What Killed Meles Zenawi? By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

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“The stirrings within us have their own fearful excesses; the excesses show which way these stirrings would take us. They are simply a sign to remind us constantly that death, the rupture of discontinuous individualities to which we cleave in terror, stands there before us more real than life itself.”

George Bataille

First of all, I would like to express my sympathy to the family, friends and supporters of Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. Although his death is celebrated in some quarters of our society, there is no question that his death has been very painful to those who loved him and supported him. Regardless of the wrongs he did to the country and the people of Ethiopia, I sympathize with those he left behind. I wish him to live for different reasons than those who are mourning his death. God has chosen his own way; thus, we have no choice but to reflect on the death of Mr. Zenawi and the legacy he left behind. Although so much has been said and written about his death, very few people have asked What killed Mr. Zenawi. The government of Ethiopia has been very secretive about the illness and the circumstances of Mr. Zenawi’s death. Why? In this piece, the writer would like to shade some light in the circumstances of the death of Mr. Zenawi and the strange coincidences.

Few months ago, this writer was watching Aljazeera documentary regarding the investigation about the death of former Palestinian leader Yasir Araft. Mr. Arafat was 75 years old when he died in November 11, 2004. Mr. Arafat was treated in France for unspecified illness when he suddenly slipped into a coma. Mr. Araft’s death remains a mystery until now. The cause of his death was never determined. According to several reports, the French officials have been unwilling to release the details of Mr. Arafat’s illness. Strangely enough, Aljazeera was running a documentary in the beginning of July 2012 regarding its investigation about the death of Mr. Arafat. In the documentary titled “What killed Arafat,” Aljazeera stated that Swiss institute examined clothing provided by Arafat’s widow Suha Arafat and determined that there were high levels of polonium-210, the same substance found that has reportedly killed a former Russian spy in London in 2006. Arafat was treated in France and the French government and the Palestinian Authorities have been silent about Arafat’s death and what his illness was.

The Israel government and its propaganda machine disseminated false information claiming that Arafat died because of HIV/AIDS. However, Aljazeera’s investigation revealed that Araft did not have AIDS. In fact, the investigation revealed that there was no specific illness that caused Araft’s death. Strangely enough, in July 2012, both the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Assres and Ghana’s president John Evans Atta Mills died few months after visiting Washington. Mr. Zenawi and Mr. Mill were both participants in G-8 meeting that took place in the United States on May 18, 2012 and May 19, 2012. The last public appearance for Mr. Zenawi was on June 19, 2012, in Mexico during the G-20 meeting. For those of us who closely examined Mr. Zenawi’s physical appearance on May 19, 2012 and June 19, 2012, it is clear that Mr. Meles has lost enormous amount of weight; he also looked pail and unhealthy. Talking to some Medical Doctors in the field, they found it very strange to see such a rapid change in weight and physical appearance of Mr. Zenawi.

Although the Ethiopian government declared that Mr. Zenawi died on August 20, 2012, reliable sources have stated he died in mid July 2012. The Ethiopian government did not leave us in the dark regarding the illness that caused Mr. Zenawi, the government has been reluctant to inform the general public the name of the hospital where Mr. Zenawi was treated. Ironically, Ghana’s president John Mill also died on July 24, 2012. As Mr. Zenawi’s death, Mr. Mill’s death was sudden and unexpected.

According to media accounts in Ghana, Mr. Mills was taken to a Military hospital in Ghana on July 23, 2012 where he suddenly died a day later. For those who saw the physical appearance of Mr. Arafat before his death, the physical appearance of the Russian Spy Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko who was killed in London with Polonium, and the physical appearance of Mr. Zenawi on June 19, 2012 in Mexico, it is not difficult to see their similarity. What is interesting in death of Mr. Mill is that there is also suspicion in his death. Some people in Ghana are requesting an investigation into the death of Mr. Mill. Daniel Danquah Damptey, a Ghanaian Blogger has implicated the current president of Ghana, president Mahama, in the death of former president Mill.

