21 Years tyranny facts – Down With Tyranny!!! By Ewnetu Sime

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Ethiopia for many of us is historic lively and vibrant country. Despite speaking more than eighty language and dialects we have lived with mutual tolerance more than a thousand years. (more…)

Ethiopia for many of us is historic lively and vibrant country. Despite speaking more than eighty language and dialects we have lived with mutual tolerance more than a thousand years. We have a mosaic culture that to be proud of. Our historical circumstance brought as state was unique without role of colonization repression. Started from the defiant Kings Tewodors, Yohannes, and Menlik each of them on their own way contributed to the creation of Ethiopia. As result of these political figures Ethiopia slowly but surely led to the establishment of an effective nation. We can enumerate several of martyrs and patriots did their contribution for Ethiopia existence. The political tradition and the main players in past last several years were nationalist and always put the country sovereignty and its people interest at forefront. There was a great spirit of resistance as well as great patriotism defending Ethiopian from its enemies. We have achieved a lot together. One should not be misled given the complexity and the overlapping of population of Ethiopia in various categories have created numerous challenges. The process of was never a smooth nor simple.

As we make quick historical contrast ethno-centric TPLF with the past Ethiopia rulers, I may cite one of the TPLF treachery action – is giving away Ethiopia only port out let, Assab. – TPLF leadership deliberately used outdated colonial treaties as part of main justification to surrender Assab. This action defies common sense. They brought a reign of terror and hell with blood. They are continuing using extreme cruelties and tactics against dissent and – engaged in destructive actions against Ethiopia state. As we all know, State formation is highly complex process and take long time in assimilation of various cultures to held together and form social stability and continuity. Given these basic facts why the ethno-centric TPLF escalating ethnic cleansing by defining the population in tribal and linguistic terms is beyond imagination. TPLF are deep rooted on failure of past Stalin’s ideological solution to solve 21st century situation. Their erratic behaviors followed by deception, manipulation, large scale of corruption, to name a few are concrete evidence to weaken Ethiopian solidarity. Ethiopians have demonstrated in a unified patriotic resistance against foreign aggression is living example. What we see under ethno-centric TPLF, in short, is vicious and as poisonous as a snake against Ethiopia sovereignty is an evident of tyrant action. All this guided by sheer self-interest, greed, arrogance to secure power. I would simply say the Leaders of TPLF in general and Prime Minster Meles in particular must have a personality disorder by putting the people of Ethiopia in living hell.

In the past 21 years we have witnessed ethno-centric TPLF dictatorial rule atrocities and horror on our motherland. These atrocities and arrogant behavior are happening on real time in front of our eyes. The regime continues in ethnic cleansing, widespread torture of political prisoners, crime against humanity, ripping the country wealth and large scale corruption etc. as norm. Ethno-centric TPLF is determined to sow the seeds of hatred and prejudice among people by engaging them in all kind of contradictions killing, jailing to extent people to be expelled from birth place as seen recently in southern Ethiopia. Their moral dementia is so bad the only treatment is a complete removal of its decaying regime. Without doubt, the repression ultimately will bring imminent uprising.

We are disgusted by ethnic politics that promote in dismantling our social fabric. The question becomes who benefits from this mess, not the ordinary people only the few TPLF leaders to cling on power. This blind alliance to ethnic cause and hate campaigns eventual will bring unpleasant outcomes to the country. A black day for this type of regime is approaching. The 21 years of autocrat misrule and Meles grip on power eventually will slip. More than a year ago similar dictators like him such as Gadhafi, Mubarak are removed from power and is an event deeply affected Meles’s regime. One of The Essential Rules Of Tyranny is “Make Them Accept The Unacceptable, If they can mold our very morality, they can exist unopposed indefinitely”, as they say. Meles’s is one party rule where he forced the civil servant, students, teachers, business people and even corpse is required to be party member of his evil empire. His armed forces which are 99% came from one ethnic group. He allowed enriching themselves through corruption, and uses its military machine to intimidate, kill, oppositions to consolidate its power. Most of Army Generals and cadres involved in illicit business. They are getting juicy deals. The Powerful Western Government wittingly assisting this regime to protect only their own national interest. In the past or present, they have allied even in supporting South Africa apartheid system or others several world worst dictators. Supporting TPLF dictatorship is fundamentally the same policy. In general we observed that when bad things happen in Africa, the Western considered as self-inflict wound and expected to be healed by itself. Supporting a pliant regime appears to be standard position, although it is not consistent with democrat values.

