Why are they making us cry? By Yilma Bekele

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The Ethiopian people have been told to show grief regarding the death of Meles Zenawi. This is sadness by government decree and it is not unique to us. We just witnessed it happen in North Korea but it always is a little strange when what you feared happen to you. There is no question the regime under the control of the TPLF party is orchestrating this drama. They are not even trying to hide it. The truth of the matter is they are going the extra mile to make sure the citizen understands it is official government policy.

It took the regime over four weeks to announce the death of the dictator. It looks like they took their time time to plan what to do and how to do it. They are perfectly aware that the individual is not liked let alone loved by the Ethiopian people. Since his illness was hidden from the public his sudden death would have unjarred the population. They know the situation has to be dealt delicately. Their main goal was how to use the unfortunate situation to garner sympathy and good will while at the same time show who the boss is. The fact the citizen loathed the little tyrant was a big hurdle to overcome.

The only way the party can get benefit out of this disastrous situation was to go back into their bag of tricks and revert back to the proven method of bullying by using force and coercion. It has worked since their inception forty years ago and they have become really good at it. The system of bending people’s wills to to fit the tyrants way is the hallmark of all totalitarian societies. The TPLF did not invent it but they are very good students of everything that is bad and toxic to society.

The question in front of us is how and why they do that? I believe this has eloquently been answered by Mr. Anthony Daniels in his book ‘The wilder further shores of Marx’.

‘…..with an established totalitarian regime the purpose of propaganda is not to persuade, much less to inform, but to humiliate. From this point of view propaganda should not approximate to the truth as closely as possible: on the contrary it should do as much violence to it as possible. For by endlessly asserting what is patently untrue, by making such untruth ubiquitous and unavoidable, and finally by insisting by everyone publicly acquiesce in it, the regime displays its power and reduces individuals to nullities. Who can retain his self respect when, far from defending what he knows to be true, he has to applaud what he knows to be false- not occasionally, as we all do, but for the whole of his adult life.’

This is a nut shell describes Woyane kind of mind set. You would think Mr. Daniels has been to Ethiopia. Mr. Daniels’s book is based on his experience of such failed states as East Germany, the former Soviet Union, North Vietnam and North Korea among others. The TPLF controlled Ethiopian government is copying the loathsome practices of the Stasi in East Germany and the KGB of the Soviet Union. Folks like Berket Semeon, Workrneh Gebeyehu, Getachew Assefa are excellent students of such inhuman system that has managed to hurt so many but was at last discredited by the citizen. Our country is back ward, our people are kept illiterate by design our culture still is based on fear of authority, fear of elder and our Woyane warriors found a fertile ground to practice this craft of crime against a nation.

I would like to take one statement from the quotation above and look at it in the context of Ethiopia.
‘…..with an established totalitarian regime the purpose of propaganda is not to persuade, much less to inform, but to humiliate. From this point of view propaganda should not approximate to the truth as closely as possible: on the contrary it should do as much violence to it as possible.’
In life Meles Zenawi was a recluse that disparaged even the word Ethiopia. He lived in a palace surrounded by robust security and never left his compound to mix or associate with ordinary people. The only contact the citizen has with the PM was thru the window of Ethiopian TV. We all know he never allowed open discussion and surrounded himself with people that worshiped him, agreed with him and swore allegiance to him. He is known to be very vindictive, ill tempered and unforgiving. The Ethiopian people, his close associates and his Party feared him. There was no respect or love for the individual. This is the man we all know.

Today Berket Semeon and company are telling us a different story. Mind you not a little different, not an innocent white lie but as outrageous as possible and beyond the truth as much as possible. They just do not want the citizen to cry a little, grief some but they expect some genuine wailing to be recorded and beamed all over the world. Why do you think they do that? It is all about show of power. By forcing us to do what we all know to be false they make us loose self respect and individual will. When you see your family, your neighbor, your coworker being forced to act in such manner when you find yourself doing something you know deep inside to be untrue you die some. The person is reduced to nothingness with no self respect, no spine and no free will. Haile Gebreselassie comes to mind.

It has the same effect on those that watch such spectacle from afar. I have noticed my friends to be confused, unable to understand and finally choosing silence to hide the shame. We all try to explain the phenomena by mentioning culture, being human or religion. It is an attempt to make sense. We are trying to make the irrational situation palatable by injecting some logic into it. It is perfectly understandable. Our brain rejects such dissonance. We get angry, feel confused, embarrassed and helpless.

This disturbing situation in our society is not a natural occurrence or an accident. It is engineered by the TPLF party. In their futile attempt to stay in power they have declared psychological form of warfare on their own people. It is relentless, unmerciful and very lethal. It does not kill you but it reduces you into a state of sub human, void of free will and easy to control. That is what the criminals are doing to us. That is what they have been doing to us with Meles Zenawi as the ring leader. Today he has left his underlings to continue from where he left off. They show no shame, no what is called ‘yelunta’ when they declare black is white, wrong is right and force us to repeat it after them.

