Using Abbay as a wedge issue. By Yilma Bekele

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The Ethiopian government was peddling its ponzi scheme of selling bonds for the pie in the sky project named The Grand Renaissance Dam’ on the Abbay river here in the Bay Area. It was not as lavish as the event that took place in their embassy in Washington DC. That ‘event was graced by the presence of a high- level Ethiopian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister and Chairman of the National Renaissance Council, Haile Mariam Desalegn’ according to Aiga. Since he has such a long title they have shortened to D/PM, FM to go along with his curtailed duty that only includes reading written notes, greeting visitors and presiding at Renaissance meetings.

Ours event was shall I say ‘graced’ by their Conciliate from Los Angles and a political science professor from Addis Abeba University. Considering I was marching in front their office in Los Angles just a week ago regarding their current attempt at destroying our cherished heritage of Waldeba monastery it was a little confusing to see his honor involved in building a dam. They invited all Ethiopians and I just couldn’t refuse. My curiosity overcame my rationality. I am glad I went, If the Ethiopian people are subjected to such farcical presentation day in day out I felt sitting for a two hours presentation was the least I can do to understand the daily stress of my people.

The first speaker that described herself as the Chairperson of the project in the Bay Area mentioned that her group has been active for less than three months. What knocked me off my seat was her declaration that in this short time they have been able to sell $138,000 US dollars worth of bonds. That is 2.4 million Bir. I was impressed. Then I turned around and all I could see was about twenty-five people in the room. I thought people who paid all that money will defiantly attend a meeting to see how their money was spent but for some reason they just did not bother to show up. Is it possible that they are just a figment of someone’s imagination?

Well with all things Woyane the imagination is always greater than the reality and this was an indication of better things to happen as the meeting progressed. One thing I notice about Woyane lectures is that they have this unhealthy fascination with power point presentation. It is futile attempts to sugar coat the lie and empty rhetoric by sharp looking graphs and larger than life pictures. Facts are glossed over while the listener is trying to figure out all the confusing information being displayed at a random fashion.

The Ambassador has the most difficult task of the two speakers. It is not easy being a snake oil salesman. The regular joke about us not being smart or dedicated enough to use the mighty Abbay was of course mentioned. We are supposed to thank the far-reaching leadership of Meles Zenawi to have come up with such a fantastic and brilliant idea of building a dam on Abbay. I am sure we will be told soon it came to him during his sleep showing us even in bed that sharp mind is still working. The Ambassador used a short documentary to show us the progress since the start of the project. Shall we say the presentation was a little lacking for a task that is projected to cost us billions?

The short video was made either to insult or mock anybody with an ounce of intelligence. There was one excavator and one dump truck and a few cement mixer trucks. Yes I said one lonely excavator. For a country with eighty million people where over half of the adult population is unemployed you would think human labor would be the preferred choice if one really wants to use the resources under his nose. Unfortunately that will require the enthusiastic participation of the nation in the project but when your government is unpopular and viewed with suspicion that is not an option. Plus it would require transporting people from one kilil to another and that is not allowed.

What we saw was may be fifty or so guys dressed in orange uniform. What was fascinating was to see the skinny flag of Salini the Italian construction company flying from a bowed tree pole. If you remember Salini was the same company that was in charge of Gibe II project where the tunnel collapsed exactly a month after inauguration. That was a no bid project and you can imagine where most of the money borrowed in then name of Ethiopia went. I thought this project was by us and for us and what the heck is Salini doing there? May be Salini is paying us for what Minilk did to his grand pa a while back. Lets us all remind our children to get back the money stolen with the modern day Askaris including interest as soon as we reclaim our land.

The official spoke at length about the many successful projects accomplished the last twenty years. That is well and good but twenty years is a long time and showing no progress would have been a little strange. The issue here is here is how much progress and under what circumstances. When you consider President Obama is fighting like hell for his reelection bid and he only had four years to correct a colossal economic melt down I would say twenty years is quite generous amount of time to do miracles. So our question to our rulers becomes what you got to show for twenty years of being in complete charge? Knocking down the old cannot be a perpetual excuse, at a certain point one has to stand on his own record. Unfortunately like a broken record our rulers never tire talking about yesterday to cover up today’s shortcoming.

