Zenawi died with his phantom ‘golden race’ By Robele Ababya

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Obnoxious legacy

Change is perpetual in the entire universe and no one can prevent its happening; it is a constant occurrence in our lives whether we like it or not. The best human beings can do is to use their innate intelligence to adapt to the change. The best way for avoiding man-made catastrophic change is to actively engender and preserve a democratic environment.

Adolf Hitler exterminated six million Jews by various gruesome means and cruelty beyond imagination; he instilled the supremacy of the ‘Arian race’ in the minds of fools that believed his promise that their country shall become the supreme ruler of the world. But his life ended in disgrace leaving the highly civilized German people to contend with the imprint of racial supremacy perceived by the international community. Change came to Germany engendering an exemplary democracy and the most prosperous country in Europe. However, the good people that inherited the atrocious crimes of the Furor are still on the defensive each time someone makes a political capital out of the “Holocaust” despite their best effort to change their tarnished image.

There has been a change of guard in the brutal EPRDF party following the death of Zenawi with his phantom ‘golden race’. No rule in Ethiopia has ever declared the supremacy of his tribe except Zenawi. His gruesome legacy is alive to contend with. The task is enormous to break the master to slave relationship engendered and refined by the TPLF Stalinist regime in the last 21 years; the struggle for freedom is further made draconian by the resolve of the new PM to continue with the legacy of the late tyrant without any compromise. The arrogant tyrant who once said ጓሃፍ ጽረጉለይ is gone!

For us democrats, our consolation can however be derived from the logic that no two people will have similar vision and style of leadership in performing their duties of steering a nation through turbulent times in a rapidly changing complex world. The wishful thinking of the new PM to copycat his former boss is a pipe dream of a man most probably with no self-confidence of his own to formulate his own vision as a leader. His position as a loyal guardian of the legacy is untenable.

The ruthless TPLF party has surely been keeping as it were the ‘skeleton in the box’ of each member of its coalition entities. There is no way for the little puppet to pursue the dictate of his own conscience for he had sold it to the TPLF at the time of his joining it and partaking in its heinous crimes as an accomplice to the upper echelon of the hierarchy of the thugs holed up in Menilik II Palace in Addis Ababa.

The new PM owes his present power to the TPLF top echelon still in charge of defense and security forces. The top thugs will prepare the orders for silencing legitimate dissent and the timid puppet will approve those orders for execution; the notorious agazi security forces will be happy to carry those orders swiftly. The PM has to think about the dilemma he is in for the sake of saving his honor and that of his family, relatives and the people he is representing in the inevitably crumbling ethnic-based government. He should do so realizing that the noble cause for which our martyrs sacrificed their lives shall never be forgotten and that the TPLF/EPRDF security forces under the direct command of the late tyrant Zenawi shall be brought to justice for the heinous crimes committed.

Inevitable demise of EPRDF

The TPLF is trading in the good names of the people of Tigray and its other partners in the EPRDF criminal group are trading in the names of their ethnic groups. This is an amorphous group glued together by lust for power and greed for wealth – not by any noble revolutionary character or personality. So they are inherently morally decadent and weak to resist the universal pressure of the 21st century engendered by the quest for the respect for basic human rights.

The EPRDF is a set comprising four elements: TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front), OPDO (Oromo People’s Democratic Organization), ANDM (Amhara National Democratic Movement), and SEPDM (Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement). TPLF has liberated Tigray 21 years ago and has since become the supreme ruler of Ethiopia to date; of the three others two are ‘Democratic Movements’ and one is an Organization still under the dominant mercy of the TPLF in order to determine their future. Thus the EPRDF component parts are indeed strange bedfellows bound to split owing to multiple inner contradictions. They may contemplate transforming into a national political party, but this is unlikely given their parochial views of the past to which they are addicted and the phantom dream of TPLF bent on asserting its supremacy by maintaining the status quo. The nouveau riche in senior positions in public service and holders of monopoly … will certainly support the status quo.

There will be internal wrangling and external pressure; fighting for supremacy and lucrative positions; forming opportunistic or tactical exit alliances within their ranks as briefly discussed below:-
A simple exercise in permutation and combination will show that the set {TPLF, OPDO, APDM, SEPDM} make up six combinations of two pairs: (TPLF, OPDO), (TPLF, APDM), (TPLF, SEPDM), (OPDO, APDM), (OPDO, SEPDM), (APDM, SEPDM). Note that each element appears three times as a pair with the rest.

Now, the TPLF may decide to dump the rest and emerge as a national party or the others may decide to dumb it through a combined strength. In both scenarios the new set will be {OPDO, APDM, SEPDM} under this new circumstance.
The Council of SEPDM is already a quasi-national movement representing the southern region that can opt to forming a national political party in a united democratic Ethiopia; besides, a large Kambatta militia force travelled for seven months to the north under extremely difficult conditions and brilliantly fought the Fascist Italian aggressors in Tigray. The region has indeed a stake in a united, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia. Therefore the top leaders of TPLF have no chance to exploit the SPDM anymore.