How do you fight such form of warfare? There is no need to panic. No shame to being forced to go against our will. A government is a very powerful organization. When a state puts all its efforts to do evil no one is immune. The Russians, the East Europeans went thru over fifty years of hell. The North Koreans are in worse of shape than us. Our tormentors are amateurs compared to the Stasi. The fact that our country is backward and our people kept ignorant is what is giving them the power. On the other hand the world is a different place now. The advent of the Internet, the ubiquitous nature of Social media has given us a slight advantage. The founding of ESAT as I said before is a game changer. The Woyane goons monopoly on the media is no more.

We stop the complaining and work harder to expose, undermine and attack our tormentors aggressively. We encourage those that are trying to organize and work for us instead of second guessing, undermining their effort and splitting hair. We hope those that have been organizing for some time show us sign that they are here and active. There is no need to wait for the most opportune moment rather the job of the activist is to seize the time and make history. My friend Abebe Gelaw did not wait for the stars to line up but rather he forced the issue and made history. The time is now and the place is Ethiopia. We shall win, history is on our side. Stay strong don’t let them break you.

  1. One Ethiopia
    | #1

    why do you moderate comments if you believe on a freedom of speach. This is because naturally you are more dictator than any dictators in the world. What are you afraid of ?

  2. Simegn
    | #2

    አረ በናትዎት አቶ ይልማ!

    የሌላ አገር ክሊፕ አይተው እንዳይሆን:: እኔ ግን ህዝቡ ባጠቃላይ ከልቡ ሲያለቅስ ነው ያየሁት!

    በሌላ ምክንያት ይሆን ህዝቡ የሚያለቅሰው ብለው ግን ጠርጥረዋል??

  3. ananymous
    | #3

    All the hoopla after the death of the worst murderer, looter, lier, and aetheist in Ethiopia is for their own sake. All of the weyanes maffia family members know better what is awaiting for them with in Ethiopia and out. The revenge and avenge will start soon and I’m afraid no amount of drama or soap-opera can cover their crimes.

  4. Girum
    | #4

    Why TPLF is doing this strange and bizarre very confusing and perplexing thing following the death of Meles?

    1)Meles/TPLF severely suffer from both types of Inferiority Complex as well As Superiority Complex which creates severe cognitive dissonance. They want to prove and show their worth and authority to the remaining Ethiopian Society. For the last 21 years they do not achieve the slightest semblance of genuine respect, trust and love from Ethiopian majority society. So what they are doing is the tell us “we are like this…..”.We are ruled by such psychopathic childish thugs who do not the required maturity and dignity for humanity.መለስ/ወያኔ ውስጣቸው የልበ-ቀናነት መነፈስ ጥንቱንም ስለሌለው በዚህ የተነሳ መልካም ታሪክን ለሀገርና ለትውልድ ትርጉምና ፋይዳ ባለው መንገድ ለማስቀመጥ አልታደሉም አልቻሉም፡፡ስለዚህም Self-Defeating በሆነ ስሜት እየተመሩ ያላቸው ሌላ የደካማ አስተሳብ አማራጭ መጥፎ ታሪክን መስራትና በዚህ መጥፎ ታሪክ በጊነስ ቡክ መመዝገብ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ስልጣናቸውንና ሃይላቸውን ገንዘባቸውን መልካም ስራ በመስራት ሳይሆን መጥፎ ስራ በመስራት ለማሳየት ነው እየፈለጉ ያሉት፡፡አሁን እተሰራ ያለውም የዚህ አይነት በየትም አለም ያልታየ አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ ስራ የዚህ አጠቃላይ ቅኝት አካል ነው፡፡This is how TPLFites fill their very big personality void that originates from wallowing Inferiority Complex as well As Superiority Complex that swings to extreme points like a pendulum.እንደ መለስ/ወያኔ አይነት በቅጡ ያልሰከኑና አደብ ያልገዙ ቀና ልቦና ፍቅር አመኔታ መከባበር የጎደላቸው በሽተኛ(Psychopathic) ሰዎች ስልጣን ላይ ሲወጡና ሀገር ሲያስተዳድሩ ደግሞ በሂደት የሚፈጠረው በሽተኛ ዜጋ በሽተኛ ማህበረሰብ በሽተኛ ትውልድ በሽተኛ ህዝብና በሽተኛ ሀገር ነው የሚፈጠረው፡፡ለዚህም ነው በተደጋጋሚ አጠቃላይ የትውልድ ዝቅጠት(Generational Systemic Crisis) ውስጥ ነው የምለው፡፡የመለስን ሞት ተክተሎ እየታየ ያለውም ነገር የሚያሳየው ይህንን እውነታ ነው፡፡