I have to admit the professor gave a very intelligent presentation regarding the role water or river plays in international dealings between nations. He was very knowledgeable on the subject and his power point presentation was flawless. The problem reared its head when it comes to his conclusion. It is one thing to explain water intellectually but to bring it home and try to make it relate to woddase dam is a lit bit tricky, and it showed. He was left floundering unable to commit and say this project is what is needed and this regime can bring it to life. He cannot say that with conviction. As a political scientist he knows theory in one thing but implementation requires a whole host of other factors that have to be present to achieve success. The current organization that is operating in our country is not conducive to attain that goal and a first year college freshman can tell you that. It would be considered intellectual dishonesty to trust one of the most corrupt regimes to carry out such a colossal task.

You see scheming the surface no one is against building a dam, a highway or a factory. The truth of the matter is that most Ethiopians will give the shirt of their back if it will help our country. The problem lies with that qualifier ‘if’ it just leaves an uncertain feeling doesn’t it? That is the problem with our renaissance dam project. It is a very uncertain proposal that is difficult to explain and not easy to digest.

It is not easy because based on reality, as we have known it the last twenty years the people in power cannot be trusted to do anything that will bring honor or pride to our country. No one in his right mind will trust the folks in charge to be able to bring any project to a successful conclusion. If there is anything we can be sure of is that they will find a hundred different ways to screw us up. Here is the real Ethiopia in nutshell:

1) Social harmony: None. Our country is divided into Kilils and we are made to view each other with suspicion and hate. We are in fact deporting our own citizens within the country. Today the regime is attempting to create conflict among our old religions throughout the land. Both Christians and Moslems are resisting mightily but it is an uphill struggle.
2) Economy: Bankrupt. Inflation is double digits and unemployment is beyond imagination. Over eight million people are on food aid and famine is real. The government is in the process of leasing land to foreigners so they can grow crops for export. The economy is controlled by EFFORT a one ethnic based conglomerate.
3) War: Plenty. Since coming to power the TPLF regime has fought with Eritrea and sacrificed over eighty thousand lives. It has invaded Somalia and no one knows the sacrifice in human lives and money. Inside the country it has sent its solders to kill in Gambella, Ogaden, Hawasa, Gondar, Afar, etc.
4) Politics: Waging relentless disruption against opposition parties and groups is second nature to the regime. In the aftermath of the 2005 elections the regime murdered over two hundred eighty citizens, imprisoned all the opposition and hauled over forty thousand people to concentration camps. (We thank the heroic act of Judge Woldemariam and his associates in smuggling out the evidence) The Parliament is the playground of the Prime Minster.
5) Media: Government monopoly. Television. Radio, print media, Internet and telecommunications are all controlled by the regime. Independent voice is not allowed. Our friends Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu and Webeshet Taye among many others are today in prison because they spoke and wrote the truth.

There is no need to recount further atrocity the question becomes how could you trust such a ruthless bunch of sycophants to carry out a noble task as building a dam? One has to be plenty gullible or certified moron to go along with such Ponzi scheme. How could you hand your hard earned money where there is no accountability, no consultation or any outside independent audit?

This is what Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy and Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the US and non-resident envoy to Mexico – another long title don’t you think? Any way here is how Aiga reported it ‘In his revealing statement the Ethiopian Special Envoy recounted the propitious political climate which is prevalent in present day Ethiopia that allows the free participation of the citizenry in matters ranging from the right to assembly, association, expression and faith up to and including the basic right to vote in elections that are held regularly @ the county, district, state and federal levels.’ Do you think he actually believes that? He must have said what was reported, the question becomes who is crazy them or us? You be the judge.

