Meles Zenawi’s Presence in G-8 talks contradicts its goal – US Congressman

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Washington, DC — Friday the G-8 leaders will begin a summit at Camp David, MD, with discussions focusing on the global economic recovery and food security in the developing world, with President Obama having invited the leaders of Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania to discuss food security, but the presence of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is causing growing concern because of the land grab issue in his country and unaddressed human rights abuses there.

“Several years ago, I introduced legislation to sanction the Ethiopian government for the killing of peaceful protesters in 2005 and its broader violations of human rights,” said Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights. “Not only do human rights violations continue in Ethiopia, but the government has now added the element of displacing their own people in favor of foreign interests farming Ethiopian land instead of their own citizens. Having Ethiopia at the table to discuss food security is counter-productive based on their land policies.

“The only way the inclusion of Ethiopia at the G-8 summit makes sense is if this forum provides an occasion to have a serious discussion with Meles about his unacceptable treatment of Ethiopian citizens, including policies that have made more of his people’s food insecure,” Smith said.

According to recent human rights reports, the Ethiopian government is forcibly relocating 70,000 people from the Gambella region in the southwestern part of the country to make land available for foreign investment in agriculture. Those displaced Ethiopians now face a lack of food, new farmland or available health and education services for their families. An estimated 5,000 Anuak people has been forced to flee to Kenya and 8,000 Anuak are now refugees in South Sudan.

Previous State Department human rights reports have consistently cited Ethiopia for such human rights violations as unlawful killings, torture and other abuse of detainees, arbitrary arrest and detention, illegal searches and the use of excessive force by security services in counterinsurgency operations. The new State Department human rights report will be released shortly and is not expected to indicate a reduction of human rights violations in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Federal High Court on January 19, 2012, convicted three Ethiopian journalists, an opposition leader, and a fifth person under an anti-terrorism law that one human rights organization claims violates free expression and due process rights. The ruling comes one month after two Swedish journalists were sentenced to 11 years in prison on charges of “rendering support to terrorism,” based on their having illegally entered Ethiopia to investigate and report on abuses in the country’s Ogaden area.

  1. dolo
    | #1

    -Woyane should stop using donated food for political purposes. those who need the food should be given without being discrimated for being supporters of one political party or another or for being members of this or that ethnic group.

    -the fascist woyane should release all political prisoners, journalists, activists, human rights supporters etc

    - the fascist woyane should stop evicting Ethiopian farmers FROM THEIR LANDS,

    -we demand for free press, freedom of assembly, free speech and the freedom to write

    - we demand that the woyane stop inciting inter-ethnic and relegious violence.

    -we condemn the divisive and ethnicist policy of the woyane.

    -the woyane should stop trading in our sisters and our babies in the name of adoption.


  2. samuel genanaw
    | #2

    our close friend we Ethiopians appreciate and love you our Chris smith you revealed the truth and we thanks for are real Ethiopian friend.we never forget help us at the time of disaster in our country due to dictator and murder meles zenawi regime.we politely asking you to continue your support.

  3. Ethiopian Spring
    | #3

    THE END OF MELES AND TIGRE THUGS is in sight. Exposing this criminal and pathological liar to the world is by far the most important thing to do for all patriotic Ethiopians. MELES has lied and deceived the world for far too long. Let’s keep the heat on until Meles and his Tigre thugs are brought to justice.

    In addition, tracking down the money, fortune, wealth and resources being looted from the Ethiopian people is of utmost urgency. To date, we know that it is mainly laundered out of the country through the Child Molester Arab Tycoon (Al Amoudi) and the countless offsprings (children, family, wives and mistresses) of the Adwa (TIGRE) gangs in power.

  4. Mikaele
    | #4

    High five to Chris Smith!
    His voice tips the balance in our favor and we say to Obama “…you are on the wrong side of history”!!!

  5. Lucy in America
    | #5

    G8′s goal is one and one. how to finish black africans and take the richest continet in their hand before the other shamelesses chinians and indians will take over.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    It is always dignitaries like dignitaries like Chris Smith that articulate the humanitarian crises in Ethiopia, even to the point of drafting a legislature of Human rights, democracy and accountability to the Ethiopian Government, less the economic, political and evironmental crises perpetrated by the TPLF/eprdf regime, as as a result of which the silent majority of Ethiopians have been yearning for freedom, liberty of the individual and equality of the individual to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights and totaliarinism to be be lifted from their back for individual freedom, liberty and equality, free market capitalism and democracy to prevail by dismatling ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism in order for democratic rule to prevail over ethnic rule minority and/or majority as in the united states by emulating its constitution, instead of the parties the current and the new parties aligning themselves along ethnic lines, which makes gaining freedom from autocratic and ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship insurmountable because of the ethnic agenda in the platform of the current TPLF/eprdf regime and its alterego OPDF/EFDF/fdre as well as ALJE (timiret, not wuhidet) + OLF standing on the other side of the balance of those parties standing for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality, irrespective of ones ethnic group, focuses the contentions around the prevailing constitution, which inherently puts the burden on the Ethiopians themselves to rally around the national agenda and ratify the constitution to be free of ethnic federalism to state federalism of the original provinces, including Article 39 (1) and the sovereignity of Ethiopia, with individual freedom as the center piece of the constituion to establish a democratic govenment with independent branches of the government. With that kind of solidarity movement we will have dismantled ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, hindering individual freedom, free market capitalism and democracy from Ethiopia, a movement that pulls the rug from under the TPLF/eprdf regime and its alterego as its operating system the prepares Ethiopia for disintegration into nine out of eighty ethnic states, however two of them are multi-ethnic, and future boundry conflicts as the case was with the Eritrean province. That is what is missing from the prodemocracy movements as well as from those with ethnic agenda under their sleeves.

  7. Demilew
    | #7

    These world knows what is happening in Ethiopia,and I am personally afraid of the UN or any institution which says they are there for human being. we are still suffering from some voracious leaders and innocent peoples are kept in jail because they reveled the truth.

  8. zewdu
    | #8

    when it comes to Ethiopia, Obama is worse than Bush

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