Abugida Ethiopia American Television Network – Week of August 23 2007

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Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. | #1

    Woizero AlemTsehai is a well spoken lady.She should train the Abogida media people and the rest.I am very proud od you.Good luck!

  2. Genet
    | #2

    It’s really nice to see an Ethiopian woman take the “scene” and talk in a very articulate way. Sometimes we wonder where are our sisters.
    Thank you Abugida and Alemtsehay.

  3. Tigiste
    | #3

    That is great! I can’t wait to attend the millennium event in DC.

  4. wesenu abebe
    | #4

    we have Alemtsehai and more out spoken women. It is nice to hear you interview Woizero Alemtsehai. you are one of the wonderful artist that I admire most. You are the hero. Thank you.

  5. abe
    | #5

    Ewn anten welede? wow new!!
    “meteyek aygedm ” new yalew derasiw.ye gtmu (poem) derasi man new?. Is that Bedlu`s poem? ke 6 amet befit Bahr dar kesemahut gar sletemesaselebgn new.

  6. yetu
    | #6

    Alemtsehay is a model for Ethiopian women and girls. well done.

    Yes, it is Bedilu’s poem. He has already published it. I do not know who is reading and made the video. A great poem, I love it, I listened it in BDU repeatedly. This is the modified final version, I think.

  7. | #7

    No wonder that the Egyptian daily Al-Aharam once wrote that the people that should lead Ethiopia reside abroad.Just look at this articulate Ethiopian,Alemtsehai Wodajo.

  8. ????
    | #8

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  9. Desalegn
    | #9

    How stupid you are! You said yourself a jornalist? How could you present someone’s poem
    with out mentioning the writer as if you write it. I know the poem is published, and the writer is Bedilu. He read that poem years ago for his students and i was one of them. Shame for you!!!

  10. temelkach
    | #10

    Dear administrator,

    What u were doing is fine, especially I like interviews conducted by Ashebir. He is doing fine. But you have to edit before you broadcast it. I usually observe problems in this regard. For example, yemisrach “gazetegna lemebal bekan” yemimesil neger menagerua kir asegnitognal. Journalism is a profession not a name given by someone.

    You also have to acknowledge works of other people, like the poem of Ato Bedilu. He has to contact you because he is currently living in Europe, he may see it.

    You have to correct this mistake.

    beteref, bertu it is possible to grow.

  11. Tokichew
    | #11

    To clear up any confusions you may have: The video is recorded from ETV and the person who edited and read the poem is probably a woyanne journalist ( they have zero ethics.) Abugida, I think, they just broadcasted it since it contains good message!!

  12. Abera
    | #12

    This poem was originally broadcasted on TV in Ethiopia – I know that for sure!!

  13. semlove
    | #13

    I am sorry to say this; we only have who is capable of criticizing. We do not have audacious person like those of returnees from Diaspora. It would be worth giving ears if nit-picker are living in Ethiopia so as to understand what they say is factual .

  14. Tg
    | #14

    I think the poem was wonderful and we as Ethiopian should keep this histery alive. God loves Ethiopia and Orthodox Tewahedo religion has been there for along time, teaching us this great place and more. The young people in U.S and around the world should learn more about our histery than Europe or American histery. I wish I had the chance to learn this in Ethiopia. Thank you Tewahedo.

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