Unmasking TPLF’s worst bullies and thugs By Ewnetu Taye

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After Meles Zenawi, leader of the ethno-fascist group misruling Ethiopia, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), got naked and suffered humiliation in front of world leaders, the racist thugs and bullies who believe that it is their birth right to oppress the people of Ethiopia, are out in droves to condemn and ridicule Ethiopia’s cry for freedom. They still cannot get it why Meles Zenawi epitomizes nothing but an oppressive ethnic apartheid that must be dismantled. Who are some of the commanders of TPLF’s army of thugs leading the pitiful browbeating and wailing over the fall of their “big” man?

Isayas Abay

TPLF has an army of thugs across the world that has a mission of spreading poison, dividing Ethiopians, creating confusion and scaring people into silence. One of the commanders of this army of thugs and bullies is none other than former EPRP member and CISCO employee Isayas Atsibha Abay.

He lives in South San Jose, California, but the man who has awarded himself a fake title, i.e. “engineer”, is an elusive man. Many Ethiopians in San Jose do not know the false “Engineer” Isayas who also plays a key role in manipulating and dividing St. Mary church in San Jose. Married to Pilipino woman, he enjoys submission and domination. He is also known with his obsession for Adwa domination even on the rest of Tigrians.

The racist bigot is an interesting thug that hails from Adwa with Eritrean parentage from his mother’s side. The monstrous publisher and “editor” of Aigaforum, a website that has no rule of basic grammar let alone publishing anything seriously coherent and logical enjoys supremacist ploys. Wearing anonymity as a mask and hiding behind computer screens and monikers, this man spews hatred and cunningly incites the racist TPLF thugs to attack, demonize and scare anyone who dares to speak out against the criminal regime of Meles Zenawi. The picture we have published today the first publicly available image of the man who lives under disguises.

Typical of a mafia commander, Isayas has no place for decency, logic and respect for the freedom of others. The brazen acts of this man are unbelievable. Besides giving advice to the TPLF to take “measures” against dissidents, i.e. shoot, kill, maim, jail or torture dissidents, this man has even gone to the extent of assailing US President Barack Obama.

On August 4, 2010, he called Obama a nigger. This isn’t a joke, but it is a widely reported and well documented fact. On his fifty pence website filled with slurs, insults and incitement, he published the unthinkable: “The misguided extremist Diasporas [sic] have been cheering up for the last couple of days. You know why? Hillary Clinton will not visit Ethiopia during her trip to Africa. Hmm! Who cares if the N**** administration ignores Ethiopia?! Have your say.”

As soon as he published his racist diatribe, the screenshot was taken and the incontrovertible evidence was already saved. As usual, the thug tried to deny his criminal hatemongering. He blamed the “extremist” Diaspora and snorted out that it was a Photoshop manipulation that made him spit a racially motivated slur against the leader of the free world. But the evil man has already done it so many times. Isayas also tried his bigotry on Obang Metho and Michael Steel, the former leader of the Republican Party, whose election to the position was labeled as “window dressing,” along with Obang Metho.
Disconnected from reality, Isayas A. Abay is a clumsy fabricator. He appears to enjoy listening to his own lies. My friend and colleague Abebe Gellaw recently travelled to Seattle recently to attend a Young Global Leaders summit at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where we had a chance to learn from many great individuals including Bill and Melinda Gates. But Isayas had a piece of breaking news: “The bad mouth pseudo journalist will lose his credential to appear in any US government meeting and briefing! This comes on the heels of the no-but-thanks response they got from the Gates foundation for the recent approach! [Aigaforum, May 25,2012]”

Unfortunately, all that came from the fertile imagination of the racist mouthpiece of tyranny. What the fools don’t understand is the fact that no one has a right to revoke his credential as a journalist for telling the incontrovertible truth. Exercising his First Amendment rights does not give anyone the privilege to dictate his work as a journalist. Though TPLF thugs under the direction of a certain “Dilwenberu Nega” have been vainly petitioning the National Press Club (NPC) to have his membership revoked, as NPC does not have the mandate to stop anyone from vocally condemning a criminal tyrant. NPC only told them to go away. As a matter of fact, NPC has repeatedly called on Meles Zenawi to release all the journalists in jail and demanded him to stop using his pseudo-terrorism law to crush dissent and silence journalists.

