Standing up with our Moslem citizens. By Yilma Bekele

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The TPLF regime is the kind that believes in a proactive stance in their approach to ward off unwanted happenings. They learned that during the war with the Derg. It is said that upon taking over a village their first act was to gather the village heads and kill those that don’t agree with them, humiliate a few to teach the rest a lesson and recruit the weak to use and abuse. That system sharpened and enhanced has served them to stay in power.

If you notice closely the main task of their propaganda department has been to use any and all means to saw dissent in the opposition by looking for little faults, weaknesses or minor contradictions and maximizing that until the unit disintegrates. It is a very difficult task to guard against such consorted attempt by a government body with unlimited resources hell bent on destruction. Sooner or later the targeted party or association will end up finishing up the dirty work started by the TPLF. No one can survive such scientifically designed attack.

The TPLF uses agents planted within the associations, the power of their vast media empire, their agents in neighborhoods and their hired sycophants among the Diaspora to carry out their mission. They never come out as members or admirers of the ethnic based regime but always qualify their poisonous message with well meaning words. They might utter such garbage as the regime is not tolerant and undemocratic but you have to admire the buildings and roads. Freedom and honor is exchanged for condominiums and paved road.

How the multitude responds to such abuse by the single ethnic based regime is a fascinating subject of study. Our reaction is based on our ancient culture of viewing all with suspicion, accepting authority without question and our capacity to suffer in silence. All this traits work against us. Today we have gone a step further and added educational title as another layer of what should be viewed as final authority. If you notice some of our intellectuals or learned brethren use their degrees as a calling card to be heard over others. The TPLF regime is aware of all this weakness in our psychological makeup. Ato Meles and company’s first order of business was to enroll in correspondence school to secure a title for their letterhead. They did not find being Prime Minster or heads of department as a proud achievement without the piece of paper to give them added legitimacy.

Today the Apartheid party TPLF is using all weapons in its arsenal to divide us, undermine us, create suspicion between us, or turn some off from the political arena. This is nowhere visible as in the current struggle of our Moslem citizens to assert their independence and ward off the government thus the TPLF party in getting involved in their religion. The party in power is trying to define the question of independence in its own distorted vision and accusing the victims of wrongdoing.

First of all the issue is not as complicated and as conspiratorial in nature as presented to our citizens by the ruling party. It is by no means connected to any Jihadist international organization or ideology or led and supported by outsiders. The regime has not presented any compelling evidence to prove its accusations. What is presented until now is wild theories and the usual disinformation that tries to fit a square peg in a round hole al la TPLF style. They want us to believe it because they said so. Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious to refute their bombastic lie that is told over and over again.

Let us start by the simple statement that our country is populated by Christians, Moslems and people that worship their own indigenous creator. No one group should be seen as having any more legitimacy over others. The issue raised by the Moslem community is to be left alone to choose their leaders without interference by any outside body be it government or other authority. The problem reared its head when the ongoing Arab Spring movement in our vicinity unnerved the TPLF regime. The regime decided to be proactive and in its usual way and attempted to put its operatives as leaders. This did not go well with our Moslem citizens. The TPLF party of course escalated this very simple issue into the political arena in order to draw others into a fight it started.

How exactly is the regime using this movement for freedom of religion? The government is doing all it can to tell us that the Moslems are trying to take over and make our country into an Islamic republic. They have paraded many elderly Moslem leaders, elderly cadres pretending to be Moslem leaders and ordinary citizens to condemn the movement as sinister attempt by outsiders to stir trouble. They are using their mass media to plant doubt in out head, to destroy the legitimacy of elected and beloved Moslem leaders and scare the rest of us into supporting them out of fear and ignorance.

How do the rest of us view the situation? Most of us go along with the theory as presented by the regime. Some of us are unable to erase the doubt they carefully planted in our conscience regarding the motive of the Moslem community. I agree it is a very difficult situation when religion is used as weapon to confuse and undermine. It is more so when it is applied in a very conservative and not really educated society as ours. The issue of looking at others with different religion, thinking or looks than us with suspicion plays into the hands of the regime that knows how to exploit such cultural bias. Of course amnesia is our number one enemy.

What the TPLF party is trying to do to the Moslem community is what they have successfully accomplished in the Christian Church. TPLF has managed to politicize the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church and shape it in its own image. The reigning Abune was illegally pushed out of the way and a new one was chosen based on his ethnic affiliation. The last twenty years has been a time of trial and tribulations for the Church and there is no question it has weakened it considerably.

The current Abune is not viewed favorably by the vast number of the Christian community and like the political system the church has managed to divide and saw dissent. The Christian community has relied on silent prayer to fight this cancer in their body religion. They have not shown a concerted effort to fight and assert their right to be independent and run their Church. Prayer without action is faith without sacrifice. God help those who help themselves has never been truer than in our case. The TPLF party has been successful in creating confusion; cultivating hatred and using divide and rule tactics. Even in the Diaspora there is no Church that has not seen splits and fights among the parishioners.

The current stand taken by the Moslem community is to avoid the same fate that has befallen the Orthodox Church. They have taken the lesson to heart. It is a gallant fight that should inspire all Ethiopians and a call to resist servitude to any outside power. It is not an attempt to take state power but a legitimate fight to protect their house of worship and religion from outside influence. It is a question of independence in its purest form.