Fortunately for Ghana, there is a clear Constitutional order indicating who would replace a president in his untimely death. There is no fear and there is no sign of instability in Ghana. In Ethiopia, the Constitution does not clearly define who takes power in the untimely death of Mr. Zenawi. Ghana exemplifies what a lasting peace and stability looks like when a country is ruled by an institution instead of one strong man. On the other hand, Ethiopia reflects what it means to a country when one man was in control of every aspect of the government.

Unlike Mr. Zenawi, Mr. Mill is praised for taking Ghana through a democratic path. As Mr. Damptey put it in his article, there is mystery in the death of Mr. Mill. The government is not fully disclosing the circumstances of Mr. Mill’s death. Like the people of Ghana, the Ethiopian people are also kept in the dark about the circumstances of “the illness” that took the life of Mr. Zenawi. The government is operating with the rule of the jungle and blatantly stated to the Ethiopian people that the detail of Mr. Zenawi’s health and lack thereof is not our business.

After Aljazeera’s investigation became public, Suha Arafat has since called for her husband’s body to be exhumed from its mausoleum in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The Palestinian Authoritative has publicly stated it will exhume Mr. Araft’s body, since its decision however, the Palestinian Authority has been back peddling. The report indicated there was no Autopsy performed after the death of Mr. Arafat. We don’t know if there was autopsy performed after the death of Mr. Zenawi.

The Ethiopian people have the right to know What Killed Mr. Zenawi. CPJ has indicated that Mr. Zenawi died due to Liver Cancer. If that is true, then the government needs to disclose the information. Although Bereket Simon hinted that Mr. Zenawi was ill the last one year, the ETV, has been indicating that Mr. Zenawi has been ill the last two years. Such conflicting stories do not give any credence to the government whose credibility has been already tarnished the last 21 years. What is the EPRDF hiding? What are those close to the late prime minister are hiding? Is there any relation between the death of Mr. Zenawi and Mr. Mill? We are going to have lots of time to reflect, criticize and praise Mr. Zenawi; this writer believes that History will not be kind to Mr. Zenawi. It is the hope of this writer that Historians, not Politicians put Mr. Zenawi’s legacy in perspective and show to the rest of the world his true color. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Zenawi has left a big foot print in the history of Ethiopia. This writer believes that Mr. Zenawi has done more harm to the country than good. Now, Mr. Zenawi’s death is official, we need to know how and when exactly Mr. Zenawi died; whether we opposed or supported him, we all need to know, and deserve to know What killed Mr. Zenawi. If there is nothing to hide, then, the EPRDF needs to fully disclose the circumstances of Mr. Zenawi’s death. The government also needs to fully disclose in what hospital Mr. Zenawi was treated, and who his Doctors were. The writer asks those who read this piece to contact Aljazeera and ask to investigate the death of Mr. Zenawi and Mr. Mill. We all should demand that an autopsy performed on Mr. Zenawi by an independent institution before his burial

Having said that, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for millions of Ethiopian victims who did not get a proper justice as a result of Mr. Meles Zenawi’s death. May the almighty God protect and watch over our country and people in this difficult time.

  1. Mamush
    | #1

    who cares what killed Meles Zenawi?

    His death is enough for me and I welcomed his death with happiness.

  2. sengayo
    | #2

    Ato Samuel, based on the replies here you have succeeded in planting a conspiracy for the death of Meles. His death is not that much of a mystery, at least to me. There were rumors as far back as 2008 that he was being treated for something. At any rate it is not his death but the secrecy surrounding his illness that has fueled every kind of speculations. Now you took liberty and pushed up the speculation a notch, suggesting without any evidence, without a shred of evidence, without a mere anecdotal piece of evidence that he, the man that was a darling of the west, the man that had crushed any semblance of an opposition, the man that had exercised and had absolute power, was . . . . poisoned. Who, pray tell could poison this guy? Western powers or the opposition? Western powers loved this man because he was a willing partner for their interests. The opposition . . . well they couldn’t do it if both Meles and the poison was handed to them in the same room. Such kind of conspiracy theory Sir is something you talk about with your friends in a bar, over coffee, just to keep small talk going, but not something you share in public. Call me whatever you will but I am amazed at all the silly speculation that is happening in public. The same goes for ESAT. They were quick to announce Meles’ death. Even after their source came out and denied any knowledge – which you’d agree is very embarrassing – they couldn’t retract the story. The secrecy surrounding the man was good enough news, but no; they were too blinded by the urge to feed their audience red meat. You are doing the same. Credibility is very important and in such short supply in our communities Ato Samuel. Speculate in private to your hearts’ content. When you find evidence come and share it with us. You will have earned your credibility (at least with me) then.

