The 2012 Failed States Index Released: Ethiopia’s ranking reflects deterioration By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

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In its June –July 2012 issue, Foreign Policy magazine has, in collaboration with the Fund for Peace, published the 2012 Failed States Index, the eighth in the series.

This year’s report gives 10 reasons why countries fall apart. It clearly shows that the collapse of a failed state is a process. Countries fail, the report states, “not in an explosion of war and violence but by being utterly unable to take advantage of their society’s huge potential for growth, condemning their citizens to a lifetime of poverty.”

The researchers’ next most important recognition is that Failed States become what they are “because they are ruled by…”extractive” economic institutions, which destroy incentives, discourage innovation, and sap the talent of their citizens by creating a tilted playing field and robbing them of opportunities.”

Jammed between Kenya and Burundi, in the 2012 index Ethiopia is ranked the 17th Failed State. What is striking about this Ethiopia’s latest standing is deterioration of the country’s overall situation from its 2011 ranking, which was 20th.

Deterioration has been noted across several of the 12 metrics. Its identification coded by strong red is interpreted as signifying the country being in a critical situation.

Once again, the number one failed state position is occupied by Somalia.

Hereunder are the 12 metrics by which the condition of a state is assessed. Annotation of what is meant by each of them is also included to enable readers to make their judgements about the data on Ethiopia:

Demographic pressures(↓)

The Fund for Peace defines this as deriving from high population density relative to food supply and other life sustaining resources. Also this situation is characterized group settlement pressures that affect the freedom to participate in common forms of human and physical activity, including economic productivity, travel, social interactions. The resultant situation reflects skewed population distributions, such as a ‘youth or age bulge’, due to divergent rates of population growth among competing communal groups, according to research by the Fund for Peace.

Refugees/IDPs (↓)

This situation reflects the forced uprooting of large communities as a result of random or targeted violence and/or repression, causing food shortages, disease, lack of clean water, land competition, and turmoil that can spiral into larger humanitarian and security problems, both within and between countries, according to the Fund for Peace studies.

Group grievance (↑)

This relates to a history of aggrieved communal groups based on recent or past injustices, which could date back centuries. Such a past reflects patterns of atrocities committed with impunity against communal groups. It also arises, according to the Fund for Peace, form specific groups being singled out by state authorities, or by dominant groups, for persecution or repression. A state with such intentions institutionalizes political exclusion. According to the Fund for Peace, a typical situation that engenders group grievances also allows practice of public scapegoating of groups believed to have acquired wealth, status or power as evidenced in the emergence of “hate” radio, pamphleteering and stereotypical or nationalistic political rhetoric.

Human flight (↓)

The Fund for Peace interprets this as caused by persecution and resulting in “brain drain” of professionals, intellectuals and political dissidents fearing persecution or repression; Voluntary emigration of “the middle class,” particularly economically productive segments of the population, such as entrepreneurs, business people, artisans and traders, due to economic deterioration and the growth of exile communities.

Uneven development (↑)

This relates to: (a) Group-based inequality, or perceived inequality, in education, jobs, and economic status; (b) Group-based impoverishment as measured by poverty levels, infant mortality rates, education levels; and, (c) The rise of communal nationalism based on real or perceived group inequalities.

Economic decline (↑)

By definition of the Fund for Peace, such a situation is characterized by: (a) A pattern of progressive economic decline of the society as a whole as measured by per capita income, GNP, debt, child mortality rates, poverty levels, business failures, and other economic measures; (b) Sudden drop in commodity prices, trade revenue, foreign investment or debt payments; (c) Collapse or devaluation of the national currency; (d) Extreme social hardship imposed by economic austerity programs; (e) Growth of hidden economies, including the drug trade, smuggling, and capital flight; (f) Increase in levels of corruption and illicit transactions among the general populace; (g) Failure of the state to pay salaries of government employees and armed forces or to meet other financial obligations to its citizens, such as pension payments.

Delegitimization of the state (↑)

This occurs, according to the Fund for Peace, when: (a) Massive and endemic corruption or profiteering by ruling elites is reality; (b) Resistance of ruling elites disallow transparency, accountability and political representation; (c) Widespread loss of popular confidence in state institutions and processes common phenomena, e.g., widely boycotted or contested elections, mass public demonstrations, sustained civil disobedience, inability of the state to collect taxes, resistance to military conscription, rise of armed insurgencies; (d) Growth of crime syndicates is linked to ruling elites.

Public services =

This situation is measured by: (a) Disappearance of basic state functions that serve the people, including failure to protect citizens from terrorism and violence and to provide essential services, such as health, education, sanitation, public transportation; and, (b) State apparatus narrows to those agencies that serve the ruling elites, such as the security forces, presidential staff, central bank, diplomatic service, customs and collection agencies.

Human rights (↓)

This, in the views of the Fund for Peace, is a situation characterized by: (a) Emergence of authoritarian, dictatorial or military rule in which constitutional and democratic institutions and processes are suspended or manipulated; (b) Outbreak of politically inspired (as opposed to criminal) violence against innocent civilians; (c) Rising number of political prisoners or dissidents who are denied due process consistent with international norms and practices; (d) Widespread abuse of legal, political and social rights, including those of individuals, groups or cultural institutions (e.g., harassment of the press, politicization of the judiciary, internal use of military for political ends, public repression of political opponents, religious or cultural persecution).

Security apparatus (↓)

This relates to: (a) Emergence of elite or praetorian guards that operate with impunity; (b) Emergence of state-sponsored or state-supported private militias that terrorize political opponents, suspected “enemies,” or civilians seen to be sympathetic to the opposition; (c) Emergence of an “army within an army” that serves the interests of the dominant military or political clique; and, (d) Emergence of rival militias, guerilla forces or private armies in an armed struggle or protracted violent campaigns against state security forces.

Factionalized elites (↑)
This is a situation in which: (a) Fragmentation of ruling elites and state institutions along group lines is observable; and, (b) Use of nationalistic political rhetoric by ruling elites, often in terms of communal irredentism, (e.g., a “greater Serbia”) or of communal solidarity (e.g., “ethnic cleansing” or “defending the faith”) becomes common practice.

External interventions (↓)
This metric deals with: (a) Military or Para-military engagement in the internal affairs of the state at risk by outside armies, states, identity groups or entities that affect the internal balance of power or resolution of the conflict; and, (b) Intervention by donors, especially if there is a tendency towards over-dependence on foreign aid or peacekeeping missions.

Interpretation of symbols:

↓ (deterioration),
↑ (improvement)
= (unchanged)

  1. question
    | #1

    How many contries have actually failed?

  2. freedom
    | #2

    Free Eskinder Nega

    Free Andualem Arage

    Free Bekele Gerba

    Free all political prisoners.

    STOP eviction of poor Ethiopians from their land


    STOP torturing of political prisoners,
    rights for prisoners for visits by third parties


    Down with the woyane fascists and liars

  3. Redone
    | #3

    Nobody has ever heard of this Fund for Peace thing. They even have the audacity to say Kenya is a failed state, what a rubbish. Dear editors, I know you will delete this message, because it does not reflect your views.

  4. Dawi
    | #4

    When you see recent loan packages from USAID in tune of around 600 million, World bank and others offering financing, Bill Gates funding small farmers, the new Chinese Shoes factory making 2000 shoes a day with made in Ethiopia label and Saudi Star & Karaturi farms anticipate surplus food that can make country net exporter makes it seem things are not as bad for a “failed state” at least in economic development arena.

    I don’t know about you, for me such things gives me the Meles Dictatorship has a constructive policy on country development and others are rewarding it with full support because of that.

    I feel the rest of our problems can be fixed with dialog among all Ethiopians.