So we remain with (OPDO, APDM) and ask where will they go? The reasonable answer is for them to recognize that they were targets of TPLF for political extinction in the same manner that Fascist Mussolini did; their only best option is to apologize to the Ethiopian people, come home as prodigal sons and daughters and join the struggle for freedom, liberty and dignity.

Speech by the new PM at the UN General Assembly

The unimpressive maiden speech of the PM consist of 1832 words of which 608 were devoted to exaltation of his former boss; 639 to regional security; 360 to sustainable development; 72 to diplomatic courtesy; and 146 to conclusion in which he gave precedence to growth over respect to human rights in my opinion because he said: “There is no greater human rights violation than attempts to put obstacles to the success of this ongoing transformation of Africa which would have enormous salutary implications for hundreds of millions of Africans”.

In his speech, the PM lied by stating that in its entire history Ethiopia had never seen a rapid economic and Growth Transformation recorded in the last ten years in a row. The fact is however is that the IMF had slashed the claimed double-digit GDP growth by one half to a single digit and a forecast of 6.5% for 2012/13 and beyond; he lied because the truth is that Ethiopia’s economy was on the verge of takeoff before 1974 as acclaimed by distinguished economists; the country was credit worthy internationally; food prices were considerably cheaper. He purposely covered up the fact that rampant corruption and abject poverty are excruciatingly biting the masses in Ethiopia while few Tigre warlords are basking in an oasis of luxury.

In any case Ethiopia’s GDP growth, on a slim economic base for that matter, does not explain improvement in the quality of life of citizens; that was why the former President of France, Nicolai Sarkozy, appointed a group of scholars led by the Nobel Prize Laureate to conduct a study by including more indicators to GDP for measuring fair distribution of wealth.

Relationship with Egypt

The Nile Accord of 1993 titled “Framework for General Co-operation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Ethiopia” was signed on the 1st of July 1993 by Hosni Mubarak representing Egypt and Meles Zenawi representing Ethiopia in his capacity as President of Transitional Government during which there was no national parliament and Zenawi behaved as an invader. The text of the Accord was made “in two originals in the Arabic and English languages, both texts being equally authentic.” There goes the mother of all insults for neither of the two languages is an official language of Ethiopia. I had at the time of commenting on the Accord stated that it is much too much lopsided in favor of Egypt. The point of raising this issue at this time is to underscore Zenawi’s contempt for the Ethiopia sovereignty right from the beginning of his ascendancy to power.

In my article titled “Nile and other rivers as key to new policy after TPLF demise”, dated 22 April 2011, I wrote: “Pursuit of good neighborly relations respecting mutual interests would be in the best interest of regional harmony and development as well as in the avoidance of regional wars/armed clashes thus substantial saving of resources that would otherwise be spent on military weapons. And I then went on to state that “Democratic Egypt and Ethiopia will play key roles in stabilizing the region and promoting development thus becoming formidable political forces to contend with; will be partners in the development of the Nile Basin – a key factor of regional policy to avoid war.” I reaffirm my belief again provided Egypt stays the course to becoming a democratic state acceptable to all of its citizens. In all cases Ethiopia must remain strong.

Ignoring propitious moments for change is perilous

The first paper that I wrote during the Imperial regime appeared on the Ethiopian Herald in the aftermath of the 1974 Revolution. I pleaded with His Majesty to allow free press and facilitate the emergence of political pluralism. My plea was unheeded. I saw Lidj Indalkachew Mekonnen at his residence at his initiative and advised him to revive the land to the tiller Imperial Decree that was already in place and reform his cabinet with progressive individuals. It did not work for he chose a retrogressive path of maintaining the aristocratic values. I advised Mengistu in person to return to the barracks living politics to the civilians; he went berserk and put me in his blacklist. I now advise the TPLF top leaders and the men and women in uniform above the rank of major to resign in order to facilitate peaceful change or face the calamitous fate of their predecessors.


The blasphemous tyrant Zenawi has died with his phantom dream of a son of the ‘golden race’; the sworn atheist was laid to rest at the St. Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa reserved for eminent patriots and heroes. It is a welcome change that he is bodily gone for good – wherever his body that was never seen lying in state was actually buried; but his atrocious legacy remains.

This is the moment that the opposition including the youth should emulate the insuperable example of top patriot Abichu and his heroic compatriots Haptom, Tesfatsion, Gashu, and Worku – as well as the heroic militia army from Kambatta – that bravely fought the Italian Fascist invaders; opposition democratic forces should do likewise in unison to break the backbone of the racist TPLF leadership.

Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, and Reyot Alemu et al

  1. Oda Tulu
    | #1

    Excellent article as usual. Rascist leaders bequeath the heavy burden of shame and guilty consciousness to their people.

  2. girum
    | #2

    This article is baseless, biased, and out of touch. Zeregna. If most or even 10 Ethiopians had good clean brain as Meles, we would have been far. Unfortunately we are ignorant weither we have PhD or we studied abroad. We are educated and leaving in the west, yet we tend to write articles which are tribal and divisive. An embarrassing day for the mother land. Why can’t we write something that is positive.

    God Bless Ethiopia and save her from people who divide people through fake allegations.

  3. Kahsay Woldu
    | #3

    I think Ethiopia must be z only country where thousands & thousands of people think and speak almost on daily basis that they can be leaders of z country. Especially those diasporas?! They never show any sign of respect to z incumbent leaders of their country and on z other hand they want to preach to us about democracy?! They even beg donor countries not to give aid to their country, because the government is not running z country according to their wishes?! I am totally detached how z mind of z diasporas is framed?! Are they trying to cheat out their fellow diasporas or z international community? By no means their targets cannot be the brave men & women who are building their country on a new foundation. The best intellectual writers like Robbele can achieve is create a society divided for good?! Those residing in Ethiopia and building their country by their hard efforts and those residing abroad dreaming of nothing but usurping power by any means possible to them?! This is a sad condition for the country. But the good news is we are not in a stalemate. Despite z hurdles the bad diasporas present to z progress of z country, z country tackles all and registers remarkable economic growth. I am confident enough that the ultimate victory will be with the forces of good cause, that is with the brave men and women who are at home building their country on a totally new constitutional order. God bless us and God bless Ethiopia!

  4. love
    | #4

    I am afraid, rather than saving Ethiopia which is really themselves, their passion is religious and ethnic fanaticism. So I doubt these groups will heed attention until some distract thing comes and they are provoking it by inciting the Muslims. The major concern now rather than ethnic which they tried to divide the people into is the religous incitement. I beleive they are trying to create civil war by provoking Muslims. god help us. Again as many prominent writiers such as the author above, unless you guys discuss foreign stranglehold on ethiopia which does and has done nothing for Ethipia except those nations involved directly in development, they are the main architects with TPLF. so your energy and times is wasted without talking about the elephant in the room. Such foreing involvement you will find 21 years injustice on Ethiopians who are now expriencing tumors and cancer due to this. France and Russia are banning genetically engineered foods to their country because the tumor discovery. There is no one who speaks for Ethiopia on this. I am sure you may know about this article: Sowing Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia. Look it up.

  5. Borsamo
    | #5

    The late Tigrayan ethnic leader Meles Zenawi was in fact a racist and fascist. Among his devious legacies is the indoctrination of his ethnic followers and supporters with feeling of ethnic superiority. It is because of this feeling and conviction of ethnic superiority that the Tigrayans are made the first class citizens and monopolizers of economic and political power in Ethiopia. The same ethnic supremacists argue that political and economic power should exclusively remain in the hands of the TPLF. Their puppet prime minister ato Hailemariam Desalegn will only play the role serving as an external face or facade to the Tigrayan hegemony and power in Ethiopia.

  6. vilugga
    | #6

    Thanks lord,our dear God for a quick removal of the monster that swallowed our children alive.Zenawi,the murderer never had lived in peace and never will rest in peace.

    The robber,Zenawi as his life was cut short of,and never had fully made his devilish dream that he would eat off his victims alive,and would make more and more mothers cry blood,then would think whatever would happen would happen,again,thanks God,he is now nothing as if he was born with nothing.

  7. gragn ahmed
    | #7

    Mr Robel,
    Your articles are unreadable. It is challenge to read your English constructions sometimes bewildering and unfinished or incomplete. But when you plead for the release of the Enskinder Negas it makes me feel throw up how you completely ignore the leaders and Muslim journalists who are now in cold room suffering torture. What is their fault, demanding free press, free non interest Bank, free Mejlis. Wayane now is using the Muslim issue to hold on to power by piting christians against Muslims. But you again fell victims to the biased reporting of Wayane portrayig Muslims as agents of foreign forces. You never wrote a single letter acknowledging the Proud people of Muslim Ethiopian. Now, Meles imported Ah Bash found by the late Harari born Lebanon based false Sheihk of Ah Bash sect. The election just today held in the name of Muslims by recruiting christian believers to sign for election is one of the most brutal acts of the Wayane regime. Where is the conscience on this debacle?

    Why would Ethiopian scholars ignore the whole 50% of the population and expect Egypt to be friendly? Is it not about time we all share the resources under Allah’s mercy?

