Perils and Opportunities ahead of Ethiopia By Fekade Shewakena

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According to speculations and rumors Ato Meles Zenawi’s conditions range from he is resting to he is dead and anywhere in between. Thanks to the opacity of the officials in charge of the country, it is like they are telling us to take our pick. The inconclusive and contradictory official statements have only added fuel to the rumor mills. The kind of secrecy they practice makes you wonder whether these people ruling over us are really out of the woods of the feudal era yet.

Strangely, these same officials have the audacity of accusing the rest of us of rumor mongering after setting us up to do just that. Had there been no African heads of states meeting on July 15, 2012 in Addis Ababa and that the Senegalese President, who happened to chair the meeting, did not do us a favor by announcing that Meles Zenawi’s absence at the meeting was due to health reasons, entire Ethiopia would have drowned in a wilder sea of rumors. The officials in charge don’t seem to see that, whether we like him or not, Ato Meles Zenawi is an employee of over 80 million Ethiopians who have every right to know where he is and what has befallen him when he fails to show up at work. For heaven’s sakes this is 21st century, not Menilik’s time!

Although I am one of Meles’s serial critics, who has criticized his actions on many occasions and, I might add, one of his earliest victims, I sincerely feel sorry for him at this time and wish him recovery. I don’t have ill wish for him as a person. In all sincerity, I don’t want him to die or even suffer in illness. If anything, I want him to live long enough to have private time to reflect on the bad and good he did to the country, particularly the harm and pain he inflicted on countless number of Ethiopians and see if he has anything to regret and feel sorry about. In my view, so much of the blood and tears shed because of the decisions he made was avoidable. Early on as the TPLF/EPRDF took power, I was their supporter and was happy that a person of Meles’s caliber was at the helm. I remember arguing in their favor and being ridiculed as naïve. I did not even blame them for the separation of Eritrea which I still believe is a collective failure of all of us as Ethiopians. I was proven naïve and wrong shortly after. I saw the savage beating and shooting and killing of peaceful demonstrating university students, some of them my own, on my own eyes on January 4, 1993. After watching the savagery, I went to my office and passed a sad and depressing day. Even then and there after, I never hated Meles as a person, I only despised him.

I am not sold on the he is dead speculation. But whatever the outcome of Meles’s health, we can presume at this stage that his tenure as the country’s supreme leader is ending. Even if he survives his illness, it is unlikely that he will go back to his position and lead the country and nurse his health at the same time.

Like all authoritarian leaders Meles has made a big shoe for himself that cannot be easily filled by those around him. This will make any smooth transition difficult. But difficult transition times often come with both challenges and opportunities to build a better future. The leaders and supporters of the TPLF/EPRDF may all want to bury their heads in the sand and deny it, but Ethiopia is on a perilous and unsustainable trajectory.

The trajectory has sharply bended down particularly since the 2005 election. Ethiopia, a diverse country in all respects, has become a one party state. The Regime has gotten more control freak and all civil societies who wanted to work independently are decimated or controlled. The so called revolutionary democracy pursued by Meles and his party is turning out more of a social engineering scheme. The mass recruitment of people for party membership, often outside of the will of the individuals and with discriminatory privileges, speaks not to the strength of the party but to the kind of control-freakishness.

Our people keep on suffering abject poverty in spite of a flood of record foreign aid that the country has ever seen in its history. Yes there is aggregate economic growth but the number of the destitute poor is also increasing. Ethiopia’s inflation, one of the highest in the world, is grinding down lives. Corruption is becoming an institution. The hopelessness is so much that our young people risk death to make unimaginably dangerous journeys fleeing the country in search of better opportunities. Many consider the gamble with their lives better than the hopeless future they see in their country. God knows how many are lost in capsized boats on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and in locked containers of traffickers and those slaughtered by organ harvesters as they cross the wilderness. Our young sisters in the Middle East live and work in degrading slavery where their government never attends their conditions.