  5. Nemo
    | #5

    It is unfortunate to see that our beloved nation is the 17th failed state of the world. It looks like there is no progress at all. Is this due to the problems related to the current government or due to existing problems which the country has been suffering from for centuries? Ethiopia could have been the leading economy if the nation had developed the culture of giving and creating opportunities for its citizens. We need totally different ways of life and a more productive culture. The fact is, Ethiopia has been a failed state for generations mainly due to the lack of good governance. What needs to be done? We all need to answer this question not only the government. Unfortunately, we have never had a leader. All we had is a looter, killer, arrogant, and an agent of outside powers. If we wake up, our country will shine once again in the world. God bless Ethiopia!

  6. Neway Wedaju
    | #6

    Selam Dawi,

    There is no dobut in mind that you are a paid aganet of the regime in Ethiopia. How much do you earn for a posting a comment here. Please recruit me if it is good. I am ready to sell my soul to the devil itself like you.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    [[Selam Dawi,

    There is no dobut in mind that you are a paid aganet of the regime in Ethiopia. How much do you earn for a posting a comment here. Please recruit me if it is good. I am ready to sell my soul to the devil itself like you...]]

    It is my humble opinion; I don’t know why you think it is worth any money. I would have preferred you challenge it so that we can all learn. That is more worthwhile to me. If you have been following the other threads my opinion gets trashed all the time and since I don’t consider it to be set in stone, I don’t mind learning from others.

    Talking about payment? If you ask me we should all pay Girum for taking his time and laboring for hours to share his opinion with us. Many times his opinion has more length with quality material & content than the original author we are commenting on. That is exceptional! Thank you Girum!

    BTW, I just read the Obama Admn.. signed $1.54 billion assistance agreement with Ethiopia. How does Meles do it? I will say with or without Meles the present diplomacy should be maintained. I don’t think we should always start from scratch; keeping the good is wise.

  8. Dessalegn
    | #8

    Dawi, you’ve unintentionally shown so much of what is wrong in Ethiopia! Aid, foreign, not local entrepreneurship, and foreign-owned farms! Our economy should be at least partially open to foreigners, but when our ‘highlights’ are foreign-driven, then we know there’s a problem.

    The ‘Meles dictatorship’, like Mengistu’s dictatorship, has killed entrepreneurial spirit in Ethiopia by keeping land nationalized and wrecking the justice system. There are too few successful businesses in Ethiopia, especially in agriculture. The ‘short-term’ mentality prevails. Everyone wants to make a buck today and lose two tomorrow because there is no tomorrow – their land might get taken away. Or their business licence. Or something.

    Our farmers especially have been stunted by the government. They have become like Soviet collective farm workers. No ingenuity, no entrepreneurship, no long term investing. They just sit there waiting for agriculture extension or NGO’s to tell them what to do!

    The Meles/Mengistu era has really harmed Ethiopians. But, alas, with our consent. It is time we wake up and change ourselves and our leaders.

  9. Gotz
    | #9

    TPLF politbureau members and their cheer leader alamoudin have got all the loot. Below that level, there are a few thousand cadres (telalaki) who are thought to be the beneficiaries of the loot. that is what the tplf ‘economic miracle’ is all about

  10. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #10

    What is Dawi’s answer for 21 years rule of tyrany? A person who hates Ethiopia on the helm and destroying the very fabric of the country. Left the country landlocked, selling lands the size of Belgium for arabs, indians and chinese so they could feed their own people while millions are starved to death year in and year out while millions are living in food hand outs from western wheat? The effort conglomerate that is led by the wife of the tyrant. Now Dawi the sold out soul who only think about the survival of such dictatorship for the money that he is paid has no moral authority to lecture about the chinese shoe factory. Shame on you Dawi, you have to look left and right before you side with Ethiopians enemy.

  11. allem
    | #11

    Meles presides over a failed state because he is engaged in destruction rather than construction. the woyane junta spent 99% of their time and their meager budget plotting how they could block internet, skype and destroying the independent press in Ethiopia.

    The woyane junta spend sleepless noights ON PLOTTING DRACONIAN LAWS to

  12. butti
    | #12

    the woyane are actually afraid about the 0.06% internet users in Ethiopia.
    but why are they so afraid when they have ”99.6%” control of their parliament. it only reveals the truth that meles do not have any faith in his dummies in the so called parliament.

  13. ሌባ አይነ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያደርቅ
    | #13

    Thank you for posting it. I am sure the idea is to invite us for discussion and comments.

    In my view, Report does not give main actors and factors which are significant, relevant and important as to why failed-states fail.

    It is biased and incomplete because it does not mention:
    the developed countries leaders, political parties, institutions and elites that are responsible for failure of these states by:

    1. providing legitimacy for the failed state and leaders through recognitions, publicity through their media coverages and lobbying for them;
    2. supporting failed-state financially – loan or aids and othet means
    3. supporting the failed-state institution’s through providing consultancy, advocacy, trainings and selling technologies and arms for suppressing their peoples
    4. investing and making profit through trade and business as privileged partners
    5. assisting them to illegally smuggling out countries wealth and to save it in European banks

    6. Financial institution’s like world bank and IMF are not mentioned for their interventionist policies.

    See the paragraph which clearly failed to put the finger on the problem.

    ‘…The researchers’ next most important recognition is that Failed States become what they are “because they are ruled by…”extractive” economic institutions, which destroy incentives, discourage innovation, and sap the talent of their citizens by creating a tilted playing field and robbing them of opportunities.”…’

    Report fails to point its fingers to main actors in the world politics. Somalia, Afghanistan,… are unable to feed themselves but there is war in these areas. Who supplies these weapons to these countries?

    ለተበደለው በዳዩን አያውቅም ማለት ክስድብ አልፎ ንቀት ነው
    ሌባ አይነ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያደርቅ

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    Dessalegen,Yohannes,allem :

    Mind you , the “democratic” Nigeria ranks 14Th in “failed State” and Kenya 16Th. So enforceable property rights, free information, independent courts, transparent governance supposedly exist there. What is the problem then?

    None of it exist in China today but their economy has opened to foreign investment and domestic entrepreneurs and global FDI is flowing to China in 10Th of billions. Why?

    What the money bags are saying/looking for & are excited about is because in the “China Model” while the economy is open for investment, political control to silence “troublemakers” is fully in place.

    That is the hard fact some of you need to swallow. Global capitalists love stability more than anything else. They don’t care about your little talking “democracy” of elections and what have you. If you have stability they will love to work with you. Meles as a forefront Developmental Economist in Africa has learned that hard fact. And what he is doing is playing the historical role, nothing more in my opinion.

  15. Dawi
    | #15

    The China Model is not for faint-hearted, the formula requires hard work, building administrative capacity all over the country and so on. Because it is difficult chances are many who try the model fail. But, it is by any measure, the fastest route to Democracy.

    The positive aspect many see is as China becomes more market economy it will become more free and democratic. The same can be said of Ethiopia.

    Folks, unless you come up with a faster way of reaching there let us not waste time here and there.


