The pulverized ego of tyrant Zenawi By Robele Ababya

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Stunning demonstration in Washington D.C

The nauseating naked act of savagery inflicted on the Ethiopian people unseen in the country’s long history is what has been and is driving increasing opposition to the reign of terror perpetrated by Meles Zenawi throughout his days in Dedebit cave, his ascendancy to power in 1991, and his Stalin-like tight grip on power up to the present ironically with the generous all round immoral support of western donors.

The unprecedented mammoth demonstration (starting on 18 May 2012) against tyrant Meles Zenawi in Washington D.C and the exceedingly heroic feat of bravery of its kind accomplished by Abebe Gellaw in exposing the heinous crimes of the monster in front of world leaders was a victory for Ethiopia and her citizens in quest for peaceful change which is continually being openly rejected by the tyrant. The picture below reflects the pulverized ego of Zenawi – the image of the demoralized, broken, timid genocidal tyrant Zenawi that will go down in the annals of history along with the slogans: Brutal Dictator; Pathological Liar; Mass Murder; et al written on the placards carried by the patriotic demonstrators. As I said some time ago we shall “Never give up hope; never relent in carrying out the noble duty of fighting for freedom with uncompromising spirit in the pursuit for a united, democratic, prosperous and multi-cultural Ethiopia that is equal to all of her citizens under the rule of law.”

Ascendancy to power

Tyrant Meles Zenawi was catapulted to power by the vindictive government of the USA only because the politically immature Mengistu Hailemariam broke five bottles filled with red ink (symbolizing blood) by throwing them against ground condemning, at a rally organized near the soccer stadium, among others American imperialism and demonstrate the left leaning policy of his government. It is known that a US diplomat in Addis Ababa made a protest demanding whether what Mengisu did was a declaration of war.
The novice President Carter in foreign policy matters drove Ethiopia to the armpit of the defunct USSR by refusing to supply military equipment for which Ethiopia had paid; this refusal took place at the period of impending Somali invasion. Many of us at the time passionately tried to assure American officials in Addis not to take the ignorant Mengistu seriously, but without success. This was the fate that beset our motherland immediately in the aftermath of the 1974 revolution and souring of relations with the Carter and subsequently the Bush Administration.
Albatross of crimes around the neck of Zenawi

The TPLF cadres are corrupt killers in cold blood in pursuit of material satisfaction at the expense of enslaved majority. Zenawi is burning with jealousy and hatred of anything good of Ethiopia including her ancient history and mosaic cultural heritage binding the people inseparably together. His all-pervasive heinous crimes and betrayals of vital national interest cut across several critical issues that are detrimental to the existence of Ethiopia on the map.

The anguish of wailing mothers who had lost their sons, daughters, husbands and loved relatives pains my heart everyday; the tortures meted out to prisoners of conscience at the infamous Qalitty dungeon upsets my life; the silence of western powers to condemn heinous crimes including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes; the fact that genocidal tyrant in my country is a puppet of outside powers running their errand.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama himself has seen the extent of bitterness of the masses of Ethiopian citizens at home and the Diaspora symbolized by the demonstrators and the heroic audacity of Abebe Gellaw in disclosing that bitterness.
The ill-conceived metaphor “the generation that shook mountains” coined its Agazi military was shattered by Abebe’s “cry of freedom” that reverberated in the hall; the revolutionary words so energetically uttered by Abebe must have shocked the TPLF regime to its foundation on seeing Zenawi scared and humiliated by the sheer sudden intervention by the celebrated hero at the moment the brutal dictator took the podium to speak at the forum on Agriculture and food security at the Reagan Building on 18 May 2012 under the chairmanship of President Obama in the presence of G-8 Leaders and senior US officials dignitaries and journalists from various countries. Zenawi paid the price of failure to secure the trust of people first than erecting high-rise edifices, build roads, and other infrastructures with borrowed money and foreign expertise and then complain that investors are responsible for the rampant corruption
The Communist China factor in our struggle for freedom