In our presentation here in Oakland both speakers were adamant in saying the renaissance dam site is sparsely populated and no one was moved or relocated. Isn’t it always surprising all their projects are so pure and picked for locations where no Ethiopian resides? But at the same time why do we come across a whole bunch of our citizens that have been made homeless when their land is leased to forsaken foreigners? Then why do we hear our brother Ato Ojulu from Gambella who has been forced from his ancestral land pleading from Kenya? Their lie seems never to stop.

In conclusion I would like to say something. It is true but a sad statement. The assembly in our city was a reflection of what is taking place in our country. It has to be pointed out because it has to be discussed openly and corrected in a timely manner. As I said there were less than thirty people present and over ninety percent were from one ethnic group. Pretending otherwise is not healthy. The question to ask is why? Why would only Tigreans show up to support the construction of a dam on Abbay? Abbay is far from Tigrai Kilil so why are they feeling this special affinity to this project? It is a valid question. I am sure we all have all seen this kind of weird and strange situation on every question raised in our homeland.

I will give my answer and it is definitely not the final statement on the issue. It is what I think right or wrong. My response is to help us openly analyze the dilemma faced by all of us and devise a healthy and lasting solution instead of whispering from behind and muddying the situation further. First of all this virus was brought upon us by no other than Meles Zenawi and his accomplices. It was in the late seventies while all were trying to form a united front and fight the Derg that his group insisted in this separate non-inclusive way of struggle. Their first causality was the brave patriotic EPRP that sacrificed beautiful children of Ethiopia in their prime. Meles Zenawi did as much damage as Mengistu Hailemariam when it comes to our educated and dedicated brothers and sisters that stood for real freedom and unity of our nation. We will never forget.

Since 1992 TPLF has inoculated our nation with this deadly virus more dangerous than HIV aids. They have set us up against each other. Our meeting is the result of this disease that even follows us into a free land. Tigreans have become hostages of this disease and the rest of us have allowed it to simmer while a few have bought into this crap. It is true a few Tigreans are riding this wave and accumulating wealth and riding rough on the rest of us. Meles and company are always pointing out our differences and making sure the few they have chosen are displayed. What is true in today’s Ethiopia is that all real power is in the hands of this ethnic group starting from the security, military, banking, commerce and key organizations. On the other hand the average Tigrai living in the rural areas of his kilil is as much the victim as rest of our own peasants. No matter how some put it the Tigrai Kilil is not the paradise it is portrayed to be. The TPLF tugs in charge are the same everywhere.

Do we buy into this negative scenario as painted by Meles and company or see it as the self-serving philosophy by a few friends and family to extend their evil rule over all of us? Has this kind of mind set ever shown to work or has it at certain point exploded on the makers and taken all into the abyss? Isn’t that what we see in history when we study totalitarian systems and their implosion from inside? Isn’t that what happened in Libya? Are we witnessing it in Syria with Assad and his Alawit tribe fighting for dear life from house to house? What do you think is going to happen in Syria once Assad and his little army are wiped away? Syria is not going anywhere but what kind of Syria would it be? Can they just forget the hate and animosity that has been cultivated and put their energy on building a new society? Or would it take a long time to wash away the negative energy, mistrust and hate that have been systematically planted in every Syrian brain?

When we see our Ethiopia these are the things we should contemplate instead of trying to out perform each other on the level of our hate. We should be very careful on how we view the situation and search deep into our heart and soul before we judge others due to their ethnic affiliation or religion. None of us choose where we are conceived. We should be judged on what kind of human being we have become. Sometimes in times of scarcity and fear buying into the evil design of a few we all go astray. The only thing that will bring us back to the right path is show of love and tolerances not more hate and further attempt at marginalizing. Remember both the perpetrator and victim are connected and the attempt should be to save both if possible without doing further damage.