    Is your answer just dismissive in that you also believe Muslims lived in happiness and equality not with contempt and fear and neglect? We can not move with development forward without Muslim particiapation.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    With Derg regime, the way I peceived it, having rejected Constitutional Monarchy with Parilamentary Democracy as in UK, I presume, has opted to follow those who rejected the idea as “Gulicha bikeyayer wot aytafitim” and then holding on to the Miltary Dictatorship, while fighting a guerrilla warfare with liberation fronts spearheaded by TPLF, who later batched up with EPLF and on the home front waging war with EPRP against its Military rather than civilian rule. What kind of civilian rule was inended was not clear, since they have already rejected the path for Constitutional Monarchy and Pariamentary Democracy, that woud have set for democratic revolution and Militay woud have managed to preserve the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    With the defeat of the Derg regime by the liberation fronts, and devastation of EPRP from both sides for its stand for the unity and sovereignity of Ethiopia, what took over power are only those with ethnic agenda of exliberation fronts that drafted a constitution with ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism built into it. These ideologies demarcate the Ethiopian land mass into seven of nine pure ethnic groups, not four as you try to imply, even at that it is gross injustice to be inscribed in the constitution as “Oromialand, Ogaden somaliland, etc., and allowing these regions to secede upto self determination, like the Province of Eritrea along with Ethiopia’s ports.

    As I said before this was a prelude to secession and future boundry conflicts, that the condition for disintegration as opposed to integration/unity of Ethiopia as one country, one flag and one language as is the case for all western democracies and even countries like China.

    As I said before these ideologies built into the constitution have contributed to the lack of individual freedom, liberty and equality to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights, Ethiopian Nationalism/Unity under the federated original provinces and sovereignity of Ethiopia as well as the lack of independent branches of government.

    As such the strength of TPLF/eprdf regime is the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism/State Capitalism, endoresed and supported by the teletafi (ethnic federalist) parties, the securit, Agazi, Police and Militay forces and the loyalist opposition (ethnic federalist) parties that before the 2010 election formed a coalition/front with Tigrai-hareana/exTPLFites, the two sides of the same coin and UDJP with a subset of the national agenda for democracy , human rights and justice bargainig with ever evolving either by extiction, or eviction and by mere divivision with its core members for “Yekilil Mengistats ikulinet Mebit Mekeber”, rather tha individual rights and freedom, and to bring about changes diferent from the way EPRDF handles these issues in a power sharing mentality by OPDO/EFDF/fdre, while maintaining the status quo: the constitution with its flaws in tact that sibhat nega asserted “yihe yandintachin milkit ina yetethiopiawinetachin meleya? yehonwin hige mengist yemitsare kale torinet ingetmewalen, refers to those parties with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. To that effect he has also said that “they have annihilated the orthodox church and the Amhara ethnic group, I paraphrase, where both of them are the source of Ethiopian Litrary and religious cultures and the sovereignity of Ethiopia along with all ethnic groups.

    And so what I say to you the author, the TPLF/eprdf regime need to be condemened for its legacy for ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism as well as for formation of parties along ethnic lines, focusing on ethnic rights and secessionist rights rather than indivividual rights, suoerimposing democracy over ethnocracy, does not exist in the western democracies, but in Ethiopia.

    So the negotiations, if there there such a thing as negations for freedom other than non-violent uprising for freedom with strategies to achieve those golals with the national agenda, I can not think of any other way of getting out of the current constitutional frame work, with its flaws if parties, are inclined to their own ethnic agenda, rather than national agenda, if individuals focus on their ethnicity before Ethiopiawinet, and individuals are enticed with TPLF for their own self interest rather than the nation’s interest as well as the secessionit fronts struggle for their narrow national interest.

    Your prmutation and combination of the arrangement of EPRDF components may be true, but does not address the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalirinism as root cuases to crises in Ethiopia today along with alignments of parties along ethnic agenda, which disintegrative rather the national agenda, which is integrative to copete among the parties for their ideas to to advance Ethiopia as one nation, one flag, and one languge with all culture, languages and regligions simultaneously indepenently devolpoping.

  9. ጉረኞች
    | #9

    The core problems in some elements of Diaspora are the ideas that have been inculcated by the defunct communists and tribalist like the late midget dictator Meles Zenawi. The idea eventually corrupted the mindset of some pseudo elites. This is denying and condemning Ethiopiawinet. They are forgetting the multi-cultural nature of Ethiopia and foolishly think they get “freedom” independently leaving behind others who have been in the same predicament and who have the same aspiration as they do. Such corrupt mindset… I am for my tribe before I am for the larger vision of Ethiopia and I am Muslem before Ethiopian. They do not realize that both do not happen in vacuum.

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