On Honoring Ethiopia and the Lost Art of Diplomacy By Tecola W. Hagos

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Having political and economic power and maintaining diplomatic skill are not mutually exclusive qualities of a great nation. Too often, especially from the end of the Second World War to date, the art of diplomacy has suffered immensely and was replaced by crude and plebian methods of diplomatic relationships. The Cold War era, which was ended only some fifteen years ago, could be considered as one clear period in diplomatic history as an illustrative period of poor diplomatic relationships in world history.

Given the undeniable fact that the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, was a loyal friend of the People and Government of the United States, I am not happy with the low level delegation of the United States sent to the burial ceremony of September 2, 2012. This article is not an endorsement of Meles Zenawi per se, but about our Ethiopian pride and rightful place in history. Meles Zenawi carried out several of the strategic demands of the United States in the region, at times even against the national security interest of Ethiopia (for example, the signing of the 2000 Algiers Agreement). Most notable in such activities helpful to the United States was Meles Zenawi’s anti terrorism policies in furthering mainly the security interest of the United States, at the cost of Ethiopia’s own national security interest in maintaining peaceful relationships with aspiring powers in the region.

I believe that the United States Government lost one singular opportunity by failing to send high level delegation to the funeral ceremony of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, which would have helped the United States to demonstrate its appreciation for real services rendered by the Government of Meles Zenawi and also a chance to extend further the national security strategy of the United States. No matter how I feel about Meles Zenawi because in my eyes he failed to serve Ethiopia’s national security interest in very many areas, he was an extremely effective friend of the United States in carrying out the biddings of the several Governments of the United States from the time of President Bill Clinton to date.

It is my sincere hope that people reading this essay will not misunderstand the essence of this brief commentary. I am not in any way denigrating the Honorable Ambassador Susan Rice that the United States Government sent as its delegation head to the burial ceremony of Meles Zenawi. Ambassador Susan Rice in her own right is a great diplomat and above all a sister that I greatly honor and greatly admire. My point is that President Barak Obama himself should have attended the funeral ceremony for Meles Zenawi. Period. At the very least he should have sent his Vice President.

I am not just mouthing off criticism on the United States just for the sake of beating on the Obama Administration. I believe they are the best team, but they do make mistakes now and then, in case of Ethiopia following a pattern long established by several administrations from the time of President Truman. In studying the diplomatic history between the United States’ governments/administrations and that of Ethiopia’s, I am puzzled and also felt insulted by the low regard that the United States governments/administrations seem to have for Ethiopia over the period of several decades. As far as I am concerned the beginning of all good diplomatic relations between states starts and ends with one element that of respect. No matter how I admire and honor Susan Rice, she is not a head of state or of a government. In fact, in the scheme of things, she is fifth or sixth on the hierarchical ladder of the bureaucratic structure of the Government of the United States. One rational for such low level choice of Delegation by the Obama Administration, maybe due to an honest desire on the part of the Administration to send someone who was a close family friend to the late Prime Minister, and it seems that there was very endearing working relationship between Susan Rice with Meles Zenawi. Especially after listening to the heart touching speech given by Rice at the Ceremony, it is obvious to me the depth of the personal sorrow of Ambassador Rice.

There are certain important points I need to make in connection with the question of respecting Ethiopia and Ethiopians. This is not the first time that Western Governments missed opportunities to honor Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. When Emperor Haile Selassie’s formal reburial was carried out in Addis Ababa on 5 November 2000, no foreign states sent any representative to that funeral. The fact that the Government of Meles Zenawi refused to allow a “State” funeral might have discouraged such foreign governments from sending delegations; however, I have not found any evidence that any state tried to send delegation and was refused by the Ethiopian Government. Great nations should find ways to show their appreciation and gratitude for not so great leaders of other nations but had been of great service to them.

A national leader should not be hemmed in or be defined by short term events, but must see the larger picture and transcend mere skills for greater wisdom in pursuing truly great diplomatic relationship. Would it not have been sublime for the United States Government to send its representatives to honor its long time loyal friend Emperor Haile Selassie at his funeral in 2000? I would say the same to the Government of the United Kingdom. After all, Emperor Haile Selassie other than the fact of being long time friend of Great Britain and its people was also invested with the highest honor that the Queen of England could bestow—Emperor Haile Selassie was the Knight of the Order of the Garter (1954), the only African in the seven hundred history of the Order founded by Edward III in 1344. Queen Elizabeth II is a member of that Order, and as such she should have sent a delegation to honor Emperor Haile Selassie at his reburial in 2000, if not for anything else, but for his membership in that ancient and great Order of the Garter.