There are no weeks that go by without hearing some tragic story of an Ethiopian maid in the Middle East. An Ethiopian airline crew once told me that on every flight he took from Jeddah to Addis Ababa, he has seen at least more than one mentally disturbed Ethiopian coming back home. And the part that boils my blood is that we bear all of this as if we don’t have a beautiful country that can feed more than itself.

The draconian laws promulgated to stifle civil society and all forms of dissent can look working for now but will eventually drag the country to further conflicts and poverty. Open eyes can see it. All observers of Ethiopia, including Ethiopia’s donors and organizations of international credibility have noticed this dangerous situation in Ethiopia. Only fools keep condemning Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and think they have responded to accusations of human rights abuse successfully and believe everything is ok.

These are organizations who built unshakable credibility through hard and credible work in all countries around the world over time. Dictators have a unique ability to believe their delusions as the truth. I hope the people currently in charge of the country are not blinded by the groupthink they developed under Meles and open their eyes and see it. The zero sum game politics they have gotten used to playing is at a stage that cannot continue anymore. Ethiopia is a country that cannot be turned into China or North Korea. It is unique in many respects to fit into a model.

If the manner in which the current officials are handling the questions raised by the Moslem community and the closing of a newspaper of 30,000 copies (Fiteh) in a country of 80 million people are the tell tale of what is going to come, Ethiopia is going to have a serious problem on her hands.

The government has made a culture of shredding its constitution and accusing others of not abiding by it. The current officials should realize that criminalizing all dissent and suppressing all questions coming from the people may take them only some short distance over a very limited time. The unwarranted label of extremism and terrorism put on people who have legitimate and clearly articulated questions, the use of force at places of worship and the incarceration of the Moslem community leaders is bound to be counterproductive.

The crackdown can end up radicalizing this breathtakingly peaceful protest. It may even produce coattails throughout various sectors of the disaffected population. None of what the Moslem community is asking and doing over the last eight months does qualify as violence, extreme or any attempt to subvert the “constitutional order” as the government claims. Such accusations have now become an overused, one-size-fits-all, response to anyone peacefully dissenting for any reason – journalists, members and leaders of the opposition, etc.

The Moslem community demanded to elect their own leaders in their own mosques and they protested government intervention in their affairs quoting the very constitution the government accuses them of defying. These demands do not require the use of force and a barrage of propaganda that accuses them of extremism and terrorism.

We all remember what happened in Somalia over a short period of time. The Islamic Courts Union that we and the West referred to as extremist and helped chase out from power look like saints compared to the Al Shabbab that we ended up pulling off finally. Such accusations like these Ethiopian Muslims want to establish an Islamic State are off the charts and we all know that it is intended to alarm the unsuspecting none-Muslim population and instigate confrontation.

All of us heard the leaders of the Moslem community say they would be crazy to demand such an outlandish demand in a country where more than half the population is non Moslem. The right and the courageous thing to do would have been to talk to the leaders and make them have their elections in their mosques. If they are really up to something more sinister as the government claims, then it would be easy for everyone including the general public to hold them accountable. Their question is a civil rights question. It has nothing to do with religious extremism. We have heard them. The non Moslem community is also getting it and supporting them. Any attempt to further narrow the political space in the country and continuing to shut these diverse questions by force and the language of force can sooner or later change the dynamics in the country for the worse.

The polarization in Ethiopia’s politics is at scary levels. We have become a country without statesmen. This is unlike our old tradition where shimagilles who make dispassionate judgments are heard and respected. I don’t know if we have statesmen that can straddle these differences and speak to all sides with moral authority these days. Part of the reason is our political culture and the main reason now is this so called revolutionary democracy whose central teaching states that if you are not with it you are its enemy.

The Sane thing to do now:

•The authorities currently in charge of the country should do an overdue thing that Meles himself should have done years ago. Begin a transparent dialogue with all political opponents in good faith on the future of the country on agreed modalities.

•The government should initiate a dialogue by starting out with releasing all political prisoners in the country – journalists, opposition politicians and community leaders etc. This should go along with decriminalizing dissent and revoking all this senseless classification of opposition groups as terrorists. There are no terrorists in Ethiopia. The only thing Ethiopians are terrorized by is poverty and their fear of government. Dissidence and demanding freedom is not terrorism.