  16. Zerayakob Yared
    | #16

    ቆልዓ ትግራይ ባካሄደው ብረታዊ ትግል, ተደብቆ ተጠቃሚ የሆነው ከዳተኛው ዘመናዊው ፖለቲካዊው ሹምባሽ ክንፎች ተቀላጣፊዎች aka MLLT’ን ተላላኩኝ ሑሕ-እምቡሕ ባይነት, ኢትዮጵያውያን ጥልቀት ባለው መልኩ ውይይት አካሂደው ዘለቄታ ሊኖረው የሚችልና ለህዝብ የሚጠቅም ትልም እንዳይቀይሱ, ሁሉንም የውይይት አይነት ባባሻውላዊው መንፈሰ ድህነት የሚያንሳፍፉትን ባለ ሁለት እግር ው.ችን ለምን ያህል ጊዝያቶች ይሆን መታገስ ያለብን !? ምስክሮች ጥራ የሚል ጣጣ ከተከተለብኝ, ይሄው እዚሁው ከ4-15! They are so boring BANDAS!!! ማሌሊት ከአልባኒያ ጥምቀት ወደ ደደቢት-ጭላ ዋሻዋ በተመለሰችበት ስዓታት እንኳን, በዲያለክቲክ የለርሹ በእምፕሪርዝም-ፖዘቲቭዝም ብቻ ሰዎችን ማሰልቸት እንደማይጠቅም ለይስሙላ ያህል አትታ አልነበርን! ወይንስ ከአትላንታው ወራቶች የፈጀው ለልጆች ሻጭነት የሚያበቃው “ትምህርታዊው” ኮርስ በኋላ, በሰውን ሁሉ አሰልችቸ የስልጣን እድሜዬን አራዘምኩኝ መስመር “ተስተካከልንን”? የተሻለውን ያምጣልን ::

  17. ሌባ አይነ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያደርቅ
    | #17

    ቻይናና ኢትዮጵያን ማመሳሰሉ መሰረቱ ምን ላይ ነው?
    ቴክኖሎጂ ከሌላ ገዝቶ መጠቀምና የሌላ አገርን ፖሊሲ መከተል ፈጽሞ ለየቅል ናቸው
    ከቀዝቃዛው ጦርነት ማግስት የቻይና መሪዎቻ በአውሮፓ ግፊት ከአገር አልወጡም
    ወታደሮቻም ለመገንጠል በሚፈልግ ሃይል አልተተኩም
    ቻይና ጦር መሳሪያ አምራች ናት ስለዚህም በቀላሉ በመሳሪያ ዕቀባ ድባቅ አትመታም
    ቻይናን የመናቅ አስተሳሰባችን ራስን ካለማወቅ የመጣ ፓለቲካ በሽታ ነው

  18. Oda Tulu
    | #18

    #15 Dawi: You have been told time and again that respect for universal human rights is the fastest way to full-fledged democracy. Inclusivity in the process of national policy-making is indispensable to that end. As things stand now, the minority Tigre tribe dictates our lives completely and absolutely. The Maoist example of development is not one to emulate in the 21st century; there is absolutely no need to kill millions in order to implement a disastrous policy. Individuals today demand that their consent is required on how much to consume today and how much to save for development. They are asking why their freedom is curtailed by the diktat of a ruthless minority regime.

  19. zatiffa
    | #19

    In a lawless regime like Zinawi’s,there is no gurantee for the wellbeing of citizens as the system is running by mafia group.Look how the regime is shaking to its core when Zinawi’s ill-health come into light;additionally,citizens are on the move gathering momentum to topple the regime,although needs a fairly huge uprisal.All these are the indication of a failed state;what else?

    When one takes a pause and observes what is going on inside the regime,
    the system is vulenerable to being crushed no matter how Zinawians attempt to lubricate the near break up old system.

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    What can I say about people like you who do not have a moral campus that supports the very man that is responsible for the deaths of millions. One death is too many, let alone millions innocent Ethiopians who have been slaughtered, shipped to be slaves, evicted from their land and killed in order to hand their land to Arabs and Indians and a tyrant that left Ethiopia landlocked, a wicked heartless evil man that has worse evil mentality and heart than Hitler. Tyrant Meles and his wicked wife Azeb are in it to loot the country by dividing Ethiopians in ethnic groups and religions to make it easier for them and the rest of his TPLF thugs to rob the country. A brutal dictator who is responsible for incarcerating and torturing unknown number of Ethiopians, selling Ethiopia’s fertile land, selling Ethiopian girls and small children in millions and so on… In my opinion, so far in this world, no one compares to the Devil possessed evil man Meles. It is heartbreaking to know that there are more people out there like Dawi who support the Godless evil man despicable dictator Meles. Shame on you all who lack good judgment that translate the crimes of the brutal hateful subhuman dictator Meles and his criminal thugs as development. I hope and pray people like Dawi get haunted for eternity by the souls of countless number of innocent Ethiopian victims and by the cries and agony of Ethiopian parents who have lost their children by the hands of Agazi Army.

  21. stekle
    | #21

    Important facts. The chines leaders are nationalist, the Ethiopian ‘leaders’ are tribalist and the chines never sold their land to foreigners.
    There is no hope of Ethiopia becoming china under this tribal junta.

  22. ጋሽ ከፍያለው አለኝ ጥያቄ?
    | #22

    ያቀረብክው ረፖርት በተመለከተ የራስህ አስተያየት አለመስጠትህ
    1. ምክንያትህ ምንድነው?
    2. የሌላን ሰው ረፖርት አቅርበህ እንዳ አንድ ብሎገር ወይም ጸሐፊ የራስህ አስተያየት አለመኖር በቂ አለመሆኑን ስተህ ነው?
    3. ሪፖርቱ ትክክል ነው ማለትህ ነው?
    4. ሪፖርቱን አንዳለ እንድንቀበል ፈልገህ ነው?
    5. ረፖርቱን እንዳል እንድንቀበል ከሆነ ያንተ አቅራቢነት የነሱ ተወካይ ነህ ማለት ነው?

    ሪፖርቱ በእነ ዕይታ
    ለኢትዮ. መንግስትና መሪ የሚደረገውን ድጋፍ
    ማለትም የፋይናንስና ቴክንካል በዓለም ፊት ህጋዊ እውቅ መስጠትና ተቀባይነት እንዲያገኝ የዳበሩት አገሮች የሚያደርጉት ጥረት
    ሁሉ ጥፋቱ የነሱ እንጂ የሌላ አለመሆኑን መናገር አልቻለም.

    ለምሳሌ ዝነኞች ሳይቀሩ የፖሊቲካ ድርጅትና አገር መሪዎች የታወቁ ዲታዎች ዩኒቨርስቲዎችና ምሁሮቻቸው ዓለም አቀፍ ድርጅቶች ለመለስና መንግስቱ ብቻ ድጋፍ እየሰጡ
    እንዴት ይህ ሪፖርት የነዚህ ሰዎች ስራ ተባባሪ አካል ነው ብለህ አልተቸህም?
    ቦብ ጊልዶፍ የመሳሰሉ ተደማጭነት ያላቸውና ዝና ያላቸው ሰው መለሰን ሙሉ በሙሉ ሲደግፉ
    ቶኒ ብሌርን የመሰለ ብሪትሽ መሪን መለስን ሲደግፉ
    ቢል ጌትን የመሰል ዲታ ለመለስ አድናቆት ሲሰጥና ኢንቨስት ሊያደርግ ሲነሳሳ
    ሪፖርቱ የነዚሁ አገሮች ሌላው እጃቸው ነው ለምን አላልክም?
    መለሰና መንግስት በሩን ለዳበሩ አገሮች የበለጠ ክፈቱልን ከማለት ያለፈ ሪፖርት አይደለም

    በተረፈ የነዚህን የመሳሰሉ ሪፖርቶች የራሳቸው ፓለቲካ ባህልና የበላይነት እንጂ ከአፍሪካው አንጻር አይናገሩም
    የኛ ምሁሮች የነሱን ሪፖርቶች እንዳለ እንደ ዕውነትና ትክክለኛ መረጃ አርገን እንድንቀበል እንደደላላ መስራት ነው እላለሁ

    ብዙዎቻችሁ አስተያየታችሁ የመለሰ መንግስት የውጩን ፍላጎት ለማሳካት እንዲችል ድጋፍ ማግኘቱን እየራስን የመጣ ይመስላል
    ስለዚህም መለስ ላይ ብቻ ትችታሁ ይጎርፋል
    ገንዘቡንና ቴክንካል ድጋፍ ሰጪውን በቀጥታ ለመተቸት ትፈራላችሁ

    እውነት ተናገሮ መሸትበት ማደር ድሮ ቀረ!!!!

