Operation Save Ethiopia By Robele Ababya

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A.Tragedy of wrong premise

The Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT), in political jargon, died right from its formation on a wrong premise at the wrong time and wrong place in non-industrialized Tigray – the cradle of Ethiopian Civilization unbreakably linked to Zenawi’s hate-name, Ethiopia; at the wrong place for communism also because Tigray is a citadel of Orthodox Tewahido Christian faith.

There is no point now to run the gamut of the heinous crimes of the TPLF regime, which manifested its exclusivity from day one of capturing Addis Ababa; similarly there is no use counting the numerous tragic failures of opposition entities to discern the exclusivity of the brutal kleptocratic regime under the guise of EPRDF but clearly dominated by extremist hardliners within the TPLF in all these years. It would therefore be prudent to admit the capacity and capability of deception, pathological lies, manipulation, committing despicable crimes characterizing the top TPLF leadership.

The time now is to act on the basis of mountains of irrefutable atrocious damages perpetrated by TPLF and act in unison to launch “Operation Save Ethiopia” giving less emphasis to the saga of speculations about the health of Zenawi for the time being.
In case of demise of the tyrant, I should add to the above that my worst fear is that the thugs will stage a huge funeral and order a period of mourning with flag hoisted at half-mast in all the regions of ethicized Ethiopia; even more my painful nightmare is that they would erect a golden monument of the tyrant at Adwa thus desecrating the revered ground hallowed with the blood and lives of our ancestors – hailing from all corners of Ethiopia – in two major wars with Italy.

The title “Operation Save Ethiopia” certainly comprises a set of complex activities that cannot be covered in this brief piece of writing meant to serve as a reminder of main principles developed and applied by scholars in the art of war. Here below is my submission.

B.Element of surprise

The tyrant Zenawi that once boasted he could storm the heaven was shaken and visibly frightened on hearing the ever memorable bombastic voice of Abebe Gelaw repeatedly demanding Freedom before food at the meeting of world leaders and dignitaries chaired by President Obama at the Regan Building in Washington on 18 May 2012.

Zenawi was obviously demoralized as evidenced by his photographs and failure to show up in public and more importantly missing the AU meeting in Addis Ababa.

That was a classic example of surprise attack that gave Ethiopians a generous huge harvest lifting their morale and rousing us into action all over the world – at home and in the Diaspora. That surprise attack without a single live bullet fired out of the barrel of a gun constituted a quantum jump raising our struggle to a new height.

Therefore the element of surprise is important in the next series of peaceful civil strike acts. Sun Su said: “In practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy is not so good. So, too, it is better to capture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.” And concluded: “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Vide, The Art of War by Sun Tzu – Translated by Lionel Giles – page 87.

So, the strategy for “Operation Save Ethiopia” should be built on the premise of capturing “enemy resources in tact without a single shot being fired. After all these resources belong to the Ethiopian people.

C.Symbiotic cooperation

The repressive regime must accede to demands of the Ethiopian people, including relinquishing power and unfettered freedom of expression, in accordance with their diktat expressed in no uncertain terms.

In order to enforce the demands referred to above, opposition forces and civil societies committed to struggle within the framework of civil disobedience should call their respective supporters to revolution squares throughout the country. The current crackdown on the legitimate demand of Ethiopian Muslims, the onslaught of Christian Holy sites such as Waldiba, Ziquala Monastery, et al have set the stage for calling massive demonstration. Communications, Command and Control mechanism is indispensable to the overall guidance of the situation by consensus.

There is nothing that would preclude the peaceful component in all-inclusive struggle from participating in the envisioned massive civil disobedience; chances are that it is doing it already. The other component including armed struggle should come to defend peaceful demonstrators if and only if the TPLF thugs pull the trigger first to kill the innocent demonstrators in cold blood as usual. This my humble and sincere suggestion with all due respect to all concerned.