    2)Meles/TPLF is stooge client-regime of West’s global Capitalism Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Projects. Whether we like it or not we are in some sort of surrogate neo-colonialism through such mercenary stooge client-regime of foreign forces. In order to get us accustomed to subjugation of any sort of foreign odd type of abusive, plundering, oppressive social order then we have to be dehumanized and disgraced with no self confidence and then become mere docile plebs under full control of our abusers and looter, oppressors. There is what we call us psychological controlling through psychological conditioning. So we are now being gradually conditioned and accustomed to any sort of abusive and oppressive corrupt power and authority. This is how our cognitive and behavioral judgment is perverted, molded and conditioned in a way we lose our common sense and common wisdom that even leads to fail to evaluate simple right or wrong things properly. Forcing peoples to cry and then challenging their own emotions/feelings is the ultimate insanity imposed over we Ethiopians. And who knows may be one day we are also ordered to laugh while we are beaten by a police or security forces. I am afraid that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are disgraced to become an asylum of experimental laboratory.This is how the new world order is in the makings. This is how the beast 666 is to be imposed over the global mass. That is why i once said in Abugida that living in such rule of Meles/TPLF is like we are some how at a stage of 222 or 3333 that is the prelude or preliminary 666.Look the last 7 or more years have become like we are in slavery in that we can not eat bread get sugar or oil and get employed or do business ….. unless we worship Meles/TPLF rule.The beast 666 is like that in that those who do not bow and worship the beast and those who do not have the mark on them shall never sell or buy commodities. What is then happening under Meles/TPLF? Is it not similar if not the same? The entire scheme of Meles/TPLF is devilish in its nature The other thing about TPLF is that, If they are disgraced and failed then they want to pass same disgrace and failure to the entire nation.

    3) To discourage those courageous and honest Oppositions forces so that they become hopeless and become desperate to quite fight for the mass and the nation after looking what is tragically happening because of the death of Meles.በፈጣሪ ዋና ፍቃድና እርዳታ ሙሴ እስራኤላውያንን ከፈርኦን የ420 ዓመታት ባርነት ነፃ አውጥቶ በሲናይ በረሃና በኤርትራ ባህር በሚያሻግራቸው ፈታኝ ወቅት የታየ ነገር ነበር፡፡ይኸውም እስራኤላውያን በሙሴ ላይ እጅግ እያጉረመረሙና ወደ ድሮው መጥፎ ድርጊታቸው እየተመለሱ ያስቸግሩት ነበር፡፡ሙሴ ነፃ አወጣችኋለሁ ብሎን ሲያበቃ ከግብፅ አውጥቶ በረሃ ለበረሃ አንከራተተን አንደ ፊቱን ያው የግብፅ ባርነት ይሻለን ነበር እያሉ ሙሴን ያማርሩት ነበር፡፡እንዲያውም አንድ ወቅት ላይ ሙሴ ወደ ፈጣሪው ዘንድ ለመገናኘት በተሰወረባቸው ወቅት ውሻ ወደ ትፋቱ እንዲመለስ ዳግም ወደ ድሮው አስነዋሪ ግብራቸው በመመለስ በሃጢያት ስካር ውስጥ ሆነው ስለደረሰ ለዚህ ለፈጣሪ የማይመችና በፈጣሪ ፊት ለሚያሳፍረኝ ሃጢያተኛ ለሆነ ህዝብ ነው እንዴ እንዲህ የምደክመውና ፈጣሪን የማስቸግረው ብሎ ተስፋ በመቁረጥ ስሜት ከፈጣሪው የተሰጠውን አስርቱ ህግጋት የተፃፈበትን የሙሴ ፅላት እሱ በሌለበት ከወርቅ በተሰራ በሚያመልኩት የጣኦት ምስል የሆነ ጥጃ ላይ ወርውሮ እንደከሰከሰው ቅዱስ መፅሀፍና ታሪክ ይናገራል፡፡ወያኔ አሁን እያደረገ ያለውም ህዝብን በግድ የማስለቀስና መለስን እንደ ጣኦት እንዲያመልክ የማድረግ ሰይጣናዊ አካሄድ በቀናኢነት ለኢትዮጵያ ህልውናና ነፃነት የሚታገሉትን እውነተኛ ተቃዋሚዎች ኤሊቶችና ህዝቡን በማቃቃርና ተስፋ በማስቆረጥ ወደ ዳግም ፈርኦናዊ የግብፅ ባርነት ለመክተት ያለመ ነው፡፡ፈረንጆች ይህንን አይነት ጭቆናን ግፍን አማራጭ እንደሌለው የፈጣሪ ትእዛዝ እንደሆነ አምኖ ተንበርክኮ የመቀበል አባዜ ወይንም በሽታ Stockholm-Syndrome Or Learned-Helplessness ይሉታል፡፡እውነቴን ነው ቀናኢ ኢትዮጵያውያን ተቃዋሚ ሃይሎችና ሌሎችም ኤሊቶች የመለስን ሞት ተከትሎ እየተደረገ ባለው ነገር የተወሰነ ሊበሳጩና ተስፋ ሊቆርጡ ሁሉ ይችላሉ፡፡ነገር ግን ይህ እንደማይሆንና ኢትዮጵያም ከዘመኑ ፈርኦናዊ የመለስ/ወያኔ አገዛዝ በጋራ ትግላችን እንደምትላቀቅ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁኝ፡፡

