Who jailed Eskinder and the rest? By Yilma Bekele

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The headlines screamed ‘Ethiopian court convicts 24 of terrorism charges’. As usual it was a misleading and incorrect statement. There is no such animal called Ethiopian court. There is a TPLF controlled judicial arrangement in Ethiopia. Prime Minster Meles and his politburo are the directors behind the scene of this farce. For the last twenty-one years they have been using the power of the state to marginalize, terrorize, demean and undermine the Ethiopian citizen. We are so used to their bullying the average Ethiopian does not even dwell on it. We make that peculiar noise with our lips you know that hissing sound and move on.

Our brothers Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage, Wubshet Taye our sister Reyot Alemu and the others whose names are not publicized were convicted for exercising their right to speak and write freely. They only used their voice and their choice of weapon was the pen and paper. There was no evidence to show otherwise. Ato Eskinder has the audacity to speculate the chance of Arab Spring migrating to Ethiopia. Ato Andualem was simply trying to organize and recruit people to his legally recognized party. Reyot and Wubshet were doing their job as journalist and reporter. In any other country this is a normal and routine kind of job. But we are not like any other country or any other people. Our Ethiopia has always been different. Not only we got strange and bizarre leaders but we also have a different breed of people.

Yes we are different both inside Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. A vast majority of us have decided to accept shame as normal behavior and we even celebrate it loudly and wear it with pride. We victimize each other our country and people and we are the first ones to holler foul. It is done so much and so often it is becoming a little boring. I am afraid we have lost any semblance of respect for our selves and what is sad is others are losing respect for both victim and victimizer. They deserve each other is what comes to mind.

Asians have this philosophy referred to as Ying and Yang to describe how opposites are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Nothing is totally ying or totally yang. Female and male, dark and light, cold and hot, water and fire are manifestations of yin and yang. ‘Just as the state of yin is reached yang begins to grow. Ying contains seed of yang and vice versa. They constantly transform each other. The classics state ‘ying creates yang and yang activates ying’. I am afraid that philosophy is not true in our country. Our ying and yang are not in balance. The harmonious change envisioned in the philosophy has gone haywire when it comes to us. Too much of one is bound to weaken and consume the other. That is happening in our society. This phenomenon is so clearly manifested in the Ethiopian Diaspora community.

Let us start with our yearly soccer tournament. It is such a beautiful and positive activity that it has energized our community for the last twenty-five years or more. It should be our pride and a showcase of how much good we can do when we work together. Unfortunately it is also the other side of us where a few can use this positive energy for negative purpose. Those that have been leading the organization have been using the proceeds as cash cow and also as a vehicle to undermine our unity and sell our country to the highest bidder. We let them do that. We see, we hear but we choose to be silent. We have this notion that ignoring bad deed will make it go away.

Thus the Ethiopian Soccer Federation in North America (ESFNA) governing body at long last voted to start fresh and reform this rogue outfit. Of course those who are so used to working behind the scene in the dark were not willing to go silently. They were taken to a real court that ordered to cease and deceit from using the name of the organization and also answer a few question regarding finances and book keeping. What did they do? They went to their sugar daddy and applied for welfare. The same person that is fully integrated with that other rogue outfit called the TPLF supposedly gave them $2 million US to carry out their mission of dividing us and setting us against each other. They, like their father and mentor Meles Zenawi do not believe in self-imitative but run to the nearest welfare donor to get their funding. He sells our land, borrow in our name and steals in consort with his friends, sells our daughters to Middle East degenerates and ours in the US squander their payment in renting stadium to entertain the rich and greedy. Money can buy you anything including entertainers that got their start from the Diaspora but now serve a new master to undermine their benefactors. Definitely Ying and yang are not in harmony or in balance.

If we look at our Church in exile it is something to be proud of. It is a place where our rich culture and ancient religion is celebrated like never before. It is a place where our fathers and mothers in exile find peace and happiness and every week and mentally transport themselves to that place they call home. It is a place where our children learn how social we are and how we respect and value our culture and country. It is such a beautiful feeling to see our children come in front of the congregation when they graduate from high school to be blessed by the priest and proudly inform us their choice of college. Then we have the troublemakers in every city and town. Their mission is to disrupt and divide us. There is no church spared from these prince’s of darkness that scheme behind the scene and attempt to take over the leadership. If that does not succeed they have no qualms in waging a relentless war to undermine and weaken and disparage all those that stand between them and their evil scheme. Our city is going thru such a painful process and it is sad to see families and friends in turmoil. Most of us allow them to do that by our silence and apathy. It is another instance ying and yang are not in harmony.