D.Ethiopian & Egyptian examples of popular uprising

The Aklilu Cabinet resigned in 1974 without a single shot being fired due to wide spread unrest and popular demand. The Egyptians converged on Tahrir Square in Cairo, city squares in Alexandria et al and have now a president elected for the first time in seven thousand years of their history. Why can’t we Ethiopians do the same? The answer is YES WE CAN!

E.Recent Calls for Action:

1) I note with delight the following excerpts taken from the OLF enshrined in its Press Release dated and signed by General Kamal Gelchuu :-

•“We angrily recall the recent woyyanne federal police massacre at Asassaa, Arsi , Oromia, on the Muslims who were assembled to pray in mosque. The July 13, 2012, massacre in Addis Ababa against Ethiopian Muslims is a continuation of Asassaa’s massacre.”

•“These blatant human rights violation against Ethiopian Muslims in particular and the Ethiopian people in general should be condemned by all peoples of the world.”

•“As long as Woyanne’s minority dictatorial regime controls Ethiopia, one would not expect freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of press. The solution out of this tyranny is for all Ethiopian people, Muslims, Christians and waaqqefata (believers in Oromo traditional religion) to conduct all round struggle against minority woyyanne regime . The struggle is not only about freedom of religion. It should be a struggle to get rid of woyyanne minority government that has engaged in terrorizing the Ethiopian people to cling in power.”

•“The Oromo Liberation Front takes this opportunity to call upon all opposition groups to coordinate a unified struggle against woyanne regime and create Ethiopia where its nations, nationalities and peoples live in peace and prosperity.”

2)MEDREK, which has recently transformed itself to a front adding an “F” to its acronym, has called on the repressive EPRDF party for dialogue on the current situation. Well done MEDREKF for your responsible gesture symbolizing political maturity. But I doubt that the repressive EPRDF party will respond to your call in the face of its current nervous state of mind. The next move for MEDREKF in all probability would be to play a key role in the massive uprising for which the brutal ruling regime is to blame.

3)The Ethiopian National Youth Movement (ENYM) has issued a strong passionate emergency call to the effect of relieving the brutal ruling regime of its evil duties strictly by means of peaceful struggle. I am positive that the Ethiopian people, parents and the seven civic organizations addressed will listen to their plea to unseat the regime.

F.Foreign input

In the aftermath of election 2005 I wrote an article titled “Ethiopians have only God and themselves”. I produce a couple of extracts below:-

“When asked, what legal authority he had to by-pass the Parliament and declare a state of emergency, Meles responded by saying that, after all, the donors did not object to the action he took. His response is solid proof, among others, that the monstrous killer is subservient to the interests of the donors at the expense of the vital interests of poor Ethiopia. Donors are cunning actors who alienate African Leaders from their peoples by corrupting, blackmailing, and turning them into greedy dictators so that they will have no choice but obey the orders of neocolonialists.” I then wrote in closing:

“Therefore I strongly believe that the only choice for us Ethiopians is to remove the traitor from power through intensified and concerted peaceful struggle. The choice of the Ethiopian people at the polls of 15 May 2005 must be upheld and sustained. For the arduous and noble struggle ahead, Ethiopians, given the past and present bitter experiences of our country, should realize that they have only their God and themselves to score victory over tyranny and abject poverty plaguing the people of our motherland.”


1.Element of surprise produces best results in any struggle; it is recommended to read the book “Art of War” by Sun Tzu in detail. Vide paragraph B above. Most of people believe the action by Abebe as priceless gift from heaven.

2.The call of three opposition entities mentioned at paragraph E above is for regime change.

3.Symbiotic cooperation mentioned at paragraph C above has in my humble opinion significant value

4.I repeat my passionate plea to the army, security forces and law enforcement agencies to be on the side of the people.

5.It would be foolhardy to expect positive input from Western donors, the UN or AU.

6.As the saying goes hit the iron while it is hot! TPLF is damaged beyond repair because it started on a wrong premise, vide paragraph A above.

