Ending tyranny in Ethiopia and beyond By Robele Ababya

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The moment to end tyranny and terrorism

The moment has come to end tyranny in Ethiopia and beyond with the inglorious departure of a tyrant Meles Zenawi that has been trading in the name of the valiant people of Tigray and hoodwinking western powers as a democrat sworn to bring stability to the Horn of Africa when in fact he has been doing the opposite in view of his records of atrocious heinous crimes including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes et al. His departure for good is a most welcome omen for the dawn of the oasis of peace and tranquility in sight pervading the entire Horn of Africa region where extremists like Al Shaba shall be no more and dictators will have no place.

The United States and its allies on the war on terror should now be party in the enabling of the aspiration of the Ethiopian people to usher in a new era of democracy that they have been craving for centuries. It is morally and legally noble to be on the side of the Ethiopian people without reservation in order to forge a true alliance with their right cause to end 21 years of tyranny and intimidation on their soil and vanquish act of terrorism beyond Ethiopia’s border in Somalia.

Condescending attitude of TPLF leaders

The diehard Stalinists within the remaining top TPLF leaders after the demise of Zenawi are hell-bent on preserving and continuing the gruesome legacy of their master. This is a pipe dream in the 21st century that is ushering in the burial of all dictators. In order to achieve their goal the diehards will thoroughly depend on the army and security forces left behind by their master.

The condescending attitude of TPLF leaders will dominate the EPRDF for lack of trust on the part of the former for the others in the coalition. So the opposition should be braced to face the generals and colonels holding 96+% top positions in the defense and security structure fined tuned by and made accountable to its sole architect the late Zenawi.

The elaborate state-sponsored mourning for the late tyrant is a sore in the eye of Ethiopians made a tool of the brutal ruling regime in contempt of the people it has been misruling with iron fist for the last 21 years. The overblown drama will surely backfire in days to come ushering the demise of the TPLF structure; the 5.7 million cadres will run in disarray; the defense and security forces will side with the people as required by the constitution.

As I said in my article title “Imploding TPLF powerhouse built on sand”: “It is unfortunate that the illegitimate regime in Addis Ababa has been unable to emulate the enviable example of Ghana of effecting smooth transfer of power promptly and hold a decent state burial to its President; instead the ruthless TPLF party chose to copycat the North Korean example to elaborately glorify the undeserving former tyrant Meles Zenawi.”

The army is made to believe that it has lost its Dear Commander-in-Chief; it is unprecedented in the world where soldiers in grand uniform are displayed weeping for their supreme commander. Is this going to be a tolerable tradition? The farce drama is a make-believe futile effort to continue the Stalinist-style brutal governance in Ethiopia.

History attests to the fact that “The gigantic former USSR collapsed and its satellite communist states followed suit; the Derg regime that was heavily dependent on these countries was ousted from power by the TPLF assisted by the western powers as a retribution for Mengistu’s alliance with the Communist Block. Here then is a lesson to learn and warning to heed for the top TPLF leaders; their powerhouse built on sand is crumbling and they know it too. They must therefore surrender to the Ethiopian people in peace in order to avert internecine carnage and bloodshed so that history will be kind to them.”

A lesson in history to the TPLF defense and security forces

Emperor Menilik II was hesitant of establishing a standing regular army because of the expenses involved and fear of abuses soldiers may inflict on civilians. The Monarch, as a consequence of His decision, had to mobilize an all militia army to fight the Italian invaders for the Battle of Adwa at which he scored a glorious victory.

But in view of sophisticated advances made in warfare underpinned by modern military machines engendered by rapidly growing science and technology an all militia army was no longer tenable. So Emperor Haile Selassie I opened the first Military Training Center at Holota heralding the advent of a standing army. But the effort was thwarted by the Italian Fascist invasion of 1935 and the few batches of graduates were of little significance to the war.

The Emperor made His top priority to build the Ethiopian armed forces immediately after His triumphant return to His capital, Addis Ababa. In a nutshell the Imperial saw the growth of the Ground Force, the Air Force and the Navy under His tight grip as Commander-in-Chief. The British were in charge of training at the Military Training Center at Holota; Swedish officers were in charge of training the elite Imperial Body Guard; Cadets at the Harar Military Academy were being trained by Indian officers; the Navy was developed with the help of Norwegian naval officers; Air Force personnel were trained by the Swedish Royal Officers at first until the United States Air Force introduced jet fighter and military transport airplanes thereafter providing logistical support and training in a wide field of specializations. In all fairness, all key positions in the upper echelon of command, commissioned and non-commissioned officers as well as rank-and-file men and women in uniform were filled by Ethiopians. The manpower strength of the Armed Forces was 33,000 men and women in uniform and 7,000 civilians (a total of 40,000) – which made a quantum leap by at least ten fold during the Derg regime that lost the civil war with TPLF almost entirely because its Commander-in-Chief fled to Zimbabwe leaving it in the lurch

The TPLF regime dismantled the Derg army and gave military equipment to Eritrea’s Isaias Afewerqui thus leaving Ethiopia defenseless as seen at the outbreak of 1998 – 2000 war forcing TPLF regime to beg ex-Derg soldiers to engage in the fight against Eritrea. They have now amassed … soldiers reportedly on the payroll of a foreign power.

