Can there be a Golden era beyond Meles regime? By Ewnetu Sime

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The past 21 years Meles dictatorial rule violated Ethiopians people rights with impunity, and plundered the national resources. He established a one-party state and has left the security and the police to rely on brutal force, deception, killing, jailing, etc… The same institutions have been the predominant instruments of power in neutralizing the opposition, eliminating dissidents, and making the ordinary citizen, civic organizations live in fear. People can hardly talk of politics these days. Very often, they are victimized by the regime. They are awaiting an environment to rise up to defeat this dictatorial regime as seen in the Arab Spring. Meles’s absence could be one good reason for the opposition groups to reassess their differences, to demonstrate that they are standing for a bigger cause, and to create new tactics to continue the struggle for freedom. All know that the dictatorial ruling party for several years tried to destroy past Ethiopians glorious history. They implemented, under disguise of federalism Apartied style of government. The Ruling party has also encouraged an ethnic cleansing to displace people from their birth place, and permitted the continuation of crime against humanity. Under this regime there is no dignity or honor for most citizens; land and other economic resource are controlled by the regime. It is a virtual mafia states and how much the country wealth stolen will never be known. These and others violations rights are the reasons for the opposition parties to exist and to voice their concern by any means they can. Because of the oppositions rivalries their own specific agenda, they fail in establishing effective needed united organization response to the problem.

It is time the Opposition group to take historical step to move forward in our own “orange” democratic revolution way to defeat the regime’s political tools that used in repression and in dividing the opposition. They should quickly relearn from ups downs of the past movements, and to champion our common cradle of Ethiopawinet to bring them in one umbrella for effective fight against this oppressive regime. Opposition group need to compromise to maintain some kind of coalition with others compatriots. This is the cornerstone in advancing political pluralism, economic and social justice, that benefit all citizens for the better livelihood of all Ethiopians. They should embark upon such a visionary path. In my view, at this stage we might be inherited a country on verge of disaster unless the opposition political leader’s carefully and diligently working together. The coalition should include some of “fair-minded” members of ruling party that might be managed to survive and even remain relevant beyond Meles’s totalitarian regime. The inevitable fall of Meles’s regime is approaching a boiling point, could ignite revenge or animosities among some frustrated groups. This is a likely scenario, given the past 21 years Ruling party’s polices that preached to divide along ethnic’s line, and has created surrogates, interest groups, fake organizations to control and wipe out the opposition. We already witnessed widespread onslaughts on certain regions of our fellow citizens. These and other cruelty act accomplished by the Ruling party could translate in revenge action unless a great care is taken. No one wish with good heart to see another Somalia or Rwanda a heartbreaking event to happen in Ethiopia. We shouldn’t allow this to happen, must stand and reject this undesired situation under “Operation save Ethiopia” motto as suggested by one of the Bolger.

Although in recent months a positive progress is being made by Opposition groups in creating a unified force. MEDRAK is one of the encouraging examples. Currently Meles death is not announced yet, or the regime declined to elaborate details of his health condition but all signs indicate the dictator is in bad shape. As gullible dictator, he lived in fear of his own fellow citizen if he dies he will get a final relief for himself. Meles death seems an opportunity for change. But we rather see him brought to justice alive like Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia, Sadam Hussein of Iraq and others dictators for all atrocities he committed.

It is clear that too much power vests in one person, and the present uncertain of health condition naturally creates tension among his military leaders, party’s members, and the political cronies. Since they are part of Meles’s dark legacy governance of the country over the past two decades. As result, it is expected the rivalry for power among them is imminent. Whoever wins without legitimacy will likely to continue to exercising brutal oppression to silence the people struggle for a while. Definitely some of cronies expected to flee from country. If the winner is wise and choose the right strategy and line up their force to the people side will greatly contribute in preventing escalation of national political crises. Due to this possibility the opposition groups have moral responsibility to look at present reality rather than the past behaviors of the regime to consider reaching at temporarily satisfactory political solutions that benefit the country. For now the ruling party spoke man continues to provide confusion statement about Meles’s disappearance for the past few weeks. “Lies become necessary in protecting the safety of the state” as they say.