I am sure all those that gathered in our meeting love Ethiopia. I am sure in their own way they all think they are doing the right thing. Unfortunately both sides cannot be right. The road taken by the current government has only shown that this sort of exclusive journey is not lasting nor will it bear good fruit. Our job is to patiently explain the futility of traveling on this dead end street and bring our people back to our fold. That is not done thru condemnation, name-calling or threat but show of love, understanding and showing by example. It is a shame educated and conscious Ethiopians have fallen pray to this narrow ethnic divide and some by cooperation a few by their silence have emboldened the sick and worthless students of TPLF garage and nihilist philosophy. I believe in every one of us our kind side outweighs the evil and bad and our challenge is to bring out the good and infect our people with this sweet medicine God has built into us. We pray for our country.

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  1. Dawi
    | #1

    [[.. What was fascinating was to see the skinny flag of Salini the Italian construction company flying from a bowed tree pole. If you remember Salini ..the tunnel collapsed exactly a month after inauguration. .. what the heck is Salini doing there? ..]]

    I don’t understand!! If – No One – gives you a loan or the support to be self sufficient in power generation and prefer to keep you in darkness for eternity [ Sadat/Egypt promised to bomb us at one point] and you find a company to creatively finance your project – What do you do – mock them – ? C’mmon man!

    As Gibe II or other projects are not done by “angels” things happen. So what?

    I look at Salini as a Friend of our country.

  2. Wodajo
    | #2

    Preaching love and tolerance in the past 21 years have not propelled the struggle forward at all. It has rather obstructed it and allowed the ethnical fascist rule of Meles Zenawi to stay and consolidate its repressive power. The lack of resolve and determination being shown by many Ethiopians including ato Yilma Bekele,is in fact regretable. This condition has created confusion and indecisiveness in the struggle and emboldened the Tigrayan fascists and racists to commit their heinous crimes with impunity. Fascists and racists do not understand the languages of love and tolerance and ato Yilma and Co. are trying to apply them in the wrong places and time. What the TPLF fascists and racists understand and fear is courage, determination, rejections and exclusion.

  3. yilma b.
    | #3

    I applaud your tenacity,you are here to defend the indefensible every chance you get and you do that by distortion and misinformation. Salini does not give loans, Salini in consort with the TPL mafia steals from our people the money that has been loaned to us. No one give you to do anything for yourself you yourself create the conditions to help yourself, what do you think Salini is an NGO? They are contractors and their responsibility is to maximize profit for their investors. Sadat threatened us you said and he has been dead for over thirty years, please you were not even born then so cut this crap, we are in America not your blind TPLF Kilil. Surprising that out of the many things I wrote you came to defend Salini whereas you left out the lack of democracy, the lying about the amount of money collected and the problem of the use of ethnic affiliation etc. By the way the study for the abbay dam has been going on for over fifty years same for Gibe. Due to different curcumstances it did not happen. we are borrowing the money to do it and our grand chidren will pay it back with interest including the stolen one by Meles and company. The regime is pretending to build a dam now so they could steal more money by extortion not for power generation. Did you know that they have started a campaign asking the idiot PM not to leave until the dam is done KKKK pathetic if you ask me. Ato Wodajo I agree with all you said, we should do everything possible to get rid of this virus and resolve and determination are two required traits but I also believe it will be lasting if done with love and tolerance. It does not mean accepting injustice but being careful not to create more injustice in the name of fighting for freedom.We dont want to land where we started like before do we? A new formula is called for and that is systematic use of our positive resources including peaceful and lethal form of resistance to wipe the varmints from our land. Love conquers all, let them peddle hate! @Dawi

  4. Dawi
    | #4


    I can’t believe Ato Wodajo called you soft on Woyane; I was dump founded at that and almost started to write defending you but then again I figured it will make things worst for you. :-)

    The only thing you did was just attend a simple government meeting which by the way, I have never done my self yet. So you’re ahead of me on that my brother.

    Is Wodajo reading something through you something we aren’t able to do? Off course, extremists of both sides have all kind of crazy visions so I will leave that alone for now.