  23. ጋሽ ከፍያለው አለኝ ጥያቄ?
    | #23

    ሪፖርቱ የሚለው አፍሪካውያን ራሳቸውን ማስተዳደርና መምራት የማይችሉ በሙስና የተዘፈቁ ናቸው ህግ አክባሪነት የማያውቁ የሰው ልጅ መብት የማያከብሩ ነው የሚለው
    እውነቱ ግን ሕግ እንዳይኖር ሙስና እንዲስፋፋ ጦርነትና ቀውስ እንዲፈጠር በገንዘብና ቴክኖሎጂ ርዳት ህጋዊ ባልሆነ መንገድ ህጋዊነት ለሌለው ድርጅቶች ይረዳሉ

  24. Muse Debela
    | #24

    The Tigrayan using the alias or pseudo name Dawi is vomiting the lies of his ethnic leader, the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia is a failed state because the ethnic fascist TPLF are looting and running a mafia kind economy and business.

  25. Dawi
    | #25

    Anonymous says:

    [[..What can I say about people like you who do not have a moral campus that supports the very man ..]]

    Say that to Gates, Clinton, Obama and others?? if you will, they have the resources to know better than any of us before they endorse the system. Why blame me for having some faith in them than in you [no body!] , in doing some thorough investigation before they fully support the government of Ethiopia?