In a press release issued on May 10th, NPC President Theresa Werner said: “When other journalists fled the Ethiopian government’s crackdown on the press, Eskinder Nega stayed and he courageously used his Internet platform to bring much-needed attention to government wrongdoing and abuse. We call upon the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to promptly release Nega and to cease its authoritarian persecution of journalists.” Alas! The thugs are not up to speed with reality.

Constantly looking for trivia, Isayas declared that Abebe was banned from US government briefings, which is another fabrication. Diplomats may say whatever they choose to assuage the anger of a tin pot dictator. But the reality remains that the State Department has no mandate whatsoever to dictate anyone’s style of journalism.

Mimi Sebhatu

The spoilt alcoholic and drug and Khat addict Mini Sebhatu is part of the gang of six rejects that have been serving as Meles Zenawi’s attack dogs. Their gang is controlled by Bereket Simon, one of the chief strategists of the mafia ruling elite. The exclusive club includes unprincipled sycophants including her own husband former dissident turned TPLF lover Zerihun Teshome, who will do anything for the highest bidder. Another distinguished member of the club is alcoholic and former dissident Genenew Assefa, half brother of the infamous turncoat Genet Zewdie. He was also jailed by the TPLF when he went to Addis from the US to attend the Ghion conference in 1993. But the lazy drunkard Genenew chose to submit to TPLF to alleviate his financial difficulties. He has a reputation of being a misfit that can’t do a serious job.

Million Assefa is also part of the gang. He was a man of conscience before he sold out his soul to the TPLF. Jailed and suspended from his studies like most of student activists at the Addis Ababa University in 1993, he was also a victim of the TPLF before he jumped on the bandwagon of tyranny. He is now a lawyer and a member of parliament, representing TPLF’s Oromo stepson, OPDO. Can you imagine a lawyer “pursuing” justice sitting in a puppet parliament that has no job other than clapping for the dictator? Million, along with crooked lawyers like Shimelis, are responsible for drafting the worst laws in Ethiopia including the anti-terrorism law as well as drafting fictitious charges of genocide and terrorism.

Also on the roaster of the council of gangsters is TPLF servant, Shimelis Kemal, a former lawyer with no sense of justice. He was also jailed by his current bosses when he was “editor” of Nishan newspaper for publishing an opinion piece. By the way, Shimelis is said to have a tendency of weeping unexpectedly when he gets drunk. According a close friend, he suffers from self-hate and calls himself a worthless cruel man. So we have nothing to add on his claims as he knows himself better.

Childish woman, Mini Sibehatu, has recently emerged as a teacher of morality and ethics in journalism. She seems to have lost sleep over Abebe’s action that undressed Meles Zenawi before the whole world. Whether big Mimi calls it ethical or unethical, this is the best journalism that Abebe has ever done. It is the best medicine for a ruthless tyrant and his worshippers.

Mimi cannot still get the fact that Abebe did not destroy Meles. It was the power of the truth that has shattered his false statesmanship and accomplishments into pieces. Mini, the woman that never grows up, seems to have a difficulty of understanding this simple fact. She says the journalist committed an act of treason as if he has had any allegiance with fascist dictator. She says the two had only political differences. Really? What political differences did Mussolini and Ethiopian patriots have? How naïve is big Mimi!

She goes on and on offering her expertise in ethical journalism while she could not even keep her job at Voice of America Amharic Service for performing far below the ethnical standard of journalism. Apparently, she was given the boots and shown the exit door by VOA bosses. But funnily enough, she still presents herself former VOA journalist while that happened long time ago. A simple message to Mimi is that she needs to move on rather than rehearsing nursery rhymes time and again before her audience on Paltalk and radio show.