    4)ሌላው ወያኔ ይህንን የሚያደርገው ህዝብን የስሜት የህሊናና የመንፈስ ምስቅልቅልና መረበሽ ውስጥ በመክተት ተረጋግቶ በማሰብ ትርጉም ያለው የጠነከረ ተቃውሞና ትግል እንዳያደርግበትና በተቃራኒው እርሱ በተረጋጋ መንፈስ የስልጣን ህልውናውንና ደህንነቱን ለማደላደል እንዲመቸው ጊዜ ለመግዛት ነው፡፡በነገራችን ላይ መለስ/ወያኔ ብቻም ሳይሆን እራሱ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ስርዓት የህዝብን ስሜት ህሊና መንፈስ በተለያየ ብልጭልጭና አማላይ የሆነ እርባና ቢስ ነገር ሰቅዞ መያዝና ከመጋረጃ በስተጀርባ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ከሚሰሩ ከዋና ወሳኝ ክስተቶች ማዘናጋት የተለመደ ነገር ነው፡፡ዛሬ ትውልዱም ከወሳኝ ብሄራዊ የህልውናና የደህንነት አጠቃላይ አጀንዳ በመራቅ በራሱ ጠባብ አለም ውስጥ ባዝኖና ተደብቆ እንዲኮላሽና እርባና ቢስ እንዲሆን የተደረገው በዚህ የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ ስልት ነው፡፡እንዲያውም በአሁኑ ዘመን እራሱ ሰይጣን የሰውን ልጅ እምነት ከማስካድ ይልቅ በበለጠ እየሰራው ያለው የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ ስራ ሰዎችን ብልጭልጭና አማላይ በሆነ እርባና ቢስ ነገሮች እእምሯውን ህሊናቸውን ስሜታቸውን መንፈሳቸውን ሰቅዞ በመያዝና የሰውን ቀልብ በመግፈፍ በተረጋጋ መንፈስ ከፈጣሪ ጋር እንዳይገናኝ ፋታ በማሳጣት ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ሰይጣናዊ አገዛዞችም በሰይጣናዊ መንፈስ ስለሚመሩ የራሱን የሰይጣንን መርህና ፈለግ ነው የሚከተሉት፡፡ከዚህ እይታ ስንነሳም አሁን የመለስን ሞት ተከትሎ እየተደረገ ያለው አጠቃላይ ነገር የጣኦት አምልኮ ጭምር ስለሚመስል ከራሱ ከፈጣሪ ጋር የሚያጣላ ጭምር ነው የሚመስለው፡፡
    5)ሌላው ወያኔ ይህንን እንደ አጋጣሚ በመጠቀም ከነባራዊው እውነታ በራቀ የመለስን ገፅታ በዚህ አይነት እይታ እያጋነና እየካበ በመሳል የሚያቀርብበት ምክንያት እራሳቸው መለስ/ወያኔ ላለፉት 40 ዓመታት ያህል በፀረ-ኢትዮጵያ በፀረ-ኢትዮጵያዊነት በፀረ-ኢትዮጵያውያን ላይ የሰሩትን የቅጥረኝነትና የከሃዲነት ሀገርን ህዝብን ለማፈራረስ የባእዳን ሃይሎች የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝምና ኒዎ-ሊበራል ኒዎ ኮሎኒያሊዝም ኢምፔሪያሊስታዊ ፕሮጀክት ለማስፈፀም በቅጥረኝነት የፈፀሙትን አጠቃላይ ጥፋትና ወንጀል በሌላ የተፈበረከ አርተፊሻል የውሸት ታሪክ በመቀባባት ለመሸፋፈን የታለመ ስልት ነው፡፡በተለይም ይህ አካሄድ አዲሱን ወጣቱን ትውልድ ለማሳሳት የታለመ ነው፡፡እጅግ የሚያሳዝነውና የሚያሳፍረው ነገር አጠቃላዩ የመለስ/ወያኔ እንቅስቃሴና ታሪክ ከቀና ልቦና ያልመነጨነ አርተፊሻል በሆነ አካሄድ አርተፊሻል ታሪክ ለመፃፍ የሚፍገመገም መሆኑ ነው፡፡ከዚህ ስነነሳ ልማቱም እድገቱም እውቀቱም ወዘተ ባብዛኛው ስልጣንን ለማቆየት የታለመ በቀና ስሜትና እውነት ላይ ያልተመሰረተ አርተፊሻል ነገር መሆኑ ነው፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ ለመለስ የሚደረገው ሀዘንና ለቅሶም ፊት አካባቢ ከነበረው ከእውነተኛነት ደረጃ ወደ አርተፊሻልነት እየተቀየረ ነው፡፡