  26. Girum
    | #26

    አሁን ባለንበት ዘመናችን ውስጥ እጅግ ትልቅ ስራ እየሆነ እየመጣ ያለው የሰዎችን ስነ-ልቦናና ስሜት(Psychological and Emotional State) በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ መቆጣጠርና ለአንድ ለታቀደ ነገር ማዘጋጀት ነው፡፡It is called psychological and emotional controlling through psychological and emotional conditioning. It is also mind control.አሁን እየሰማነው ያለነውም የ “Failed-State”ነገር “ሊበሏት ያሰቧትን አሞራ ስሟን ጅግራ ይሏታል” አይነት ነው፡፡ማለትም ይህ ሟርት የአንዳንድ ሃይሎችን ድብቅ ውስጣዊ ስሜትና ፍላጎት ጭምር የሚናገር ነው፡፡በእርግጥ አሜሪካም አንድ ወቅት “Failed-State” ልትሆን የምትችልበት ሁኔታ ይፈጠራል ተብሎ ስለተሰጋ ይህ እንዳይሆን አስቀድሞ ለመጠንቀቅ በቡሽ ዘመን 2001 አካባቢ የPatriot Act በኮንግረስ በኩል ህግ ሆኖ እንደረቀቀና እንደፀደቀ ሊታወቅ ይገባል፡፡ማለትም በቅዱስ መፅሀፍ ማንም የቆመ ቢመስለውና ቢታበይም ቅሉ ግን እንዳይወድቅ ይጠንቀቅ እንዳለው ማለት ነው፡፡ነገር ግን ኢትዮጵያ በፈጣሪ ቸርነትና ጥበቃ ይህ አይነት ሟርት ተግባራዊ አይሆንባትም፡፡ስለዚህም ኢትዮጵያ ይህ አይነት ሟርት ተግባራዊ የሚሆንባት የፈጣሪ ፍቃድ ከሆነና እኛም ይህ እንዲሆን ዝም ብለን እጃችንን አጣጥፈን ከተቀመጥን ወይንም ይህ እንዲሆን ዋና ተባባሪ ወይንም ተዋናይ ከሆንን ብቻ ነው፡፡በንጉሱ ሃይለስላሴ ዘመን በጣሊያን ወረራ እኮ ለተወሰነ ወቅት መንግስት አልነበረም፡፡ነገር ግን ኢትዮጵያ ያንንም ፈተና አልፋለች፡፡በእርግጥ አሁን በዘመነ ግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ጥልቀትና ስፋት ያለው ዘርፈ ብዙ ማህበራዊ ኢኮኖሚያዊና ፖለቲካዊ ቀውስ የተነሳ(ቀውሱ ለብዙሃኑ ለድሃው ህዝብ ነው ጥቂቱ የካፒታሊስት ልሂቃንማ ብዙሃኑን ህዝብ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በዝብዘውትና ዘርፈውት እነሱ በታሪክ ያልታየ የሀብት ጣሪያ ላይ ናቸው) የተነሳ አጠቃላይ አለም አቀፋዊ እየተብላላ ያለ ህዝባዊ ነውጥ እንዳለ ለመረዳት ይቻላል፡፡And that is why we see the emergence of “Occupy Movement” even in developed nations and the West also.ይህ አይነት አለም አቀፋዊ ቀውሱም ጥቂት የካፒታሊስቱ ልሂቃን የራሳቸውን ሃይልና ህልውና ለማጠናከር ሆነኝ ብለው በፈጠሩት መዘዝ የተነሳ ነው፡፡Following the end of cold-war ,collapse of USSR and the temporary failure of Socialism then Global Capitalism, through its neo-Liberal policies, has been systematically consolidating its power globally for the last 20 years to a new phase. To the contrary the mass is gradually and systematically getting impoverished globally. So there is a potential trapped magma of global civil mass that arises from lack of trust on the system and the ensuing resentment and unrest. So the issue of Failed-state is also closely related to this pervasive but malfunctioning global social order and not only related to the local governance at the national level.በእርግጥ የኢትዮጵያን ጉዳይ በሚመለከት አቶ መለስ አስቀድመው እራሳቸው ከሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ ጋር በማመሳሰል ለራሳቸው ፖለቲካ በሚመቻቸው መንገድ ሲተረጉሙትና ሲጠቀሙበት እንደነበረ የሚታወስ ነገር ነው፡፡ይኸውም በአንድ በኩል ከደርግ መውደቅና ስልጣን መልቀቅ በኋላ አንዳንድ ሃይሎች ኢትዮጵያ እንደ ሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ ትሆናለች ቢሉም ቅሉ ግን በእኔና በአገዛዜ ብልህና ቆራጥ አመራር ኢትዮጵያን እንደተሟረተባት አልሆነችም ሲሉን ነበር፡፡በስተኋላ ደግሞ የአገዛዛቸው የስልጣን ዘመን አደጋ ላይ መውደቅ ሲጀመር ደግሞ እኔ ከሌለሁኝ እንደ ሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ የመበታተን አደጋ ይገጥመናል የሚል ተዘዋዋሪ ፕሮፖጋንዳዎችን ማዛመት እንደጀመሩ የታወቃል፡፡ይህ የአሁኑ የፀሃፊው መርዶ ቅኔም ምናልባት የአቶ መለስ/ወያኔን አገዛዝ ዘመን ፈተና ውስጥ መውደቅና እየተባባሰ ያለውን ዘርፈ ብዙ ውጥረቱን ተከትሎ መለስ/ወያኔ ከሌሉ የሚጠብቀን ይህ ነው የሚል አንደምታ ያለው ነገር እንደሆነ እንዳይመስል ያስፈራል፡፡በእርግጥ ኢትዮጵያ በመለስ/ወያኔ የዘመኑ ብሄር ብሄረሰብ ነጠላ ዜማ እንደ ዱብእዳ ከሰማይ ወርዳ አልተፈጠረችም እንደዚሁም ደግሞ በተመሳሳይ መንገድ በተቃራኒው እንደ ዱብእዳ ልትጠፋ አትችልም፡፡ምናልባት ሞኝ እሱ የተፈጠረ እለት አለም የተፈጠረች ይመስለዋል እንደዚሁም እሱ ሲጠፋም አለም አብራ የምትጠፋ ይመስለዋል አይነት ካለሆነ በስተቀር የመለስ/ወያኔ የኢትዮጵያን ህልውናና መፃኢ እድል ከራሳቸው ህልውና ጋር በእጅጉ በማቆራኘት እራሳቸውን በዚህ አይነት የነገሩ Center Of Universe የማድረግ አባዜ ከዚህ እንዳይመነጭ ያሰጋል፡፡አሁን የምናየው የተሸሻለው መኪና አውሮፕላን ኮምፕዩተር ሞባይል ወዘተ አይነት የሳይንስና የቴክኖሎጂ ውጤት ሁሉ የብዙ ሰዎች እልህ አስጨራሽ የአእምሮና የጥረት ድምር ውጤት ነው እንጂ በአንድ ጀንበር የተፈጠረ ነገር አይደለም፡፡ነገር ግን አሁን ያሉት መሀንዲሶችም ሆኑ ሳይንቶስቶች በቀድሞው ላይ ተመርኩዘው ስለሆነ ነገሮችን ያሻሻሉት አንዳቸውም የቀድሞውን የፈጠራ ስራ ከማድነቅ ውጪ እንደማይረባ ነገር አያጣጥሉትም፡፡ሀገርም የተፈጠረውና የተመሰረተው በተመሳሳይ መንገድ ነው፡፡እነመለስም ይህንን ነባራዊ እውነታና የሰውን ልጅ ዳይናሚዝም የመቀበል ግዴታ ያለባቸው ይመስለኛል፡፡ምናልባትም የኋላው ከሌለ የፊቱ የለም ተብሎ በታዋቂው ቴዲ አፍሮ የተዘፈነውም ድንቅ አባባል ይህንን የሚያስታውስ ይመስለኛል፡፡የሰለጠነውም አለም አጠቃላይ አካሄድ ይህንን በመቀበል ላይ የተመሰረተ ጭምር ይመስለኛል፡፡መለስ/ወያኔ ቴዎድሮስ ዮህንስ ምኒልክ ሃይለስላሴ የፈጠሩትንና የመሰረቱትን ኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያዊነት አይስማማንም በእኛው ዘመነኛ ቅኝት አዲስ ኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ፈጥረን አዲስ ታሪክ እነሰራለን ማለት አቶ መለስ ለምን አባቴ አቶ ዜናዊ ፈጠሩኝ ብሎ የመሞገት ያህል ነው የሚሆነው፡፡መለስ አዲስ ታሪክ መስራት የሚችሉት እንደሚወራው በትክክልም በቀናነት አባይን በመገደብ ከሆነ (ይህ ደስ ይለናል እሰየው) ይህንን ማድረግና የራሳቸውን አዲስ ታሪክ በዘመናችን ባለው የታሪክ መዝገብ ላይ ማስቀመጥ ይችላሉ፡፡
    መለስ ምኒልክ ቤተ-መንግስት በሃይል ቢሆን ሲገቡ ህዝቡ የተወሰነ መጠነኛ ጥርጣሬ ቢኖርበትም ቅሉ ግን እምቢ አልገዛም ብሎ አላመፀባቸውም፡፡ችግሩ ግን መለስ/ወያኔ ደርግን በዚህም በዚያም ብለው ከስልጣን አስወግደው ምኒልክ ቤተ-መንግስት ሲገቡ ሃላፊነት እንደሚሰማው አገዛዝ በመልካም አስተዳደር ስሜት ሀገርንና ህዝብን ከማስተዳደር ይልቅ ሀገሪቱንና ህዝቡን ምርኮና ግዳይ እንደጣለ ምርኮኛና ግዞተኛ(A prize for trophy) መቁጠራቸው ነው፡፡ላለፉት 21 ዓመታትና አሁን እየተንቀሳቀሱበት ያለው አጠቃላይ ሃላፊነት የጎደለው አካሄድ ይህንን ውስጣዊ ደካማነታቸውን የሚያጋልጥ ነገር ነው፡፡While they are the real failure(Their failure outweighs the failure of the mass) what they want to depict is that Ethiopia Ethiopiawinet are such a doomed failure.