    It seems you’re doing “Ahyawin Ferto Dawlawen” my brother. You should have dealt with the extremist first who throws names such us “Fascists and racists” as if they are ordinary terms. Meles maybe an uncle Tom or something, but a racist against his own people? It just doesn’t make sense.
    Be that as it may, you may not have read that but, Salini found the funding/financing for Gibe Dam to do the project. No one else will fund it. We may have studies done 50 or 60 years ago if you don’t have the funding for them, what good is it for us my brother?

    That is what I called “creative financing”; knowing that, who would you give the next Dam that comes up? I will give it to Salini hands down; so if the government rewarded Salini it is the right thing to do is what I am saying.

    BTW, there is nothing wrong with borrowing money if the project makes sense. IMO, all the Dams being built make sense.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    [[ left out the lack of democracy, the lying about the amount of money collected and the problem of the use of ethnic affiliation etc…]]

    I think as Prof. Messay acknowledged, Meles talking less of ethnic stuff but more of national projects that unites all of us should be applauded. I don’t know how much corruption there is in collecting the funds to do the monumental project of Abbay but, the Idea that unites all Ethiopians is a worthy cause.

    At the end of the day, such single vision that unites all of us breaks barriers. The Meles Dictatorship seems to be going that way to me.

  6. Kamush
    | #6

    Dawi is one of the ethnic cadres of the fascist and racist ethnic leader, Meles Zenawi and does not have any national agenda other than filling his tum. Meles is a fascist and racist because his rule is based on ethnic discrimination, marginalization and favoritism. This fact can not be denied by all Ethiopiana except the likes of Dawi who are infatuated with filling their tummies. Even som persons from Tigray and the former members of the TPLF openly speak about the fascist and racist politics of Meles Zenawi. Ato Yilma Kebede has given us a wonderful analysis and this shocks and sends a wave of fear and panick in the ethnic fascist camp of Meles Zenawi.

  7. Samuel
    | #7

    The greedy and benefit hunting souls like Dawi can not see the reality and deny that Meles Zenawi is a fascist and racist. Colour or origin do not play any role in defining and designating a politician as a fascist and racist. It is the political actions, decisions of the politician or power holder that decide whether heor she is fascist and racist. Thus Meles Zenawi is a politician who does not believe in the equality of humans and in deed a fascist and racist. He believes in promotes Tigrayan supremacy and this is what Ethiopians see him implementing under his rule.

  8. Nuredin
    | #8

    Many thanks to Ato Yilma Bekele for his educational and enlightening analysis and points. But ato Yilma should also dare confront the reality and call a spade a spade. We should not shy away from telling the truth about any political force because it is the truth that will liberate us in the end. The TPLF is an ethnical fascist and racist front and this fact is well confirmed by its manifesto. Intellectuals like ato Yilma Bekele have the moral duty and obligation to teach ethiopians about the fascist nature of the TPLF and its leader, Meles Zenawi. If we set aside political correctness and inform our people and equip them with the knowledge, the life of the ethnical fascist rule of Meles Zenawi will be short. The west have defeated fascism not by teaching love and tolerance but taking a decisive action against it. We can only defeat and remove the fascist and racist regime of Meles Zenawi through confronting it head on and dealing it a blow. We should not shy away because the the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi does not even hide his racist and discriminating deeds.
    The person using the pseudo name Dawi is a Tigrayan posing as an Oromo in the cyber space. We have found out that the TPLF agents and supporters use Oromo names to attack and insult Ethiopians fighting against the racist and fascist rule of Meles Zenawi. It is common to read and witness this latest tactc of using the Oromo names in their media outlets like aigaforum and Ethiopiafirst.

