The Woyanne gang finally admits Zenawi’s death – BBC

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Meles Zenawi has died at the age of 57, state media say, after weeks of illness.

Mr Meles died in a hospital abroad, said state media and a government spokesman, but they did not say exactly where or give details of his ailment.

Speculation about his health mounted when he missed an African Union summit in Addis Ababa last month.

Mr Meles took power as the leader of rebels that ousted communist leader Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991.

“Prime Minister Meles Zenawi passed away yesterday [Monday] evening at around midnight,” government spokesman Bereket Simon said, adding that he was “abroad” when he died, according to AFP news agency.

“He had been recuperating well, but suddenly something happened and he had to be rushed to the ICU [intensive care unit] and they couldn’t keep him alive.”

State television said he had died after contracting a “sudden” infection.

Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who is also Ethiopia’s foreign minister, will be acting head of government, state television said.

“Even if Ethiopia has been badly affected for missing its great leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi initiated fundamental policies and strategies which will be further strengthened,” the TV said.

Mr Meles had not been seen in public for some eight weeks prior to his death, and was reported to have been admitted to hospital in July.

But three weeks ago, the spokesman Mr Bereket told the BBC that he was in “a good condition and recuperating”, and dismissed reports he was critically ill.

At the time he declined to give any details about Mr Meles’ whereabouts or what he was suffering from.

But reports suggested Mr Meles was in hospital in Belgium, suffering from a stomach complaint.

  1. Garo
    | #1

    It is not so hard to build those roads when the US and EU are writing checks. The US and EU are paying for defense, education, health under PBS. This covers thirty percent of the budget of the country. The Chinese, Indians and Saudis are stealing our lands. Above all none of these lands belong to the TPLF. This happening because we are under occupation by a brutal backward killing machine called TPLF. Look how the so called first lady handled her self. And she was one the people they talked about replacing the dictator. As far all those building are concerned, they were built by the money that poured in to the country from hard working diaspora.

  2. Andualem
    | #2

    God bless Ethiopia
    Ethiopia always stretch her hands to seek mercy to its people. The ultimate justice is done, it’s not by pure coincidence the two enemy of our country are taken away within days apart, the phoney christian religious leader and the tyrant who murder thousands young’s women, men , children. This kind of death always reserved to individuals who commit the highest sin, maybe this ma
    y perceived as naive for many, but God is watch lovely Ethiopian people.This leader is the killer and Aprtide leader. he was corruptted the country. There was no freedom,democracy. press media. people are very bread. finally he died thanks the lord lets wakup to establish the democracy coutry for all people have equal right and freedom.

  3. LJD
    | #3

    Congratulations!!! Thank god the monster is gone. And may God let his soul rot in hell!!!

  4. betty
    | #4

    these who feel happy about death is not real ethiopian rather eveil eritreans. so pls stop your propagand and try to build your country and help your ppl who are in sudan every where.

  5. eqilqilaiy
    | #5

    Yes;indeed,Ethiopians.Although,Zenawi is dead and done,dead or alive,the fugitive who soon goes 17 feet below our blessed lands is still a fugitive.Dead or alive,zenawi will or shall or must face the justice.

    In the coffen that whas purchased in Sicily is Zenawi soacked in sins holds a mere 35lb the dead robber.From 205lb to 55lb,when he came on CCTV, to 35lb,when the robber died.This was a daunting and crashing agony through which the robber has gone;he deserves much worse than this.

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