Speaking of radio, Mimi is among the privileged few in Ethiopia to have opened an FM radio broadcast for insulting and deprecating dissidents and anyone who cries out freedom and justice. The spokeswoman of tyranny and her husband have also got well-known records of corruption from the US to Ethiopia. This is the woman who has embezzled millions. Southern Ethiopia region has been one of her milk cows.

One of the most serious acts of corruption she and her husband committed was guised under setting up an FM radio station for the southern Ethiopia regional state. They reportedly overcharged the state government by well over 500 percent. They got second rate imports with no spare parts and the “project” remained incomplete despite the fact that Mimi and Zerihun laughed their way to the bank. She even hired her husband as trainer of journalists despite the fact that he knows nothing about the profession. This is the woman who has the courage to teach a course in ethical journalism. Yes, the truth hurts!

Solom (Kindibu) Tekalign

I understand that mentioning the name of the coward is a taboo among many patriotic Ethiopians. While I understand the point, it is necessary to give a lesson or two to this trumpeter of tyranny.

The man, who sang the first love song for a macho tyrant, was given the cheapest fabrication by his TPLF bosses. According to his radio show that he broadcast on May 26th and subsequently distributed online via Aiga Forum, Abebe was arrested during the turmoil of election to 2005. Not only that Abebe was convicted of treason charges and was sentenced to 25 years in jail. But he got deranged while in jail and was granted clemency by a “merciful” tin pot dictator. With the help of his loved ones, he was sent to South Africa for treatment before he came to America.

TPLF’s lies are unimaginatively wild. Just for the record, the case against Solomon Tekalign and the distributor of the defamatory lies, Isayas Abay, is heading to court. But it would be suffice to say that Abebe left Ethiopia in 1998 and have never been back to Ethiopia. During the 2005 elections he was a full-time lecturer at the College of North East London. He has never been to South Africa, but, I know as a close friend, that he wishes to visit Robben Island (Island of Tears) where Nelson Mandela spent much of his 27-year incarceration.

As a matter of fact, he did not come to the US as a runaway convict. He came to the US in August 2008 as a winner of a prestigious fellowship, the John S. Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists as well as Yahoo International Fellowship at Stanford University.

There is only one version of the truth. The take away for TPLF thugs and bullies is that it is hard to change the truth, which has never been on the side of liars, perjurers and fabricators. Sadly, TPLF, with all its soulless thugs under the leadership of Meles Zenawi, is empty and bankrupt. The countdown to end the deceitful Apartheid system it imposed on Ethiopia has begun in earnest.

  1. Aba Guda
    | #1

    Please find anything about that Ben (Shokakaw) of Ethiopian first. Him, Yosef and Tsehaye Debalkew, and Nigusse (Tinzizaw) are also the other. They are recently fighting amongst each other to get the spot light or should I say to kneel down to Meles .

  2. Babu
    | #2

    It seems you are having a field day on these men and women of the other world. Please their pictures on line.

  3. ananymous
    | #3

    It’s only a matter of time before every TPLF faces the justices of Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalians system. If NAZIS could face trial there is 1000% possibilities the weyanes mafia family members will also face trial.

  4. Dambii
    | #4

    Have never been so satisfied & i expect much more for truth, once exposed, keeps on glittering. May Almighty truth be blessed & bless you.

  5. habte
    | #5

    These alcoholic and drug and kchat addicted woyane thugs do not know they have lost it big time. their big lie factory is exposed naked. mimi sebhatu tries to paint a picture of a nazi cadre that heckled Emperor Hailesellasie in the UN to describe the Ethiopian patriot Abebe Gelaw. What she mimi sebhatu did not know is that our gracious Emperor did not bow his head down like the woyane thug and dictator zenawi did.
    put the the record straight.

  6. Zerayakob Yared
    | #6

    Aha!, once wedi Hatno in Massawa and Arat Kilo, always deqi hatnotat all over the …! መንፈሰ አባ ሻውላት, ከመይ ኣሎኻትኩም!? ሎምስ ኹሉ እኳ ድኣ ፈለጠና! እምነ ፅዮን በጃኺ ግዲ የብልክን ሜላ ድኣ ኣልሺ !