It appears to be temporarily the pendulum had swung in favor of tyrant as Ethiopian tyrant meet the G8 leaders this month. We know that both have only superficial understanding of what they are saying and doing. It is sobering or worse to watch the enduring tyranny of this century making political drama. Of immediate concern to us as well as to freedom fighters is to steadily increase struggle collectively on all available avenues until it eventually led to democratic regime. Justice would prevail as seen like many other countries, the powerful would be vanquished. The will of the people is bulwark of freedom, as is clearly demonstrated by the long Ethiopia history.

  1. mlakaman
    | #1

    Are we talking about the same Meles and Azeb ? they look like Ethiopians before May , 1991 before the EPRDF WOYANNE took power and turned the image and history of Ethiopia upside down (for the better offcourse) . What is the message of the picture ?

  2. Fethawi
    | #2


    The message of the picture is that they should be tried and of course they will be found guilty and imprisoned. As for Meles changed Ethiopia for the better, I wouldn’t waste my time to elaborate that Meles is destroyed Ethiopia already. Leave alone Ethiopia to be better her survival is in question. Banda’s like Meles would sell Ethiopia like his father and grandfather on both parents side.

  3. Hun
    | #3

    The message of the picture says Meles and Azeb are criminals who deserve prison terms.

  4. selamta
    | #4

    SIME:LIKE i tell all your buddies…you need to stop going back to your history,you craving to get some emotional response from some gullible ETHIOPIANS is not working and it will never work.MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY BY THIS I MEAN STOP WRITING ALL KIND OF B.S. AND go do what is needed to be done .THERE will never be anyone who would do your dirty work for but you.

  5. Anon
    | #5

    [mlakaman ],

    You comment is out of touch with reality. I am not surprised to see your message posted first in this site. After all, what matters the most to TPLF mercenary outfit and cabal is to dispatch its cadres in these forums and spread deceit, sow discord, and defend the position of the weyane as legitimate to sail Ethiopia for any bidder as.The thoughtless question you raised speaks volume in that TPLFits as a group are imbecile, amoral and a bunch of uncontrollable psychotics running wild. You sad, “What is the message of the picture”? The message of the picture is simply this.

    Though they are still running wild and are capable of doing much harm to the nation, in the conscious of Ethiopian public the two TPLF criminal ring leaders are in jail. We admit that there is a difference between a sentence passed by the public and the court of law. That is the point of view of the author here and we whole heartedly agree with his sentiment a sentiment shared by the majority of Ethiopians across political, religious divide. Unfortunately, hodams like you are blind to developing events.

    I have news for you, the Ethiopian people are determined to sand in unison against the ethino-fasict regime. When this comes to pass no one will be around to lend any help including TPLF handlers. I repeat no one will rescue criminals from the verdict of the Ethiopian people. We have done it twice before, we are poised to pronounce it the third time. In closing I remind you I personally feel sorry for the elites of weyane. You guys forced Eritreans to evacuate from Addis, you continue to do the same policy for Somalians, Gambelans, and Amharas.I has no doubt in my mind you will be held responsible for your crimes.

    Until then, if you want to you may ignore and deny the ongoing situation in the country, but you will do so at your own peril. One thing is sure; however, Ethiopia as a nation has survived millenniums. Contrary to the wish and will of mercenary TPLF it will continue to exist intact after the demise TPLF: a willful servant and errand boys for international actors.

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