  3. enqilqilaiy
    | #3

    From the diary;
    The robber, on that unfortunate day, born to the most dishonorable family in hate manufacturing house, was not given proper name until the age of seven; at age 11, the tiny boy was officially named Legesse by a distant relative, who had been lost and found in Sicily, and lived both as grave digger and graveyard keeper.

    Decades later the robber picked a name from a dead and gave it to himself, and entered Ethiopia disguising as someone else.

    The robber was born with club foot and a big head, but with defective optical nerve, with pink eyes, a highly contagious disease .Blind on his mind’s eyes, the robber could not see peace and humanity. After lonesome years of boyhood, surprisingly enough, the robber turned into adult very quickly and was released to the world deadly, yet extremely coward.

    Legesse began his career as a bank robber; then, roamed around villages, towns, and cities preached hate both in clandestine and openly. He had a deadbeat father, bad dreams and nightmares, wicked mind and cold heart; he had profound dislikes for Ethiopians, he had 13 siblings he did not know existed, and had read widely from Fascist Italian texts and manuscripts and took tones of notes, and kept it in his mind for permanent use. But, he did not have an ounce of courage, and was simply a male by gender, but not a man.

    That night, the night the robber was quickly whisked into the plane sweating pungent, no sooner than the robber had taken a seat in a jet plane, buried his head into his palms and uncontrollably sobbed louder and longer. The robber gulped gallons of water. It was only when the crew ran out of supply that the entire crew told the robber in unison, ”No more water; Brandi, Vodka, lemon juice only. At 33,000 feet, the robber got agitated and got up and walked towards the exit door endangering himself and the crew. The guards were busy watching movies. The staff shouted and ordered the guards to take over the robber. “We will put him in a box not in a coffin.” the guards, his own guards held him firm and hard by his arms made him sit and restrained him permanently. The robber then cried in unknown language in the past and present tense and settled calm.

    When the robber arrived home, the wife was asleep deep due to shortage of sleep from bad dreams and nightmares that she had the night before the robber left home for a summit where he had collided with his fate and sank into deep-freeze silence. When woke up, the robber’s wife found the passed out robber in the couch exactly as his own guards left him. “I missed you. What happened?” The robber’s wife asked, but she got zero answer. “He is not talking, he is not talking!” The robber’s wife said to herself. The robber’s wife ran back to the kitchen and came back and fed the robber with khat; he coughed twice, hiccupped many times, and sneezed with tears from his eyes dripping and changing course into his mouth. The robber’s wife exhausted all possible questions to no avail except this, “Did you have a fight?”

    The robber’s wife, smuggled to the Sudan at age 15 and walked straight to the red light district except the two weeks that she spent in a train station and be friended with a vandal and pickpocketing unsuspected travellers for which she was once served 48 hours in a prison jail for pickpocketing empty decoy wallet; in the red light district, a novice for few nights, but quickly turned into expert in just few weeks; since then, she remained a nightmare on drunkards and weak distant merchants whom she involved in dangerous trade with and promised them marriage until she was smuggled back to where she was smuggled out from and wedded to a robber in an arranged marriage.

    Allied themselves with several enemies of Ethiopia, several thousand robbers, and Adolf, death head, Zenawi entered Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians. They then quickly scattered all over and across the country and spread the HIV virus and infected the population. They then moved into towns, villages, cities, and neighbourhoods broke into homes and destroyed the lives of families.

    Arose from the offshoot of mafia, Adolf, death head Zenaw, boasted that even God could not stop him, imposed brutal suppression and banda culture in the entire country, and uprooted families and children from their homes, bragged about it, then came on a big TV screen and lied about his victims.

    Dead or alive, Zenawi the robber shall stand for trial and face justice.