•Opposition forces also must understand that they have a lot of housekeeping to do and need to work on cleaning their fragmented house and regroup and present clear and workable choices and ready themselves to solve the country’s impasses through peaceful dialogue.

•The Ethiopian Diaspora has a huge role but it should understand that its role is supportive and that what it can do from a distance does not replace what the people on the ground in Ethiopia can do. We need to support every bit of move towards democracy by anybody.

•We all should stop our traditional politics of trying to build a system over the grave of the existing. Ethiopia cannot afford violence but cannot avoid it if the regime cannot come to its senses.
I want to be wrong but I see our country teetering on the precipice. Every one of us, children of that country, irrespective of our political views, has huge responsibilities to help avoid disasters. By virtue of the power it holds, the ruling party has much of the responsibility. Any decision to continue on current trends is assuring a destructive future and the regime will carry all responsibility that comes with it.

Open Ethiopia up for democracy where all of us can be heard and hold a stake. And finally all of us Ethiopian living inside and outside Ethiopia will roll our sleeves, build the dams and bridges farm our lands on our own and pour whatever resources we have to drag our country out of poverty.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    A great teacher and extremely positive thinker. Your effort to forgive and forget will not work with revolutionary democracy. It is against the core philosophy “revolutionary democracy whose central teaching states that if you are not with it you are its enemy.” Alas,this has been circulating in the blood stream of TPLF/EPLF since their existence as a group. It doesn’t make no difference the status of Meles. They will maintain and stay in power by eliminating then enemy. No sharing of power. They will share power/accept the power of the majority only over their dead body.

  2. Konjit Kassa
    | #2

    Investing to much time,energy and money on the condition of a tyrant responsible for the abuse of human and democratic rights, who openly
    disrespects Ethiopian history and unity needs to stop. Let us concentrate
    on how to remove TPLF and its associates and replace them by an Ethiopian
    democratic government.

  3. Peace
    | #3

    A great teacher and extremely positive thinker. Your effort to forgive and forget will not work with revolutionary democracy. It is against the core philosophy “revolutionary democracy whose central teaching states that if you are not with it you are its enemy.” Alas,this has been circulating in the blood stream of TPLF/EPLF since their existence as a group. It doesn’t make no difference the status of Meles. They will maintain and stay in power by eliminating then enemy. No sharing of power. They will share power/accept the power of the majority only over their dead body.

  4. Sheferaw
    | #4

    Dr.Fekade, thank you for this article, and the reflection you article made about the current political situation in the country.

    You wrote,

    “Although I am one of Meles’s serial critics, who has criticized his actions on many occasions and, I might add, one of his earliest victims, I sincerely feel sorry for him at this time and wish him recovery. I don’t have ill wish for him as a person. In all sincerity, I don’t want him to die or even suffer in illness. If anything, I want him to live long enough to have private time to reflect on the bad and good he did to the country, particularly the harm and pain he inflicted on countless number of Ethiopians and see if he has anything to regret and feel sorry about….”

    I whole heartedly agree with your view; I am a bible believing christian,although I have been greatly harmed by the policy of Melees I don’t wish him or anyone else death. It is not up to me it is up to the LORD to do whatever he wants with each one of us. We must remember judgment belongs to GOD; to us humans belongs repentance. That is I have to bow down before a living and Holy GOD and show contrition about my sins and my depravity perhaps he might be moved to forgive me my sins.i have to do this while I have breath now.Therefore,currently we need to hear views that comes with concilatory tone,such as yours.The idea of they and we is not to take us any where,and this seems to be the prevailing view curently.