Diplomacy need not be limited to deceptions, manipulations, out right lies, et cetera, it can be also a vehicle to ennoble the human soul. It can lift us above the cacophony of ordinary lives. It can endear people from different parts of the world to each other in far more solid and meaningful manner. I do hope the Honorable Ambassador Susan Rice, and the Government of President Barack Obama will read this brief comment in good light. God Bless the people of Ethiopia and the people of the United States.

Tecola W. Hagos
Washington DC, September 3, 2012

  1. Alem
    | #1

    Professor Tecola:
    I believe your comment above has the honor of Meles in mind. I almost said the honor of our country but as you know Meles hardly showed such patriotic feelings in public. In fact, his public statements were, simply put, unpatriotic. Do you think Meles has a good record in his dealings with Ethiopians or in his choices for the future of the country? For Obama or his VP to appear at Meles’ funeral would, therefore, present the two dignitaries as siding with tyranny. Election is less than two months away. I believe Team Obama knows Ethiopian-American vote, especially, in Virginia is crucial [remember 2008?]. Unlike you, I believe Team Obama took a lesser of two evils; so far as Obama is concerned Ethiopia is expendable. In the end, Obama only cares for Obama.

  2. selamta
    | #2

    JHONY come lately,why don’t you go back and help your country instead of writing all kinds of garbage ETHIOPIA need all her children to help her win over poverty not so many fools and idiots that write whatever they feel like writing and at the end of the day they only are left with their so called analysis that doesn’t hold water. PLEASE our beloved phds,prof and all those who keep on informing all of us to know that they have a title in front of your names ….ETHIOPIA needs you to give her your know hows not for you to seat somewhere in the western world and criticize this and that.AFTER all ETHIOPIA needs all of her children wake up and help her or forever be silent .it is time for work not lectures

  3. Debesai
    | #3

    Tecola Hagos,
    Your recent article on Meles Zenawi’s legacy was one of refreshing and philosophical commentary that I have read so far from countless commentators on both sides of the isle namely, those of his blind admirers and those such as your self, and Messay Kebede for instance, who gave the deceased leader a due assessment based on his merits and self worth. you wrote that the west showered him with undeserved elegy by calling him “world class leader” “intelligent” “dynamic” and so on. (my own emphasis added) When you said that the Western leaders are being racist by designating Meles Zenawi as such that he was “intelligent” and “towering personality” you helped me to view this concocted grandeur in a totally different light and your argument was highly persuasive and uplifting.

    Meles’ relationship with the west was strictly a slave-master relationship. He obeyed their endless demand and delivered such a great service with no questions asked by sending troops in to some of Africa’s troubled and failed states and in return they paid him his dues handsomely for service rendered. The sheer amount of fund that Meles received, which is roughly a billion dollars a year from the USA alone, tells us that western powers enjoyed the service greatly. Coming to the subject matter, by sending low level delegates to the funeral, western leaders have demonstrated their usual double standard that tells us they don’t mean what they said of him during the funeral and in other memorial occasions. Great to read you Tecola Hagos as usual.

  4. Dawi
    | #4

    Giving credit where credit is due, ER was the first to indicate that “Obama snubbed Meles” by sending Dr. Rice & assoc. :-)

    She made a touching speech. No one could have done better than that. Now I understand why that Eritrean in this forum hates her so much? Through out her speech, it is obvious to see the love she has to that historical independent black nation who provided a vision of nationhood, dignity and self-respect when none existed.

    Most self respecting black people take pride of Ethiopia. I am sure Obama is also one of them.

    IMO, Obama himself would have gone if there’s political gain for him, that’s the only consideration here.

