Response to Samuel M. Gebru By Rosa Abadir

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Your reckless attack on Abebe Gelaw as well as your approach to justify the ruthless crimes of Meles Zenawi and his criminal group in the name of professional journalist’s dogma reminds me those few Nazi’s intellectuals’ relentless crusade to portray Hitler as saint and defend his unspeakable crime.

I just read your article “Abebe Gelaw only Embarrassed Himself” ( on Nazareth website last night, though it has been a few weeks since you wrote. Nonetheless, I still wanted to challenge your hollow debacle as I feel like I’m obliged to response to the most ill-informed youth like you who is simply misinforming himself and unable to see the center errors created by the master mind criminal leaders of Meles Zenawi & his gangs. Undeniably, your entire hotchpotch never touches down any point. It is this defect of mind that made you think your tribal mastermind criminal Meles Zenawi deserves a reward just because he appears on the G8 summit to receive his check in the name of poor & devastated Ethiopians; without looking into his daily crimes. As a result, you tend to underestimate not only the bravery action taken by Abebe Gelaw but also the entire Ethiopians particularly those concerned Ethiopians who have been publicly condemning the crimes that is committed by Meles Zenawi regime for the last two decades. Apparently, your relentless lie and fabrication does not have any impact to those who have tormented and terrorized by the Meles Zenawi ethno-apartheid rulers.

Indeed, your cultish type statement about Abebe Gelaw and other oppressed Ethiopians who are opposing your tribal ethno-apartheid leader seems very laughable and shows how much you are demoralizing Ethiopians and writing this tall and disgusting story to justify the crimes that is committed by Meles Zenawi and his racist criminal TPLF group. And I know why you are doing it so. It is because your mastermind tribal criminal leaders Meles/Sebhat striped your freaking childish mind as they are outstanding crafty liars. They did it adequately. As a result, I have never seen you before writing a single sentence to criticize the enormous crimes that is being committed by Meles Zenawi and his TPLF group for the last 20 years instead you didn’t have any shame to attack the victims (Abebe Gelaw) as if he is immature & unprofessional which is of course boring and disgusting. Let alone the other crimes committed by Zenawi and his savage TPLF evil group for the last 20 years, even recently your tribal chief Meles Zenawi has jailed enormous oppositions as well as journalists and labeled them as terrorist and sentenced them up to life in prison, including Reyot Alemu, Andwalem Arage, Eskinder Nega and other several innocent Ethiopians who criticized his tribal wrong deeds.

However, have you ever written a single word to complain the improper imprisonment of these innocent Ethiopians? Have you ever challenged Zenwai’s professionalism in arresting & torturing innocent Ethiopians? Obviously, prior to their last imprisonment, these individuals including Eskinder Nega, Andwalem Arage and others have been jailed multiple times. And unfortunately, as I am writing this piece to you I just discovered that your tribal warlord Meles Zenawi has sentenced them from 10 years up to life in prison. Do you believe this action is appropriate? Unless, you are deceived by your myth feeding leader (Zenawi) and accepting their charges as true, there is no way a rational mind would spend his time & energy in bombarding the wounded (Abebe Gelaw) and admiring the perpetrator( Zenawi). And I bet your heart knows these innocent brave Ethiopians, didn’t commit any other crimes except adore their nation and are selfless, and stood for democracy and Ethiopiawinet. If there is any crime, the only thing that they committed is that they stood opposite to dictatorship, racial politics, and ridicule democracy. They did their duty as they rejected the tribal dogma of Meles Zenawi as same as many million Ethiopians who unanimously rejected the TPLF tribal dogma.