እኛ ከሌለን ኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያዊነት አይቀጥሉም አይነት እሳቤም በእርግጥ አሁን እየታየ ካለው የሁኔታው ፈታኝነት አንፃር ሲታይ ግን ሊመስል ይችላል፡፡ነገር ግን ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያዊነትና ኢትዮጵያውያን ይህ አይነት ፈተና ሲገጥማቸው ነው ለዘላለም አብረው የኖሩትና ፈተናውንም በፈጣሪ ቸርነት ጭምር አሸንፈው ለመቀጠል የቻሉት፡፡የሶማሊያ ላለፉት 20 ዓመታት ያህል በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ሆነኝ ተብሎ መንግስት አልባ እንድትሆን መደረግ በቀጣይ የኢትዮጵያ እጣ ፈንታ ላይ ምን አይነት ተፅእኖ ሊያሳድር እንደሚችል እኮ የተወሰነ አመላካች ነገር ነው፡፡አለም አቀፍ የካፒታሊስት ልሂቃኑ በቁጥጥር ስር የሚከናወን አለም አቀፍ ዘርፈ ብዙ ቀውስ(Controlled Chaos or Shock and awe) እንዲፈጠር ሲያደርጉ በተከታይ ደግሞ ይህንን ክስተት በመከተል የሚከሰተውን Failed State Terminology እና ለዚህም የሚያስፈልጉትን ቅድመ-ሁኔታዎችን ዝርዝር ጭምር እያዘጋጁልን መሆኑ የሚገርም ነገር ነው፡፡የኤርትራ መገንጠልም ሆነ የሱዳን ለሁለት መከፈል በምስራቅ አፍሪካ ላሉት ለህዝቡና ለሀገራቱ የተወራውን ሰላምና መረጋጋት አላመጣም፡፡እንደ መለስ/ወያኔ ኢሳያስ/ሻእብያ ወዘተ ያሉትን የየአካባቢውን ቅጥረኛ ልሂቃን በመጠቀም እየተፈጠረ ያለውም ይህ አይነት ሆነኝ ተብሎ ቀውስ የመፍጠርና ከዚያም ይህንን ቀውስ ተከትሎ የሚፈፀመው የመገነጣጠል አካሄድ (Balkanization) በዋናነት የባእዳን ሃይሎችን ፍላጎትና ህልውና ለማስጠበቅ እንጂ የህዝቡን ፍላጎትና ህልውና ያማከለ አይደለም፡፡ታዳጊው አለም የእርስ በርስ መናከስ ግጭትና ከዚያም የመበታተን አደጋ ውስጥ እንዲገባ የሚደረገው ቅድመ-ሁኔታዎችን በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በማመቻቸት ነው፡፡ከዚህም አንዱ ቅድመ ሁኔታ ቅድሚያ ህዝቡ በጎሳና የሃይማኖት ፖለቲካ እንዲታመስና እርስ በርስ እንዲናከስና ከዚያም እንዲገዳደል በማድረግ ነው፡፡ሌላው ደግሞ ህዝቡ እንደ IMF እና World Bank አይነት አለም አቀፍ ስም ያላቸው የምእራብ ሀገራት (በዋናነት አሜሪካና እንግሊዝ)የፋይናንስ ተቋማት የሚሰጡትን የኒዎ-ሊበራል ፖሊሲ SAP(Structural Adjustment Programs) በሚባል የኢኮኖሚ ሜዲሲን አማካኝነት የሀገሪቱና የህዝቡ አንጡራ ሀብት እንዲዘረፍና እንዲመዘበር በማድረግ ብዙሃኑን እጅግ የከፋ የድህነት አረንቋ ውስጥ እንዲዛብቅና በዚህም የተነሳ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ቀውስ ከዚያ ማህበራዊ ቀውስ ከዚያ ደግሞ ፖለቲካዊ ቀውስ እንዲፈጠር በማድረግ ነው፡፡ዳቦ በቅጡ መብላት ያልቻለና በርሃብ ጠኔ የሚሰቃይ ህዝብ ከሙሉ የሰውነት ክብሩ ቀስ በቀስ ወደ እንስሳነት ስለሚቀየር ደመ-ነፍሱን መንቀሳቀስ ነው የሚጀምረው፡፡ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያለው ሁኔታ ደግሞ አለው በሚባለው እየዘረፈ ሀብታም በሆነውም ዘንድ ሆነ ሀገሩን ተቀምቶ እየተዘረፈና እየደኸየ ባለው በድሃው ዘንድ ያለው ይህ የመቅበዝበዝ ባህሪ ያለው ደመ-ነፍሳዊ እንቅስቃሴ ነው፡፡Then if Peoples are then led to such unstable mental state and emotional state then what follows is conflict and chaos mainly driven by our subconscious for survival. This is usually evolutionary human dynamism.መለስ/ወያኔ እንደ ቅጥረኛ ሆነኝ ብለው እየፈጠሩ ያሉተም ነገር ይህ አይነት የከፋ ቀውስ እንዲፈጠር ነው፡፡በዚህ ፈታኝ ወቅት ደግሞ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ እጅግ የረዳው ነገር በፈጣሪው አማኝ የመሆኑ ምስጢር ነው፡፡ስለዚህም መለስ/ወያኔ ኢትዮጵያ እንደ ሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ አልሆነችም ሲሉ ቅኔው በአንድ በኩል እኛ ስልጣን ላይ ስላለን በእኛ በሳል አመራር ይህ ሊሆን አልቻለም ነገር ግን ከስልጣን ስንለቅ ይህ ይሆናልና እኛን አትንኩን እንደፈለግን እንግዛችሁ ነው፡፡ነገር ግን መለስ/ወያኔ ሳያውቁትም ሆነ አውቀውት በተዘዋዋሪ እየነገሩን ያሉት ሌላው ቅኔ ደግሞ እኛ ኢትዮጵያ በሂደት እንደ ሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ እንድትሆን በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ እየሰራን ነው ስለዚህም ልክ ስልጣናችንን ስንለቅ ይህንን ያዳፈነውን እሳት(Pandora-Box) እንዲያያዝና እንዲፈነዳ እንዳርገዋለን አይነት ነው፡፡ምክንያቱም መለስ/ወያኔ ኢትዮጵያ በሂደት እንደ ሶማሊያና ዩጎዝላቭያ አንዳትሆን ሳይሆን በተቃራኒው እንድትሆን በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ እየሰሩ ካልሆነ በስተቀር እንዴት እነሱ ስልጣን ሲለቁ ይህንን ተከትሎ ይህ አይነት ቀውስ ሊመጣ ይችላል?
    When there is a concept of Failed-State then there is no sovereign Nation-State and then what most probably follows is R2P (Responsibility-To-Protect).And what follows this globally accustomed R2P trend is then Global-Governance. And the heinous agenda behind Failed-State is R2P and then Global-Governance or what we call is neo-colonialism.መለስ ላለፉት 21 ዓመታት በተለይም የምርጫ 97 ተከትሎ ህዝቡ በባእድ አገዛዝ የተገዛ እስኪመስለው ድረስ የዘመናዊ የእጅ አዙር ቅኝ አገዛዝን ነው ተግባራዊ እያደረጉ ያሉት፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ልክ አውራ እንደሌለው ንብ ወይንም እረኛ እንደሌለውና አውሬ እየዘነጣጠለ እንደሚበላው የበግ መንጋ ነው የሆነው፡፡በኢትዮጵያውያን ላይ ከእለት እለት እጅግ እየተባባሰ የመጣው አፈናው ማሸማቀቁ አንገት መድፋቱ እስሩ ግድያው ርሃቡ በታሪክ ያልታየው የኑሮ ውድነቱ የመሬት ባለቤትነት መገሰስ የገበሬው ከመሬት መፈናቀልና በተቃራኒው ለባእድ መስጠትና ይህንንም ተከትሎ ያለው አጠቃላይ ስደቱ ስናይ በእርግጥም ኢትዮጵያ Failed-State እንድትባል የሚገፋፋ ነው፡፡
    ስልጣን ላይ ያለው አገዛዝ ቀናኢነትና ሃላፊነት እንደሚሰማው አገዛዝ ሳይሆን ሀገሪቱንና ህዝቡን ለመዝረፍና ሀብት ለማካበት ብቻ ባለ እይታ ልክ እንደ ተራ ቢዝነስ መስሪያ ነው የቆጠራት፡፡ይህም አሳዛኝና አሳፋሪ ነገር የመነጨው ደርግን ከስልጣን መጣል(በባእዳን ሃይሎች ዋና ድጋፍ ጭምር መሆኑ ሳይረሳ ማለት ነው) ብቻ በራሱ በሀገሪቱና ህዝቦቿ አጠቃላይ መፃኢ እድል ላይ የበላይ አራጊ ፈጣሪ ለመሆን የይለፍ ፈቃድ እንዳገኙ ከመቁጠር ነው፡፡የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ደግሞ ይህ አይነት መጥፎ ነገር የተደገሰለት መሆኑን ቢያውቅ ኖሮ መለስ/ወያኔ ቤተ-መንግስት እንዲገቡም ሆነ ከገቡ በኋላ ተረጋግተው ሀገር እንዲገዙ ባልፈቀደ ነበር፡፡እርግጠኛ ነኝ ወታደሩም መሳሪያውን በቀላሉ አያስረክብም ነበር፡፡በእርግጥ የፈሰሰ ውሃ አይታፈስም ነው አሁን የሆነው ሆኗል፡፡ትልቁ ነገር ኢትዮጵያውያን ከታሪክ ምን ተምረናል ነው ዋናው ቁምነገሩ፡፡ግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ብዙዎቻችን እንደምናስበው በሊበራል-ዲሞክራሲና በሊበራል-ኢኮኖሚ ተረት-ተረት ቲዎሪ ብቻ የሚመራ ስርዓት አይደለም፡፡እንደ ስርዓት ይህ ስርዓት ሆነኝ ተብሎ ከሚፈጠር ቀውስ ጭምር ማትረፍና ህልውናውን ፍላጎቱንና ደህንነቱን ማስጠበቅና ማስቀጠል የሚፈልግ ነው፡፡ብዙዎቹ የ3ኛው ዓለም ሀገራት የውስጥ አለመግባባት የእርስ በርስ ግጭቶችና አለመረጋጋቶች እንደዚሁም በነፃ-አውጪነት ስም የሚደረጉ የተለያዩ ጦርነቶች ከግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም አለም አቀፍ ኩባንያዎችና እነዚህን ተመርኩዞ ካለ ከተፈጥሮ ሀብት ምዝበራ ጋርና ይህንን ምዝበራ በአስተማማኝ ለማስቀጠል ከታለመ ውስብስብ የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ ጂኦ-ፖለቲክስ ጋር በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ የተያያዙ ናቸው፡፡የኤርትራ መገንጠልም በፍፁም የህዝቡ የነፃነት ስሜት ላይ ብቻ የተመረኮዘ አለምሆኑንና ከበስተጀርባም ድብቅ ሴራና ተንኮል እንዳለውም የምናውቀው ጥቂት ህዝብና የቆዳ ስፋት ያላት ኤርትራ ብዙ ህዝብና የቆዳ ስፋት ካላት ከእናት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ ስትገነጠል ኢትዮጵያ የባህር በር ሆነኝ ተብሎ እንድታጣ መሆኑ አንድ ትልቅ አስረጂ ነገር ነው፡፡ይህ የባር በር በሻጥር መንፈግም ዋና አላማውም ኢትዮጵያን ቀስ በቀስ በሂደት በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በተለያየ አቅጣጫ ማዳከምና ከዚያም መበታተን እንደሆነ ያሳያል፡፡እነሆ ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያ ለባህር በር በየአመቱ እስከ 700 ሚሊዮን ዶላር ያለአግባብ ትገፈግፋለች፡፡አሁን ላለው ለእቃዎች ዋጋ መናርም የወደብ አገልግሎት አንዱ ዋና አስተዋፅኦ አለው፡፡በእርግጥ አሁን ያለው አይነት በታሪክ ያልታየ የኑሮ ውድነት ዋና መንስኤው በአንድ በኩል የመለስ/ወያኔ የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ የ “ስልጣናችንን ሳንለቅ አሁኑኑ በቶሎ የቻልነውን ያህል እንዝረፍ” ዋና የዝርፊያ አካልና ህዝብንም በዚህ አሰቃይቶ ከፍተኛ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ማህበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ቀውስና አለመረጋጋት በመፍጠር ሀገሪቱ እንድትበታተንና እንደ ሶማሊያ የለየላት “Failed State” እንድትሆን ሁኔታዎችን ለማመቻቸት የታቀደ ይመስላል፡፡የቀዝቃዛውን ጦርነት ማክተም የታላቋን ሶቭዬት ህብረት መፈራረስና የሶሻሊዝምን መውደቅ ተከትሎ የመእራባውያኑ ቀጣይ ዋና ቀንደኛ ኢላማ የሆነችው ዩጎዝላቭያ እንድትፈራርስ ሲደረግ አንዱ ዋና ቅድመ-ሁኔታ የተመቻቸው እንደ አይ.ኤም.ኤፍ አይነት ባሉ አለም አቀፍ የፋይናንስ ተቋማት አማካኝነት ሀገሪቱ ልትወጣው የማትችለው የእዳ ትብታብና የኢኮኖሚ ቀውስ ውስጥ እንድትገባ በማድረግ ይህ የኢኮኖሚ ቀውስ ቀጣይ ማህበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ቀውስ እንዲፈጥር ሆኖ ነው፡፡
