The Ethiopian Air Lines Saga By Berhane Kidane

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Since its inception, the Ethiopian Air Lines has been the pride of all Ethiopians. The Ethiopian Airlines is one of the best Air Lines in the world. Its employees do not just consider their job as a place where they only get paychecks. They take enormous pride and consider the airlines as their own. This has been the long history of the Ethiopian Airlines. In 1991, when the TPLF took power, there were speculations about the future of the airlines. In fact, some suggested that the TPLF was thinking of handing over the airlines to the EPLF; it was also speculated that the regime was going to merge the airlines with Djibouti, Sudan, and Eritrean airlines. During that period, Eritrea did not have its own airlines. Regardless however, the speculation continued. When Seye Abraha was the chairman of the Board, he took measures that angered several employees at the airlines. When the employees complained about the change that was taking place at the airlines, he reportedly said that “I will be happy to fire every one of you and replace you with foreign workers.” As the foremer employee of the airlines, I can tell you that I have never witnessed any one as bully as Seye Abraha in the airlines. That was then.

Since the TPLF took power, the major change in the Ethiopian airlines was the logo. The Lion that gave the plane its grace has been removed and we only have the Ethiopian flag on our planes; in addition, the written word where it said Ethiopian Air Lines is removed and replaced by “Ethiopian”. These are may be cosmetic changes that did not affect the operation of the airlines. Since I was a former employee, I still consider the airlines as part of my family. I take pride not only as a citizen but also as someone who contributed something for its growth. Because of my attachment with the airlines, I always seek to know what is going on in the airlines. I have good friends who are still working there. By measuring their “temperature,” I know the health of the airlines. When Mr. Girma Wakie was the CEO, I seldom hear complaints. Mr. Girma was appreciated by labor as well as the management. The former Ethiopian Airlines Trade Union Chairman described Mr. Girma as the “modern father” of the airlines. Mr. Girma cared only about the employees’ ability to perform. He never cared about anyone’s ethnicity or political affiliations. I believe it was the “Reporter” newspaper that wrote few years ago stating the only government institution that has not become the political wing of the ruling party was the Ethiopian Airlines. That was true then, but that truth does not hold water today.

After Mr. Girma retired from the airlines in 2011, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) became the CEO. Whether it was by merit or by political affiliation that the former COO is elevated to be the CEO, this writer can’t say. What is apparent however is that Mr. Girma was brought to the Ethiopian Airlines in 2003 from the Gulf Air; he was an outsider, and he was not affiliated with any political entity. He was given a free hand to do as he liked in conducting the airlines’ business. He was well respected by the former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Seyoum Mesfin, as well as by Mr. Meles Zenawi. No one interfered in Mr. Girma’s decision. Mr. Girma got down to business as soon as he took office. He worked with labor and management as a team. He did not alienate employees. He took his job at heart. He charted a new and bold plan. He hired the locally based Ernst and Young team to be his advisors. He devised a five year strategic plan which he followed to the letter: the strategy that he dubbed “Vision 2010” was launched in 2005. He listened to the complaint of his employees and raised their salary by 40/%.

Even before Vision 2010 was implemented, the airlines grew by about 20/% in 2004 alone. This was an impressive start, and a spring board for the five year plan that Mr. Girma devised. Although the initial deal was for Mr. Girma to work as the CEO of the airlines for five years, his contract was extended and he led the airlines for more than seven years. By the time he retired from the Ethiopian airlines, the Ethiopian airlines became the second largest airlines in Africa. The airlines profit grew from 269 million Birr to more than 1.3 billion Birr. The number of passengers has tripled under Mr. Girma. He changed the dynamic between labor and management, the employees and the country took enormous pride. Under Mr. Girma, the Ethiopian Airlines began flying to North America. I believe, one of the advantages for the success of Mr. Girma was that he was a professional and cared little about politics. Any one at the Ethiopian airlines would tell you, Mr. Girma did not tolerate any attempt to make the airlines a political hub by any party. Although some TPLF leaders like Sibhat Nega were not happy, politics had no place at the airlines during the tenure of Mr. Girma.

This however is not true now. The political and management culture at the airlines has changed. When Mr. Tewolde took office, instead of building on what Mr. Girma left him, he picked a fight with the airlines trade union. He angered employees by violating the collective agreement; threats and intimidation became mode of operands in the airlines. Within a month after taking his position, Mr. Tewolde prevented Technicians from leaving the country, he angered the cabin crew by changing their pays. Leaders of the Trade Union were threatened. In fact, the chairman of the trade union fled the country fearing for his life six month after Mr. Tewolde became the CEO. The new chairman and the leaders of the trade union were threatened by the CEO and forced to sign a collective agreement that harmed the employees. TPLF/EPRDF cadres found an open filed to recruit members from the airlines with threats and intimidations. Mr. Tewolde demanded that employees work one day a week for free. Employees will tell you that you are not even allowed to stand in a group in the airlines compound. Witnesses have been seen employees taken by security officers from cafeteria, employees lounge room, and employees club. Ethiopian Airlines employees are leaving the institution in alarming rates. Some are leaving not only the airlines also the country fearing for their lives.