    6)ውድ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሆይ እጅግ የሚገርመው ነገር በዚህ ሰይጣናዊ እየሆነ በመጣ የገንዘብ አምላኪነት ዘመንና ሁሉ ነገር በገንዘብ ስሌት እየተቃኘ በሚከናወንበት ዘመን ውስጥ በመለስ ሞት እየተሰራ ያለው አንዱ ትልቁ ነገር ቢዝነስ መሆኑ ነው፡፡ይሁዳ ፈጣሪውን ለ30 ዲናር አሳልፎ እንደሰጠው ሁሉ ዛሬም የሰው ልጅ ዋና መጠፋፊያ ዘረኝነት ወይንም ሃይማኖት ሳይሆን ባብዛኛው ገንዘብ እየሆነ ነው ያለው ምክያቱም ሰዎች ለገንዘብ ሲሉ ሁሉ ነገራቸውን አሳልፈው ይሰጣሉና፡፡ የሚወራው የአውሬው የሚወራው 666ም እምነታችን በገንዘብ ሃይል የተነሳ ክፉኛ የሚፈተንበት ዘመንና ወቅት ነው፡፡ስለዚህም የመለስ ሞት እራሱ ቢዝነስ መስሪያ እየሆነ ነው፡፡የዘመነ ግሎባል ካፒታዘሊዝም ስርዓትን አስከፊነት በተደጋጋሚ ስናገር የዚህ ስርዓት ዋና ክፋቱ ሁሉም ነገር በገንዘብ/ለገንዘብ/ስለገነዘብ ልውውጥ የሚውል ሸቀጥ መሆን ይችላል/አለበት የሚለው ሰይጣናዊ አካሄዱን ነው፡፡ይህንን ስል ግን ገንዘብ ለህይወታችን በሚጠቅመን አካሄድ መጠቀምና በጤናማ አካሄድ ጥሮ ግሮ ደክሞ መነገድና በተገቢው አካሄድ ማትረፍ ተገቢ እንደሆነ ማንም ጤናማ አእምሮ ያለው ሰው ሊጠፋው አይችልምና እኔም በዚህ አምናለሁኝ፡፡

    God Bless Ethiopia !!!

  5. dave from A.A
    | #5

    Mr one ethiopia i think u lose u’r mind u didn’t see the fact in ethiopia by the way which ethiopia u mentioned maybe u have u’r own not located on map my frind why don’t u go to hospital & check,in my opinion u are crazy.

  6. tokoota
    | #6

    Even Addis Abeba street beggars were forced to ‘show their grief’ and ‘cry’ for zenawi. was it not zenawi who was responsible for the deprivation and poverty of these people who live on the streets begging. what does it say about the ethno-fascist woyane junta.

    Behind the TPLF camera and the attention of woyane cadres the beggars were asked why they were sorry for zenawi. They answered that they were promised to be given some soft drink and bread if they speak out in public about their sadness for zenawi’s death. This free meal was indeed too much to resist for Addis beggars who badly needed a break from their routine begging on the streets, and so they went ‘crying’ to Menelik’s palace.

    Another trajedy of the Ethiopian people.

  7. Zalambesa
    | #7

    Weyanes are through and through enemies of Ethiopia.For this purpose they come to this end they are aiming . Now, we are witnessing presidents and leaders of the country’s professional organizations (such as Universities and Colleges) are told to force their members to pay visit of the decessed leader. We see Administrators of diferrent institutions writing threatning letters to their members,and warning them if they fail to do so there will be reprecussions.In the mean time ,though, while all this is being done by the lower rank cadres, the upper echelon of TPLF is perhps in their hide outs of some secret place using this moment to consolidate power.

    Even though the state departments officially said “That U.S is confident that the Ethiopian parliament will put Hilemariam Desalegn as P/m”.Bereket Simon’s rection to this statment hints weyane might have another plan to retain the P/M post.His statment that the main concern of the weyane regime at the moment is to burry her dead sounds more a defianat statment.