  9. yilma b.
    | #9

    Here you go again Ato Dawi if that is your name which I suspect not, for some reason supporters of the regime hide their identity whereas as people in power they should be proud of it then again since you know your days are numbered I guess you feel better to hide anyway why are you talking for Ato Wodajo he expressed himself himself beautifully and I replied with due respect our differences are minor since we both believe the TPLF regime is fascist and one ethnic centered and we both agree it has got to go for our country to prosper but you want to drive a wedge between us because you can’t help it it is in your nature to divide and set one against another. Again you are not telling the truth Salini your master does not get financing what collateral do you think the company got the collateral is us the Ethiopian people the result is shoddy workmanship which broke down and we have to pay again to fix the mistake and we ended up getting screwed twice. Tell me my woyane warrior how do you think Azeb spends a million Euros in Spain (according to Spanish report)don’t tell me she earned it may be it has something to do with all the money being misappropriated by those in charge look how they live while our people are starving creative financing is the right word may be ponzi scheme says it better and leave Prof Messay out of this he said your Meles is a very disturbed individual who has a lot of conflict even being a Tigrean let alone Ethiopian if I understand him properly but I might be wrong – to me it sounds rational analysis you know what Dawi I wish we can have this discussion including on your TPLF sites but you guys are scared of ideas in the open cause they might pollute your vision but you have no qualms coming on our site and talking trash, I applaud our editors for willing to open our independent sites to all including cadres, please feel free to comment but leave this habit of speaking for others and please do tell us your real name ans I still love you and that is your punishment

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    Nuredin says:

    [[..The person using the pseudo name Dawi is a Tigrayan posing as an Oromo in the cyber space. ...]]

    I didn’t know I did that but you are “posing” as what? Shabia?? :-)

    Meles came to power by the barrel of the gun leading TPLF but some of you confuse that with coming by “election’ maybe it is because of his pragmatic views but I don’t. The majority in TPLF army were/are Tigrayans and I suppose he owes that region something therefore, I am not shocked if seemingly favorable things happen there; I presume mostly as a practical MODEL for the rest of country or the region to learn best practices of his developmental scheme.

    I don’t think he does that for any other reason or he likes Tigreans more. In fact the Dictatorship in Tigrai clams down that public probably the hardest. Case in point, no independent media etc. only economic development as in the early Asian Tiger countries..

    I don’t think he cares whether you’re a Tigre or Oromo as long as you are dedicated in promoting his MODEL. To begin with he is known to be part Raya Oromo, Kunama etc. according to Prof. Tecola so he can’t be too attached to one ethnic group. I think he values his political views more than his taxonomy. His wife is Amara and that makes his children practically none Tigrayans with only a little drop; so they are naturaly what you call Ethiopian only national identity who are hard to classify with one ethnicity; And the children are his/our future.

    Some of you extremists will have to eat your heart out because what you are trying to promote him as don’t hold any water. It is absolutely none sense.

    Why don’t you do serious work in attacking his political views, that way you may have something to grab on because as you see, his MODEL is fast becoming the ideal model for the rest of Africa. Before you know it, his scheme will be a regional phenomena and you will be left behind with your back word thinking.

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    By the way, Abebe Gelaw is the one who “exposed” that Azeb is 100 % Amara.

    Should Meles give him credit for that? So far it hasn’t helped his cause but, if the “expose” ends up curbing some of the extremists wild looks on ethnicity, I suggest he should.

  12. ጉረኞች
    | #12

    I thought you were badly wounded in the past few weeks. Share your secret how you recover fast to the midget dictator Meles. I hear that he is still licking his wound.
    I also noted that you have a grudge on him because of his wife, now you extended it to his children. To their credit, most opposition left the children alone. Once you started it, feel free to share their experience in case you got a chance of baby sitting them. As you are so close to the midget, I want to hear the horse mouth, you, about his ancestors. What do we know, we are far out?

  13. Dawi
    | #13

    “…Salini your master does not get financing what collateral do you think the company got..”

    I don’t make facts.
    BTW, we had the collatoral for over 3 thousand yrs as a nation; So what? What did we do with it is what you should ask?

    [[....EEPCo and government authorities stated that the contract awards to Salini were in part due to Salini’s assistance in securing the needed project financing, including funding from the Italian Development Cooperation for Gilgel Gibe II ...]]

