How Hailemariam Desalegn’s vow amended pathologists’ maxim By Kiflu Hussain

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When the late Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia disappeared from public life, particularly from international gathering which he never failed from basking in, the mainstream media began speculating on his “serious illness” unlike the “fringe” Medias that accurately concluded on his death long ago. Consequently, the East African newspaper of July 28-August 3 carried a headline “Zenawi’s exit? Why EAC should worry.”Thus, the paper basing its analysis on four points namely, security, infrastructure, stability and geopolitics that could be at stake when Zenawi departs gave the impression as to how a mere mortal can impact on his own nation and beyond. This sentiment reflected on the EA, had been shared by almost all the media outlets of “development partners.”While it’s true that strong personalities leave a footprint in the history of their nation, sadly almost all the “independent” mainstream Medias failed to highlight that the “strong” personality of this particular individual totally undermined institutions to the detriment of the four points on which he was lavished upon.

On the contrary, upon the unavoidable pronouncement of Zenawi’s death, we were once again bombarded with eulogies that portrayed him as a voracious reader, brilliant economic reformist, visionary leader etc. When one remembers Adolf Hitler’s passion for reading whereby he said “The art of reading, as of learning—to retain the essential, to forget the non-essential,” one cannot stop marveling at how the whole world be fawning over a dead tin-pot dictator. One wonders too, why the Western world currently suffering from economic woes did not apply its scientific discovery and cloned the deceased like Dolly the sheep to benefit from his economic brilliance. The fact of the matter is, as I intimated in a piece titled “Call girls and dictators” which Daily Monitor published in February 2008, the deceased had always been regarded by “development partners” as a useful small time dictator compared to big time dictators in Egypt who achieved a courtesan like status by pandering to big time interest. Monitor, for want of space or typical of a mainstream media, had of course expurgated this line while others such as Ethiomedia published it in whole. United States, the main financier of succeeding Egyptian dictators that also graced Anwar Sadat’s funeral with “a record number of dignitaries,” proved my point by failing to do the same at the Ethiopian despot’s funeral. While former presidents like Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon attended Sadat’s funeral, not even Bill Clinton who once praised the deceased as one of Africa’s “new breed leader” bothered to show up at Zenawi’s funeral. Of course, Washington was not totally ungrateful to the service the deceased rendered. Madam Susan Rice, representing her government praised even the deceased’s intemperance around “fools” and how “he liked to call them idiots.”She neglected to elaborate, however, as to whether her admiration of the rude and abrasive nature of the deceased can also be analogically extended to the sprightly octogenarian ruler of Zimbabwe. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a former knight and holder of seven degrees, at one time described Madam Susan’s peer, Mr. Johnnie Carson as an “idiot with whom one would not want to speak.”

Unfortunately, irrespective of the measure employed in the new world order to favor one dictator over another, death follows its own mysterious agenda.Hence,having spared the elderly dictator, it stalked the young dictator whom Washington and her allies dotted on.Therefore,we have now Mr.Hailemariam Desalegn as the new Ethiopian prime minister. During the swearing-in ceremony, Hailemariam expressed how “very happy” he is to take the “responsibility” of being prime minister. Since the new PM alongside other pliable individuals was co-opted by the dominant minority ethnic faction of the ruling party in a bid to mollify other ethnic groups, it’s always been the fate of individuals like him to shoulder “responsibility” without ever exercising real power. Indeed, this servile behavior might previously have brought hefty payments and attractive fringe benefits without putting the individual in a negative spotlight for all the evils perpetrated by the regime. For instance, while the deceased was criticized and condemned by activists and rights groups for churning out draconian legislations, few know that the new PM headed the drafting of one of these notorious legislations. The list can go on like this. The bottom line is, like the fictional Douglas Dilman in Irving Wallace’s “The Man,” who accidentally became the first Negro president in a segregationist United States, Hailemariam too became the first PM, in real time and from the wrong ethnic group, in the ethnic-federal Ethiopia. And, the dominant authors of the ethnic federalism who had never considered the likes of Hailemariam as equals are not too happy about this arrangement.Hence, before they grudgingly confirmed him as the new PM; they unconstitutionally promoted several senior officers from the dominant ethnic group thereby implacably sending the message as to who is running the show.Although,it’s not known for how long Hailemariam’s happiness lasts or whether his happiness is shared by his family members, one remembers an anecdote about Brg.Gen.Teferi Benti appointed as Chairman of the Derg by Major Mengistu Hailemariam in 1975 only to be liquidated in 1977. When friends paid visit to congratulate him, Teferi’s wife was said to have said; “I would rather have you comfort me than congratulating me.”