  8. exposediaspora
    | #8

    All the diaspora out there…fear not what the ethiopian people would do to EPRDF but what they will do to you. You will be so exposed ……my God I am just waiting to c that……booo

  9. መንገዱን ጨርቅ ያርግላቸው
    | #9

    አልቅሱ ይሉናል ይለቀስላቸው!!!!

  10. Sam
    | #10

    Yilma qouted Anthony Daniels who wrote “with an established totaliarian regime the purpose of propaganda is not to persuade, much less to inform, but to humilate.” I pretty much agree with the persuading and informing aspects, but I have reservation with the humilating part. Perhaps to tame might be the right word of choice. This qoutation and the whole article was designed to make us believe that TPLF is going to make people cry during Meles’s funeral. I am wondering though are there not enough people who cry without TPLF orchestrating it? Out of 80 million Ethiopians Meles do not get even a few hundreds who cry his passing. Say even ten or twenty people who geniuenly greiving his death, is it not that scene the Ethiopian TV will capture and be broadcasted? Why Yilma seemed to believe there is no a single Ethiopian who will miss Meles? This is the fundemental problem of the opposition. Yilma seemed to have believed this dogma, which illustrates there are two camps in Ethiopian politics: EPDRF on one side, and the whole Ethiopian people on the other side. With this strategy in mind how long will it take the opositions to come to its senses? I am just asking.

  11. Gigi
    | #11

    Dear Yilma, a lot of the peoples reaction is well expected, how ever we should lay of the people
    that are confused and sadend by this event. and after 20 years of ……I am sure some body has some thing
    to cry about. No matter what we are talking about it is at least some of the Ethiopian people crying wether forced to cry or not and every Ethiopian should matter and it matters, and I am not saying they didn’t matter
    to you, in fact you are saying this because they matter. But since we don’t know what the hake is going on
    like you said they could be asked to do that or they could be genuinely crying for Meles so we shouldn’t
    be insencetive etherway.

    I am not happy of any bodys death. I love when bad people turn positive and make effort to a better world
    even though I don’t believe Meles is that man totally or at all, and not I wanted him dead but I am super glad
    he is gown. And I know the world is better of with out him let alone The Ethiopian people. Sorry for saying that
    but it is the truth. He is no good man for sure and he is not good for some bad anymore either, cause he is gone, of his hating party with his crocodile tears which he is intiteld too. At least he is not here to make me cry no more and lough at my tears no more and make me homeless no more, put me in prison no more, starving me no more, killing me no more. If some one els does that to us it will be some one els not Meles the syco-pat
    the small minded man any more.

  12. Tagadalit Adanahoum
    | #12

    Why the TPLF authorities want to display for the public the coffin of Meles Zenawi in Meskel Square. When he was alive the streets were closed
    for miles until the car reached its destination.Unlike Meles,Issays ambles freely the old Italian hapazerdly constracted streets and interact commardely with time-frozen Shabbias. This is to suggest that Meles has never been popular in Ethiopia. Far from it,he is evil pure and simple. Let Issays read the funeral oration in good Amharic to the devastated ruling Woyane.

  13. Elias Mastawal
    | #13

    People who vote for EPDRF,got free fertlizer to garner a good harvest. Now if you do not go to the funeral of this forign installed Prime Minister,World Bank and IMF will not give a loan and BBC always will misreprest Ethiopia in a diminishing way as a hopeless country without their puppet, Meles.Most infuriatinly, Kenya’s President while clans are hacking to death childern, old women and rape little girles in his own back-yard went out of his way to give his sage councile to Ethiopians to emulate him as a role model to the astonishment of the civilized world.What a playful jock! No Eritrean,Ethiopian,Somalis and Tigrawians during a fierce battle kill infants,women nor kill old people.Oh dear, can the leaders from Kenya, Liberia and Senegal explain this conundrum? To me as a non-Tigrawi the definning moment is like a death of small town snitch who always like to quote Shakspear,where the good mayor comes with wilted flower to the funeral to impress the next would be snitch.What a weird world to live in Africa!

  14. TFM
    | #14

    Thanks for sharing your thought,

    But what you feel and think is not what most Ethiopian felt. i think most of us – people who are really concern about development and positive change to our mother land are indeed shocked and felt sad about the sudden death of our PM. As you stated on the paper no one has been forced to cry or feel sad without their will.

    The problem
    i belive and support to oppose any idea at any time when we belive our deed or oppose will contribute to add some positive effect on the country or the idea which we argue. but the paper you published contain nothing similar – infact it remind me that the old style of Ethiopian mentality – which we all used to complaining about everything included positive changes just for the sake of arguing.

