Anthem Of Kinijit

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Anthem Of Kinijit

  1. Chaltu
    | #1

    Dear Abugida Info;

    Please do not make the mistake of calling it a National Anthem. This is the first we have heard of it, its beautiful. It is Kinijit’s Spirt, and can be Kinijit’s Anthem, it cannot be a National Anthem – Remeber a National Anthen is one that all in the nation would call his own. Kinijit is one of many Parties in Ethiopia. Yes today it represents the spirit and Unity of Ethiopia and we all respect and honor it. Yet a National Anthem is a representation of all and should be a representative of the country and not of A Party.

    I know that is how the Leadership sees it so please make sure to correct the Title. KINJIT is about a better Ethiopia a Democratic Ethiopia for ALL. So do not present it as the only force in Ethiopia, or as it seeing itself as that. This needs to be corrected.
    From a KInijit Supporter.

  2. | #2

    Selam Chaltu,

    Thank you for the alert.
    It is corrected now.


    Admin @

  3. seweyew
    | #3

    I think Kinjit leadesrs and party has to say some thing about this kind of Joks.I respect kinijit. by the way It is not funy

  4. Jan Meda
    | #4

    FYI, Ethiopia has a real national anthem. Not this bogus stuff.

  5. | #5

    Great anthem. The last time I heard WOYANE anthem was about 11 years ago when I visted Addis and there was some kind of cermony at one of Woyane`s gung gathering. It was a joke may be out of 250-300 woyanes, only if I am not mistaken 5-10 at least follow the band. The rest some times look each other and sometimes talk to each other of course they were talking in Tegringa and I did not understand a thing but I can see from there facial expression that they were asking each other how long the anthem is. I deeply felt that day. A bad feeling. This is supposed to be my ETHIOPIA national anthem? wow what a disgress. But I know one thing that when freedom prevail in ETHIOPIA, we will bring the real Ethiopian anthem and I am glad as always, Kinijit took the lead. WE LOVE YOU KINIJIT for that the same reason. UNITY.

  6. Betty
    | #6

    I love this anthem! We should give a credit to the person who produced it and be greatful.

    Lets support the person and give him/her good feedback. because they put the effort and time to produce such a wonderful anthem.god bless all our people and a better life for all ethiopians.

  7. | #7

    I appriciate your effert. You are correct that is the aim and the Goool of KINIJET!!!


  8. chaltu
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