If you notice closely there is a close correlation between these two groups. If one has to draw a psychological profile we find both exhibit what is known as passive aggressive behavior, they are usually involved in what is called shady kind of business here in the US where they swindle large amounts of cash from their employers, they are low key and frequent visitors to Addis, upon their return they pretend to be anti Woyane but qualify it by talking about all the progress in buildings and roads, they have no qualms in taking their family and friends on the ponzi scheme of investing in stolen land to construct ground plus condominiums that take for ever to finish and double in cost. They are always inserted in key Ethiopian organizations like Churches, community centers or opposition party organizations where they could do the most damage in a stealth manner.

What our Woyane warriors are using on us is a scientific method Biologists use to fight insects and other pests that threaten both humans and animals. They utilize what is known as ‘Sterile insect technique’. This method of biological control works by releasing millions of sterile or genetically modified insects in the general population thus disrupting the normal reproduction cycle. Woyane releases these sterile human agents to create havoc among us.

A few days ago we had a fund raising activity for ESAT and also celebrate Ato Abebe’s heroic stand for his people and country by exposing the tyrant in front of his enablers and the whole world. There was no question a vast majority of our people was empowered by his action. There are most certainly over ten thousand Ethiopians in the Bay area where the event was held. Less than two hundred brave souls showed up to help raise fund to make ESAT a powerful force in the struggle against tyranny. A good amount was collected from those who came. We are happy and grateful. But I find it odd that out of all these country and freedom loving folks only a handful showed up. Why do you think it is so?

They all seem to harbor negative feelings against the TPLF regime. It is odd to meet some one that would speak favorably regarding the actions of the dictator or his polices. Every Starbucks and every coffee house is full of these talkers parsing the actions of the TPLF party. How come they don’t take the next logical step, which is to help bring this ugly regime to its knees? Why is there such a wide gulf between talk and action? Here is what President Obama said on his visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Washington a few months back speaking of the victims of nazi horror:

He said “Let us tell our children not only how they died, but also how they lived—as fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters who loved hoped and dreamed just like us — we must tell our children about how this evil was allowed to happen – because so many people succumbed to their darkest instincts, and because so many others stood silent – We must tell our children. But more than that, we must teach them. Because remembrance without resolve is a hollow gesture. Awareness without action changes nothing. In this sense, “never again” is a challenge to us all—to pause and to look within.”

‘Awareness without action changes noting’ is the key phrase and that is what is escaping us. That is so many of us talk but are unable to move beyond that. We kid ourselves or we expect someone else to do the job for us. Is that why when Kinijit kicked Woyane’s ass so many people were pushing each other to get to the center of the action? We had a visitor to our church from Canada. Abune Michael of Calgary gave a memorable sermon a few Sundays back. What stuck in my mind was his saying ‘meswatenet yelelew emnet’ or belief without sacrifice I believe that is ying without yang.

Fear not all is not lost. We also have our Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA). They are celebrating their second anniversary from July 27-29 in Washington DC. Last years event with Judge Bertukan Mideksa was a huge success. This is one venue where our flag fly high our culture is celebrated with all its diversity and our history is told with all its glory. It is a family affair and our young ones and children are given the respect and attention they deserve. The March 2012 Adwa Victory celebration organized by EHSNA gave our ancestors gallant effort the highest honor reserved for such Herculean deed. We salute the organizers for shining a bright light on our accomplishments as people in this time of doom and gloom. This is one organization that is trying to bring balance between our yin and yang. We can see perfect harmony between the opposites.

Each one of us is faced with a choice. We can be carriers of change or we can follow the path of destruction. Change does not happen without effort. Those that are hell bent in bullying and dividing us are not going to leave voluntarily. No one willingly gives up his privileged position. It has never happened. They are unable or unwilling to see the freedom train coming at them at full speed. That is what happened to Mubarak, Gadaffi faithfully believed his people loved him and we see Assad for some reason thinking that he can save himself and his clan by killing all Syrians if necessary. Dictators are a rare breed of people. Meles honestly believes he can last a while longer. Locked in his palace surrounded by his yes men reading his own review and watching his one channel TV he is intoxicated by his own lies. Twenty-one years is a long time to be isolated from normal people. It is possible to create ones own make believe world.

