Ethiopia Leader’s Absence Raises Health Questions (AP)

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Ethiopia’s longtime ruler and most powerful figure, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is not attending an African Union summit that opened Sunday in Ethiopia, which further fueled speculation that he might be seriously ill.

About three dozen African heads of state and government gathered in Addis Ababa on Sunday, but Meles did not attend the meeting — a first since he assumed office in 1991.

Meles was expected to open the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) meeting on Saturday. But Senegalese President Macky Sall opened the gathering instead, telling participants that Meles was unable to be present due “to health conditions.” Sall wished Meles “good health.”

The most recent images of Meles aired by state-run Ethiopian Television showed him noticeably thinner. Opposition websites are claiming that Meles is being treated for a serious illness.

The government declined to comment on the matter.

Ethiopia’s parliament was set to hear from Meles last week when the country’s lawmakers were scheduled to approve Ethiopia’s current fiscal budget, which began July 8, but Meles did not address parliament.

Meles in 2010 promised to step down by 2015. Hailemariam Desalegn was named deputy prime minister. He is also the country’s foreign minister.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    He dserve it,Tanksgod

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    I bet, the Crime Minister is in Hell already, I even sorry for Hitler, Gaddaffi, Mubarak, Mussolini, Saddam, and the likes, that they have to look at the ugly face of Meles who is the worst of them all.

  3. Long live Ethoipia
    | #3

    Just look at this serpent head. He had a chance no leader had before him. He could have set Ethiopia to start a journey to democratic prosperous nation in which all Ethiopia can lead a dignified life. He worked day and night to spread his hatred among Ethiopians. He looted Ethiopians and gave every resources available to his Tigrian goons. He removed all Ethiopian sentiment from Tigray people, and made theme his partner in crime. They butchered and killed Ethiopians who stood and told him Ethipian is for all Ethiopians. Now his grandiosity and his poison factory — his brain is rotting. What a wast. he is going to be forgotten like Gran and other anti-Ethiopans like him that he never existed. Tigry ethicist cry your eye out. Ethiopia is resurrecting and there is nothing you can do about it. Live as Ethiopian Tigrians as your ancestors were or live as Tigrian as Tigrian and live Ethiopia. The choice is yours.

  4. kentu
    | #4

    i thought the end of our loving country was after 5 years but i am rong it is allready start in addis don.t blame any body execcept ourselfbecouse we give him time for a gangeser government time to practice his evil policy.

  5. Mammo Kilo
    | #5

    I think a power struggle is going on at this very moment in the inner circle of TPLF and that is why information isn’t coming out regarding Zenawi’s state of health and his whereabouts.It’s early to guess what will be the fate of some in this inner circl including Azeb.Retired Woyanne and Epdrfites like Sebhat Nega and Adisu Legesse summoned to the palace for consultation. The telephone lines between the American embassy and the Minilik palace have been busy over the weekend.The Americans are in touch with Seye Abraha and Birtukan Mideksa too.Other opposition groups including Dr Berhanu Nega are not in the picture.

  6. Hareg
    | #6

    It is so sad to know that we don’t even have competent investigators who could find out the truth and report it .

    He didn’t go to the moon he is in In a hospital in Europe for Godsake
    Are we that incompetent ??

  7. አዲሰ
    | #7

    መለሰን በጣም እጠላው ነበረ ግን ፎቶውን ሳይ አሳዘኝ ባልሞተ ግን ጡሩ ምርጫ አድርጎ ታሪከ በስራና ኢትዪጵያንም ክጥላቻ ፖለቲካ በገላገላት:: ከርሰቲያን ተሰፋ አይቆርጥም::

  8. kentu
    | #8

    the begining of the end not just meles and his ganges but inter nation becouse we don.t have strong oposition party and leadership incase there no central government

  9. Habtu
    | #9

    The dark and destructive era of the delusional and narcissist Mellesse is already over. The very immediate challenge for all Ethiopians from Tigray to Borena and from Ogaden to Gambella is to seize this very timely and amazing opportunity to liberate their people and country from the yoke of the remnants of Woyane/ TPLF terrorists and EPRDF slaves.