Thankfully, Mr.Hailemariam vowed to continue his predecessor’s “legacy without any change.”By doing so, he hoped to continue surviving without incurring the wrath of the real power base that brought him to the fore. However, he forgot the far more dangerous simmering wrath of Ethiopians. He also reassured the East African Community (EAC) by telling them that all is business as usual.Thus, Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Project (LAPSSET) would press ahead. By the way, this writer considers projects like this as a very negligible compensation from the deceased in comparison to the treason he committed by turning Ethiopia landlocked. Alignment on the war on terror shall also continue as it was a lucrative venture and a means to perpetuate oneself in power. In short, Mr.Hailemariam’s vow not only sounded music to “strategic allies” and “development partners.”It has also amended pathologists’ maxim from “The dead teach the living” to “The dead rule the living.”

An Ethiopian social and political commentator exiled in Uganda

  1. ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ
    | #1

    የጂዳ ማህበረሰብ ሰሚያጣ የወገን የህዝብ ጥሪ ድረሱልን በማሰማት ከጄመረ ሰነባብቶአል ሰሚ ያጣው የዚህ ማህበረሰብ ክፍል እየደረሰበት ያለ በደል በመንግስት ሹማምንት በቆንስላ ፅህፈት ቤት በሙስና የተጨማለቀ ብልሹ አሰራር የቪነስ አሰማሪ አዘራፊ ዘራፊ በመሆን ያለምንም ደረሰኝ በሀገራችን ለስደት በሚመጡት እህቶቻችን ሰበብ ቪዛ አጨራረሰ በ ዲፕሎማት ሼሪፍ የሚመራ ማፍያ ቡድን
    ህዝቡን ለእንግልት ለዘረፋ ዳርጎታል ሁላቺንም ለማጋለጥ ለህዝብ በማሳወቅ ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ ልንል ይገባል

  2. ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ
    | #2

    ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ :
    የጂዳ ማህበረሰብ ሰሚያጣ የወገን የህዝብ ጥሪ ድረሱልን በማሰማት ከጄመረ ሰነባብቶአል ሰሚ ያጣው የዚህ ማህበረሰብ ክፍል እየደረሰበት ያለ በደል በመንግስት ሹማምንት በቆንስላ ፅህፈት ቤት በሙስና የተጨማለቀ ብልሹ አሰራር የቪነስ አሰማሪ አዘራፊ ዘራፊ በመሆን ያለምንም ደረሰኝ በሀገራችን ለስደት በሚመጡት እህቶቻችን ሰበብ ቪዛ አጨራረሰ በ ዲፕሎማት ሼሪፍ እንዝላለልነት በወጭ ደላላ የሚመራ ማፍያ ቡድን
    ህዝቡን ለእንግልት ለዘረፋ ዳርጎታል ሁላቺንም ለማጋለጥ ለህዝብ በማሳወቅ ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ ልንል ይገባል

    @ይብቃ ዘረፋ በጂዳ

  3. Dawi
    | #3

    [[.. the deceased was ..condemned ...for churning out draconian legislations, few know that the new PM headed the drafting of one of these notorious legislations.....]]

    Why would one question the new PM who “drafted some of the draconian legislations” of EPRDF, who vowed to continue Meles’s legacy not being part of the “power base” of the party?

    Did Taxonomy save Seye and others from falling from the “power base”?

    [[..Brg.Gen.Teferi Benti appointed as Chairman of the Derg by Major Mengistu Hailemariam in 1975 only to be liquidated in 1977...]]

    Are you saying here that Gen. Teferi was liquidated because of his ethnicity?

    If not then, allow me to steal a line from the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign, “it’s the politics, stupid.”