    I have to admit cyber politics, specially, in some forums is and remain to be tense, and emotional. I presume to say; perhaps, only about 1% ,of the general population spends time on the net. And the form of politics we see from this crowd is endless chat, and it is costing Ethiopians valuable time, resource, and the hope of our country. What saddens me the most is the fact there are some opposition pretending bloggers who say and write what some like to hear, yet their toxic form of politics is setting the tone of the debate.
    It is sad, without any qualifications the toxic views of, such as, anonymous is being promoted. You take pain to be moderator believing if there is any sane party to listen on both sides government and oppostion.I am glad you feel optimist I must say, however, after I heard Sebhat Nag’s interview on Doucheville radio I am pessimist in the way TPLF is prepared to take the country. What ever postive expectation I might have about the future the swiping generalized answer Nega gave dashed my hope.Atleast,he was expected to make postive statment concerning UDJ,but he was unable to make distinction among oppostion parties. According to him he does not believe currently there is a genuine opposition party. He regards without any exception all political parties as what he called “hate filled”.

    The same can be said about the Diaspora opposition leadrs, with the exception of Andinet there is an open power struggle in some corners.Some Ethiopian sits,such as ECDEF, are compeletely given to the service of G- 7,and won’t post other than comments that come from G-7.Perhaps, you might need to visit and see how they handled the case of ENTC. Beside, the contry is experiencing tumultious politcal situation.I tend to believe situation such as this needs carful handling by those who are concerned.Yet,I can not help but scrtch my head when I see ,almost, the one sided analisis by G-7 leaders and the opinon makers. Not to mention the fact ,these pundits would have us embrace automatic support to any party who oppose the regime as an enlightend principle. I am reminded here the scripture verse which says,


    Ofcourse this was said about the “spiritual leaders who were destitute of discernment,but the same apply to those political leaders who habitually exert their negative energy and there by losing site of the consequences of their action.

    I conclude the silent majority must speak; we need morally upright people who can lead WITHOUT EXPECTING ANY THING IN RETURN. We need people who will not look back or seek self. We need people who can walk the walk and not ARM CHAIR REVOLUTIONARIES AND TELEVISION ACTORS.. Or else they must be told by the people power rests in the hand of the PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA. Simply said,in the end it is not the individual wish that is at stake here but the nation.If they refuse to reform their way and remain out of tune with current events the people are not obligated to carry them in their back.They are dispensable and can be dethroned from their post or relegated to the background by the popular voice.With out any reserve I say the Ethiopian people hold their destiny.
    G-7 leaders need to wake up to this reality;as far as the heart land you don’t represent us.Whether you like it or not this is a fact.

  5. Edin
    | #5

    Meles was taking his rest in some where kenya or he sick and he taking treatment some where. In generally i wish best for him. For EPRDF I have message please wake up your regim was over and prepare your self for transition government until 2015. No more ethinec based federalism . We need unity. Unless remember egypt what happened . Befor we collapse please think about what is next after meles.

  6. The Eritrean one!
    | #6

    Mebrahtu G/hiwot (aka Bereket Simon) has no business of running Ethiopia’s enternal affairs. He should have been one of the first ERITREANS to face justice in Eritrea for committing treason, advising/devising the weyanes to declare war against Eritrea, for advising/devising weyanes to sell their girls to the middle east, and above all advising/devising weyanes to commit herendouse crimes against many innocent Ethiopian people. I hope and dream a new era will begin for the people of Ethio-Eritreans ones all the thugs are under arrested and face justice for all of their crimes in the past 21 years

  7. Darsema
    | #7

    Ato Fekade Shewakena is a typical example of the colossal failure of the Ethiopian intellectuals in reading and understanding a simple bandit and ethnical fascist, Meles Zenawi. He talks about the caliber of Meles and forgets the fact that Meles is operating under the close and constant guidance and support of foreign and anti-Ethiopia forces. It is really disgusting and saddening to see that he is still confused,lacking clarity on the TPLF and hoping something good from this front of fascists and racists. This misplacement of hope is like expecting water from a rock. I advise ato Fekade to read a book on fascism and racism to gain the right understanding of Meles Zenawi and the TPLF. I also advise ato Fekade to read the manifesto of the TPLF. It looks that ato Fekade has given up on the Ethiopian opposition and is knocking at the closed and exclusive door of the TPLF.

