Residents of Ferensay Legacion award a car to Birtukan Mideksa

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Residents of Ferensay-Legacion award a car to Birtukan Mideksa and bracelets with a V sign engraved on it as well as Personalized Plaques to each one of the recently released kinijit Leaders at a reception held on Saturday, August 25, 2007. (more…)

Residents of Ferensay-Legacion award a car to Birtukan Mideksa and bracelets with a V sign engraved on it as well as Personalized Plaques to each one of the recently released kinijit Leaders at a reception held on Saturday, August 25, 2007. Ferensay-Legacion, The Residence of Birtukan Mideksa, is also home of many brave Ethiopians who sacrificed their lives in the aftermath of the 2005 Election. Representing the party, Wzt. Bertukan and Prof. Mesfin gave speeches.

Birtukan Mideksa

There were so many really emotional moments during the reception. Some residents were noted crying. One of the residents was quoted saying “If we could afford it, we would have awarded a car to each and every one of you. However, you have our hearts and minds which is priceless.”

One thing we should learn from this is that we, Ethiopians in the Diaspora should leave our personal ego behind and come together for the sake of our people in Ethiopia and our leaders who languished in prison for two agonizing years so that we have a better taste of democracy.

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Ferensay Legacion

  1. gash_Tesfa
    | #1

    She is symbol of fredom, Ethiopias hope

  2. taye fekadu
    | #2

    she is our queen

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    It is really great to see our people show respect for the right value again and again. That will pay off eventually. It is just because a vibrant democracy takes society that values the democratic principles.

  4. Shumet Menywab
    | #4

    Birtukan Mideksa is not only struggling for all Ethiopians as a freedom fighter in Ethiopian, she is the symbol of rising women’s’ spiritual power in this planet to stand on the side of all men as equal and defend their country and people in a time of need! I wish her to live through this struggle and see tomorrow’s true democracy flourishing not only in Ethiopia also all over Africa as where she lives could make a tremendous difference in the Mandela’s dream comes true in the heart of African Unity too. God bless you and your family.

  5. fasika
    | #5

    I couldn’t help crying. Most of these people are poor, langushing under Woyanes infilation consipracy. But sill untied thier small savings to reward this precious lady.May, God bless you all

  6. | #6

    dear my beothers and sisters from ferenay legasion i proud of you.

  7. Maria Tadesse
    | #7

    There is so much valuable lesson to learn from these people. Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.

    Dare we be like them!!!!

  8. Jyigzaw
    | #8

    W/t Birtuken
    You had suffered in prison for the sake of justice in ethiopia.
    I will always stand with you and would hopefully see you when you come to America.
    You hard work and effort will live forever.
    May God bless you so much.

  9. thom
    | #9

    she is diserved I hope oen day she will be our leeder

  10. wow
    | #10

    please tell LEdtu another big NEws
    caris nothing we Ethiopian who live around Pennsylvania planed to buy new house for holiday,I think she deserve mort than that. but becasue of MAZAGAGABETE Problem we are not be able to finished everything before oct 1st.

  11. Miki Gebro
    | #11

    wow i am pround of what the ppl did when i read this i am crying i wish if i could be there with you guys one love to all Ethiopian one day we gone see free ethiopia one day it will come i have dream God Bless Ethiopia

  12. Tebebe solomon
    | #12

    This indicates what real love means to Ethiopian people. Our people know who cares for them inspite all economic hardship they are facing they know how to say thank you to one of courageous,lovabale lady of our nation. Birtukan you are an examplary of the young generation. Me and my family are proud of you. Keep up siding with the people.

  13. galaasaa
    | #13

    siltan ka fatari yetasatachu yimasil la siltan sitiqazu yenabarachihu hulu ayisakalachihum

  14. galaasaa
    | #14

    nafxanyoonni kaleessa taayitaan harkaa fuudhame deebi,anii ummata oromoo yaabbachuuf yaaliin isaan godhaa turan hundinuu amma harkatti kufeera.kanaafuu ummanni oromoo diinota haaraya maqaa qinijjiit jedhuun ijaaraman kana cimsee of irraa eeguu qaba.