How come we see Libya, Egypt, Yemen and now Syria and do not learn? How come we do not work a little harder to avoid such catastrophe? Why do we allow Eskinder, Andualem and all the other fellow Ethiopians pay the price on our behalf? How come we are unable to say no and show outrage at such act of injustice by a handful of people? Do you think Meles jailed our brothers and sister or do you think we allowed him to do such ugly deed due to our indifference and apathy? Is the blame on the dictator or on the vast majority that lets him gets away with this criminal act? I am sure we are all disgusted with this farce of jailing people for life because they spoke what the regime does not approve of. What is next, to go to prison accused of bad thought? Why not the dictator has no incentive not to follow that route. He knows we will take it silently. Didn’t we when Professor Asrat was denied medical treatment, when Asefa Maru was gunned down, when Judge Bertukan was jailed twice, when Gambella was sold, when our children are left to die in the jungles of Central Africa and their bodies scatted on the highways of Tanzania and the waters of Lake Malawi or Gulf of Aden? Yes no question about it we are responsible for the jailing of Eskinder and all the rest. Frankly I am bored and tired of shifting the blame.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    The problem is the self declared opposition where totally dominated by single tribe (Amhara tribe), this the main reason Ethiopias majority/non Amhara Ethiopians (Oromo,Tigreans,gambelas,sidamas,harrer) do not join the amhara tribal club/do not serve mono tribe agenda.

  2. Tekle
    | #2

    Ato Yilma!!

    You keep forgetting that the law that these individuals allegedly violate is not something that was decreed by one individual but rather passed by 99.9% of members of the parliament. You should remember that all members of the parliament were elected with 99.6% popular vote. It was proven and certified by all independent observers. So what is the problem? They broke a written law of the land approved by 99.6 of the people and they will face the consequences. But still they have the chance to go home after serving time. In my last comment here I brought up an excellent idea how you can help these individual get a chance to go home and I really think it is a good idea. Our benevolent Prime Minister have effectively and successfully brought back from the dead one of our golden but forgotten traditions. It is called ‘Dej Tinaat’. Instead of wasting your time hitting the pavement for nothing, you should form an ad-hoc committee of able individuals who are familiar about this valuable tradition and begin ‘dej tinaating’ the good office of our magnanimous Prime Minister asking for mercy for the prisoners. Once the individuals contrite and promise the Ethiopian people that they will not violate the law ever again, they may have the chance to go home to their families. Otherwise, we should all forget about them and go back to our daily chores.

  3. Kaddis
    | #3

    Ato Yilma –
    how come people to come to ESAT fundrasing when you promote a church praising a political activist in front of Mekdes? Even the Derg who was officialy anti-religion dared to preach politics inside a church. I personaly could not believe my eyes…

    You again condemn the state medias as one sided to later create ESAT? When is the last time they covered simple realities of Ethiopia?
    My humble advise to you – take one of he flights to Ethiopia and see what’s up. Then you will sound relevant. You are stuck with your knowledge of the Ethiopia of 30 years ago.

  4. እግዜር ይርዳን
    | #4

    Question to Tekle and Anonymous:

    Why Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Bill Gate, Bob Gildof, and other rich, famous and powerful people support only one party and its leader, Meles for the last 20 years?

  5. Aba Guda
    | #5

    Tekle, is there any humanity left in your soul?

  6. Newayu
    | #6

    Then if did drink it we will hail him
    as a hero and put him in the books of
    ethiopian history and heroes who died
    for justice.
    And if don’t he is a scum con Artist
    and will jail him for the rest of his
    life to pay for all his deceits and lies.

  7. wallelign
    | #7

    SOCRATES ???
    Now that Eskindir is testing our
    democracy by the book of PLATO and
    SOCRATES we also have to test him if
    he will drink the “Tsiwa”like Socrates
    for truth and justice.