  7. Durbete
    | #7

    Well Well have to,say something about these pigs

    Isayas Abay at list he can type on a computer so I will call him PC Donkey
    Solomon (Kendebu) – that fat Motha F$$ I would shelv my foot in his …….. If I see him
    Mimi Sebhatu- This supper ugly 50 years old TPLF Hoe still gets called MIMi .Why. because she had a sex change operation at the age of 40 so she is only 10 years under her new gender so MIMI still appropriate.

  8. Dadonal
    | #8

    You know if you get to the throne you will do no better.You will do worse.It is no use talking about the secrets of the American government oops I mean the Ethiopian government.

  9. She Is Ethiopia
    | #9

    I live in San Jose close to Hamilton and Bascom st. The community of San Jose knows all about Isayas Abay; as a result, he is allienated from the community.

    By the way, he is very ugly. His face looks like a hayna which is ready to take a bite of a meat.

  10. habte
    | #10

    @ habte,

    meles’s shame was exposed in the presence of his pay masters which made him to sink into his own body and his head to flop down like a boxer who had received a knockout punch. Abebe Gelaw gave the knock out punch to the kchat addicted woyane mafia leader and he could not take it. on the otehr hand Emperor Haile sellasie stood up as a proud man defending his country in front of world leaders in the UN Assembly and got a round of applause.

  11. Habtu
    | #11

    Indeed, an excellent job. It is high time to investigate, document, and expose each and every Woyane/TPLF thugs and their hired/bought slaves who serve the worst terrorist leader, Mellesse. These people are all criminals because of their allegiance and obedience to Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF mafia group. This unquestionable support for Mellesse and his criminal enterprise have direct relation to the high crimes committed on each and every Ethiopian. Mellesse, the Woyane/TPLF thugs, and these people have committed and abated crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, treasons, kidnapping, torture, and murder of Ethiopians from Tigray in the north to Borena in the south and from Gembella in the west to Ogaden in the east in the last thirty eight years. The blood of millions of Ethiopians is in their hands and cries unceasingly for justice until justice is done. We, Ethiopians have the solemn responsibilities and unalienable rights to bring justice for each and every Ethiopian who suffered at the hand of these traitors and psychotic serial killers. These traitors are the scum of the earth. They are a group of hopelessly delusional narcissists and psychopathic terrorists beyond anyone’s imagination and they should be stopped.

  12. love
    | #12

    Well, well, indeed TPLF has brought many traditional Ethiopians as part of its team and these people have now turned out to be worse than TPLF and become the enemies of Ethiopia. It is time they take a stand they are either with Ethiopians or with Meles/TPLF. As I always say the enablers who are fully benefiting under TPLF will even go to the point of destroying Ethiopia. This article reveals, the chilling association of average Ethiopians with TPLF/Meles regime. You see what they could have done is that change the delusional and retarded thinking of TPLF slowly. Instead they are turning the worse humans than TPLF regime. I believe money and power talks. Notice also most are failures in one way or other on their lives and apparently they are indebted to Meles and will do anything for their savior. This article indicates more bad news for Ethiopians, I am afraid there are more Ethiopians committing crimes against the other Ethiopians with TPLF. It is not always what we used to think of the TPLF rebels, etc. These people are opportunists and they will change colors like chamellion to benefit themselves.

    This is an indication the EPRP groups must be dismantled by any means necessary. They have become tools for TPLF and outsiders. I don’t even trust the so called Berhanu Nega. These so called EPRP group have been bought by outsiders against Haile Selassie and the demise of Ethiopia is no ones fault except them. They are the ones indirectly the rise of Mengistu and most are working with TPLF or they are working with TPLF remotely. We thought that it was only TPLF who are traitors, aliens. Have these Ethiopians have no shame, even with the power they have to stand and watch when Ethiopian women are beign shipped for slavery? Don’t they question when our children being sold over seas? Don’t they question this divide and rule? Apparently they have submitted but with the power I have, I would even attempt to convince TPLF to turn their bad policy for better regarding the worst crimes that is happening above I mentioned. Apparently, TPLF has gathered losers so it is no surporise. I am sure, Hailu Shawel with the benefit he has today if you say anything against TPLF and Meles, I bet he will personally attack you. Shame.