In addition, you tried to undermine Abebe Gelaw’s exposal of your tribal leader in front of the global community as if his intention was to “disrupted the forum”, which was childish & imprudent. However obviously it was far from that instead you exposed your own inept & incompetency behavior. I think you are upset because your tribal chief leader Meles Zenawi was exposed in front of the international community. You sound like a dying monster screaming loud to be heard, but unfortunately no one is interested to save a monster, as it has so many bloods in his hand. I am sure; if you were honest you would blame those who forced Ethiopians to face endless misery and suffering. Anyway, it is a joke to imagine & expect that a horde of narrow TPLF members as well as their blind sympathizers like you who are unable to think further than their village have the power to pass reasonable judgment and give unbiased reaction to the genuine Ethiopians who reject their tribal dogma.

Your other deficiency is that you stated that “Dr. Shah of USAID essentially told Mr. Abebe to shut up and called security on him (see video time 03:32:01).” Unlike to your falsified report, Dr. Shah said “we heard your point” and then he called up security as he has never used the term “shut-up” as you falsely claimed. You do not have any shame to put such kind of statement, at least you failed to be faithful to present the video as it was to the minimum let alone you had the gut to criticize Zenawi’s criminal deeds. Furthermore your tribal chief Meles Zenawi was not only shocked as you presented instead he acted like a female coward chicken and shrunken his shoulder multiple times as soon as he his fabricated & falsified data presentation was interrupted by Abebe’s marvelous voice. Of course, in TPLF world there is no ethics and integrity, but acting deceitfully as long as it fits to their interest, which is a nature of village minded thugs who are unable to see the noticeable realities.

Truly, one thing that most freedom lover Ethiopians have learned from your baloney reaction that the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers and their disciples do not like such kind of sensitive and exposing information, and you have made the same type of empty loud noise to devalue the information as same as other Meles Zenawi blind sympathizers though you tend to claim that you are not a zealous supporter of Zenawi. However, regardless we Ethiopians will continue to stand firm and expose those kinds of unscrupulous traitors. The truth is that people do not like to govern by gun point, but by their own consent, so the TPLF gangs violate this golden rule, and use brute force since the beginning to silence any opposition, so as long as the golden rule is violated there would be not only public condemnation but also revolution or insurrection, despite you accept it or not. Besides, the perpetrator (TPLF) could forget its action, but not the victim (Ethiopians), so regardless what kind of noise you are making to conceal your unscrupulous act; we are carrying the wound and would not forget what happened to us.

Therefore, unlike to your crippled advice to Ethiopian Americans, for us it’s really pleasing to see the monster confronted by one of his victims and exposed in front of his masters. And this is the very beginning of challenging your tribal warlord leaders. Of course, the blood thirsty tyrant like Meles Zenawi and his kinds should be confronted by freedom lovers wherever they are. There is no freedom for those who violate the right of others; instead they should be locked up the rest of their life for the sake of the common good or public security. There is no freedom for those who are killing children, women, elderly and rape defenseless women. Do not expect the people of Jew to support as well as attend the meeting called by Hitler and his associates. There is no any justification to have few hateful TPLF members and their affiliated groups to control the country and use it as their own property and ride on the back of the masses, while million children are scavenging in the trash can to fill their empty and groaning stomach. Surely, you would understand that how your tribal chiefs are violating the right of Ethiopian citizens, so no matter where they are they are criminals and should be confronted by those who love justices and freedom.

Indeed, the truth makes you free. Regardless of your hollow debacle, Ethiopia is a prison for its own citizens. Seemingly, we Ethiopians have observed that how being TPLF member is a license to everything (a license to kill, to rob, to rape to and etc.) the same as being white in previous South Africa apartheid rulers. No non-TPLF Ethiopians have the privilege as a citizen to have his/her shares of his/her country, but everything is for TPLF tribal members and their affiliated group, which is an overt and blatant apartheid more detestable than the old South Africa apartheid. You have seen few TPLF members are milking the country and accumulate immeasurable wealth inside as well as outside the country while other Ethiopians live under endless poverty. And of course we have witnessed that yesterday’s guerilla fighter become filthy millionaires, and adopt extravagant life style while million Ethiopians are scavenging in the trash can to fill their growling stomach and without doubt any rational mind do not have any difficulty to figure out where the richness coming form.. We have witnessed that yesterday’s guerrilla fighters are spending million dollars for luxury items in western shops, while million Ethiopian children have suffering with manmade malnourishment and end their life before they see their first year birthday. Is this what you think that Ethiopian American failed to understand? Get a life!