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    Anonymous #1,
    How pathetic! You poor misguided child! Only woyanes like you try to divide Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religion by using your old tactics blaming one ethnic group to another. Great leaders try their earnest to bring people together, but your kinds believe in divide and rule mentality so you can rule the country with iron-fist and rob the country blind. Once again you and the likes of you are making a total fool of yourselves. For the last 22 years it is your devil possessed master and his TPLF thugs who have been looting the country and have been killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians in every part of Ethiopia.
    Listen moron: for the last 22 years your evil possessed master Meles has taken away Ethiopians’ God given rights of freedom of speech and press, left Ethiopia landlocked, controlled the entire government of Ethiopia with his selective heartless TPLF criminals, robbing Ethiopia blind, selling Ethiopia’s virgin fertile land to Arabs and Indians, has been evicting hundreds of thousands Ethiopians in the East, West, North and south of Ethiopia without any kind of compensation, incarcerating Ethiopians, torturing Ethiopians, slaughtering Ethiopians in every Ethiopian province, selling more than a million young Christian Ethiopian girls to serve Arabs, he has allowed small Ethiopian children to be used as profit by TPLF, Ethiopians have been gunned down in every province in Ethiopia…
    #1, obviously, you are indeed a confused little child who doesn’t know the difference between apple and oranges and no understanding of how you and your master have been hated by all Ethiopians, including our sensible Tigrean brothers and sister. Being a pathological liar, ruthless, a professional thief, a corrupted politician, a coldblooded killer with zero conscience, a remorseless and a heartless torturer are the qualities for inhumane satanic brutal dictators which tyrant Meles is and over qualified for.

  9. ለምለም
    | #9

    ‘ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ!’
    “የጌታንም ድምፅ። ማንን እልካለሁ? ማንስ ይሄድልናል? ሲል ሰማሁ። እኔም። እነሆኝ፥ እኔን ላከኝ አልሁ።” (ትንቢተ ኢሳይያስ ምዕራፍ 6 ቁጥር 8
    እኔ እነቴን ተውኝ እንደ ተረ ተረት፤
    ነገር ግን መልእክቴን እንደቀላል ነገር
    በከንቱ አትጣሉት።
    መንደሩ አገሩ በሆነበት አህጉር፤
    እስኪ ልውሰዳችሁ
    ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ምድር።
    የተፈጥሮ እልቂት ሲመጣ አይቻለሁ
    አንበጣ ሢወረን እንደ ዓውሎ ነፋስ
    እህል ቀጠል ሳይለይ ፈጽሞ ሲጨርስ፤
    በልቶ ሲያበቃ ግን በሞት ሲደመሰስ።
    ጥፋቱ ቢበዛም ትንሽ ትልቅ ሣይል
    እኔ አይቻለሁ ሕዝብ ተረባርቦ ወገኑን ሲመግብ፤
    ነግ ለኔሳ ብሎ በፍጹም ሳያስብ።
    የኔ መልእክት ይህ ነው
    እንደዚያ ኢሳይያስ አምላክ ያስታወቀኝ
    ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    ኢትዮጵያን ሲያዛባት ቀኑ የሱ መስሎት፤
    ይመከር ይገሰጽ
    በቆፈረው ጉድጓድ እንዳይገባ ድንገት።
    ወፏ ስትል ሰማሁ መንደሩ አገሩ በሆነበት አህጉር
    ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    እጅግ ይከበራል በአዲስ አበባ አገር።
    ለምግብም ቢገዛ ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ፤
    ወዮለት ታዛቤም ጸጥ ብሎ የሚተኛ።
    እንደሻው አዳነ ደግሞ እንደመላኩ
    ጎንደሬ ነኝ ብሎ ፈረደ በዓንዱኣለም፤
    ፈጣሪ አስታውቆኛል
    እንደሻው አዳነ ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    ይሁዳ ነው እንጅ ክርስቶስ አይደለም።
    ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    ኢትዮጵያን ሲያዛባት ቀኑ የሱ መስሎት፤
    ይመከር ይገሰጽ
    በቆፈረው ጉድጓድ እንዳይገባ ድንገት።
    አገሪ ኢትዮጵያ ምን ግዛት አቋቋምሽ፤
    መሪት ላራሽ ብለው
    ለእልቂት ያጋለጡሽ?
    ዓምላክን አይፈራ ወይ ባህል አይገታው
    ወንድም ወገን ሳይለይ
    በዱር በገደሉ ሲገል የለመደው፤
    ከፈረንጅ በቀር ወገን እየጠላ ፍርሃትን ያዘለው
    ከራባትን ሲለብስ ስልጣኔ መሰለው።
    እንደሻው አዳነ ደግሞ እንደመላኩ
    ጎንደሬ ነኝ ብሎ ፈረደ በዓንዱኣለም፤
    ፈጣሪ ነግሮኛል
    እንደሻው አዳነ ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    ይሁዳ ነው እንጅ ክርስቶስ አይደለም።
    ፍርደ ገምድል ዳኛ
    ኢትዮጵያን ሲያዛባት ቀኑ የሱ መስሎት፤
    ይመከር ይገሰጽ
    በቆፈረው ጉድጓድ እንዳይገባ ድንገት።
    © ለምለም ጸጋው; July 3, 2012
    በኢትዮጵያ ምድር ያለአገባብ ተፈርዶባቸው በእስር ቤት ለሚማቅቁ
    ሁሉ ለማስታወሻ የተጻፈ