  5. love
    | #5

    Don’t you know, U. S even respects those who fight for their survival of their nations. In this case, TPLF who is favoring minority Tigray and the security of Eritrea was bound to be anti Ethiopia in the first place. The only way to lead in full of ocean where they are not liked is to build alliance outside of Ethiopia. They realize if they do evry bidding of U.S they know they will be protected. So for how long is this going to take place? We know also TPLF is in kahoots for the demise of Ethipoia and I am sure, they will get green light from outside. Remember the demise of ethiopia will allow more resources to control by the West in now-tiny fragmented regions that used to be Ethiopia and easy to handle as supposed to 90 mill people. Arabs will be happy to influence their Wahabism in already threatening regions. Egypt will have ample time to control the Nile. Of course, Eritrea will not have to worry anymore. The coming of TPLF was bound to be anti Ethioian anyways and they are not backing down now. Since 2005 Ethiopia should have intesified the struggle. There is no freedom without struggle. How many Egyptians died to materialize the ousting of Mubarak? What ever the cost. The U.S has equal respect for Egypt and Ghana. Egypt made sure they should be respected and u.S have seen that and will not dare challenge that. Ghana is fully democratic and just like Ethiopia with many ethnic groups. So u.S has a great respect for Ghana and for its respecting its own people. Perhpas it is time to learn from Ghana how they are able to have democracy in mult ethnic society. When it comes to Ethiopia, c’mon U.S knows the people who are controlling (TPLF) are a bunch of bandits and thugs who are there for their own selfish reason and U.S is taking opportunity of that, why not? A group who is confused and loser and leaading Ethiopa like jungle, groups like that don’t need respect except pretend to be friends.

  6. love
    | #6

    Well you have answered your own questions, TPLF can’t see itself be littled and it is also loyal to Eritrea, having State funeral for Haile Selassie means, TPLF because of its infriority will feel small and disregarded. So, Tcola you confuse us… you think you represent Ethipoia but then you must undertand and fianlly admit that you have beeen with anti Ethiopia elements TPLF. So whch is it? Obviously you know more than what you are writing when it comes to TPLF. Do you support anti Ethiopia if so why are you confused about writing pro Ethiopia you either are or not. Stop confusing people especially those who love Ethiopia for the right reaon and simple. I believe you are trying to be in the middle of the road, there is no middle of the road you either support TPLF by being anti Ethiopia or you are not. There are many many evidence that defines TPLF as anti Ethiopia. So perhaps you are feeling guilty of your own policy when you were with TPLF? You seem you want to make yourself clear of the crime you committed with TPLF? So Kudos for U.S for sending low level delegate to attend the funeral, of course Meles deserves Susan Rice.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Dear fellow friends!
    First and foremost what we need urgently is to learn how to agree to disagree!!!!!!!!!!! This we owe our beloved Ethiopia….i have no doubt except the very few we all love our Ethiopia.Not alone people who live abroad but even dead people have the right to comment and express their concerns and suggest what they think might help.If we deny them this basic human right then it is clear that we are not on the right path of democracy! What really makes democracy work is the acceptance of different ideas to be freely expressed without fear…my previous country man suggested that people who live in the west or anywhere abroad should get back home and contribute to the development of our beloved Ethiopia.I find this a great idea but i should say here that not only opponents of the Ehtiopian government`s policy are living abroad…supporters of the Ethiopian govenment live outside of Ethiopia as well and give their support or suggetions as well.Insulting each other is surely not constructive…all we need is to try and learn from one another and see what we can use to improve Ethiopia`s situation.It is true it is time for work but we should ask ourselves if the circumstances really allow us to work freely regardless our political stances…a better future is only possible when we succeed to respect and listen to each other…thanks for reading!!!!

    | #8

    Dear fellow friends!
    First and foremost what we need urgently is to learn how to agree to disagree!!!!!!!!!!! This we owe our beloved Ethiopia….i have no doubt except the very few we all love our Ethiopia.Not alone people who live abroad but even dead people have the right to comment and express their concerns and suggest what they think might help.If we deny them this basic human right then it is clear that we are not on the right path of democracy! What really makes democracy work is the acceptance of different ideas to be freely expressed without fear…my previous country man suggested that people who live in the west or anywhere abroad should get back home and contribute to the development of our beloved Ethiopia.I find this a great idea but i should say here that not only opponents of the Ehtiopian government`s policy are living abroad…supporters of the Ethiopian govenment live outside of Ethiopia as well and give their support or suggetions as well.Insulting each other is surely not constructive…all we need is to try and learn from one another and see what we can use to improve Ethiopia`s situation.It is true it is time for work but we should ask ourselves if the circumstances really allow us to work freely regardless our political stances…a better future is only possible when we succeed to respect and listen to each other…thanks for reading!!!!