    Today, everything and anything that is available below and above the lands in Ethiopia is owned, controlled, and run by the dead robber, his families, distant relatives, and men and women surrounding the dead robber.

    When the gunshot died out, all the bank robbers were dead while Legesse, the robber escaped death. Crossed the border and entered Mogadishu; there, operated rackets and ran money laundering schemes, and walked in the streets of Mogadishu gulping and masticating Khat. Crossed back into Ethiopia and ran a campaign of extreme hate and death of Ethiopia. The robber died worn out from the loss of billions of brain cells. Few seconds before the robber’s soul had departed to hell, he avenged himself by condemning the day he was born and the day he set his feet in Ethiopia. He died fifty seven times at the age of 57.

    Death to the rest of the living dead robbers!!!
    Death to Askaris and Bandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Death to Fascist Italian Masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dead or alive, the robber shall stand for trial and face the justice!

  4. wnaw
    | #4

    Actually there are obviously different dictators in the way they commit crimes. The degree and how affected is judged by its citizen which dictator is the lesser evil. Under Mengistu, it is mostly ignorance the 70s and 80s is not 90s and 00s. The crime under Mengistu intensified along with the crimes of EPRP themselves and the crime was for brief moment when it concerns with Ethiopia as a whole. However his ignorance lead to the strength of Shaebia and TPLF so most of his dictatorship there was civil war with these rebels which had no legitimacy by its people. Like TPLF, Derg was as usual were showing off how mighty great army they were and hiding so many seriousness coming from the war in the NOrth form the public. Throughout his dictatorship, Ethiopians although they hated him, it was relatively peaceful among our own society where everyone went aobut their own business with no interference from government meaning the society were not divided nor tense nor there was mistrust with one another with not ethnic nor religious tension. Mengistu did not disrupt the society as a whole. The crime also didn’t continue through out his dictatorship except the war going on in the North. As the cold war was changing it was apparent his reign will end or even if he was still in power, he would have changed his ways anyways as the world was changing as the cold war ended.

    Where we are now, it is like a strage grourp that are foreign to Ethiopia took over. They seem relatively open to democracy but everyway they act seems anti Ethiopian, breaking up Eritrea which favored Eritrea and Egypt and they want to repeat today with the entire Ethiopia break up. It has been tension to figure out who these people are completely anti Ethiopian. They are doing it deliberately knowing the crimes is more than what Mengistu committed and they know it. They showed really their jungle self and now they are holding Ethioia threatenining us if you have the gut come fight us and any resistance will lead to the break of Ethiopia that is their thuggish plan. This will allow them to be in power forever. What the pro Tplf/Meles love to call them smart intelligent means they are smart because they have U.S under their finger for their own good and nothing to do with Ethiopia.

  5. addisge
    | #5


  6. Fanuel
    | #6

    Hey sir, to be honest with you no one knows exactly what killed him. One thing we know for sure is this we are in this world for a brief moment. Had the man believed in his own people Ethiopians he could have put the team of Ethiopian Educated medical experts together. He could have put some of the donor’s money to build special hospitals in the country. We know this is not what happens under his rule.
    Instead many medical experts were forced to flee the country. He chose to serve foreigners instead of serving the interest of Ethiopia. He trusted his contractors instead of Ethiopians to the last moment. It was not an accident his end comes to be in Saint Luc Hospital in Brussels. I don’t like to speculate about his death but I try to put some points that might have been contributing to the worsening of his health. We have to believe whatever circumstance come our way in the end it is the LORD that decides my departure. Still more, we know he has been sick for years. Beside, On May 18 on G-8 meeting Abebe has done considerable damage to his bubble. Finally, the funny thing is the fact that Melese is buried in the Holy Trinity cathedral at Addis.Yegermal, ye weyanewech gude Ayalkem.They told us they are Tigrians, first then whatever. To this end they moved the wealth of Ethiopia north ward, yet again their dead bodies is taking space in Addis. This is true be it Kefle Gebremedihin, The patriarch Paulos and Melese.Does any one stil believe at one time inthe future weyane s will admit the truth,no way.If you doubt this look what is happening to Ethiopians ,at the moment,in the Arab world ,how the Ethio.Embassy is declining to give I.D.