  4. Nuus Shillingi
    | #4

    What a great and nuanced political analysis.Ethiopians are hoping for a change under this new PM,but they tend to forget that he a carbon copy of Meles. Readers I am not wildly swinging with no underpinngs to the solid fact that exisits at this point in time. Thanks

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    To begin with, I hated Hailemariam’s speech. I just don’t have a good feeling about anybody who is friends with looters and murderers. As the saying goes: tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are…and who were Hailemariam friends for two decades? Why and what in the world brought Hailemariam and Meles to become close friends, to the point of Meles making Hailemarima his deputy prime minister? And now the TPLF making Hailemariam the prime minister of Ethiopia. What do TPLF see in him? why do TPLF have faith on this guy? Who was the common enemy of the late Meles and Hailemariam and the rest of TPLF? Think about it Ethiopians, before you start celebrating–askedemo mamsgen lehamete yaschegral:: I hate to say I told you so. I hope I’m wrong! I refuse to join this party–No cigar for me yet!!Ethiopians don’t be gullible, do not trust and put your faith on TPLF and their friends to do the right thing…As always, my best wishes to my motherland and to all peace loving Ethiopians!

  6. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #6

    I found no major revelations depicting PM HD as a criminal in this article. Some people try to make a point that he is a member of a home grown religious sect. His religious conviction should never be a deciding factor to lead a country because that is his inalienable right. No religion now or in the past was created to kill or oppress people but certain individuals or groups use (used) religion as an excuse to commit atrocities on others. Just look at these rabid dogs running around in the Middle East and Asia using Islam to hoard women as their personal belongings and commit untold horrors on the peace loving civilian population. They stone, cut off limbs and behead people whenever they like it. As a follower of Islam myself and who had lived in that part of the world after leaving my country of Ethiopia, I believe I had the chance to know the people at large over there. May be my early harmonious coexistence with followers of the Christian religion was a big factor in molding my thought process. In the history of mankind and its adherence to religion, it shows that there were extremists in every one of them. But they were all in for their own benefits. Al-Qaeda wants to horde women and will kill anyone who stands in its ways; Jim Jones and David Koresh massacred scored of people because they wanted to do the same thing (hoarding women)and in the process they claimed to be as deified as Jesus (Isa, Peace Upon Him)was. But their problem was the system surrounding them. And we all call it democracy which took no time to expose and deal with them in the bud. That is why terrorist groups and dictators fear most. They know very well that democracy has their Achilles Heels. That is why they blow up themselves and don’t mind to slaughter innocent women, children and defenseless elderly people in cold blood. And that is a fact.
    But going back to the new PM HD, I have one issue that has been bothering me since his appointment. May be he had nothing to do with it. As many Ethiopians in the Diaspora I get my news about our country mainly from the few websites started and maintained by the people in our midst. I would like the editors of these websites to do their investigations on the subject. The subject matter is about the news I read on these websites in or around 2002 where scores of people shot to death by special security forces in the region where he came from. I remember reading the report by human rights groups including Amnesty International condemning the killings. Where was he then? Was he one of the leaders of the regional government that ordered the shootings? To me human life the most sacred being created by the Almighty and has no statues of limitations. Was it investigated? I have to ask these questions about the background of this man because the deceased PM must have known him very well to trust him as his heir apparent. The old saying is always true: Tell me with whom you ‘go’ and I will tell you what you do. So I need some help from the editors of these websites to dig up truths about those killings. You all have enormous capabilities than me in my 70′s with limited resources to conduct needed inquisitions. Am I asking the wrong questions? I don’t believe so.

  7. Borsamo
    | #7

    Ato Hailemariam Desalegn is known to be the most obedient and loyal ethnic cadre Melees Zenawi has ever picked up from his so called peoples`democratic organizations (PDOs). We should bear in mind that the TPLF is a backward, racist and fascist political force and believes that political and economic powers in Ethiopia are its exclusive rights. The TPLF hate the Amharas and have contempt for the non-Amharas. Ato Hailemariam`s anti-Amhara stand and loyalty to the TPLF will not earn him any respect from this racist group. He will have to bear with the contempt of the TPLF and its cadres.

  8. eyaaya
    | #8

    Hailemariam seems to get delight in praising the dead fascist meles zenawi, calling meles as ‘the benevolent leader, the man who worked hard, visionary, the man who made Ethiopia prosperous’ etc etc. Hailmariam even said he would not move into Menelik’s palace in honour of zenawi and to allow azeb mesfin to reside in the palace as long as she liked.