The Opposition groups have to take advantage during his absence, ordinary citizens, opposition political groups etc. their spirits and hopes are very high and looking forward for better democratic change in Ethiopia. One point is certain, for several years all political events are engineered by on one ruling party leader, Meles, and his missing in action has a dramatic effect in this corrupt system. I would say his death can self-destruct his cabinets, parliamentarian (often called as herds) at a moment’s notice. The regime factions will in disarray and creates a golden opportunity to change it to broad based pro-democracy movement, if we united on common cause, shared values and steadfast on our struggle.

As Meles absences continue, there will be winner and there will be loser among the ruling party leaders very soon as I indicated above. In the meantime, how the opposition managed their difference is critical and essential to shorten this protracted struggle. If we continue taking a path demeaning the opposing view we are not serving the wish of the people. We should accept politics is dirty game and remains protracted, rocky and rough. We should display gracious behavior with mutual respects in debating political points. We must believe that Ethiopian politics can be saved. The golden era of freedom is within our reach.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    I hate abogida and ESAT

  2. Ato Dawit
    | #2

    And u sensor comments now? Thats what Mengistu used to do!

  3. aha!
    | #3

    There are only two political and economical forces: the positive forces of integration and the negative forrces of disintegration of which Medrek or now OPDF/EFDF/fdre, a conglomerate of Tigrai-Harena, OPDM, ONC, UDJP, etc forming a front with ethnic agenda as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime. If your basing your argument that “positive progress has been made by the opposition”, referring MEDREk now OPDF/EUDF/fdre, leaving out those with natioanal agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to have prcedence over ethnic and secessionist rights, you are only telling us half the truth, because it does not bring about changes in the constitution with respect to ethnic federalism, secesionism and totaliarinism other than to maintain the status quo, which is anathema to the silent majority of Ethiopians, let alone resolving the constitutional crises with respect to transfer of power to the deputy Prime Minister following the death or incapacitation of the Prime Minister. You are not living upto your name.You need into the platform of the party you are talking about and their statements in an interviews and debates as evidences of their commitments to uphold ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalirianism and party alignments along ethnic lines rather than national agenda.

  4. The Eritrean one!
    | #4

    I strongly believe there is A GOLDEN ERA AFTER MELES and here my reasons, A- I believe with the end of Meles and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot Ethiopians can see eye-to-eye and resolve the unnecessary division that was shoved to their necks by the aiga jungle democracy/constitution, B- the Ethiopians can kick-out all the ngo’s and so called humanitarians that are heavily involved heavily child/human traficking led by the wahabi sheik al-moudi, C- it is a must the Ethiopians find a peaceful solution with their neighboring communities such Eritreans and Somalians that was damaged by Meles and his masters led by Susan Rice, Tony Blair, and Frazer, and D- the Ethiopian intellectuals must lead the entire country for a better tomorrow rather than dwellings of the past. I do believe Ethiopia’s role in the region can not be under estimated IF AND ONLY IF IT WOULD WORK FOR THE INTEREST OF ETHIOPIANS, REGION RATHER THAN BEING A HUB OF PAEDOPHILES OF WESTERNERS, ARABS, AND AFRICAN BABOONS.

  5. SEBEHAT NEGA does not mince his words
    | #5

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, TPLF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

    In a four-part interview with TPLF radio on May 28, 2007, TPLF chief Sebhat Nega said time and again that no one fought for Eritrean independence from an Ethiopian colonial rule like TPLF did. “We paid dearly to liberate Eritrea,” he said. “Even if Eritrea comes under attack today,” Sebhat warned, “I’ve no doubt the EPRDF-led government would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.”