What Ethiopia lacked and still does is resident Command and Staff Schools or universities where military culture and traditions prosper over centuries as can be seen in western democracies. This deficiency was well understood and appreciated by the Emperor who was thinking seriously as His next action to establish it and complete his task of building the Ethiopia Armed Forces.

The Emperor did a far better job of building a truly national army than His predecessors or successors Mengistu or Zenawi; but coward Mengistu destroyed despite his rhetoric to put in place an invincible force against any threat; Zenawi’s TPLF agazi forces ruthlessly kills citizens and is no more than a puppet on the payroll of a foreign power.

Passionate call on the TPLF Army and security organs

So, after so much toil and incalculable expenditure incurred in terms of manpower, money and material resources Ethiopia does not yet have an independent army accountable to the people. Everything has to be redone! This the most golden time for you to be on the side of the Ethiopian people and make history in engendering an enduring era of peace and tranquility in Ethiopia and beyond her borders. Give a stern warning to the top leaders in the TPLF hierarchy to respect the constitution that Meles Zenawi has been routinely breaking.

Call by the AEUP for an all-inclusive national conference

The call in caption is a noble one albeit it came late. The Amharic version is comprehensive and very well articulated exposing the misdeeds and heinous crimes of the TPLF regime. It underlines the need for a peaceful blood less change in order to avert draconian cost of violence. It calls for the replacement of TPLF by a National Council; and the holding of the conference in Ethiopia. It makes a passionate call on the TPLF defense and security forces to be on the side of the people in their quest for peaceful change. I believe that genuine opposition parties and civic organizations at home and in the Diaspora should take the call seriously.

Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu gn et al

  1. wnaw
    | #1

    I think it is clear. When Western leaders praised the tyrant that was an indication that the leadership is still under us.

  2. wnaw
    | #2

    Well, 5.7 million is a lot of people. That is a huge accomplishment of getting support. That is a good goal whether it is by force of willingly. Indeed most likely those with larger numbers withing the 5.7 mil are by coercion. However even those majoirty will come to believe the system once they are used to it. It is like telling lies over and over again and it becomes the truth. That is the accomplishment where people who have no choice tend to settle what they don’t agree with in the first place. Also due to fear if they are not from the side of winner, not necessarily it is good or bad, being by the side of the winner will make them safe.

    “The TPLF regime dismantled the Derg army and gave military equipment to Eritrea’s Isaias Afewerqui thus leaving Ethiopia defenseless as seen at the outbreak of 1998 – 2000 war forcing TPLF regime to beg ex-Derg soldiers to engage in the fight against Eritrea. They have now amassed … soldiers reportedly on the payroll of a foreign power. ” So this is an indication of Eritrean the upper hand which explains this is still continuting because TPLF are descendants of Eritreans. So focus on why Eritreans are in power in Ethiopia wwhen they wanted to be independent! Most Ethiopians don’t want to face the truth and the camouflage that it is actually the TPLF, as Eritreans descendants who are controlling Ethiopia and Tigryans as foot soldiers. Even if we say both Tigryans and ERitreans have the same value, the fact doesn’t change that Eritran descendants are ruling Ethiopia which we obviously see the weakness of Ethiopia. The whole 1998 war was staged to proove between Isayas and Meles who has the best military to kick butt. Also more of Ethiopia’s resources is transfering to Eritrea, it is important to investigate what happend to our gold reserves, tons of Coffees that was lost in one night, how Sebhat was handling EFFORTs funding, all these need to be investigated. What is amazing to me is that, as Ethiopian and ERitrean civilians the Eritreans and TPLF dirctly cause misery on the lives of Ethiopians even if their grief has been under past leaderships. I think that is despicble in whatever way you put it because the Ethiopian people were their good neighbors, friends, confidants, etc. pre 1991 to reward them with such misery, they will pay from above the grief they created on Ethiopian people.

    As the 1998 was staged, TPLF under Meles was also, I believe staging the Nile dam because eventually it will cause war with Egypt directly and indirectly. Perhaps TPLF/Meles was hoping in 1998 Ethiopia lose the war for Eritrea but they found out the other way around. If most of their promises have failed Ethiopia, why would many Ethiopians people NIle dam will work? I am sure TPLF/Meles wanted to set up a war between Ethiopia and Egypt to finally dessimate Ethipia so that there is no cause to blame Eritrea but ourselves for our own demise. Perhaps if you look at those who support NIle dam are probably Eritrean descendants and those who ar benefiting under TPLF.