    Hailemariam even volunteered to act as an errand boy to carry the shoppng basket for Azeb mesfin, to the palace. meles must be turning in his grave with delight.

  9. Skeptical
    | #9

    How can anyone be sure the prime minster is from where he say he is? He might be just another Tigre who stole a Wolaita person’s identity to shut up the TPLF enemies.. He might have just simply stole someoneelses identity like Legesse Zenawi stole Meles’s identity.
    Mebratu G/hiywot stole Bereket Simon’s (the real Bereket Simon is currently residing in Paris, France)
    Taye Teklemariam stole Kuma Demekssa’s identity and so on .
    The list is endless around EPRDF. So how can we be sure he is from Wolaita a place where scores of people got shot to death by EPRDF special security forces in the region around 2002 where Hailemariam claims he came from.
    Was the real Hailemariam Desalegn and remains of his family assasinated then which made it easier for another fake Woyane to steal his identity? Is Ethiopia really at a crossroads or is Ethiopia just at an illusion of a crossroads stilll being led by TPLF cadre who poses like a Wolaita pushing Ethiopia towards the same direction like Meles Zenawi’s road?

  10. love
    | #10

    Perhpas he is more important because perhaps he is the one who apporved the forced conversion of Ethiopians into Pente. When you see Addis, the Ethiopians today are talking themselves like crazy because of the confusing put upon them they don’t like. They have twisted their mind from what they love, their social interests and the great Orthodox faith that allows them to hold on to their cultrue and traditions. So basically the ethno fascists and the religious fundamentalists brainwashed by the tPLF and West litterally are pro colonialists. What a shame.

  11. Mezekir Senay
    | #11

    What actually is happening now should not in any way sound unfamiliar
    and unexpected by Ethiopians in the poletical arena.Since the re-org.
    of Eprdf in 2010 and bringing new blood to the leadeship positions of
    the party…there was expectations by many that Eprdf will ultimately
    change the prevailing political landscape.This presumed thinking send the signal and forced many who has been glooed to the system to readjust
    and reposition themseselves so as to fit thru infiltration to the new
    endeavour before they are engulfed by the coming roaring river.This is
    a normal but wrong/erroneous self serving opportunism seen in Ethiopian
    poletics often times.And for us in the Global Media community it is
    nothing new in any way and should not be for Eprdf and others who initiated this change 2 to 3 yars ago for the good of our country

  12. Mezekir Senay
    | #12

    Thus it is a mad rush and changing colors by some
    discredited elemnts who were in love with the loosing
    ideology either for ignorance or convinience and a
    desperate attempt before the torrent hits hard and
    washes them away.This is a pre-empt act based on the
    piece of speculation due to Eprdf’s recent past rhetorics.
    But this will not be new to true opponents of previous
    tplf/eprdf policies either.It is only bad news for those
    swinging here and there,left and right between Eprdf and
    Thus a success for both True eprdf and true opposition
    and of cource for Ethiopia too.Only the players and mehal
    sefaris died.

  13. geezee
    | #13

    Well,Hailemariam Desalegn speaks the dead”s tongue.From now on,Hailemariam Desalegn not only be held accountable and responsible for the crimes that are being committed by association;he will also be held fully responsible for receiving and approving executive orders to commit assortments of crimes that come from his masters who recruited him to their criminal organization that he fully is a member of.

    Meles Zenawi had been a fugitive for decades;hate campaign against Ethiopians,fraud,murder plot and execution,racketering,genocide and all sorts of atrocities,and bank robbery that he had been charged and wanted for years;finally,death cornered him against the sins he made and the crimes he committed.

    Meles Zenawi,with little effort and a few tools quickly he brainwashed Hailemariam Desalegn top-bottom and inside-out;Hailemariam Desalegn did not lose weight as a result,but he lost himself,and never had found himself since then.Zenawi,the robber robbed the victim of everything he had and went into his grave weighing just 35lb.

    Report suggested that Hailemariam Desalegn can never,ever be himself anymore because Zenawi the robber tested complicated tricks and elementary puzzles on Hailemariam Desalegn,and conditioned him to be obedient to anything and everything to what his mentor,Zenawi the robber said and ordered him;now,that Hailemariam Desalegn speaks the dead’s tongue.

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