    Today, Woyane/TPLF terrorists and their EPRDF slaves are like a dead body without life. The head of Woyane/TPLF and EPRDF slaves is severed and its body has been rendered lifeless. This is the best possible moment to destroy and bury Woyane/TPLF and its EPRDF slaves, the very presence of racism, hatred, violence, ethnic cleansing, genocide, torture, kidnapping, and murder. This is the greatest opportunity to do away with Woyane/TPLF and its EPRDF slaves, the very personification of evil, deceptions, delusions, narcissism, darkness, and unparalleled violence. Today, we need to fight and destroy our enemy – Woyane/TPLF terrorists and their EPRDF slaves, who created and perpetuated racism, hatred, violence, ethnic cleansing, genocide, torture, kidnapping, murder, and terror on all of us.

    Today is the day that we, as Ethiopians, have to come together, understand our unbreakable destiny, know things that may separate us are by far fewer than what unites us, and plan, coordinate, and execute programs and actions to find solutions for our common problems, discuss and understand the values and wisdoms in our languages, cultures, and histories, and communicate and nurture each other. Let us bring a new day of freedom, liberty, and a new Ethiopia where the rules of laws, democratic governance, and citizens’ free will rules supreme. A new country, where all people irrespective of their languages, ethnicities, regions, and religions are treated equal, respected, and protected from any/all types of authorities. Today is the day that we create a country where governments, parties, and officials are accountable to the letter of the laws and the people of the land.

    The dark days of Mellesse, Woyane/TPLF, and EPRDF slaves will be our sad and shameful past. As it was with the days of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Edi Amin, and Kaddafi so does the days of Mellesse, Woyane/TPLF, and EPRDF slaves. It will go all down to the waste bin of history as the worst days of our lives. Gone will be the dark crude days of ethnic divisions, conflicts, ethnic cleansings, state sponsored terror, violence, instability, turmoil, repressions, human right abuses, genocides, crimes against humanity, secession, support of secessionists, selling national interests, treasons, treacheries, kidnapping, tortures, terrors, and murders of citizens and democratic leaders.

    As we saw last year with the people of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and now Syria citizens fought against injustice, tyranny, state sponsored terror, imprisonment, kidnapping, and torture and won their unalienable rights and freedom. So will be Ethiopians. The Ethiopian people will fight, destroy, and win their freedom from Woyane/TPLF and EPRDF slaves and will create a new country where freedom, liberty, the rules of laws, democratic governance, and citizens’ free will rules above and over parties, officials, and governments. Yes, Ethiopians will create a country where governments, parties, and officials are accountable to the letter of the laws and the people of the land. Ethiopia will never be ruled by fake constitution, fake laws, fake government, and fake parties. Yes, Ethiopians will never be ruled by fake, murderers, treasonous, terrorists, and criminal officials.

  10. babu
    | #10


    I have to post at least this very worrying article posted: How many Ethiopians we are really interested in this? People now are predicting the end of Ethiopia. It seems Meles may have staged his illness to disintegrate Ethiopia and give power to Liberation Fronts and Muslims. The ones who are contnrolling are pro CIA groups according to this site and this pro Eritrean writer. This must be posted all over Ethio sites:

  11. babu
    | #11

    It is too late. This is coup d’etat withing TPLF where now the pro Western groups of TPLF are taking over. This means, goodbye China. We will not see China buidling roads etc. The ideal will be to have both West and China, however West wants it all. Let us see if West is really true, fully ally with Ethiopia.

  12. samba
    | #12


    THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN,is a patriotic journalist who closely follow his country’s policy towads East Africa.Perhaps,it is might be accurate to say he closely moniters thepolicy of mulit national globalist corporations policy twards East Africa. He is respected independet jornalist and just tells it as it is.
    By the way there is nothing new about this news? TPLF has been and is a mercenery front who has ben serving for the last 21 years multifaceted internationl groups,that includes U.S.Whether we know it or not the U.S has been running our country and it is unlikely that she will allow a ntionalist Ethiopian government to come into being.Whethere such be the future or not it is too late to say at the moment. One way or another we must liberate our country from occupiers now.

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