  15. galaasaa
    | #15

    uumamni habashootaa yoomiiyyuu dimookiraasii waan jedhamu waan hin beekneefisaan amanuu hin barbaachisu.wonti isaan dimookiraasii jedhan yoo isaan aangoo gubbaa jiraatan qofa itti fakkaata rabbi isaan haa hoongessu malee.

  16. | #16

    She is free as a bird.She can go any where in Ethiopia and all Ethiopians show her love and respect.on the other hand no body knows where Weyane leaders live.

  17. | #17

    This is only the beginnng.There is more to come for our heroes.God bless your mom, sister Birtukan for giving us a beautiful person like you.

  18. Abraham Geletu
    | #18

    Dear Addis Abians,

    Am really proud of you!!!
    I wish i could be with you; i’m crying about the love you showed to the leaders.
    Regardless of your economic suffering cos weyane deliberately raised cost of living, you really showed enemies of democracy how Ethiopians are always with the true leaders.
    God bless the people of Ethiopia!

  19. galaasaa
    | #19

    down with kinijit naftenys

  20. galaasaa
    | #20

    you guys donot dream about power any more.woyane will kik your ais if you miss with them any more

  21. Seyoum
    | #21



  22. tsega
    | #22

    I really appriciate the Ferensay Legasion residents. W/t Birtukan deserves more than that and she is a symbol of all those who stands for democracy. I lack appropriate words to express my feelings when I read this news.


  23. Selam
    | #23

    I am today proud to be an Ethiopian. A country so proud since bibilical time. Ferensay Legacion is reviving the spirit of Ethiopiawinet.That is what I for so long aspired and longed for the last 37 years. Now we are coming to the era of loving our leaders. I thank Jesus for this. God bless my beloved Ethiopia.

  24. Ferew
    | #24

    It is the beginning of the mark of an era where people begin to love and cherish their leaders. History remembers the massacre of the black masked Geraziani- Meles. Consider Bertukan and Meles. One kills and the other chose to die (if would be) and rather suffer the agony of Kaliti.
    Bertukan is and will be remembered as Tayatu of Adawa. I salute her community for cherishing her. She deserves the love of her people. After all that is what she wanted in her life. And that is what every body wanted. But she is the one who got it. Because she is a heroine and one of our best leaders. I cherish her as the would be Tayitu of future Ethiopia.

  25. CO
    | #25

    yefetete lemena.

    No matter what u did for her, u bring nothing. Let alone she who doesn’t know herself, if u bring Lencho Leta or Dawid Ibsa or Hussien Hassan, u will not hoodwink oromo people. Our target is written in the heart and sole of past, present and upcoming generation which is indelible by any means.

  26. Tafeya
    | #26

    Did Meles witness the cermony and the event that surrounded the heroine. What do you think he would feel in hiding. How did he go among the people. I guess he has to be heavily guarded more than ever.

  27. Gudena
    | #27

    Birtukan belongs to the oromos of Ethiopia but not of the OLF. Rest assured that had she wanted as Lencho did, she would have, from the outset, joined and even struggled more than the lunatic Lencho did. Gone are the days of catagorizing citizens by their ethnic. Ethnicism is of the past. Siyaye left it and others will follow suit. You can join Meles and Lencho The camel strides as dog barks. In the end you will see what the real oromo wants. We oromos are not of the OLF but are sharing the love and the aspiration of the ethiopian people and currently joining hands with Ferenciay Legacion community

  28. Zeru Hagos
    | #28

    Do not be afraid and do not worry. You can decorate her. And not mention Meles. That is not your level
    By the way do not also be proud as an Oromo. We know your heart of your hearts.
    Remember when we drove you out and herded you like a cattle around Gelemesso, Mechara and Gara Muleta area. Remember!!
    We used to hang our pants on a tree as you swarm in to fight. But when you see our pants hanging you were flying away to save your life.You are all chicken heads. Remember we used to drive you in a thousand and we can still drive you like a cattle. Do not meddle Remember Gara Muleta and Machara

  29. get
    | #29

    dear my beothers and sisters from ferenay legasion i proud of you.
    keep up!!
    God bless ethiopia.