  9. ME
    | #9

    Would you Please read the previous old comments of Girum.
    Girum told that the fate of such corrupt client-regimes is like this.
    Yes they are like a chewing gum and when their taste is over after that they are thrown like a garbage.
    The West knows Meles hates his own peoples and so what do you expect from West?Do you expect they respect such heartless inhuman and immoral guy to though to whatever extent he can be genius?When you respect your own things and peoples then others also respect you.The very surprising thing is that Meles through out his life had been despising and disgracing Ethiopia,Ethiopians,Ethiopiawinet as Girum told us time and gain but to the contrary Ethiopia,Ethiopians,Ethiopiawinet respected him on his death.
    Please unravel this mystery r paradox?
    God Bless Ethiopia and its peoples.

  10. aragaw
    | #10

    Is this Guy for real? Tekola Hagos seems very upset the frog funeral was not attended by Barack Obama/high US officials and he expect people not to “misunderstood” him. Tekola, looking at what you wrote about your beloved frog, no one will misunderstood you. It shows the love you have for the frog. Just like every Weyane you want the North Korean style sorrow to be carried out to satisfy every TPLF/Weyane/Tigray ego. What a disgrace.

  11. Abe
    | #11

    only fools and idiots attack the writer instead of commenting on the issues. was the US dissing Meles by sending an ambassador. he sent secretary Clinton for Atta Mills of Ghana a few weeks ago. obviously, there is a message there.

  12. dodo
    | #12

    is Susan Rice a low ranking official? Isn’t she a Cabinet member? a very high official

  13. tokoota
    | #13

    Tecola Hagos said, ”I am not happy with the low level delegation of the United States sent to the burial ceremony of September 2, 2012.”

    mr Hagos, there you have it. zenawi even in the eyes of his funders is a miscreant who did not deserve anything more than a third rate delegation from the US. You might be angry about the US sending low level delegation to THE FUNERAL OF THE WOYANE DEVIL, AND ONE WHO WAS SATAN’S CHIEF REPRESETATIVE ON planet earth.

    what ever you say the fascist is gone for ever and the Ethiopian people are happy to see his back.

  14. Melkamu
    | #14

    USA does not like ethiopia because of its own race relation problem with blacks. that wearing of green, yellow and red stripes is seen by the main stream whites as the “colour of rebellion”. may be the thinking blacks would have been chained and moved around as peaceful lap dogs had a country called ethiopia did not exist. The late Dr.Kitaw Ejigu, the nearest person to american hypocrisy has said in a quite revealing manner that USA has an evil desire for ethiopia, “the unfulfilled job” as Kitaw said of the USA’s hidden policy of besieging ethiopia. And of course whites are whites and tghe tiger never changes its stripes. Whites pretty much, even in this century of liberalism, detest the idea of an independent blackhood. USA has ignored ethiopia and sided with egypt many times especially with regard to the nile river and ethiopia has paid in the form of letting eritrea go and becoming a less united nation. USA appears froiendly but shakes ethiopia with a fire hand. Hailesilassie I has been let down by the USA persistently. Although the USA was endlessly lobbied since the beginning of the 20th century to help ethiopia, it could not rise above its petty feeling of self serving racism to help ethiopia at least to a fraction of what USA did to the phillipines. All request to give a helping hand to ethiopia were shrugged off by the USA in a typical “victorian” style reminiscent of queen victoria;’s response to king thewodros’s request for help. It was a terrible mistake by the late prime minister meles zenawi to deny state burial to his imperial majesty, Hailesilassie I of Ethiopia. Make no mistake Hailesilassie led an old feudal kingdom, but as the leader of the nation the late king has done a lot good for ethiopia and africa. Ethiopians do not forgive and hence the most uinforgiving of all, a very cruel dictator was alloted to the people of ethiopia, his excellency mengistu hailemariam, the most cruel of the cruels. look back at history and honour the leaders at least for the fact that they were humans who erred.

  15. Admas
    | #15

    Prof Tekola,

    No one will be accusing you of denigrating or dewhiting Mrs Rice. Feel comfortable about that. Let your conscience be clear.