  14. Zinash
    | #14

    I always read Yilma Bekele`s contributions and gain a lot from them. He is an open and dedicated person making his own contribution to bring democracy, freedom and justice to our people in Ethiopia. On the other hand we have the TPLF fascists and racists under the leadership of Meles Zenawi who are intent on pillaging and destroying our country. The fact that the ethnical fascist Meles Zenawi changes his tactics of deception does not change this fact. The fascist Meles Zenawi presented and sold as a politician devoted to democracy and good governance to the west. Now he is standing as a subscriber of the development state model. Meles changes his masks to cling to power for ever and this does not change his fascistic nature and mission in Ethiopia. He is a fascist and racist by any measure and the foul propaganda of his alias Dawi and other greedy or hodam ones does not improve the ugly face of the ethnical fascist Meles Zenawi.

  15. Dawi
    | #15

    Brother Yelma,

    [[..We both believe the TPLF regime is fascist and one ethnic centered and we both agree it has got to go for our country to prosper..]]

    No you don’t Yelma! I know you don’t believe the Meles Dictatorship is a fascist; I can tell by the way you soft touched the term “fascist” just to form a united front with that right-wing wacko. But why is my question? What would you do with him after you win the war?

    The right- wing’s think Meles is 100% stupid idiot. And the Meles Dictatorship thinks of the right wing the same. What they are battling is on the little issues and that leaves our country to our enemies (the real crooks) to keep us backward for eternity.

    You uniting with the right-wing, while giving lip service by saying we “still love you” to the other camp is disingenuous at best.

  16. yilma b.
    | #16

    @Dawi Ato Dawi, now you are reading my mind and as usual you are looking for others to blame or put your label. We are discussing TPLF and Meles no need to bring left or right wing who ever they are our country is kept back by your friend Meles because he squanders our money by waging war, using it for internal security and paying the Chinese to sell him hardware and software to block, spy and squash instead of on education health and welfare of our people. Please stick to the subject instead of trying to foment ill will between us and reading between the lines. We have only one enemy and it is the TPLF party as lead by Meles Zenawi and company and believe me no one cares if Azeb is Amhara, Tigrai or Konso we judge her by her action not her lineage the TPLF mafia is the one that brings ethnicity into this discussion we did not we have lived for ever and ever together as one people intermarried, worshiped together and shared a common land Kilil was brought by Meles and Kilil is your child!

  17. aha!
    | #17

    Dawi! If the the infratstructural dams at the Omo River Basin are built with funded by IMF to produce electricity for the neighboring contries and dams for irrigation as infratructure for for foreign agro businesses instead of resttling the indigineous popupulation under irrigated farming and creating local enterpreneurs in the agrobusineses to create a private farming sector under a democratic government with free market capitalism as the economic model as a unifying agenda, why should collecting funds coerceivly in the form of bond holding with government guaranttee and or contribution outside its TPLF affiliated supporters and enterprises be considered a unifying factor building a Rennaissance Dam of the Nile by extorting funds from the silent majority at times when their meagor income are eaten by inflation of food items created artificially and the the natural disasters, under political dialogue by Ethiopia andother Ripparian countries as regards the use of the nile water with Egypt and Sudan, when there are other 20 or more tributaries to develop electricity and water for irrigation according to Fekade Shewakena,and when the utmost the TPLF/eprdf regime may rightfully do is to revitalise the water catchment basins of the central and northern highlands of arable lands to avoid soil and water erosion, raise crop productivity in the region. Is this a unifying factor in the sense of uniting around the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, over matters that affect the Amhara and the Tigrai region according to the current governance under ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism to have appearance of a concern for the other Killil Mengistats/governments and Oromia Government in particular indirectely and the teletfi parties directly supporting ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, which are anathema to individual freedom, liberty and equality, free market capitalism, based on private ownership of land and businesses and democracy for the silent majority of Ethiopians to be a unifying factor or a national agenda over the confrontations with Egypt in particular.

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