7.Let us act at this propitious moment in unison and give the bastard thugs a blow with our coordinated civil strife at home and demonstrations abroad – and the killer thugs will disgracefully fall.

8.The ongoing crackdown on Ethiopian Muslims has elevated the issue to a national Agenda.

8.It pays to rely on ESAT& all pro-Ethiopia media outlets!
Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega et al

  1. love
    | #1

    The TPLF is buying time to get orders from outside. We know since 2005 it has not been good. We have to make sure and communicte with the West that the interest of the West is the interest of Ethiopia. However I am afraid their interest could destroying Ethiopia does that mean we should support that? No! They have to clarify what “their interest” mean. I can guess, they don’t want Africa to develop so they want to get rid of China. So probably they want us to get rid of China so that it doesn’t develop Ethiopia. They want Somalia I bleive because of its sources so why don’t they go directly at it and leave Ethiopia alone. I doubt, if they clarify their “interests” and Ethiopians find it that it is impossible for Ethiopia certain demands which means the destruction of Ethiopia then the West will say either you accept and we protect you or we will unleash Somalia, ONLF and Eritrea on you, not to mention the drones. I am sure such kind of negotiation will take place if opposition group takes over. I sometimes believe TPLF had to do what it does because of this coercion coming from outside. I am sure Alamoudi is spying for them with what is going on. If we believe it is only Ethiopia that we have eachother, let us play the Egyptian uprising with one banner, one believe and one nation. When everyone is out in unity then outsiders hand will be tied down especially when it comes to Ethiopia that have many Western friends will support us. Of course the problem could be Western Media, like Egypt may not show this historic uprising because it is “Africa”. If we notice, most good news coming from Africa will never be on Western Media. Since people may not know about the uprising, it might give opportunity that the Westerners can use its attack on Ethiopian people economically, using rebels or nighboring countries and it will never be told on Western media. So the only way to unify and make history. When now grops such as OLF and Muslims are attacked, they are thinking of only now to unite? How selfish?

    In order to distract also, I am sure some Muslims will be bought to stage Al Qaeda so that it can use this to stop any chance of revolution, over throwing or peaceful transition. So be ware.

  2. tamtew
    | #2

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

    TPLF has since its inception been controlled by mercenary elements that fought against Ethiopia as their enemy. The group that wiped out so many lives and terrorized Tigrians into slavery and servitude, is still in power. If Ethiopia is turned into a failed, landlocked state, it is with a purpose. Read details from the historical facts presented by Asgede G. Selassie, author of Gahdi 1 and Gahdi 2. A survivor of the pogrom, Asgede was one of the 11 rebels who founded TPLF.


    meles zenawi – dead, he spear heads the shabia group within TPLF
    SEBHAT NEGA – this shameless liar and swindler is proud to publicly declare his anti Ethiopian stand
    tedros adhanom – a fascist responsible for the genocide in Gambella, arsi and Harrar
    bereket simon – liar and looter
    samoura younis- another brutal fascist who organises the beatings, tortures , kidnaps and murder of innocent citizens
    berhane g.kirstos – meles right hand man and a no 1 Ethiopia hater

  3. selamta
    | #3

    MR.ABABYA just b/c you wish and hope that their would be chaos and revolution in the motherland is not going to happen.YOU and you never ending party,shengo,g7,olf,,onlf man i can’t keep up with your revolutionary formation.YOU need to understand that the ETHIOPIA that you and your so called fighters lol is not the same ,this is what you need to know ETHIOPIA HAS CHANGED FOREVER AND FOR BETTER SO DEAL WITH IT DUD

  4. ananymous
    | #4

    As we all know the beginning of the end of the weyane maffia families is here: Meles is with Qaddafi and Sadam, his boss, Mebrahtu G/hiwot (aka Bereket Simon) will be arrested soon by the weyanes maffia family members and will be executed, Seyoum Mesfin will ask for asylum in China, Azeb the first lady looter will be arrested and put in trial, and the rest of the maffia family members will finish each other and there will be peace in Ethiopia and the entire horn of Africa.