  3. tokoota
    | #3

    the TPLF ‘tegadalay’ who make up 99.4% of leadership of the called Ethiopian defense forces were never taught to see themselves as Ethiopian by the dead tyrant zenawi. They have kept the ‘tigre’ faction of the army separate from other Ethiopians and sack and shuffle, murder and jail officers of other ethnic groups to si=uit their fascist apartheid policy.

    Now that the barbaric and satanic fascist zenawi is buried, the woyane are behaving like headless chicken. the military under woyane fascists have been serving one man. the division in the army will sooner or later come to a confrontation between the ‘woyane tegadalay’ and the rest.

    the days ahead are full of surprises and could be tragic, if the ‘tegadalay’ try to act in the way they were acting in the last 21 years. will they choose to cooperate for a peaceful transition to the rule of the Ethiopian people or choose to go in the direction of destruction. we will see.

  4. Tagadalit Adahaoum
    | #4

    TPLF is well known for its crude theatrical resources. Now the Party after the demise of Meles is hard to say whether the Eritrean born Bereket Simon or Berehane G/Kristos(the wife beater) are capable to bambozle and outwit the world like in the past.Most Tigryans prefer Tegada Alemu,the man after their heart who is willing almost all the time to carry the bags of Meles and his immediate boss Seyoum Messfin.Others are divided to put the 90-year- old corrupted Dr.Solomon Enquiey while some despartely want to put between Dr. kinfe and the laterborn EPRDF doctor Ghalawdios who is willing to serve at a moments notice

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    [[..The diehard Stalinists within the remaining top TPLF leaders after the demise of Zenawi are hell-bent on preserving and continuing the gruesome legacy of their master. This is a pipe dream in the 21st century that is ushering in the burial of all dictators...... the diehards will thoroughly depend on the army and security forces left behind by their master. ...]]

    You guys don’t seize to amaze me.

    NO! continuing Meles’s legacy may have been a “pipe dream” in the 20th century but not in 21th century. US defeated a planned a one party USSR dictatorial economy with free markets and democracy then.

    But in the 21st century, it is a different story. Dictatorships, as in China, Singapore have learned from the failure of the Soviets. They allow a high level of economic freedom within their borders but continue to oppress their opponents.

    Their approach is working, and in a big way. So giving us arm chair analysis won’t solve our problems. Embracing the good and exposing the bad is what needs to be done in my humble opinion.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #6

    The way I see US policy toward the TPLF infested regime is this way. The war on terrorism with Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group Al Shabab that is breathing on everyone’s shoulder in the Horn of Africa has put the Good Ole USA between a rock and a hard place. But they know what we all know. They had seen or at least had heard about that day when about 200 peaceful demonstrators gunned down in a broad day light in 2005. They were witnesses when Obo Eskinder was forcefully snatched away from his family and thrown in jail for more than 15 years just because he wrote about the possibilities he imagined. I am sure Secretary Clinton has heard about that. Both Secretary Clinton and Our President Obama, both as parents, have a feeling about that angelic son of Obo Eskinder. I am sure they hear the cry of that toddler asking for his father. That kid does not give a hoot why and how but he wants his dad back and he wants him back now. I have that kid in my thoughts all along and on that fateful day next November 6, 2012, the kid and I are going to have a long spiritual conversation. I hope and pray that his father will be freed before then and the US has the influence and opportunity now to help that happen. If not, I am going to contact that little boy in spirit that day and I will go straight to the voting booth after that. That is my plan. What is yours, folks?

  7. The Eritrean one!
    | #7

    Robele: I can’t agree more with you on some Eritreans who benefitted from the unnecessary war between the people of Ethio-Eritreans and you can say the same thing with in the Tigry clique; HOWEVER, I strongly suggest you and many others should focus on opportunities that can bring not only the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea but the entire region of the horn of Africa– including Somalia, Djoubiti, Sudan, and Kenya. No one will make a progress being the friend or a puppet of Susan Rice- which is 10,000 miles away, when you are bleeding your neighbors. So Robele please lets hope the disappearance of the war lord of weyane will be an opportunity for our region and particularly the peace loving Ethiopians and Eritreans.

  8. selamta
    | #8

    I love to tell you that whatever dream you had has turned into a nightmare since the people of ETHIOPIA came out in droves to mourn their PM .SO i say leave your hate behind and help your country fight poverty,this is all a waste of time and energy since you’ve been given a loud and clear message from the ppl THEY LOVED THEIR PM .DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ON.

  9. አባ ጦቢያ
    | #9

    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ምንም ዓይነት ትርጉምና ተስፋ ያለው ጸረ ወያኔ እንቅስቃሴ የለም. መለስ ኖሮ ገዝትዋል. አሁን ደግማ ሞቶ ይገዛል. ሰው ሲጽፍ ያነበበውን የእንግሊዝኛ መጽሓፍ ነው የሚተፋው; አዕርስቱ ይመሰክራል.

    ከስልሳዎቹ ጀምሮ በኢትዮጵያ “የአህያ ዘመን” ተብሎ ቢጠራ መልክም ነው.

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