  16. Ahmed Berhan
    | #16

    Dear Prof Tecola W. Hagos

    I have been following your articles and you are totally against the courageous , politically talented late PMMZ.With due respect to you professor, you have contributed nothing to the land of your birth except sitting comfortable in the USA and criticizing people like PMMZ If you are really interested for Ethiopia , why don’t you go and try to contribute your share in the socio-economic development of the country.I think Ethiopia has enough people in the D.C. area who have the time and the energy to demonstrate now and then in front of the State Dept and the White House.My advise to you is and it is do a serious soul search and stop writing.You are not helping you country, Mr Professor by sitting in DC and just criticizing.By the way , have you ever been back home and observed the many development projects that are transforming the life of the poor peasants.I hope you got the message

  17. Mogos
    | #17

    I always find Herr Professor Tecola Hagos mentally fatiguing. His threadbare ideas and view points about Ethiopian current politices is less than zero.I do not know why Abugida post his crap which has no relevance to what is going on in Ethiopia after the death of Prime Minister Meles. He paid his worldly deeds by going 6-feets in the ground.Ther is no point gnawing the dead bone and does not matter who came at his funeral.No Abuna, Mozart,Susan Rice and the crying of Haile Gabre Selassie can bring to life “Negassie”(borrwoing this favourate word from Aiga Forum)Legess Zenawi. I think Tacola Hagos is likely afraid of his own death as he is nearing in his late 60′s:already with a problem here and there with outworn body,not to mention the debelitated condation of that artistic mind at one time. Let us not forget we will eventually all die in the end.

  18. lucky
    | #18

    Love you have freedom what you want is the power.I will tell you the difference between Ghana and Ethiopia.There was no a Ghanian warior like Menelik who conquer and destroy peaceful people.Now these people want to build their own state Oromia.

  19. ጄኔራሉ ለአስራ አለቃው ቀብር?
    | #19

    አልተገኙም ብሎ ቅሬታ አይገባንም
    በግዳጅ ላይ ቢሞቱ እሽ ይሁን
    ግና ይህ የሞተው በሌላ ምክንያት ነውና
    ጄኔራሉ በአስራ አለቆች ቀብር ሁል አይገኙም
    አያጣሉን ካሜሪካ

  20. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #20

    I have shared my ideas and my innermost feelings freely and openly in public forums for over twenty years. In dealing with my essays, I suggest that readers use a bifurcated approach. First it is not a bad idea to spill out one’s gut feeling whether it is hate, love, or admiration for me. The immense catharsis going through such response/writing might help a person to get rid of irrational thoughts/feelings. However, the second stage of one’s response needs to be focused on the issues I presented in my articles. One must make sure to address such issues and points very carefully, and not mix one’s emotion with rational and logical presentations. I do not write just for the love of writing. Every article/essay I write is done after I have carefully thought out my ideas. It will enrich us all if the responses to may articles and essays are written with careful consideration of my ideas and thoughts; it would help also if such responses are written in clear language be it in English or Amharic.

    My apologies for I am digressing a little here responding to some comments I read, in connection with my articles/essays: I am in perfect health and probably will live to be over one hundred years. Moreover, I am not afraid of death, for I know I will live forever through my paintings and writings–the dillusion of my immortality.
    Tecola W. Hagos

  21. belihu
    | #21

    I have read some of your writings in the past as far as I know, you are a proud Ethiopian. A real Ethiopian is free to say whatever he or she wants as well as being criticized. Personal attack with such vitriol has no place, however. I subscribe to rational and to some level of decency amongst ourselves. It is frustrating to be under tyranny for four decades therefore I understand how difficult it is to be civil when we get the opportunity to let it out. So hang in there, bro. Furthermore, personally I do not trust most of the Ethiopian “educated” class, elitists, theorists, professors, campus “lions”, “yemihuran iwiran”, socialist liberal liars with PhD’s who brought so much desctructions in the late 70′s and still continue to this day. I do not want my leaders to come from these “yemihuran iwiran” whom I have no respect for.

  22. love
    | #22


    What are you talking about? Irrelevancy? You brought about Menilike, blablalba. Has nothing to do with the discussion somehow you are here to make an issue to divide a society. We know your agenda when you bring irrlevant issue on brinking about 150 years ago and Oromia. You are here for propoganda for sure.

  23. gragn ahmed
    | #23

    Gragn ahmed,

    I am deeply troubled by this comment. Does this professor embrace honestly what USA believes in at heart? Does Tecola believe in equality of its people? He always talks about the old style like and the old fashioned way. Although he knows history and formalities and modalities he totally is against open people, open society and free press. He never has written an article that chartered no whatsoever road map for new generation Ethiopians. I saw him criticizing the late Emperor who I never admired any way. he switched sides based on political opportunities I believe. I am ready to be criticized.