    TPLF has since its inception been controlled by mercenary elements that fought against Ethiopia as their enemy. The group that wiped out so many lives and terrorized Tigrians into slavery and servitude, is still in power. If Ethiopia is turned into a failed, landlocked state, it is with a purpose. Read details from the historical facts presented by Asgede G. Selassie, author of Gahdi 1 and Gahdi 2. A survivor of the pogrom, Asgede was one of the 11 rebels who founded TPLF.

    | #6

    Time to clean houses has finally arived. The damage done to our country and to us is beyond calculation. We Ethiopians, by virtue our nature, are survivors. Our resolve, tenacity even our level patience have been tested time and time. God and history will record the psychological, physical and spirital damage inflicted on us by Ato Meles and his inner circles. Yes! we can build our country again. We can pick the pieces up and build a democratic Ethiopia where justice, peace and brotherhood abound. Now the guns are silent and big brother is out of the picture,there is no doubt in my mind that there will be peace and tranquility for the next thousand years. Where peace and political stability become the norm, economic porsperity is bound to follow. I fore see a bright future for my country and country men. The time has come where all the children of Ethiopia scattered all over the world, comin back home with the knowledge and rich experiences to share, teach and build the new Ethiopia. Now is the time for all of us to borrow from one of the Greatest Civil Rights Advocates of all times Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and sout” Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last!” Yifru Hailu.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    [[.. “Even if Eritrea comes under attack today,” Sebhat warned, “I’ve no doubt the EPRDF-led government would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.”

    We know TPLF fought for Eritrea. So who are they defending it against? Other enemies maybe, Not Ethiopia/themselves. Right?

    So why would I worry about Sebhat's claim then? He is just bragging that he is the boss, IMO.

    My observation is they like to bring Eritrea back in their own terms all along. Isayas knows that and is fighting tooth and nail to get out of the cage they are putting him into today. At least we should admit TPLF knows better in dealing with that subject and leave them alone.

  8. ጉረኞች
    | #8

    Ethnic “freedom” will not translate to individual freedom. Individual freedom will definitely translate to ethnic freedom.

  9. kentu
    | #9

    let me tell you the trueth this is our time to use it properly not becouse melesw dead becouse it doesnt making any change if bereket replace it the big aportunity is when shabia and weyane are enemys shabia he dont car about ethiopia but when he is desperat with weyane we need to use this golden aportunity if weyane become friend this will hisory we will be slave for ever so this suppose our time and we need to use it

  10. love
    | #10

    The problem with us is that we think there is only one entitiy called TPLF that is doing injustice for Ethiopia, as a result we rant for how long now 21 years against TPLF. Again we also may struggle against TPLF it is more than that. The policy we need by Ethiopians and the policy needed entitiies including TPLF that we have absolutely nothing about does not coincide and we don’t know much the intentions they have for us because they are not communicating with the rest of Ethiopians. Therefore how can you fight the bogus with absolutely with what their plan is in order to tackle the problem? Disconnect and disregarding Ethiopians has been the best weapon for them because while we are fighting TPLF we think that is over, there will be another complicated issue that will not prepare us to tackle what then? If people are organized and coordinated enough perhaps we will know some clue. The reason the entitires don’t want us to know is because so that we don’t get a step ahead trying to stop the injustices taking placed in Ethiopia. So, I believe we have to start from ourselves first, who is in and who is out to bring peace and stability. Then make attempt to make reconciliation, problem-solving with these entities. Of course mostl likely they may tell you the discussion to be for example A while for sure they will be implementing B. That is why unless we have to identify thoruoudly with careful research who is stifling Ethiopia’s democracy work from this, it will be Alsheshum Zor Alu. After spending so many energy it will be in vain. We have to work within oursleves first.

    I give Hailu Shawul cudos. Again, shame on Ethiopians who said anythting about him. At least he is making attempt to do something, according to the article on Ethiomedia, he is on house arrest. So stop talking about any opposition groups and for power struggle. Let everyone fight in their own way then they must coordinate to get every body in parties who are doing in the struggle as part of the government whether they won or not. Then proceed with true election.