  5. For your information
    | #5

    A very important document on Ethiopian politics has been prevented from appearing on the website http://www.gzamargna.net, based in the U.K.
    The whole website is currently being prevented from updating its pages: this is happening not in China, or Ethiopia, but in the U.K. of the 21st century.
    The document is now being distributed by CD! the title is “Amaranetna Ityoppyawinet”

  6. TA
    | #6

    The tyrant Zenawi that once boasted he could storm the heaven was shaken and visibly frightened on hearing the ever memorable bombastic voice of Abebe Gelaw repeatedly demanding Freedom before food at the meeting of world leaders and dignitaries chaired by President Obama at the Regan Building in Washington on 18 May 2012.

    Garbage!!!!! Garbage!!! bombastic voice? If Abebe is your brave man, good for EPRDF.

  7. peace
    | #7


    Urgent news. Egypt appointed former Water minister as Prime Minister of Egypt who is U.S educated. I think this is another troupble for us. While we are struggling with TPLF, Egypt will have ample time to sabotage our existance this time for good.

  8. Gigi
    | #8

    Same here dear Robell I agree with you! Let us change Ethiopia now!!!!!

  9. Gigi
    | #9

    Let’s make it our home again! Like always or old days, with unity as Ethiopians!!!!

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    የክፉዎች ስራቸው በእግዚአብሔር ፊት የሚያስጠይቃቸው ብቻ ሳይሆን በልጆቻቸውና በልጅ ልጆቻቸው ላይ የሚተላለፍ መቅሰፍታና እርግማን አለ:: ዘር ማንዘራቸው የተረገመና የረከሰ ይሆናል:: ቤተሰብ የማይወጣላቸው የሰሩት የማይባረክላቸው ሁሉም ነገር የማይሳካላቸው ይሆናሉ:: የክፍ ዘሮች ህይወታቸው በሃዘንና በብስጭት የተመላ ይሆናል::

    መለሰ ዜናዊ በልቡ ያለው ክፋትና በእጁ ላይ ያለው ደም የግል ህይወቱን እንደ እሳት የለበለበው ሳያንስ አሁን በልጁ ላይ እያየን ነው:: ገና ቡዙ እናያለን:: የእግዚአብሔርን የረቀቀ ሥራ ገና በቡዙ መልኩ እንመሰክራለን:: የደሃን ደም አፍሶና ምስኪኖችን አስለቅሶ እንዲሁ በዋዛ መኖርም ማለፍም የለም:: አምላክ የት ሂዶ ነው? እኛ ይዘገያል እንላላን እንጂ እርሱ በሰዓቱ ፍርዱን ይሰጣል::አሁንም እየሰጠ ነው:: ዋልድባንና የቅዱሳንን አጥንት በቡልዶዘር ሲገልባብጥና ሲያፈርስ ሃያሉ አምላካችን ዘናዊን አፈራረሰው:: አበበ ገላውን መርጦት በሱ ድምፅ ውስጥ አልፎ አምላክ በጨረር መለስ ዜናዊን መታው:: ያኔ የተመታ እስካሁን አልተነሳም:: ምናልባትም ለመሞት እያጣጣረ ሊሆን ይችላል::ወደፊት በሕይወትም ቢኖር ወይም ቢሞትም አስከፊ ፍርድ ይጠብቀዋል::

  11. Oda Tulu
    | #11

    #6: You are a sychophant in the service of killers in cold blood and robbers in daylight.

  12. TRUTH
    | #12

    #6 TA: Where is your genocidal tyrant Zenawi now? Dead or in a coma?

  13. pete
    | #13

    I can spot at least half of the people commenting here can become the next leader.lol God Bless Ethiopia!

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