In terms of what experts call “power projection “communist China can hit targets of its choice anywhere on our globe by deploying its ground, naval, and air forces. China is a global power politically and economically posing a challenge to genuine democracy and universal human rights. It will do anything including political interference to protect its massive investment in the African continent. Those who doubt that China is not an expansionist power are making a terrible mistake by falling prey to the Chinese propaganda that its interest is strictly trade with Africa; doubters should read the history of China, including the famous ancient book titled “The Art of War” (written in Chinese language by Sun Tzu who lived in the 5th century B.C.) to appreciate its quest for world dominion. Note: Readers are advised to refer to the translation of Tzu’s book by Lionel Giles from Chinese into English.

The fact that China is providing expertise and electronic equipment to Zenawi’s regime to block free flow of information to Ethiopia from independent sources is a crystal-clear proof of its intension to side with dictators in order to defend its vast investment in Africa to guzzle the abundant natural resources of our continent. Ethiopians should regard this as a grave violation of its universal rights.

Ethiopians are demanding that there must fairness in International relations in all its aspects. The Chinese leaders must heed this demand and stop interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. Ethiopians want self-reliance and freedom; they want to end the beggar mentally nurtured by genocidal tyrant Zenawi’s regime in the last 21 years must end. Ethiopians demand independent pillars of democracy including freedom of expression and association, which unfortunately China is interfering with by taking side with tyrant Zenawi.


1. Zenawi is a descendant of a traitor grandfather loyal to Mussolini. His goal has all along been to destroy Ethiopia by his appalling of divide and rule along ethnic and religious lines. From day one of entering Addis Ababa this abusive midget tyrant has been behaving like an invader unleashing his unbridled lashing tongue insulting everyone in the opposition camp from his fortress in the rubber stamp parliament. It is written in the Bible, Galatians 6:7 (King James Version): “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Zenawi’s cohort greedy supporters should expect that the related Proverb “As you sow so shall you reap” applies to their genocidal master. So our hero Abebe did the right thing in exposing the tyrant in front of world leaders including President Obama.

2. It was posted on Ethiomedia on 26 May 2012 that at a dinner party hosted by Seattle couple Getachew and Metti on 24 May 2012): (a) “Abebe expressed his gratitude for the outpour of love and admiration but urged that fellow Ethiopians should capitalize on the momentum, and consolidate the struggle for the reign of democracy and justice in Ethiopia”; (b) “The audience had attracted solidarity speeches by activists from Ethiopian Muslim and Oromo communities in Seattle, who stressed that they should never give any room for ethnic and sectarian divisions being perpetuated by the Meles regime. The message of the joyful night at Getachew-Metti residence was: “We are all Ethiopians, and if there are differences, they are differences within one family.”” I respect gratefully the couple for the example they had set.

3. There is hardly any ethnically pure group or individual. There are blood relatives of different religions of the same ethnic background. So any armed clash will amount to internecine.

4. I call passionately on the TPLF security and defense forces to force the immediate resignation of the genocidal Zenawi in order to avert internecine bloodshed.

5. Charles Taylor committed one of the most heinous crimes in human history for which he was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years in prison. What about Zenawi who has been committing heinous crimes and terrorizing the Ethiopian people for the last 21 years? Western donors must end their double standards by holding genocidal tyrant Zenawi to account for his heinous crimes.

6. The Chinese communist regime must not interfere with the struggle of Ethiopians for freedom, unity, liberty, dignity, democracy and territorial integrity of their country under the rule of law equal to all citizens.

7. Ethiopians owe a debt of gratitude to their hero Abebe Gellaw for invigorating their legitimate struggle for freedom. He must be rewarded by keeping the momentum generated by him going until Zenawi’s regime is shattered beyond repair.

8. Inter-faith relations: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have existed in Ethiopia for centuries in relatively cordial relations exemplifying mutual tolerance second to none in the world. Uphold this invaluable asset.

Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Iskinder Nega et al

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