Relatives blame ethnic cleansing on Azeb Mesfin By Abebe Gellaw

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Two close relatives of Azeb Mesfin have made damning allegations that she betrayed her roots and played a key role in ethnic cleansing and atrocities committed against the people of Welkait Tegede.

Chalachaw Abay and Goshu Gebru, who are related to Meles Zenaw’s wife on her mother’s and father’s side respectively, said in an exclusive interview with ESAT that she actively facilitated TPLF’s illegal annexation of Welkait Tegede, which was historically part of North Western Gondar. The two condemned their relative for changing her identity from Amhara to being part of the TPLF’s high command that has committed unspeakable crimes, torture, killings and ethnic cleansing against her own people.

Chalachew and Goshu told ESAT that Azeb, whom they referred to as corrupt and greedy, is a highly polarizing figure even within her own family, which has split between her opponents and supporters. The majority of her family members hold Azeb in contempt as a result of her part in the suffering of her own people, they claimed.

According to them, since she joined the mafia group of the TPLF and fell under the spell of Sibehat Nega and Meles Zenawi in late 1970s, she has turned into a monster that wrecked the poor people of Welkait Tegede, who were forcefully annexed and assimilated into Tigray in early 1990s.

“No wonder that Azeb made such a dramatic change of identity having joined the inner circle of Sibehat and Meles, the most crooked people within the TPLF,” Goshu said. He said that tens of thousands of Welkait Tegede’s Amaharas have been tortured, killed, disappeared and were forced into exile.

The two relatives of Ethiopia’s reviled “First Lady” also disclosed that many of her close relatives have disowned her and feel ashamed of her. “At the end of the day, Azeb has committed heinous crimes and must be held accountable,” they said.

Azeb Mefin, widely referred to as the First Lady of Corruption, is a member of the most powerful TPLF group, a nine-member executive committee. Azeb also heads TPLF’s multi-billion dollars business conglomerate, the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray. Azeb is dogged with allegations of corruption, graft and abuse of power since her days as head of Mega Enterprises, which went bust under her leadership.

The fresh allegations of crimes against humanity made by her own relatives will undoubtedly haunt her even after her inevitable departure from the pinnacle of power.

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  1. Alem
    | #1

    What exactly is Abebe wanting to prove here?

  2. gammo
    | #2

    Honour will be restored SOONER OR LATER!

  3. qqarrffa
    | #3

    It has been said right from the beginning that Azeb Gola will stand for a trial along with Meles Zinawi for ultimate judgment being sought for decades.She,undoubtdly equally criminal as her husband Meles Zinawi is.

    By order or compliance,she has participated in looting and ethnic cleansing,knowingly or unknowingly,she is married to the enemy of Ehtiopia,and has been fully participating in committing atrocities and selling off our country to the enemy that Ehtiopians are currently fighting against.

    Truth came out.Azeb Gola is currently a fugitive and is one of the most wanted criminals in Ethiopia along with her notorious murderer Meles Zinawi.It is in the hop that both the criminals,husband and wife will soon be captured in any form and shape and be brought to justice soon.

  4. Chudan
    | #4

    you see guys even to tell lie has its own way but people opposing the ethiopian goverment are simply just you dont want to see the developed and peacefull Ethiopia,because you talk more to get asylum,and you are wantedfor your crime in Ethiopia,u guys after some time I hope will see u in mental hospital,in your area because no body will allow you at our Emanuel mental hospital in Ethiopia to come and disturb peacefull ethiopians,we are still the fastest growing nation in the world,dont ask TPLF,but IMF,WORLD BANK,UN reports,viva meles zenawi we here in USA ARE WITH YOU

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    በምህረትህ የተማረኩ: ቃልህን የሰነቁ ነፍሶች ምንኛ የታደሉ ናቸው?! ሃይልህ በምድርም በሰማይም : በውኑም በጥልቁም ላይ የሰፈነ ነው:: ለቸርነትህ ዳርቻ ለፍቅርህ ወሰን የለውም:: እንደሃሳብህ ለተጉአዙ : ለትዕዛዛትህ ለተገዙ ዘላለማዊ ተስፋቸው አንተ ነህ:: መቼም የማያረጅ የጽድቅን ልብስ ታለብሳቸዋለህ:: ማን ከአንተ ቁጣ ይሸሻል? ማንስ ካንተ ፍርድ ያመልጣል?! ትውልድ ያልፋል: ዘመናት ሁሉ ያረጃሉ: ምድርም እንደአሮጌ ልብስ ታልቃልች:: አንተ ግን ህያው አምላክ ነህ:: እንሆ በጥልቅ ፍቅርህ እየን: በማያልቅ ምህረትህ ጎብኘን: የኛን መመልስ በሚጥብቁ

  6. Chudan
    | #6

    if you want truth post this and let me tell you real facts about Ethiopia

  7. gobbe
    | #7


    the crimes your masters are committing is well recorded and documented and there is a price to pay. all the world knows about it. it will never be forgotten. there cannot have peace without justice , while the issue of the people evicted from their lands and murdered by the woyane thugs remain unanswered.

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    One has to be an evil woman to be attracted and marry an evil ugly man willingly. The two evils deserve each other. Being related to the two wicked subhuman Meles and Azeb is the same as being related to Adolf Hitler. My sympathy and condolences to the hardhearted evil woman Azeb’s parents, siblings, close and distance relatives and most importantly to her children that came out of her evil womb. May the loving God/Allah open Azeb’s eyes and ears to hear the cries and agonies of the hundreds of thousands Ethiopian mothers who have lost their children at the orders of her evil husband Meles and the wicked woman Azeb be haunted day and night by the souls of innocent victims.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    You seem to suffer from mental retardation. You’re simply ignorant that can not distinguish between repression and development.
    Stripping peoples God given rights, stealing the elections twice and Ruling the country with hot iron fist by dividing people in ethnic groups and religion, and robbing the country blind is not what fair minded and well informed Ethiopians call DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT.
    Incarcerating innocent Ethiopians in rat infested woyane prison, torturing and Gunning down innocent Ethiopians is not DEVELOPMENT.
    Evicting and assassinating Ethiopians to give their land to foreign billionaires to grow flowers using Ethiopia’s precious water and soil is not development.
    Letting millions of people go hungry and starve to death is not what sane people call DEVELOPMENT.
    I can go on but it’s a waste of time knowing what kind of idiot and total moron you are. It is because of brainless people like you why bloodthirsty, coldblooded, hateful and evil possessed dictators like Hitler, Meles, and Stalin stay in power to slaughter millions of law abiding innocent people. Shame on you pinhead!

  10. Chudan is denkoro!
  11. nahom
    | #11


    Please poolish your english first to comment.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    If you’ve commented about Chudan’s total ignorance about real democracy, I’ve no disagreement with you. But when it comes to English language most of us struggle to speak and write in polished English. Unless, of course, you grew up in English speaking countries and lucky enough to master the English language. I’ve no doubt, Chudan’s unfortunate comment is well understood by all Ethiopians who visit this website. It’s Chudan’s inexcusable support of the torturer, the mass murderer, the pathological lire, the looter and the wicked heartless dictator Meles that hates Ethiopia/ns who has no respect for our historical sites, supporting the very corrupted man that has given every centimeter of Ethiopia’s only seashore which left Ethiopia landlocked, the atrocious tyrant that has evicted Ethiopians and given their land to his Tigrea province, Sudan and selling our precious land dirty cheap to foreigners…these are some of the things Ethiopians have problems with idiots like Chudan.

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