  11. Meseret Teshome
    | #11

    I believe we have a long way to go even Meles is Daed. In fact we will be ruled by another Tigrian TPLF central committee member for another 20 years despite Meles. Zenawi’s death. Here is my reason
    A) all the opposition political leader are detached from reality & the have too much ego to work together. Some of the opposition leaders would rather see another TPLf rule year than another opposition taking over Woyane. The good examples are Ato Hailu Shawol & Dr Brhanu Nega. This two individuals think their family should be the next ruling elite.
    B) There are some influential opposition figures they are good at creating division at the last hour a good example is Pro Messfin Woldemariam. Pro Messfin like to be the King Maker , he doesn’t like Berhanu or Hailu Shawl & his Eritrean born Doughter Mekdes is too confused even to lead a high school football team leave alone a country
    C) Dr Fesseha Eshetu may have a good entention but most people either dont trust him, don’t know enough about him& specially G7 people hate this man. Mainly hey see him as a completion for Dr Berhanu’s fame
    D) UDJ doesn’t have the same strength as when Birtukan was the leader. The current leadership of UDJ is older & will to work with Woyane instead of challenging Woyane directly
    E) G7 it has been almost 4 years since the formation of this party. Despite G7 claim that the will remove Woyane within 6 Months , they haven’t even fired 6 Rocks for the last 4 years. The fact is G7 doesn’t have any ZERO military power except naive Cyber Worriers who are determinded to follow Dr Berhanu’s vision.
    I have a simple question for G7 Supporters
    A) Do yo really believe Shabya will you get your freedom? Dont you realize that Esayas formed TPLF from inception ?
    B) Do you really believe Gen Kemal Gelchu can guide his party remotely while he is in Hiuse arrest n Asmara. This man is. It even allowed to leave the country to attend his Owen party meeting ( are we reall that stupid to see the facts)

    I believe It’s not UDJ , G7 ,OLF or Atena Tigray tha will remove Woyane fro. Power . But a mass appraising just as the
    Ehiopian Muslims have started we should encourage the Christians to join the uprising then Woyane will be temoved within. Days.

  12. ጉረኞች
    | #12

    love and Meseret
    You have pointed to the real problem Ethiopians facing now. No answer for your question. Some are already worried with unknowns, there is no clear path and no trusted leadership. Under this circumstances, it is highly likely another military strong man could emerge to control power. It could be back to square one. From all those oppositions mentioned in your articles, local oppositions may have more chance of forging alliance and deal whoever is coming to power using army. Those who are dreaming to fly back to Addis with EAL first class and then to Arat Kilo—no chance their dream remains dream, no more. If they are genuinely concerned, the best they can do is to provide financial and moral support to those on the ground. From the past experience, I don’t think that is happening at all. Diaspora have been widely engaged in dividing political groups and demonizing courageous individual who are facing daily threat of woyanne, with simple unfounded innuendos and favoring new arrival (individuals) they don’t even know. At the moment, the relief Ethiopian get from passing the midget dictator is yielding to gloomy future. We should live in hope. ህልም ተፈርቶ ሳይተኛ አይታደርም ይላል አበሻ:: ወደ የትም ይሂድ ትግሉን ማቀጣጠሉ ይበጃል::

  13. Imbilta
    | #13

    [DAWI]you said,
    “At least we should admit TPLF knows better in dealing with that subject and leave them alone.”

    Mr.Banda perhaps Arab hired gun in Ethiopian forums you need to learn to comment on the issue at hand.This forum is a respected discussion forum,and such you have to respect forum rules.Please never introduce another topic or attempt to take participants away from the issue.ABUGIDA,perhaps you might consider requiring PI so that we can trace who DAWEI is.I know he is some where in Newheaven working as a very close confidante of Legese.