  10. Ibsa
    | #10

    The fascist and racist Meles Zenawi has enacted a series of laws to punish his politica opponents and those with different and dissenting views. His harsh and discriminatory treatment of the Oromos and other non-Tigrayans show that Meles Zenawi is a barbaric man who has hailed from the barren land of Tigray. The Tigrayan fascists and racists defending the atrocities of their fascist leader Meles Zenaw should know that Ethiopians will pursue and seek justice after the fall of the TPLF regime. They can not hide in Tigray and avoid justice.

  11. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #11

    This is a great article with a number of serious and honest evaluation of our huge problem in the person of Meles Zenawi and his political orgnaization. Yilma Bekele has done us a great service articulating and questioning why we are so neutered as members of a great nation and are not responding or proacting to counter what really boils down to one single individuals tyranny over us. Consider these great questions asked by Yilma: “How come we see Libya, Egypt, Yemen and now Syria and do not learn? How come we do not work a little harder to avoid such catastrophe? Why do we allow Eskinder, Andualem and all the other fellow Ethiopians pay the price on our behalf? How come we are unable to say no and show outrage at such act of injustice by a handful of people? Do you think Meles jailed our brothers and sister or do you think we allowed him to do such ugly deed due to our indifference and apathy?”

    Let us not keep blaming those who are destroying us, let us take action and be responsible for our ówn future. Thank you Yilma Bekele for facing us with our shortcomings.
    Tecola W. Hagos

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    Yemiserach peace loving Ethiopians! Inquane abro desealen:: One of the most hateful subhuman that has the blood of countless number of innocent Ethiopians and Somalians is on his last days to take a journey to Hell to burn for eternity. Hehehehehehe! A must read:

    | #13

    the west need this b/c they do not want strong developed and democratic ethiopia. if the trut democracy come to ethiopia the west will lose all what they are lotting. so the west need all democratic jornalist must sillent or in prison. becouse of that they do not want say something meles regim. god bless mama ethiopia.

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    God bless mama Ethiopia, Amen! But, it should be noted that the only ones that are killing innocent Ethiopians and looting the country blind are the ruthless tyrant Meles and his armed TPLF mafia thieves.

  15. እግዜር ይርዳን
    | #15

    All dand invest dictators steal the wealth’s of their countries or hide it in the banks of developed countries. Market is there!!
    In return, Developed countries’ leaders and business people assist dictators by giving legitimacy, recognitions, consultancy, trainings, loans and aids.

    We should ask Who benefits from dictatorship?

  16. እግዜር ይርዳን
    | #16

    Without exception, all dictators steal the wealth’s of their countries and invest or hide it in developed countries. Market is there!!

    In return, Developed countries’ leaders and business people assist dictators by giving legitimacy, recognitions, consultancy, trainings, loans and aids.

    It is up to us to ask: Who benefits from dictatorship?

  17. እግዜር ይርዳን
    | #17

    listen to the discussion:


  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    Woyanes don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side; I don’t want your idol Meles to die very soon, no sir! I want you guys to enjoy the master of all your deeds and the very man that taught you how to divide Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religion, how to be a pathological liar, how to loot and kill innocent people and most of all how to sell the countries fertile land, Ethiopian girls as slaves, how to make money by selling Ethiopian orphans, etc…So, for these reasons alone, I don’t wish Meles nothing, but to stay on his death bed for a long time to think and reflect what he has taught you, and what he has done for most of his adult life to Ethiopia and millions of innocent Ethiopians. May Meles stay on his death bed and feel everything he has done to each of his victims, to millions Ethiopians, Somalis and innocent Ertrean Ethiopians. Praise the merfiful and loving God/Allah.

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