  30. get
    | #30

    dear my beothers and sisters from ferenay legasion i proud of you.
    keep up!!!
    God bless ethiopia.

  31. Zeberga
    | #31

    I am proud what the community did. The token is a sign of earnest love. But more than the material value of the gift, I guess the moral support accorded to her is priceless. I think Bertukan counted on that and worthy of. I am proud of being an Ethiopian. We all are Ethiopians but not divided along the machinations of ethnic lines engineered by Meles and Co.

  32. Tirru
    | #32

    Dear Ferensay Legacion People and other supporters, commentators;

    It is very nice to acknowledge those brave ethiopians stayed in Jails for two years for ebing elected. But I feel we have to thinks our matrys who sacrified their lives for peoples freedom. In my Opinion this is much greater than those languished in jail. We have to do something for them. Other mystery is there are unknown heroes and heroines all over Ethiopian who did fantastic and great job than the leaders. But never known becaause they are murdered at cold night by agazi, no one know except the families. This should be noted at least in our internet politics.



  33. MA
    | #33

    Good job by French Legasion residence.
    Hey, Oromos, please let us be friends because you are our brothers and sisters. We love you.

    We do not want to be separated from you or even from Eritreans. Please let us live together like all times.


  34. Kereansa
    | #34

    My hat is off for you all. Birtukan is a type of leader who practise what they preach. More power for her.

  35. Tiberga
    | #35

    We should think of our fallen heros as well. We had a lot of these brave martyrs massacred by Meles and Co. The Fascist has slaughtered a lot at every door step of every family both in Addis and in other areas. Kinijit should raise this question on their visit here and fund should be allocated by us to help these families. I guess we should act from our pocket than gesturing mere talk and lip service. Ferencay is a vivid example.Act from your pockets when our leaders come in.

  36. Muleta Aragaw
    | #36

    Three points to add:
    1. Birtukan is a freedom fighter who showed great determination to challenge the TPLF led tyrant cirles and their bull cliques with such unprecedented gallatry. So, she is of great humanity and worth to reward to.

    2. You people from Oromo like me should be proud of her as other fellow ethiopians do. I storngly believe that it is not Ethiopian mass that commited any historic crimes on the Oromo people. It was rather a thiny sect of the ruling body. Thus, there is no way to be endoctrinated by the ethnocentric political propagandas of TPLF and OLF. Ethiopia is only the unit made up of all our differences and commonalities.

    3. It is only TPLF and its cliques and Lidetu of the dying Parliament who shopuld be angered by the reward to our heroine.

    May God bless Ethiopia and its people.
    Death to the wolfish tyrants in Arat Killo

  37. Bolale
    | #37

    WOW WOW WOW i am really proud of what ppl done. W/t Brtukan you are the symbol of women for struggel..we love you and we respect you All kinjit leaders. ENKWAN BESELAM WEDE BETACHEW GEBACHEW .

  38. Menelik Fikreselassie
    | #38

    Bertukan!! I have a gift for you but where can I get you.

    Government means the one who love by his people and the one who loves his people. You are going to show what expected from you. This is it. Burtukan, don’t discourage by Wetyane God will do what it should be when the time comes. I am the one who apprecate you, love you and respect you. You deserved Airplane not Car. I beleive that if Ferensay people can afford to buy you an Airplane they will do it. Bertukan “Mens in power” please make it history!!

    I Love you!!!

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