    Beside who do you think you are to tell another Ethiopoian to stay out of politics?Time is for your Tigriruling gogile.This is great moment for Ethiopians.Finally in his time the LORD answerd the cries of his people.Do you remember the tears of Ethiopian sisters believers in the street of Washington D.C protesting the demolishing of Waldeba.This is just that GOd’s answer to Ethiopians.We must rise and believing the LORD is in our side,pay the necessary sacrifice and forcefully remove TPLF from our country.

  14. aha!
    | #14

    ጉረኖች! You hit the nail on the head, when you said “Ethnic freedom will not translate into individual freedom. Inidividual freedom will definetely translate into ethnic freedom”, that direct and/or indirect supporters of ethnic federalism, secessionisnism, there by the constituion and party alignment along ethnic lines with the objectives: respect ethnic rights, human rights and democracy in collaboration with UDJP have failed to focus on individual freedom, and liberty to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights as well as replacing totaliarinism with free market capitalism and/or mixed economic model for the silent majority of Ethiopians, an antidote to TPLF/eprdf regime of exliberation fronts who fought the Derg regime with the mantra aout the oppression of nations and nationalities by the previous regimes and set of ideologies in the constituion of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism as a carry over from the Derg regime and their own inclination to Marxisism, as the major flaws in the constitutional in addition to constitution flaw in the transfer of power from the Prime Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, which nevertheless does not make any difference with repect to individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights, and party alignments along ethnic lines being the same with two parties mirror imaging each other to the exclusion of those with national agenda and diminishing their capacity to tip the balance towards the positive forces of integration. Since, the constitution is the guide line for individual freedom and democracy, the new constituion has to reflect the empowerment of the individuals to have a party or parties with national agenda to be elected to the Office that rule by the consent of the governed, where the individual freedom will bring about ethnic freedom and religious freedom by dismantling ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalirinism and resorting to theoriginal provincial boundries.

  15. Gashaw
    | #15

    [Meseret Teshome],

    Thank you for rightly characterizing Nega and his political ambition.No one will accuse this doctor for having politcal ambition of his own,but ai vehemently dis agree with his mannar of politcs,and have in the past, pointed out the danger it posed to the country.The fact that he is no a democrat but a bully is demonstrated by the way he plays politcs.For instance he decided to establish G-7 with out any consultation with Ethiopians who might have stake about thier country.Inother words he just make some phomne calls to his buddies and announced his own organization himself as a chair.It will not take long to see who can benefit from such interprise.If the aimof his endavour was to see a democratic Ethiopia liberated he could have not left CUD to begin with.

    The fact he claimed he is fighting armed struggle is a very deceitful way of handling the matter.The next step for him is to tell young Ethiopians to support huis plan. Because personal ambition remained to be his guiding principle he and his comrades continue pronounce unilaterally policy decissions concerning Ethiopia, with out consulting any politcal organizations or Ethiopian sat large.For instance his decission to court Asmara is one case in point. I even go far to say he himself does not believe that Asmara willbe a help to his G-7.Tjhere reason for this is the fact he refused invitation by Isayas to visit Asmara,yet he continuously send his go for -Andargachew to Asmara. In short he is aka opportunist who is promoting his image and postion on the expense of all of us.Ethiopians are well advised to oppose the sole projection of Nega through ESAT media.We need to see ESAT playing fair role by interviewing other democratic oppostion leaders instead of promoting Nega every time.Away with the willy power hungry G-7 dectatorial individuals who lie to the people if though theyhave any armed wing on their side. If there is any good nega might have done in his EPRP days I give him the credit for his past.However at the present he politcal ambition is coasting us I dont want to see another dictator or Jonas Savebi in the country.We need to back reputable democratic leaders such as Birtukan, Ayalsew and Dr.Fisha.

