Funding Request Letter – Anuak Justice Council

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Funding Request Letter – Anuak Justice Council


August 19, 2007

“If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down that dark corridor of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality and strength without sight.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Anuak Justice Council has now been working for justice, freedom, peace and equality for over three years, starting with the Anuak, but then broadening our mission to include all Ethiopians as we have become convinced that until justice comes to all of Ethiopia, real justice will not come to the Anuak or any others.

We in the AJC have greatly appreciated the hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and personal words of support from Ethiopians who tell us how much they value our work as they encourage us to keep it up. We are also overwhelmed with the increasing opportunities for speaking engagements and offers to participate in forums, phone-conferences, radio interviews, meetings, strategy planning, conflict resolution and advocacy work among Ethiopians as well as with key government and organization decision makers in the United States, Canada and Europe who have expressed their appreciation for our work.

In reality, as such prospects increase, it is nearly impossible due to time constraints, to meet all of the very worthwhile requests; yet, we are trying to do our best to do so. However, on an even more serious note, we in the AJC face a much larger obstacle, which may make it impossible for us to continue our work at the current level. Due to serious budget constraints, without your immediate financial help, we may be forced to take time off until we are able to raise adequate funds. During this time, we would be unable to respond to other important tasks. However, if you believe in the work of the AJC, we call on you to help maintain the work in order to avoid this more drastic measure. Up to this point, we have been able to serve our fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters with a minimum of tangible support from Ethiopians, yet we now are forced to call on you to assist.

We, in the AJC, do have a vision for the future and are willing to work in unity with other freedom-loving Ethiopians to accomplish and sustain it, but in order for us to continue, we must ask others who admire the work of the AJC to share with us in the financial burdens if we are going to proceed ahead without serious interruption. This is a critical time in the struggle for freedom and democracy and yet, without such concrete action—financial support—behind these words of support, our work will be significantly impeded.

Some may be thinking that surely, others can do it who have greater financial means, but in truth, most organizations receive most of their funds from average people who give out of the little they have, rather than out of their abundance. It is the small, but regular contributions of average people that will eventually add up to enough. When many like-minded people come together around a common goal, it is not a burden for a few as it is now for those of us in the AJC. Some Ethiopians have told us that they intend to give, but have not followed through with their intentions. It is not too late to do so. What we need is not lip service, but action that puts one’s words to the test of sincerity like in Martin Luther King’s statement at the top of this letter.

If in any way, you find it difficult or confusing to send a donation, some Ethiopians have indicated a willingness to be resource people who would help you or who would help organize fundraising.
Some have thought of hosting a barbeque (BBQ) or other type of event in their homes or backyards for friends, relatives or community members where they could come together to focus on how they might contribute. One such group is a group of young Ethiopians who have formed a Do Your Dirsha group for the AJC and some have made commitments to help on a monthly basis. Other supporters in Oakland, Vancouver, Sweden and Germany said they would host a group in his home. A woman from Atlanta said she would be reaching out to friends. Some have paid for airline tickets or hotel expenses. Others could make small, monthly direct-deposits from their accounts. Some churches, mosques or civic organizations could contribute small amounts.

We in the AJC are not a political party whose members sometimes make monthly contributions that support the organization. Instead, the AJC is a small non-profit, of mostly volunteers, that depends on the financial help from average people in order to function. Many of these average people are not only committed to making a better Ethiopia, but are responsible people who might also be sending money home to their families to help them until things are better in Ethiopia. Both approaches are important, but
do not give up future success by only focusing on getting through the immediate crises that never seem to end!

The struggle for a new Ethiopia has intensified, with much work still to be done, but we are greatly encouraged as we see increasing light on our path to freedom, justice, peace and equality. In order to maintain our footing, we need your help. Please do what you can and organize others to come along. This is a journey we are on together where we need not walk alone along a common path to a common goal. Instead, let us hold each other up until we reach our destination! Let each of us do our share “Do your dirsha !”

As George Ayittey, Professor of Political Science at American University in Washington D.C., stated in a recent speech, he said that the root of the problem in Africa was its corrupt leaders. He went on to say that we Africans must replace our “vampire leaders,” – leaders who suck the blood from the veins of their own repressed people—with new leaders who will instead act as servants of a freed people.

We Ethiopians have been oppressed for too long by vampire leaders such as Meles and Mengistu. Without concrete and significant action, our future is endangered! Let us join together to do all we can to bring about a new movement for the betterment of a New Ethiopia and of all of Africa! May God help us leave behind a blessing for our children and grandchildren!

If you believe that the AJC can significantly assist in attaining these goals, please consider how you might contribute to this effort. Some of you have indicated a willingness to raise funds for the AJC through other means of fundraising—anything you can do would be appreciated.

Those who contribute will receive a tax-deductible receipt of your contribution. You may make a donation with a credit card or through your PayPal account at the AJC website:
Check Payable to: Anuak Justice Council.

Mailing address: Anuak Justice Council
PO Box 1597
Spokane, WA 99210 USA Sincerely yours,
The Anuak Justice Council
For more information Please Email:

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