Is Ethiopia a failed State ? Listen to the self-proclaimed abm. Samuel Assefa mumble

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Is Ethiopia a failed State ? Listen to the self-proclaimed Amb. Samuel Assefa mumble.

  1. Jiovanni
    | #1

    What a moron is this guy? Poor ethiopia, no wonder it is in the bottom of the barrel.

  2. My Goesh
    | #2

    Mr Ambassador we have no clues.What you are trying to say?
    With all due respect, master your subjects or avoid interviews like this. That is wisdom.

  3. | #3

    Hay people

    listen we know and everybody know we used to have a lot of thing, like thi first sheep in the world befor america and London was famouse, we ese to have a good relashionship with great rome and such. and we know that we are now diclined so what? who says we can’t servive or we’ii not be rais again. I hope God will help us. And people please don’t talk curse in My beloved countery Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia and God will gather us form all over the world.

  4. Jan Meda
    | #4

    Who are you all to undermine a Ph.D. holder from Princeton University? Secondly, this is not Samuel Assefa’s complete interview. Find his complete interview at the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Washington, DC website:

  5. Jan Meda
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