Ethiopia: Under Jackboot Tugs by Andent Tesfaye

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Our country Ethiopia is one of the African States which managed to keep its independence during the era of scramble of African land by European powers. Thanks for Emperor Menelik that routed out onslaught of Italian expansion for the first time in Africa, in particular in Ethiopia. Several years later the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini sent his troops again to conquer Ethiopia. Italian forces used aerial bombardment and poison gas to push the Ethiopian patriotic forces and finally occupied for five years. The defiant Ethiopian patriotic forces even in defeat against Italians brutal invasion of the year 1930s (GC) was one of a kind heroism act in Africa continent history. You may want to refer an Amharic book titled YeHabesha Jebdu book translated by Techane J. Mekonnen (Addis University Press) to get a flavor some of heroic deeds by Patriotic Abicu and his compatriots resisting the Italian Fascist Army. In spite of the Italians military superiority, the Italians always relied heavily on inside collaborators (commonly known in Amharic as banda) as agents to facilitate the occupation. As noted on several articles via free media outlets, TPLF ethno-centric dictatorial leader Mr. Meles’ father was a banda of Italian occupant force. I have not taken it seriously on this note since I believe that one can make an analysis and conclude that a child may or may not mold by parents influence. Nevertheless, in Meles’ case there is concrete evidence to convince me he is molded by his father career. He demonstrated his actions by being ruthless dictator seeking revenge for the deprivation he suffered as a child. As we quickly examine his past and present deeds, it is no brainier to conclude he is a traitor. He established full of hatred brazen ethnic–based apartheid style discrimination rule, remapped the country by ethnics lines to facilitate his revenge rules, unconditionally gave away Ethiopia’s only port outlet, Assab, voluntarily gaveaway portion of Ethiopia’s land to Sudan, established a policy “farmland colonization by invitation” to foreign investors without people consent, etc. In short, he purely implementing mercenary work and misguided policies.

No one imagined brutal Mengestu’s dictatorial regime will be replaced with similar caliber of dictatorship. After 16 years of Mengsetu savage totalitarian rule of the country, the Ethiopian people hoped to get a better government that they deserve. Regrettably, it did not happen. Meles rise of total power become a complete disaster for Ethiopian citizenry with lamentable result. TPLF ethno-centric dictatorial regime has devised a divide and rule system and paid no attention to the welfare of the people. Any sort of criticisms from political rivals, independents journalist to his regime are subjected to vindictive responses. Any descent views are falsely associated with “terrorists”, with empty label as disguise to isolate them from society role. In all cases, jackboots tugs are used to transmit the regime order to control and monitor the will of the people. Systematic ethnic cleansing, wide spread tortures of political prisoners, crime against humanity, etc. all are done by regime’s jackboots tugs under direction of TPLF ethno-centric leaders. Torture and murder on the freedom loving people are jackboot tugs of arts, and always done it without remorse. It is obvious the tugs are participating in these disgusting activities, to get the usual crumbs of guresha and are always willing to do anything to give their pathetic lives meaning. At most, in rare case TPLF ethno-centric leaders praise and given them ten minutes of fame based on unconscionable compulsive lies. These fueled the tugs arrogance behaviors but surely it will tip them to their own defeat. At this terrible cost, eventually Ethiopian people will prevail.

TPLF ethno-centric dictatorial regime never seems to learn from past history. From time to time I can see so many hopes faded away even from its own “alliance” that lend talents and skills to keep them on power. All other jackboot tugs who are dancing with the regime are losing ground too. There is an air of tension, the humiliation of the TPLF’s regime head at Camp David on G8 May 2012 meeting, the serious demonstration by Ethiopian Muslim inside country, the Worldwide protest held on Waldeba case are recent few examples. It may very well be that the opposition voice in diaspora is exact reflection of oppressed people in Ethiopia.

It is understood the role of tugs is one of the factor the TPLF dictatorship to continue for so long. Of course, jailing, torturing, and killing naturally the other factor that keeps them on power. The other factors which the diaspora can do in a great deal at minimum is to continue voicing by exerting the pressure at every corner concerning the flow of foreign aid that systematically misused by TPLF ethno-centric leaders for political purpose. Most of independent observers including study done by donor fund and Human Rights Watch Report indicate the aid indeed used to recruit regime’s party membership, to silence the descent voice and for private gains. Fact on the ground shows that the foreign aid to TPLF tyrant regime kept them in power for two decades with more oppressive act, not less. Empowering regime with people expense must be exposed and stopped.

As seen on many world dictators, TPLF ethno-centric leaders and tugs are running wild in stashing money in foreign bank with their relatives’ names. This is a sign of desperation to have it both ways. A spark of social uprising can happen any time. At that time, they are ready to jump ship, as they say. So, the question of succession of TPLF regime is a paramount importance for future of Ethiopia, and to avoid having failing state, we should continue support opposition parties at home and abroad for free Ethiopia in any means we can.

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