when one uses it as derogatory term. So, I do not agree with your logic. BTW, it is much better to think like feudal that to think like narrow minded tribalist with full of hate to other tribes. In the 21st century the worst and primitive set of mind is tribalism, not feudalism. I salute you for “Unity and Democracy for Ethiopia!!” It is much better to fight woyane than fighting known Ethiopians. Whatever he says Robel Ababyia is a formidable Ethiopian and a proud Oromo. We know that much about him.

  15. Getu
    | #15

    Mr Robele, I want to remind you that Menelike is not a “great leader” as you are trying to convince us to think so. The entire population of the nation can never accept the thug, Menelike, as a leader. Only the Amharas call him great leader and worship him. More than 75% of Ethiopians reject and can never say Menelike was a great leader. It turns off most of us to repeatedly hear this kind of nonsense stories. Or in other words most Ethiopians see Menelike as an agent of European colonizers who was hired and armed to kill the non-Christian population. Most importantly, praising Menelike cannot bring us together. It makes a little sense to me to support meles than to hear a single word about Menelike.

  16. TRUTH
    | #16

    #15 Getu
    You ignorant, the clonial powers called Menelik Grat Leader during the scramble for Africa because He he broke their intrigues and vanquished the Italians in the famous Battle of Adwa.

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