  13. Mastawal
    | #13

    What Abebe Gelaw did is he deliverd the message with express postage to Melese and his audiace what his brothers,sisters,fathers and mothers were protesting infront of the whitehouse,Ragean building and Camp David.And what soever nothing wrong doing that.

  14. Long live Ethoipia
    | #14

    We Ethiopians are disgusting by, and rightly so, by Mele’s bootlickers. Although Meles use them as a cheap condom, he and his stooges see theme more with disgust than we do. This spineless creature they declare their fake conviction more than meles ever can, do you think they get Mele’s admiration — funny — He once said that he respects who stand by their convection at the very end than the “KENDEBUS” of Ethiopia. What rotten people. Exposing this bootlicker is the best thing one can do to speed the down fall of Melse. Every state should post their business name what they do –exclude theme from any social events — write about theme any way possible to make theme pay for their collaboration with a mass murderer

  15. yacob
    | #15

    These belly bottoms and opportunist rats who have sold their souls for the crumbs and handouts of zenawi will one day loose it all, but this country and the people whom they are abusing will survive. they will die before they finish eating their crumbs and before they enjoy their possessions looted from the poor people of Ethiopia to fatten their bellies.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    Great article! Too bad it took this long to expose these heartless, soulless TPLF members and some non-TPLF fools who cannot think and judge for themselves. I consider these idiots as Godless devil worshipers for supporting the most ruthless tyrant Meles that has committed horrific crimes against Ethiopia and law-abiding Ethiopians. It’s hard to comprehend how any human being supports an evil man that has the blood of hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians on his hands. I wouldn’t support the bloodsucker tyrant even if he were found to be my father, brother or one of close relatives. I’m thankful to God that I’m not related to a coldblooded killer tyrant Meles.

  17. Deriba Guru
    | #17

    08 Jun 12
    What is going inside the minds of dear Ethiopians? Is it Despair or hatred? I think it is about time we pause & put our thinking hats on and face the reality. The point we should focus on is who are we? It is an important question of self examination. We are coloured people (most of us, at least) who happen to reside in a black African soil who have formed all sorts of misconceived opinions about ourselves-this includes the so called “Oromo” radical nationalists in a land that was never sure it inherently belonged to them (in pure terms as they claim). The original owners surely must be dark skinned Africans from all sorts of clans & tribes. This is a consequence of basic deductive logic. Let’s not kill ourselves on things which are well-short on simple Historical facts. It is good to breed senseless hatred by some radicals but for the realist it doesn’t hold water. Let’s re-learn to get along and carry on with life. We all have got one home, Ethiopia, a land of good people but desperately poor North South East West. That is a fact we all familiar with without any doubt. We will be the last to deny that.
    Entering into endless argument won’t achieve anything.

  18. TRUTH
    | #18

    I thank the author for his outstanding disclosure of turn coats serving the genocidal tyrant Zenawi.

  19. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #19

    @Deriba Guru

    Entering into endless argument won’t achieve anything.”

    Excellent reminder if we listen to each other rather than talking at each other. The author has done a brilliant job by exposing the enemies amongst us. It is a well known fact from the beginning of humanity there are people among us who sell their humanism for financial benefits. Though it is nice to know these sellouts, it will not be the first or the last time. As long as we, human beings, exist, there will be flocks of impecunious sellouts in every community. These immoral individuals lack self-confidence and self-worthiness, and the only way they can survive is by being stooges to the highest bidder. They are commodities to be bought and sold. They are covered with human flesh but they do not possess the human morality. We should feel sorry for their ZOMBIISM.

    Coming back to your important reminder, my question to all of us is how do we achieve the illusive solutions to our common problems. How do we coordinate our fragmented actions to one single unwavering performance to save our beloved country from the crushing jaw of tyranny?

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