  8. SEBHAT NEGA et al
    | #8

    The ethno-fascist woyane junta are self confessed enemies of Ethiopia who should be removed once and for all in order to restore law and order, democracy, justice, freedom and equality in our country.

    woyane thugs like SEBEHAT NEGA are real enemies of Ethiopia which is evident from the interviews and comments they make about Ethiopia, as is evident form the following excerpt.

    The woyane thugs simply use Ethiopia as a trade name to loot and plunder the country.

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, TPLF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

    TPLF has since its inception been controlled by mercenary elements that fought against Ethiopia as their enemy. The group that wiped out so many lives and terrorized Tigrians into slavery and servitude, is still in power. If Ethiopia is turned into a failed, landlocked state, it is with a purpose. Read details from the historical facts presented by Asgede G. Selassie, author of Gahdi 1 and Gahdi 2. A survivor of the pogrom, Asgede was one of the 11 rebels who founded TPLF.

  9. Dawi
    | #9

    Fekade said:

    [[..We all should stop our traditional politics of trying to build a system over the grave of the existing...]]

    A good starting point….


  10. Abel
    | #10

    He, Meles is dead and Woyanes are petrified.

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    I couldn’t agree any more wiht very bit of inofriamitons and advice you have provided for better Ethiopian.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    If someone evicted your parents and siblings and threw them outside with no place to go and sell their land to foreigners, would you respect that man or woman?
    If someone locked up one of your innocent father, mother, brothers or sisters and tortured them or worse yet, kill them, would you respect that man or woman?
    Please, let’s be real here and not minimize the agony and the sufferings of Ethiopians. Let’s walk on the shoes of the victims and the victims parents and their families. No one in history has done so much damage to our country and people as dictator Meles and his TPLF servants and Agazi Army have done…from leaving Ethiopia landlocked, selling our fertile land, selling Ethiopian women, incarcerating hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians in rat infested prisons, abusing and torturing countless number of innocent Ethiopians, killing unknown number of Ethiopians,looting the country while fifteen millions of Ethiopians dying for a lack of piece of bread and a cup of water a day and basic medical care, disrespecting our religion and our religious historical places…Come on people, give respect to the people who earned it, not to the TPLF professional criminals who have looted, tortured and spilled the blood of hundreds of thousands innocent patriot Ethiopians and committed irreversible damages to our country and Ethiopian people.

  13. Zerayakob Yared
    | #13

    ቀደም ብለን ተኮላ ዘንዳ የሰጠነው የምክር ልገሳ እንዳለ ሆኖ:
    ማለትም, “Hic Rhodus, hic salta ! ማለትም: Here is Rhodes, jump here !
    አለበለዚያ ግን, በድሮው ብቻ ከተነታረክን እንደ አፄ ምኒልክ ዘመነ መንግስት ጊዝያቶች “9 ዓመታት” ሙሉ በክንብንብነት ልንታወር ነው!
    ከተቻለ, with out MLLT, አለበለዚያም ለጊዜውም ቢሆን እስከነ ማሌሊቱ, the state must function!
    በባህለ ደደቢት መሰረት የዝግ ስብሰባ ውጤትን ስንጠብቅ ሌላ 17 ዓመታት መጠበቅ እንዳይሆንብን!
    በነገራችን, ኮሚቴ ወረርሽኝ reactivated እየሆነ ይመስላል; ዝግ ስብሰባው ምን ሊወልድ ቢያስብ ይሆን ?
    ቸር-ቸሩን ያሰማን!” የሚለው መሆኑ ነው!