    The fact
    Indeed we have lost a big visionary, wise and intelligent leader- not only Ethiopia but Africa as a whole – personally as i belive leader are appointed by God and God is in control of everything – Ethiopia will continue even to progress and reach the destination God sees for our land.

    The last decade Many project has been started which has huge effect to elevate poverty(which our country are well Known with) and we are all responsible to contribute what we can to let it continue and change our county image/name (e.g of Hungry).

    What we see at this period (the reality not papers which are written by some without based on fact) is encouraging in many ways. such as to stand together then ever is one encouraging thing, instead of blaming the leader feel sad about what happen is other, not only that but for first time almost a decade to get ‘opportunity’ to bury leader who died naturally and be able to have a new leader without fight. and many other.

    I see that you can able to contribute positive influence to the nation by writing, informing well balanced, fact based paper than just publishing what you think and feel.

    Finally, This is a right time to stand together and dream the dream other visionary dreams (if we do not have any ) – like to fight poverty, to give our children a chance to prefer stay on their own land, to be examples for other African nations, in general to be head than tail.

    God bless you

  15. speculating
    | #15

    The whole system they want to set up is Stalin-like system. If you read on Stalin, 20milliion people have died on deliberate starvation and through other means of violence to accept the system. Of course as in Russia, the attack on church is also taking place in our nation. Why? it works against the society if that is the aim. The issue is we can’t keep talking about Meles and what TPLF is doing. The issue is how to bring a better society with or with help of friends of Ethiopia. We are reliving our frustration by making comments which is not putting a dent to help Ethipia. Three things must be done: one, how to unite Ethiopia, two, how to stop fear, three, how to identify real authentic problems of Ethiopia that is causing this without speculation and bring solution.

  16. Wedi Assimba
    | #16

    You said,

    “The whole system they want to set up is Stalin-like system. If you read on Stalin, 20milliion peopel have died..”

    I take you statment to mean the Globalists World Bank
    and IMF of which TPLF is foot souldier.

    In that sens yes you have it right.They
    need a global socity where
    they can controle and manage.But take heart!This
    mantra of Globalism and one
    world order won’t came
    to pass.For one thing it is aginst the purpose of the LORD JERSUS Christ.For another the
    general public of the global community is aginst it.

  17. Goitom Aberha
    | #17

    A Tigryan PM is only for Tigryan. The timely death of Meles should not matter for the rest of Ethiopians.No Ethiopians want them in the country,the Tigryans are only in Ethiopia as invaders. Let us not skip in history what Yohannes VI of Tembene did for Napier and Dej. Haile Selassie did to Faciest Italy during the war. More importantly, Meles to Issays.

  18. Teo
    | #18

    DENVER — A man with several aliases who was convicted of killing 101 and torturing many others in his native Ethiopia was hiding out in Denver, according to authorities.

    Referring to the man as Kefelegn Alemu Worku, Homeland Security Investigators and Immigration Customs Enforcement officers said others may have known the Ethiopian by a number of names, including Habteab Berhe Temanu or Tufa.

    Federal authorities said they now know Worku stole an identity to gain U.S. citizenship and to put a past life behind him — one in which he was a high-ranking member of a political party that killed at least 10,000 people in Ethiopia.

    Worku was living in an apartment at 8861 East Florida Avenue when he was arrested on Aug. 24. Federal agents were tipped off about Worku’s location by an informant who is also a native of Ethiopia and was an inmate at a prison where Worku worked in the 1970s.

    According to the indictment, Worku stole an identity that he used to forge his U.S. citizenship application. If convicted on charges of unlawful procurement of citizenship and aggravated identity theft, he could face 10 years in prison.

    It is not clear if Worku would be deported back to Ethiopia, where he could potentially face charges of a much more serious variety. But deportment does not appear to be out of the question.

    “Homeland Security Investigations will not allow international human rights violator fugitives to seek safe haven in the United States,” Denver Special Agent Kumar Kibble said. “In addition to investigating these fugitives, HSI also works to strip the U.S. citizenship from these individuals who fraudulently obtained it.”

    Federal authorities say Worku was a high-ranking prison guard under former Ethiopian President Mengistu Haile Mariam. Worku is believed to have been working at the “Higher 15,” a prison with the capacity for 1,500 inmates where political prisoners were often held.

    During 1977 — just one year of Mengistu’s two-year reign, a time often referred to as the “Red Terror” — at least 10,000 people were killed in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa.

    The federal informant told authorities he saw Worku personally torture prisoners in 1977 and later learned that many of those prisoners were being executed at Worku’s hand.

    After digging further, federal authorities said they spoke with two more Ethiopian refugees who are now naturalized U.S. citizens — both of whom also identified Worku and said they were personally beaten and tortured by him.