    በተለይም ወሳኝ የሆኑትን ምግብና ነዳጅ ነገሮችን ከውጪ በውጪ ምንዛሪ የሚያስመጣ ሀገር በዚህ የውጪ ምንዛሪ እጥረት እንዲሰቃይና ውስጣዊ አለመረጋጋት ውስጥ እንዲገባ ነው የሚደረገው፡፡
    ሃላፊነት በጎደላቸው የመንግስት አመራሮች የተነሳ ሀገራት ሆነኝ ተብሎ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የእዳ ትብታብ(Web Of Debt) ውስጥ እንዲገቡ በማድረግ ጥቂቶች ሀብት እንዲያከማቹ ማድረግና በተቃራኒው ደግሞ ህዝቡ የእዳው ትብታብ ያመጣው መዘዝ ዋና ገፈት ቀማሽ እንዲሆን ማድረግ አንዱ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም መለያ እየሆነ ነው የመጣው፡፡ከዚህ በመነጨም ለኢትዮጵያ ላለፉት 21 ዓመታት ከጎረፈው ብድርና እርዳታ ዋና ተጠቃሚው መለስ/ወያኔ ሲሆኑ ይህ ብድርና እርዳታ የሚያመጣው መዘዝ(There is no free lunch as such and hence there is no as such free donation with out any consequential expectations) ግን የሚተርፈው ለተቀረው ህዝብ ነው፡፡ለዚህም ነው ካፒታሊዝም በብዙሃኑ ስቃይ ለጥቂቶች የሚያተርፍ ስርዓት ነው የሚባለው፡፡አንድ አገዛዝ ለእርዳታና ብድር ክፉኛ ጥገኛ ከሆነ በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ ወዶም ሆነ ተገዶ ይህ አገዛዝ የሀገሪቱንና የህዝቡን በሄራዊ ጥቅምና ህልውና ለባእዳን ሃይሎችና አለም አቀፍ ኩባንያዎች ፍላጎትና አላማ አሳልፎ እንዲሰጥ በሂደት ይደረጋል፡፡ስለዚህም የኢትዮጵያም ላለፉት 21 ዓመታት ያህል ተገኘ የተባለው እድገት አንደኛ እድገቱ በዋናነት ለጥቂት የስርዓቱ ኪራይ ሰብሳቢዎች የሚጠቅም ሲሆን ሁለተኛ እድገቱ በብድርና በእርዳታ ጥገኝነት ላይ የተመሰረተ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ይህ ከውጪ የሚገኝ እርዳታና ብድር ሲቀር መላው ሀገሪቱ አጠቃላይ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ማህበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ አለመረጋጋትና ቀውስ ውስጥ ነው የምትገባው፡፡ገበሬው ገበያና ኤክስፖርት መር ምርት አምርት እየተባለ የሀገሪቱ እራስን በምግብ እህል ለመቻል የሚያስችለው ስርዓት እንዲፋለስ ነው የተደረገው፡፡ከዚህ በመነጨም እራሱን በምግብ እህል ያልቻለ ሀገርና ህዝብ በሂደት Failed-State ነው የሚሆነው፡፡እንዲያውም ጭራሽ የሀገሪቱ የግብርና ምርት ሁሉ ከህዝቡ ጎሮሮ እየተነጠቀ ወደ ውጪ ነው የሚላከው፡፡እንግዲህ መለስ/ወያኔ አዲስ አባባ ውስጥና መቀሌ ፎቅ የሚገነቡትና አደግን የሚሉን በዚህ አይነት የህዝብ ስቃይ ውጤት ጭምር ነው፡፡መለስ/ወያኔ የሀገሪቱን አጠቃላይ ኢኮኖሚና ሀብት ሁሉ በሞኖፖል ለመቆጣጠር ካላቸው ስር የሰደደ ስግብግብነት የተነሳ ኢኮኖሚው ከሚሸከመው አቅም በላይ ገንዘብ በድብቅ እያተሙ በራሳቸው መንገድ እያዘዋወሩ “Asset-Grab” እያካሄዱና የተቀረውን ከእነሱ ስብስብ ውጪ የለውን ህዝብ በሂደት ከኢኮኖሚው እንቅስቃሴ እያገለሉትና እያደኸዩት ነው፡፡እጅግ ብዙ ገንዘብን በውጭ ምንዛሪ ወደ ውጪ ባንኮች ለማስቀመጥም የብርን የምንዛሪ ዋጋ ማሳጣትና ማሽመድመድንም ግድ እንዲሆን አደረገው፡፡ለስለላና ለደህንነት ለወሬ አቀባይ ለታማኝ ፖለቲከኛ ወዘተ አይነት ጥቅማጥቅም ተብሎ ምንም የአምራችነት ስራ ለማይሰራው ጥገኛ ተህዋስ(None-Productive) ሁሉ በቢሊዮኖች ብር ገንዘብ ለመክፈልም የግድ ብርን ከሚገባው በላይ ማተምና ማሰራጨት ግድ እንዲሆንያደርገዋል፡፡መለስ የቁጥር ቁማር እየሰሩ ኢኮኖሚው አደገ ለማስባል ሲባል ጭምር የገንዘብ ስርጭትን እንደ ዋና የኢኮኖሚ መገለጫ በመቁጠር በየአመቱ እየጨመረ በመሄድ የሚያዘው በጀት ከነባራዊው ሁኔታ ጋር የሚጣጣን አይደለም፡፡የብር ዋጋ ማጣትም(Inflation) አንዱ ከዚህ የመነጨ ነው፡፡የሀገሪቱን ኢኮኖሚ ሁኔታም እጅግ የተለየና ውስብስብ የሚያደረገው ደግሞ በአንድነት የAsset Price እንደዚሁም የConsumable Commodity Price ጭምር በአንድነት እንደ ጥይት እየተተኮሰ ማሻቀቡ ነው፡፡ይህ የሚያሳየው ደግሞ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የሀገሪቱ ኢኮኖሚ ፈፅሞ አደገኛ በሆነ በዘረፋ ላይ የተመሰረተ በኪራይ ሰብሳቢነትና በጥገኝነት ላይ የተመረኮዘ በመሆኑ ፈፅሞ አጠቃላይ ቀውስ ውስጥ የተዘፈቀ ጤናማ እንዳልሆነና በተለመደው የኢኮኖሚክስ ህግም ጭምር ለመመርመር በራሱ ፈፅሞ አስቸጋሪ እንደሆነ ነው፡፡And the main cause of this all economic mess is that one of the very heinous aims of Meles/TPLF is to aggressively and systematically loot the nation and then accumulate wealth in such unprecedented scale.
    ለመለስ/ወያኔ የውጪ ምንዛሪ ማግኛነት ጭምር በታለመ አካሄድ ሴቶቻችን በታሪክ ታይቶ በማይታወቅ ሁኔታ ለአረብ ሀገር ግርድና በዘመናዊ ባርነት በገፍ ሲጓዙና እዚያም አረብ ሀገራት የኢትዮጵያ ኢምባሲዎች በራፍ ጭምር እንደ ከብት እየተጎተቱ የስብእና ክብራቸው ተዋርዶ ሲደበደቡ ሲታይና ለዚህም ተቆርቋሪ ሃይ ባይ መንግስት ሲጠፋ በእርግጥም ሀገሪቱ ከFailed-State በተጨማሪም በዘመናዊ ቅጥረኛነት አገዘዝ ስር ዘመናዊ የእጅ አዙር ቅኝ ግዛት (Surrogate Neo-Colonialism) ውስጥ እንዳለች አመላካች ነገር ነው፡፡ኢትዮጵያና ህዝቦቿ በዘመነ ቅኝ ግዛት በፈጣሪ ቸርነት ጭምር ተዘላና ተከብራ መኖሯ ያንገበገባቸውና ቂም የያዙ ባእዳን ሃሎች ዛሬ ይህንን በራሱ ማንነት የሚተማመንና የሚኮራ ህዝብ አንገቱን ለማስደፋትና ለማሸማቀቅ መለስ/ወያኔ የሚባለውን ቅጥረኛ ሃይል በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በተዘዋዋሪ እየተጠቀሙ እንደሆነ መረዳት አለብን፡፡ከዚህ በመነጨም ትውልዱ ከዘመነ ቅኝ ግዛት በአባቶቹ መስዋእትነትና ጥበቃ ጭምር የቆየለትን ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነቱ እንዲጠፋበትና በባእድ መጤ ነገር ሁሉ ፈፅሞ እንዲደነዝዝ እየተደረገ ነው፡፡መለስ/ወያኔ ለዚህ ትውልድ የሰጡት ትልቁ ዲሞክራሲ ይህንን በፈቃደኝነት የራስን ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነት የመካድ የማዳከምና የማጥፋትን ስራና ወደ ውጪ ሀገራት መሰደድን ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ዛሬ ዘመናዊ የእጅ አዙር ቅኝ አገዛዝ ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ተግባራዊ እየሆነ ያለው እንደ ጥንቱ ጣሊያን መድፍ ታንክና አውሮፕላን በማዘመትና በወረራ ሳይሆን በዚህ አይነት የረቀቀና የተቀነባረ የመለስ/ወያኔ ቅጥረኝነት አማካኝነት ነው፡፡ብዙዎቻችን እስከ ቅርብ ጊዜ ድረስ በዚህች ሀገር ላይ ምን አይነት እጅግ አደገኛ የሆነ የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ ነገር እየተፈጠረ እንደሆነ ፈፅሞ አልተረዳንም፡፡So in the essence or knowledge of secular conventional criteria and wisdom well indeed the nation is an already failed-state. And well indeed what we are surviving as nation is through the patronage and blessing of almighty God. And indeed for this vital cause of Almighty God then indeed we shall never become a failed-state as long as the blessing and patronage of God is with us.We Ethiopian live not only through bread but also mainly through our faith in almighty God.በእርግጥም ይህ የመለስ/ወያኔ የጉድ ዘመን ለኢትዮጵያ ለኢትዮጵያዊነትና ለኢትዮጵያውን እጅግ ትልቅ ታሪካዊ የፈተና ወቅት ነው፡፡ለጠላትህ ጉድጓድ ስትቆፍር አርቀህ አትቆፍር ማን ቀድሞ እንዲገባበት አታውቅምና እንዲሉ መለስ/ወያኔ ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያዊነትንና ለኢትዮጵያውንን በሂደት ለማዳከም ለማጥፋትና ለመቅበር ከባእዳን ሃይሎች ጋር በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ እየተንቀሳቀሱ ብዙ እርቀት ሄደው ብዙ እርቀት ጉድጓድ እንደቆፈሩ ይታወቃል፡፡ነገር ግን ምናልባትም የራሳቸው እኩይ ስራቸው እራሳቸውን መልሶ ጠልፎ በመጣል የቆፈሩት ጉድጓድ ውስጥ እነሱው ሊገቡበት ይችሉ ይመስለኛል፡፡So The sabotage will be a Failed-Sabotage but Ethiopia shall survive and flourish the curse of being doomed to a Failed-State scenario. Ethiopia shall fail or survive for the main cause of the good will of Almighty God.ለማንኛውም ይህ አንደይሆን ከፈጣሪ እርዳታ ጋር ጭምር ጠንክረን እንስራ፡፡ምክንያቱም ኤድሞንድ ብሩክ “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do noting.” እንዳለው ነውና፡፡