The issue raised by the Moslem community is our issue as well. Injustice to one is injustice to all. We as a nation cannot be free if any of our citizens are targeted to be harmed or undermined. Despite what the TPLF says we should raise our voice and stand in solidarity with our Moslem brothers and sisters and echo their call to be left to decide their affairs by themselves. Standing with them is a selfless act because we cannot be free while they are oppressed. The leadership Our Orthodox Church in exile is correct when it supported the cry of the Moslem community in their fight against the illegal regime. It is the right and honorable thing to do. This attempt by the TPLF ethnic based minority regime to divide us using religion, ethnicity and regional differences is toxic and not good for building a strong and united Ethiopia. Recognizing that fact is laudable. Getting involved to stop those that preach and practice such act is loving Ethiopia in a practical way.

  1. ananymouse
    | #1

    Weyanes are nearly done; all they are to do is buying time for survival. If there are any good weyanes it is time now to ask Ethiopians for forgiveness and there may be someone that will forgive them.

  2. Leb bel
    | #2

    WAKE UP! Everything is not as you think of it. The Persons behind this uprising are BANDAS working and supported in every imaginable way by outside forces mainly of Arabs and particularly by Saudis. They are using our poor and innocent Muslim brothers for their hidden Agenda. Mind you! I am not against uprising to overthrow this evil, the so called, Ethiopian government. I am only asking every Ethiopian to be alert. And do not forget, that the persons behind this uprising were once working hand in hand with TPLF, and their home work was to build Mosques and teach Islamic extremism, now that they feel strong ,they do not want to be controlled or dictated by TPLF.
    This group is saying, if we control Mejlis, that means we control all Mosques. If we control all Mosques, that means we control schools. If we control schools, that means we control the whole country… Then finally Ethiopia will be ours, and then we declare Sharia and if it is necessary we will change the country’s flag and name. Even they agitate Muslims in Ethiopia to burn churches. All this is on the record. You can find this and many more in the internet and you can go to their Paltalk room named ETHIO MUSLIM INTERFAITH DIALOG FOR JUSTICE. And there is also another paltalk room called ETHIO CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS DISCUSSION 4 SOLUTION, who records everything what this extremist group saying and doing. Go and find for yourself. Our country is in a very critical time and it is very ,very important whom you give your support. Otherwise it will be like getting rid of one EVIL and replacing it with another one. It is we Ethiopians who are sleeping . The anti- Ethiopian forces are working under ground. WEAK UP!!! It is really disturbing to see pro Ethiopian medias are giving them uncritical coverage. Have you ever seen Ethiopian Muslims in Ethiopia or in the diaspora carrying Ethiopian flags.? But Arabs do carry their country’s flag during demonstration.

  3. Belehennet
    | #3

    The basic principle that Ethiopian Christians and Moslems should stand and struggle together for democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law in Ethiopia is, without a doubt, an excellent idea worthy of the maximum support by all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia.

    However, I’m concerned that we, Ethiopians, tend to follow the principle of “your enemy’s enemy is your friend”. This was the essence of the opposition to Haile Selassie’s government when we initially supported the Dergue. The same was true when we supported the Woyane initially against the Dergue. Both have proved to be worse enemies than the ones we objected to!!

    In the case of the Moslems, there is the case of an entity called: “Hijra Foundation”. It’s an organization formed by some Ethiopian Muslims who had a number of contacts with Melles Zenawi with the objective of a Sharia law in Ethiopia. Its 10-page letter to Melles clearly states that Ethiopia is a Muslim country and that the Foundation is fighting for the respect of Muslim rights only. There is no doubt that if the Foundation succeeds in its objectives, Ethiopia would lapse into another huge internal war that could devastate the lives of too many Muslims and Christians.

    Therefore, to blindly side with Muslims just because they oppose Melles is myopic and could have very serious negative consequences. What is needed is a meeting between Christians and Muslims to analyse in depth the current challenges and chart out a strategy that will end in a democratic system in Ethiopia that will ensure mutual respect and accommodation; not the dangerous fundamentalist policy of Hijra Foundation and the like.

  4. Mina
    | #4

    Ato Yilema Bekele
    This is the type of article we would like to read . lefts focus on supporting our muslim brothers and tople AGAZI WOYANE
    Great Article

  5. selamta
    | #5

    HERE we go again ,latching on the issue of the day irrelevant of facts,I have said this before ato YELMA ,you are so uncivilized and immature you just keep on churning all kinds of stupidity that no one takes you and a bunch of others like you, have become so irrelevant that you should enjoy whatever is left of your life in exile,WHAT DOES MOSLIM MEAN OR ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY MUSLIM?

  6. muslim
    | #6

    as a muslim i don\t agree with people say sheria law lots of rubbish.
    whats sheria to do with the socity even if you can\t do it at home you can not succed becouse you are forcing people to do what you think not what koran say.

    my sheria to my family is to teach them pure koran principle. then when they reach adulthood if they change their mind am not resp[onsible for change of sheria allready i have done what alah asked me to do.

    in eternity in heaven or hell no one be questioned for any once bad deeds,
    what you gone be question is have you teach you family how to guide their life with in the koran .yes,so you free.

    sheria in ethiopia ,my sheria is live in peace with out diturbing any one
    even the insect around you!!

    | #7

    My dear christian brothers the deep probleme of Ethiopia is coming from the colonial situation. As far as theses occupations of oromia,Ogaden …. are not solved like Eritrea ,no hope for better futur.Democraty and Integrity are non sens.Brothers open your eyes and mind.We can build better futur for all the Horn if you open your eyes.

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