    Investigators also said they found a news story that indicates a prison guard named Kefelegn Alemu was sentenced to death for his role in the execution of 101 people. The story did not include last names, which is typical in Ethiopia, according to authorities.

    Worku is scheduled to appear for a hearing in federal court on Sept. 4.

  19. Kunti Lekami
    | #19

    I would like to feel sorry that Meles is dead,but I don’t. How many people who are not Tigryans are killed for various reasons not to mention being robbed and humilated on a day to day basis. Look at the tube how that poor lady lost her two childern during the election in 2005.I think this barberian hordes of TPLF should pay in blood for this wanton cruelty and despoiling the country’s dwndling economic resources on a stagerring scale for the last 30 years or so.Hi,it is like asking the raped to love her awful smelling rapest! I can not come up with a better sceanerio to the situation where Ethiopia is at this particular juncture in time.

  20. enqilqilaiy
    | #20

    The robber,Zenawi although dead,he remains a cost on Ethiopians and Ethiopia;yes,this monster ate our children alive,and looted the resources of our country dry.We shall continue to bear the cost,but Zeawi and the rest of the robbers shall definitely pay the utmost and ultimate price.Dead or alive,Zenawi will stand for trial and face the justice.As per,that half human,half snake,Barakat Simon,his fate for sure,shall be uglier and worse than the dead robber,Zenawi.

  21. speculating
    | #21

    @Wedi Assimba
    Actually no. What I mean is TPLF and ERitrean descendants. Although the globalists may have the desire for weaker nations to be able to control resources and some of the ideologies TPLF might over lap with the globalists . However for Ethipia, TPLF/the descendants have the desire to set up such Stalin System (listen to ESAT the interview of Berhe on the obsession of Meles and TPLF to copy Stalin-like system for Ethiopia”. This was masquerated by the so called developmental democracy. Would I want no humanity over development (buidlings or roads) take your pic. Then all of the sudden since they learned about Free Market and neoliberalism, they probably want or hybridize the system with neoliberalism where you use the Stalin system to opress the people but you use neoliberalism to turn Ethiopia as a commodity by profiting from every pare of its resources.

  22. damte
    | #22

    @Kunti Lekami
    Kunti, have you heard that one canibal, mass morderor of derg cadre is exposed and under arrest in Denver his name is Kefalegn Alemu Worku, who will be the next? I will leave the answer for you.

  23. Kunti Lekami
    | #23

    Dampte,first thing first.We are not gravely concerned about what a nonetity Banda did during the Derg.We Ethiopians know our priority. We do not need to be side tracked at this point in time.We will fight off tooth and nail before TPLF obliterate our nation. People like you want us to be depoliticized and leave our fate to the mercy of Woyane. You are dreaming. We know Meles’ agenda from day one unless one is a real Damp’p'p’p’. I mean Dampte.

  24. ክህሎት
    | #24

    መለስ ደህና ሰንብት
    ባትሞት ደግ ነበር
    መለስ ባዉቅህ ኖሮ
    ሃገርን ሳትገብር
    እናት ሳታለቅስ
    ዎንድምይን ሳልከብር

    ታዲያ እናት አለም
    ዛረይም ታለቅሳለችህ
    እናት እማ ልጅዋን
    መቸ ትረሳለች.

    በል ደህና ሁን ዎንድም
    ደህናየን ልክረመዉ
    አለ ሲሉት የለም
    እንዳንተ ያለ ሰዉ

    ያልነበረ መቸ ከየትሰ ይመታል
    ተልባ ሁሌ ተልባ
    ምኑ ይለዎታል.

  25. Zerzer
    | #25

    As factual human civilization goes, The powerful always will dominate the weak.
    This time tested reality explain why woyane still holding power and will contenue to hold power Ethiopia. Thus to defeat woyane we must organize ourselves beyond spreading useless hollow emotional propaganda articles dayin and dayout.

  26. belihu
    | #26


  27. enqilqilaiy
    | #27

    He was the monster the size of human.Zenawi licked the dirt as his final meal for which he is now in eternal hell.

    Dead or alive,Zenawi will stand for trial and face the justice.

    Now,the dead robber is burndened by the weight of his own grave that he bought for sin.A few moment after he received shockwaves,the monster quickly plunged into deep chilly silence,then lost billions of brain cells and became ill;of course,came out funny and sluggish on CCTV and did not much do his daily routines,then fell back to a deep silence from which he did not come out alive;he was then discharged from the hospital dead.On panicking,his subbordinates placed him in a coffin face down and stored him in a freezer that did not work.when the robber died he weighted only 35lb and had a look of a 91 years old.Hopefully,the robbers wife will see him in hell because it is lonesome for her without him.

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