  16. Aba Saytan
    | #16

    This has nothing to do with this article but I can’t help my out-of-control joy over what I just saw on TV. Our sweetheart Tirunesh Dibaba just annihilated the Kenyans and the rest of the field in the 10M final. I mean she smoked them!!! She trashed them!!! She didn’t even take prisoners!!!!She showed them who is the boss right there in there!!! Make sure you watch the men tomorrow!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    Dear editor, I am sorry but I can’t help it!!! I hope you don’t mind my exhilaration and you will let it ride. Thank you very much!!!!!

  17. Ibssa
    | #17

    The ENTC is a joke among the silent majority of Ethiopians, and primarily among those whose leadership is tested through thin and thick.

    The nobody’s of Ethiopian politics and liberation movements are masquerading as Transitional Council aka ENTC – running around for recognition by foreign powers.

    Despite ENTC’s effort, as the VOA journalist put it “Who are this so called ENTC? Who do they represent? Do they even have a constituency? What is the motive and background of the so called ENTC leader?

    ENTC is a joke = don’t care what foreign countries do BUT even Ethiopians don’t recognize so called ENTC.

  18. Ibssa
    | #18

    Fissiha is no Dr. Berhanu Nega.

    Fissiha is an opportunist and Woyane/TPLF collaborator for the last 20 years and trying to hijack the bitter struggle by freedom fighters (G7, OLF, ONLF and others) at this last minute. He has no credibility – in fact his collaboration with Genet Zewde of EPRDF in undermining access to higher education, quality of higher education, collaborated with Woyane cadres and profited from volunteer teachers sponsored by Canada and Australia. He is now ready to steal the fruits of the struggle of many who are organized and led under the leadership of G7, OLF, ONLF, Medrek and others.

    Dr. Berhanu Nega on the other hand led a bitter struggle against Woyane and put his life for the freedom of Ethiopia. Fissiha is NO Dr. Berhanu.

    Long Live G7 and its leader Dr. Berhanu.

  19. Dawi
    | #19

    Imbilta said:

    [[..Mr.Banda perhaps Arab hired gun .....]

    All secessionist were/are supported by Ethiopian enemies but TPLF remained controlled by Ethiopians who happen to have more knowledge of EPLF in particular, which is that “subject” (Eritrea), I mentioned.

    If you happen to be EPLFite & don’t like the point I made, I understand your pain of trying to have it both ways.

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    It is a shame that Ethiopian Review is doing a lot of promotion of Fissiha and ENTC. In the latest article, Elias Kifle of ER was commenting on the integrity and professionalism of Addisu of VOA. I strongly believe that Addisu and VOA must be defended for doing a brave and professional expose of Fissiha and so called ENTC.

    Addisu is a journalist with a high degree of integrity. On the other hand, Elias Kifle continues to be a disgrace to journalism and inconsistency of principle by jumping from one bandwagon to another.

    Addisu is a very courageous and professional journalist who unmasked Fisseha by asking him all the appropriate questions – who until recently was working hand in gloves with Woyane.

    Although I plan to disclose the details in the future, Fissiha was once a close ally of Genet Zewde, who was a close confidant of Meles Zenawi.

    Fissiha is an opportunist who is capable of using empty vessels like Elias Kifle who is jumping from one group to another like a mad dog, last I knew was he was courting Esayas Afewerki of Eritrea, and now came with his latest discovery of ENTC.

    Fissiha and ENTC is a joke… collection of opportunists who attempt to steal the headline … and try to hijack the Ethiopian people’s struggl to free themselves from Woyane/TPLF tyranny.

  21. Praying for peace
    | #21

    With hate-filled homegrown devil-possessed terrorists like Esayase and Meles who grew up hating Ethiopia with every bones of their being and did everything in their power to divide Ethiopians, loot and kill so many patriot Ethiopians, also that brainwashed and helped create TPLF, OLF and ONLF…so with homegrown enemies and outside enemies from Eritrea, Egypt and Sudan in the North, Somalia in the East that want to see a weak and Islamic Ethiopia…it is not going to be an easy road to create a peaceful democratic Ethiopia, but with determination and God’s help, the Ethiopian people that saved Ethiopia from the hands of powerful Italian dictator can do it again to save Ethiopia from homegrown and outside enemies and create the badly needed peace and Democracy to our people and our motherland. No matter what, no one would be worse than the evil-demented brutal dictator Meles. God bless Ethiopia and its people.