Finally, you also told us that “the Prime Minister was not embarrassed—and keep in mind, he got what we wanted: a renewal of G8 commitment to food security in Africa through the opening of a new fund of $3 Billion.” You see? you are again embarrassedly failed to admit this tiny fact. Indeed, it’s not a bizarre to anyone that billions of dollars is flowing to Ethiopia in the name of poor Ethiopians as well as for infrastructure purposes from European Union, America, WB, IMF & other humanitarian groups as well as some altruistic governments every year to help destitute Ethiopians. Nevertheless, 90% of the money could not reach to the intended target, instead use by Meles & his TPLF racist group rulers for their personal extravagant and lavish life. Of course the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers relocate the Aid money and invest it for their own benefit as a form of apartment buildings and small businesses to make more profit and fill their pocket. On the other side, the poor and destitute Ethiopians not only unable to see the money collected in their name, but also they are forced to leave their land for foreign investors (Arabs, Indians & Chinese )with gun point. of course the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers accumulating million dollars every year by leasing those lands, which have been taken from the poor Ethiopian peasants. The poor peasant pushed to the side without any hope, and condemn to misery until the last breath. For Allah sake! Is this makes you proudly to say that your tribal leader was blessed to be eligible to receive another 3 billion dollars? What a shame…

Anyhow, your usual mumbo-jumbo doesn’t make any difference but expose your callout and savage character and at the same time it strengthens the victims’ camp. Regardless of your group tribally twisted rhetoric as well as your naïve advice of challenging the monsters (senior Ethiopian govt. officials); Ethiopians has repeatedly shown their detestation toward the TPLF Ethno-fascists and of course reject their tribally dogma unanimously; however, the narrow TPLF survived with intimidation and terror, which would not continue forever. Regardless, of yours’ and their unfounded and preposterous claim, there are so many Ethiopian Americans who shares Abebe Gelaw’s view and who are willing to fight against the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers along with the collaboration of Ethiopians in Ethiopia. Surly the time would come and of course the TPLF tribal rulers would be hunted like the German Nazi, Gestapo and SS mercenaries and face judgment in front of the people they slaughtered. It is a matter of time and the TPLF criminal group would pay the price for the crime they have been committed, and of course every Ethiopians are awaiting the right time to retaliate and reclaim this/her country. The blood of innocent Ogden , Afar, Gambela, Oromos,Welayita, Gurage, Amahra, Tigray, Benshangul and other citizens are on the hand of narrow TPLF associates & their collaborators, and of course nothing heal such deep wound unless seen the perpetrators face justice in public.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Wow!! What a great Analysis. Thank you my brother. However those the so called “Cadre” and some tribal groups will never understand your point because they are blind to do so. Perhaps they figure out when they get themselves in jail.

  2. betty
    | #2

    This is the best article. I think the writer points out major things where i was very satisfied to read such great things. thank you rosa abadir and thank you abugida for sharing us interesting article.

  3. Bayaybin Medfu
    | #3

    Thank you you gave him a good answer If you don’t mind can I tell You my brother you are one of our Ethiopia Atorney

  4. ስጦታ ሁን
    | #4

    Thank you Rosa! You slamed the hell out of him!
    It is good to know how this monster people’s think.
    What ever they do, we need to keep records and
    start to design a tool [ KNOWLEDGE ] to struck them till they no
    longer servive. Keeping the truth with us with
    NO fears, we can straighten or distroy them.
    WE DO NOT NEED BANDAS on the land of ETHIOPIA.

  5. TO Rosa
    | #5

    Please dont pay attention to Tinishu Meles….

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