    በተጨማሪ ግን ዛሬም ተጨማሪ ሁለት ምክሮችን:
    1. በረከት ኤርትራዊው የሚለው አባባል, ናቅፋ ወይንም ሳዋ ለመሰልጠኑ ማስረጃ እስካልቀረበ ጊዜ ድረስ, የጎንደር, የአሲምባና የአዲስ አበባው ልጅ ኢትዮጵያዊ እንደሆነ ይቀራልና, ይልቁንስ አሁን እናንተ ከአዲስ ወደ ካናዳ ለመሄድ የከፈላችሁትን ጉቦ ያህል እየከፈሉ (ገንዘቡን እናንተ ከካናዳ እየላካችሁላቸው) ከአቆርዳት ወደ ሽባልባ የሚሻገሩትን የትኛውን ማንነት እንስጣቸው!?
    2. የስብሓት ነጋን ለኤርትራ መቆምን በየጊዜው ለምትጠቅሱ ያገር ልጆች: በእርግጥ አስገደን እየጠቀሳችሁ እንደመናገራችሁ መጠን, ነገሩ የሆነ አይነት ነጥብ ይኖረዋል:: እንዲሁም ሆኖ ግን, የዓደርባዕተን (መንደረ ስብሓት) ዲያሌክቲክ ለማታውቁ ሁሉ አንድ እርዳታ ላበረክት እወዳለህ:: የግንዛቤ (understanding)ነገር ሁሉ የትርጉም (interpretation) ጉዳይ እንደመሆኑ መጠን, በዓደርባዕተ አተረጓጎም የዚያ አባባል ሁለተኛ ገፁን እንሆ: “ዞሮ-ዞሮ ስለማንላቀቅ, ለጊዜው ውጭ-ውጩን እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን እንጠብቃለንና, ብቻ እናንተ (“ኤርትራውያን”) ቤታችሁን ዘግታችሁ የርስበርስ መናከሳችሁን ፍፃሜ ስጡት”, ነው:: በዚያን ጊዜ ነው, ኢሳያስ አስመራን ለቆ ወደ ማሳዋ የሄደውና ዓንሰባዎቹን በሙሉ ከአካባቢው አባርሮ በአክሱም እና በባርካ/ራሻሂዳ ተወላጆች ብቻ መገልገል የጀመረው:: ማሳዋ ዘንዳ የፖለቲካ (ፖለቲካ የሚባል ነገር ካለ ማለት ነው)ተቀላጢፎቹ የአክሱም ተወላጆች ሲሆኑ, በረንዳ ላይ ዘብ ቋሚዎቹ ደግሞ ባርካዎች ሆነው የተመረጡት:: የራሱን ሳሎን በእንደዚህ ከመሸገ በኋላ, ከማኩረፍ በመነሳት የሃገሪቱን ድንበር በመጣስ የሚለቁትን ዓንሰባዎችን ተከታትለውና በቁማቸው ኦርጋናቸውን ሰርቀው, በቁመናቸው እንዳሉ ለአሞራ የሚያቀብልዋቸውን ደግሞ ራሻሂዳዎቹን አዘጋጀ::

    ይሄን በምልበት ጊዜ, የበረከትን ወይንም የስብሓትን ጉዳዮችን ለመከላከል አይደለም:: ምክኒያቱም ሁላችንም እንደምናውቀው ከእኔ “የተሻሉ” አፈቀላጤዎች አሉዋቸውና!! ይሄንን ሳወሳ, እኛንኑን ለመምከር ብቻ ነው:: ተራ ዘረኞች አንሁን, ሰውን በትውልዱ ሳይሆን በተግባሩና በአቋሙ እንገምግመው, ባጠቃላይም ትግላችን ውጠት ይኖረው ዘንዳ የተሻለውን የነገሮችን ትርጉም መከተልን ልምድ ይሁንብን ብቻ ነው ለማለት እየሞከርኩኝ ያለሁት!!
    ከምስጋና ጋራ!

  14. Tesema
    | #14


    You said that you were naïve 21 years ago at the time you were a supporter of the TPLF. After reading your article, in my view, you are still naïve because to look like you are a forgiving individual you wish the wellbeing of your Master, bully Zenaw.

    Let me ask you a question that why you did not try to seem a reasonable and a forgiving man at the time you were busy dismantling Kinijit? I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Lastly, I heard you on ESAT saying it only takes you an hour to write your article… Were you telling us the truth when you claimed that it only takes an hour to write your article? I think you were untruthful!!!

