Medrek Meeting in Atlanta

September 20th, 2012 Print Print Email Email

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    This meeting should be top priorety about to bring democracy in the country
    we not interested weyane this, badem that ,asseb this, eritrea that.

    what we need is democracy freedom of speach.
    putting pressur on leadership to release political prisoners soon.

    what the opposition weaknes is why do we do not have a millitery in some country why we can not do that,we should not expect from any one free ride.we should do both fighting and talking peace.this people theY do not
    anderestand just peace,they born in violence.weyane no tigrai.

    other wise the quence quence will be i can not tale you to hppen we will take indivdualy absolut action that even will shock weyanes in a day light!!! be careffull !!!!what ever commando you have we have the people behaind as our action will be THOUSEND time Better than I,H,A,PA,.

    The other thing how foolish you are by haveing opposition in eritrea
    do not try standing on a mine and at the same time trying to jump thats what some like arbegnoch are doing my freind forget are commiting sucide!!!

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