    God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  27. Zerayakob Yared
    | #27


    “please do not take offense by what I said. I was not intending to tarnish the good deeds of the heroic men and women of the original TPLF. I am talking about the highjacked and privatized looting machine still retaining the good name of the TPLF. It is disgusting to see the name I knew associated with heroism and justice throughout my childhood end up being associated with looting, lying, murder, all sorts of disgusting activities.”

    ወልደየሱስ እንዳለው!

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    Oda Tulu

    As I said to aha on another thread the “China Model” is “not your father’s Oldsmobile”!! :-)

    {{..where the premise is not supported/does not agree with the conclusion…}}

    Let us not be stucked on “premise”, the “China model” is not the old Mao Zedong communist program; that is gone in China itself my Friend. So what ever TPLF was (Maoist/Hoxa, narrow nationalist or something) is gone today. My assertion is, as in what you see in China today tomorrow’s Ethiopia is going to be better living standard for the masses.

    We are talking about business making profit by walking hand in hand with government.

    China outperforms the average country in its income class on most major indicators of human rights and well-being, with the notable exception of civil and political rights.

    Why can’t we do same? It becomes even more fascinating if as Meles promised, adds “Democracy” in the mix.

  29. ጉረኞች
    | #29

    What kind of wisdom do you think you have when almost all the discussants didn’t see anything good in the midget dictator Meles you have the only ultimate insight to tell the reader — the only way out for Ethiopia is to worship a man whose objective proved to be destroying a nation? You are repeating the same mantra of China model, no new idea is coming from you. Well, China is not Ethiopia, Chinese are not Ethiopians, Hu Jinato is not the midget Meles either. End of story. So it is very clear, you are in the business of building cult for the dictator, that might work fine for cadres not for other citizens.

  30. Dawi
    | #30

    ጉረኞች said:

    [[..What kind of wisdom do you think you have when almost all the discussants didn’t see anything good in the midget dictator Meles...]]

    You’re saying the majority don’t like it. That is the problem with “Democracy”? :-) Things can’t be done right.

    The “midget” learned a lot of the stuff including “China Model” on the job & you want to throw it all out & start from scratch?

    I think Meles is a reformist. Similar to capitalist roader of China Teng Hsiao-ping. The old guards of TPLF/EPLF/EPRP/OLF don’t like him but, he is salvaging what is left of the aftermath of the squabbles of the “Left” into a newer model of transformation. Others have to help or come up with better alternative.

    I think Girum’s idea of third alternative is probably something in the middle if he only takes the “Hail Mary” out of it. :-)

    I don’t think you like that either – because you want someone like G7 to “arm struggle” for you. Not right and not fair buddy!

  31. Anonymous
    | #31

    It is obvious that tyrant Meles is not the only one that has a heart of stone and zero conscience. The brutal dictator wouldn’t have stayed in power for more than two decades, if it weren’t for people like Dawi who support and go around to find an excuse after another for inexcusable horrific crimes the coldblooded killer dictator and the rest of his TPLF trained killers have been committing on innocent Ethiopians for the last 21 miserable years. An individual has to have the same evil mentality and a cold heart in order to support a world known pathological liar, looter, a slave trader, a traitor and a mass murderer. SHAME, SHAME on you all who support one of the worlds brutal dictators the Adolf Hitler of Ethiopia called tyrant Meles Setanawi.

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