  15. kentu
    | #15

    allmost 2 manths about meles dead ar alive now enough is enough time is runing out so our answer is one of this YES or NO oother wise don,t wast our time we have a lot to do in private life specialy among weyane and shabia sopporters i fill great shame i like american proverb DO IT YOURSELF NO BODY FIGHT FOR YOU.

  16. kentu
    | #16

    where is BERTUKAN please we need caltural revolution we dont want to raise such kind of fear and gridy generation this was a big aportunity specialy for those femouse in opposition side but we did,nt see are hear even one word sorry for inconvinent word but that is the true

  17. astra
    | #17

    is he an admirer of Meles. Why does he want to forgive and forget. What a shame!

  18. Oda Tulu
    | #18

    You call a spade a spade when you deal with a cruel man like Zenawi. The author must know that Ethiopia is bleeding.

  19. love
    | #19


    The comments are being edited and mine is not even there? I wonder why?

  20. aha!
    | #20

    The TPLF/eprdf regime made up of ex-liberation fronts, spearheaded by TPLF had not constitution that speakes for the silent majority of Ethiopians to begin with. Whereas the CUD and Journalist political prisoners were among other charges were alledged for “subverting the constitutional order in part regarding the peacefull demonstration about the debacle over rigged election in 1997 at least in part. Since then the TPLF/eprdf regime has created an anti-terrorist law, dervied from the the constitution and an anchor to their constitution to stay in power by clamping down on press freedom and freedom of speech, even including freedom of thoughts and now peaceful demonstration by Moslims for their religious rights to run their affairs and elect their leaders without government interference is only strenghtening its tight grip on power and its own constitution and reneging on individual freedom in terms of Declaration of Human rights, but not as you said “shredding its own constitution and accusing others for not abiding by it”. Are you refering to the anti-terrorist-laws and the false charges associated to it for putting disidents and moslim demonstrates exercing their individual rights to express their opinion and having their demands answered are considered as “subverting the constitutional order”.

    Whether the recent political prisoners, that criticised the regime and moslim demonstrators incarcerated for demanding to have their questions answered, may not have that notion front and center, do not you think the overtuning of the current constitution front and center for ratification/removal of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, restore individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights to restore Ethiopian nationalism and sovereignity of Ethiopia in favor of those parties with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. If that is the ultimate change needed to have a democratic government, why are you pleading with remaining clout of TPLF and the TPLF/eprdf regime (the teletafi parties). Are you appealing to them to engage in powersharing idea as Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam suggested in his latest article.

    Do you think any democracy will eminate from the current frame work of the constitution? When you suggested the opposition parties must put their house inorder and work together are you saying they should all coalesce over the national agenda stated above, or the individual parties forces mantaining their ethnic agenda engage in a dialogue to what end, unless they agree to abide by the national agenda and strategies to achieve those goals. To that end why do the Diaspora play a supportive rather than a major role had they lined up along the national agenda rather than ethnic agenda as the undelining issue of coming together.

  21. ጉረኞች
    | #21

    A constitution is only legitimate when people believe that it defends their individual right and protect them from unwarranted government intrusion in their life. If the constitution is legitimate, people defend and even die to protect it from any kinds of change. Take the case of US. Citizens go as far as needed to protect and defend the spirit of their constitution. Woyane’s constitution serves only TPLF thugs. When they go, there goes their constitution, no body will attempt to protect it. The center piece for effective constitution like the US is defending individual right. If Ethiopians want to live in peace they have to have a constitutions that defends individual from government or any other group intrusion. Woyane’s constitution that do not even recognize the existence of individuals as human entity and which makes the centerpiece of the all laws ethnicity is bogus and will not have any life after Woyane is ousted. It is a good thing that you committed your valuable time to make sure all of us understand the flaws of the constitution and the danger it entails if the oppositions do not take it seriously. Keep on hammering!! I admit that it has taken me time to understand your concern. The underlining assumption that the constitution will be negotiated later after woyane is ousted should really need second thought.

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