    Now, why I am troubled by this professor? Because he lacks genuine appreciation for being an Ethiopian hero? Was Meles a hero? Was Meles at heart Ethiopian? Did he think Ethiopians should lose Eritrea? Should he torture endless people of Oromo or Ogaden? should he not open up political seats? How many are jailed? This is not simple matter. We know how Meles soldiers decimated the Somali cities and towns and how they threatened their women with rape and gun. We simply can not dismiss by claiming that Meles built roads and buildings. By any measure compared to the amount of sacrifice our soldiers paid they were brutally betrayed by Meles for Meles used the aid money not to increase their salary but to put it in some government projects to save his face. Really what is Meles doing when he bulds roads but breaks our hearts? How many are scared not to be a member of EPDRF? How many are asked to support Wayane in order for their neighborhoods to get any help from government? How many of DireDawa people are now jobless because of the shutting down of the rail way system? He may have built universities but what use is it if people don’t benefit out of it. If you want to get a job you have to be a member. Now, I am not discounting what Meles was. But solely he was a theratrical person whose ambition is to stay in power and does not deserve to be a leader of a nation as such and should never be given any heroic ceremony whatsoever. But what really troubled me most was the unusual overture or plead that the writer has shown to a sovereign nation as that USA. What is the message of Tecola in this particular article? He sounded weakened, wounded and beaten down. Let me put some of my hypotheses. You may disagree with me. But he wants to befriend powers of the world against the people of Ethiopian’s will. By any standard Meles was the most illegitimate leader of our time. So, why is Tecola so worried that the USA did not send a high level delegation? Well, in public we have seen Abebe Gelaw trash and embarass Meles Zenawi infront of many high level journalists some of them really into Ethiopian human rights issues. In fact, more than the protests that took place over the decades in diaspora and many of the critical writings that were published in the diaspora the last incident that took place was a huge blow not only to Meles but also to Obama. Not that Abebe Gelaw was able to show his apathy to Meles but rather due to the lack of courage by the late Prime Minister and by his lack of composure to his critique to the extent of being paralyzed and suffocated almost hyperventilated and fainted flat. This lack of confidence really was an embarassment for the people of Ethiopia as such and for his Western Advocates a moment of self reflection. I believe it changed the whole image the West had for Meles. Had he been alive or not he became irrelevant from that moment on for the West. We have heard that he was promising political amnesty for political prisoners as his game plan was to show off and scapegoat some few every now and then to make his look better in the eyes of his masters. I have never seen any leader whose loyalty is more to the West than to his people. I hate to use this word but he is probably next to Yohanness IV in his bandaness to the West. Tecola, lacked the judgement to reserve his words by writing this absurd article. USA did what is safe for American politics and for its image. We know that they even did not want the late Prime Minister of Yemen to come reside in their land. Only Meles agreed to host him and gave him land in Addis.

    So, if American officials ever read this post I think we the people appreciate that American officials never came to the official death ceremony of Meles Zenawi. It would have angered the many Muslims whose 17 leaders have been jailed for no reason other than peacefully demonstrating their voices inside their Mesjids.

    I also advise the American officials not to be swayed by one sided politicians whose aim is always to sideline Muslims of Ethiopia. I knew Tecola had in his mind the Muslims in general and the Ogaden and Oromo movements in particular when he appealed to USA for friendship. USA is guide bu interest not religion.

    We know Ethiopians are proud people and they should stand on their own and pleading is not necessary. You can not advise one of the big nations on some looting Meles on foreign policy matters.

  24. dodo
    | #24

    It is admirable that Tecola stands so consistently and unashamedly behind the supreme Evil and tyrant Meles. What is it that he saw in him that we could not see. Maybe he will tell us later.

  25. Lucy in America
    | #25

    Dr Susan Rice was more than enough for that sold out banda’s furnial. obama is directly elected by the ppl of america throgh democracy where as America’s best served slave meles cliked on power illegal for 21 years.
    for thsoe who do not have any respect for their own people and love for their own country need not to give high attention.

  26. Banda
    | #26

    This article shows who Prof Tecola is. He is a Tigrean nationalist. His articles indicated that he know how to play the paper game-on writing heis a pro-Ethiopian, and at heart is he is anti-Amharan and believes in Tirean Supremacy. He has been involved in critising in Meles without touching the TPLF. The fact was that it was the collection of TPLF who was involved in detsroying Ethiopia.

    Now Prof Tecola is telling us that Meles was a herro-Enene Tigre Yadregegn:You are there back to your ethinic enclave. Who care who comes to Meles. Why are not worried about the speech given by Susan Rice instead of who comes to funneral of a nepotic, racist and anti-Ethiopian agent

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