  7. alva
    | #7

    most people in here who comdend and insulte meles zenwai are WHITE

    most of the ehtnic hate in online forums is made by whites in the name of ethiopians

    ethiopians dont care about teh ethnicity its a white peopel concept
    in ethiopia you are ethiopian first and everything else second

    probably the belgians killed him!
    they killed lumumba for beinga patriot and a champion of the poor

    in africa if you try to relieve the hardship of the poor
    the white man will come and shoot you
    or pay a slave to do it

    meles zenawi was a real ethiopian

    you people in here just sound like a bunch of white people

  8. Adane Mikias
    | #8

    To be honest I am not bothered by Mr Meles’ cause of death. My worry is his legacy and which way Ethiopia will be heading. God help us!

  9. dodo
    | #9

    I welcome his death with jubilation. Why do you grieve for Meles’s death. Is it because both of you are half-Eritreans and that blood is thicker than water?

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Wow! What a fabricated story!! Do enlighten us, please, with your fiction. How about the truth, for a change. ………. This comment is for U. I suspect it won’t b posted. Cause it is not to ur liking. G’bye Sir.

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    where is my last comment eritrian tibebe?

  12. aha!
    | #12

    I will go will Adisge, his ideology must also be burried with him, not matter whether there is conspiracy to the death or it is a chronic devastating illiness. And also as Sengayo stipulated and I agree the conspiracy theory for poisening can not be validated without exume the body of the deceased like what hey are probaly going to do with YAsin Arafat.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    ctd. because nothing changes withoutout ratifying the constitution for ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalirianism to replace it with a constitution with individual freedom as the centerpiece of the constituion to form a democratic government, where democracy is a rule by the people for the people and of the people.

  14. hofizza
    | #14

    Zenawi does not sing a song while in his grave;for sure,Zenawi is forever,ever is burdened by the grave he is under that he bought for sin.

    Frankly speaking,Zenawi never has expected that his life is cut short of this fast,and deadly sure that,when that day he was hit where it hurts to death,then he knew he would definitely go.That is that;for millions of Ehtiopians,Zenawi’s death is a victory and as well as a relief;not only this,worse enough,Barakat Simon’s fate will be unglier and worse than Zenawi’s;so will be the rest of the living robbers.Deoes it really matter to know the cause of the death of Zenawi, and how he died? Yes,indeed;zenawi died mainly because his brain’s volcanic explosion that occured that hour,that minute,and second.That is it.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    A ghanian student of mine told me Mill died from throat cancer! Stop this rubbish pls!

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    One thing one must know is we will all die….poor, rich, good, bad, kind, evil, tyrant, underdog…we will go when the Master says it is over! I do no think there is some sort of conspiracy behind Meles’s death. He died of some sort of cancer. His gone for good and the rest is between God and him. When people die, you leave them alone! That is the end of it! The chapter ended for him. Pray for our country and people…we are afraid of the unknown! May God be with us! Amen!

  17. somalian man
    | #17

    firs an farmer i would like to took one think about the malez zanawi malez is the the one who created all the group fighting somalia because i have much experience with that every group when they want to start against first they registered ethiopia and the criminalize malez was discover or distributed weapon like ak 47 and other killer weapon so to day allxamdililaah i woul like to thnks allah every person has time but allah is the one who never dead his the the one existence any every one in the day of changement allah will captured strong hand ,,,,

  18. Mogadishu Man
    | #18

    Meles is not responsible to what happened in Somalia… Somalis are responsible first and the last and has nothing to do with Meles… You know what happen in Somali killing each other, even before they come to Addis to negotiate they were killing themselves Hawiye and Daarood, therefore, we Somalis created the problem, Hawiye wanted to take over and couldn’t keep it, I am Somali and I am very proud of it. What happen in Somalis is the responsible of the war lords. Now Somalis know that tribalism is the right way to build a nation and they learnt a lesson from the civil war. We feel sorry the death of ex PM of Ethiopia and we convey our condelence for his family and close friend and all Ethiopian people.

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