  22. Embilta
    | #22


    My responseto you in the previous comment is the need for you stay on the topic at hand instead of introducing one of your liking.
    You said,

    “All secessionist were/are supported by Ethiopian enemies but TPLF remained controlled by Ethiopians who happen to have more knowledge of EPLF…” How often do you tirelsessly engage to comnfuse,mis direct you opponents ,with lies.
    Look, the one thing you need to know about Ethiopian oppostion is this :the majority supporters are far ahead than TPLF cabal would like to admit.The point that I like to make about the issue raised is this,the number one enemy Ethiopia ever had is TPLF and weyane alone.As a result, the strategy of all oppostion parties is directed to take out TPLF out.This is the central issue ,all other tcticals principles will be used as a fulcrum to support the number one strategy,wich is taking TPLF out.
    I am not in any sense obligated to inform you wher I stand on the issue.I just want you to know that your constant cry of Eritria in this forum will not hold any water.The number one meance in the whole region and the most destractive force ever to climb to power in our country is TPLF.This is where Ethiopians have directed their dart;just like Abebe Gelaw confrontation sends the dictator in to permanent coma, the remaining tugs and jungle boys are awaiting the same fate from Ethiopians. Therefore, I advise you to discard this old tactic to drag Ethiopians in to your controversial issue of Eriotria and instead prepare to accept the verdict of the people.Time is up for TPLF gangsters!
    Ethiopia will prevail! Death to TPLF cabal!

  23. ጊዜው ደረሰ ለውጥ ለውጥ ይሸታል
    | #23

    በየ 10 እስክ 20 ዓመቱ አፍሪካ መሪዎች በተላያዩ ምክንያቶች ይፈነገላሉ
    ወደ ስልጣን ሲመጡ የተለመደው ሁሉንም አቀፍ ይሆኑና ኮርቻውን አንዴ ሲቆናጠጡ ሌላው እንደማያፈናጥጥ ግልጽ ያደርጉታል
    የኛን ስንመለከት 1953 ተነቃንቆ 1966 ፈንድቶ 1982 ለተረኛው ለቀቅቅ አሁን ደግሞ 2004 ተረኛው ይቆናጠጣል
    ድርቁም ይህን የመሰል የፖለቲካ ክስተት ፓተርን ይከተላል
    በየ 10 ዓመት ነው መሰለኝ 1966 1977 … ማስታወስ ጥሩ ነው

    ተቃዋሚ ድርጅቶችም አብረው ይፈነዳሉ ያሉትም ያብባሉ አሸናፊዎቹ ግን የማናውቃቸው መሪዎች ይሆናሉ
    ሶሻሊዝም ኤትኒክ ፌዴራልዝም አሁን ደግሞ ኦሬንጅ እየተባለ ዓለምን ፓለቲካ ፋሽን ይከተላል

    መጪው አያስፈራም
    ያለንበት አላስደሰተንምና
    ለውጡ አይቀርም ይከሰታል ዝግጅት ግን የለም

    ጥፋቱ የኛ ነው ውጤቱም የኛ ነው

  24. Lakshaman
    | #24

    Thanks so much for this wonderful arctile; this is the kind of thing that continues me though out the day. I’ve been searching around for your arctile after I heard about them from a friend and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a avid blogger, I’m happy to see others taking initiative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for your post as it’s very encouraging, and many writers do not get the credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll be back and will spread the word to my friends.

    | #25

    @Praying for peace
    God is with the oppressed people.God is for the freedom of the people .God is for self determination and against the domination . We muslim we hate Salafis,Alshabab and we pray God will open your eyes.

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