Recently, an employee who fled to Kenya told me that the former first lady, Azeb Mesfin, is playing a significant role in the airlines. By law, the cargo and ground operation in Ethiopia has to be conducted only by the Ethiopian Airlines. Recently however, a company called International Cargo Service (ICAS) has taken the ground handing and cargo service at Ethiopian airports. The employees who saw the business shift from the Ethiopian airlines to ICAS complained to the CEO. Instead of investigating how that was possible and stopping ICAS’s operation, the CEO lambasted the employees. Some reports indicate ICAS is owned by Sheik Mohammed Alamudi and that Azeb Mesfin is a partner in this operation. It is not clear whether Azeb is a partner as an individual or as a Chairwoman of EFFORT. In Less than two years since taking over the airlines, Mr. Tewolde has managed to alienate the union, none union employees, and some in the management. Employees will tell you that moral is low; and employees are frustrated with the management style of the CEO. It is not by accident that Addisu Legesse was appointed to be the Chairman of the Ethiopian Airlines Board when Mr. Tewolde became the CEO. Addisu cannot challenge the TPLF in any capacity.

It is not clear what the future of the Ethiopian Airlines is going to be. What is clear however, the CEO’s political affiliation with the ruling party is having a profound effect in the operation of the airlines. Employees who do not support the ruling party and who refused to join the EPRDF are living in fear. Any statement an employee makes could be interpreted as anti government statement and could be used against the employee. No one knows how the power of Azeb Mesfin is going to be curtailed or contained as a result of Meles Zenawi’s death. Like most Ethiopian civil servants, the Ethiopian Airlines employees are under assault. The pressure either to be a member of the ruling party or to quit their jobs is mounting. Is there a plan to control the Ethiopian Airlines by the ruling party? The answer seem to be yes. Anyone would tell you that the face of the airlines is changing fast. Instead of merit, ethnic or political affiliation is the one that get you a job at the Ethiopian airlines under Mr. Tewolde. I hate to inject ethnic politics, but the fact is the airlines is hiring more Tigryans now than at any time in its history; not just Tigryans, but Tigryans loyal to the ruling party. As one employee said to me, it seems the TPLF shadow is hovering everywhere over every aspect of the Ethiopian airlines operation.

What is sad is, the Ethiopian airlines spends thousands of Birr to train an employee. It is after months of rigorous training and well designed education that one becomes a permanent employee of the airlines. In fact, the expense to train and educate an employee is so outrageous, if you quit your job from the airlines, you are required to pay the money for your training and education. Now, the well trained employees are leaving the airlines because the airlines management implicitly or explicitly has made it difficult to do their jobs. It seems that unless you become a loyal member or supporter of the ruling party, you have no place in Ethiopia now days. Is the trend going to change because of the new prime minister? It is unlikely. So far, the new PM has shown he will stay the course. I hope that the management at the Ethiopian airlines will open its eyes and see the damage that it is doing not only to the airlines but also to the country. The CEO has laid out his vision as we all have read on various news accounts; the Ethiopian Airlines has purchased new cargo and passenger planes. This is all good; however, the CEO vision will not materialize unless he relied on professionals to do the job. Unless the CEO changes his hat from TPLF operative to the one that makes him the CEO of the airlines, the saga of the Ethiopian airlines would be a sad one instead of pride. It is time for the Chairman of the Board, the PM, and other responsible parties to see what is going on in the Ethiopian airlines and rectify the problem.

  1. wondinet
    | #1

    Fake and false think tank, let’s hear from the other side of the aisle.Stop walking on Mr.Mohamed Al Mudin who is our invester and care giver of the country, you never even invested on penny to your country and some Gonders have sick brain inside of their skull,don’t decieve us.

  2. gragn Ahmed
    | #2

    I hate to say it but it is an open secrete and that is why I have to say it. Ethiopian Airlines is never been free from politics. So, Reporter is not right. Ethiopian is family house. Recently, my friend applied for a job with a 4.0 GPA from Addis Ababa University in computer information technology. He landed on interview but no lack for job offer. Why? Was is because he was a Muslim? Or whether he had no insider? We will never know. Ethiopian is very secretive organization contrary to its name. I also wonder how Ethiopian never hires Muslim attendees. was it becaue there are none? It also lacks diversity. It used to be Amhara only, and now it is Tigre. If there is one place where politics is shown it is in Ethiopian. It is sad that religious diversity is not reflected in Ethiopian. Mr Girma worked for Muslim Gulf air yet he never even ventured to change the religious culture of Ethiopian. What a sad thing. I don’t know why Ethiopian people are very backward not to change Ethiopian.

  3. Yohnis
    | #3

    “Since the TPLF took power, the major change in the Ethiopian airlines was the logo.”
    “Even before Vision 2010 was implemented, the airlines grew by about 20/% in 2004 alone. “….the Ethiopian airlines became the second largest airlines in Africa. The airlines profit grew from 269 million Birr to more than 1.3 billion Birr. The number of passengers has tripled…”

    This a double-standard and paradoxical statement. Are these changes not under the EPRDF/TPLF government?????

    This writer is either confused or Hates TPLF and Tigrians. CEO is not a tigrian u have no problem, CEO is a tigrian you have a problem. Why didn’t u also emphasized the ethnic composition of EAL under Girma Awake’s leadership so that we can compare now and then. Zeregna.

  4. Debenaw Beza
    | #4

    What a hogwash. What evidence do yo have the CEO is a member of the EPRDF or TPLF? Your evidence seems to be that he hails from Tigray, correct? If that’s not a coward way of expressing your backwardness I don’t know what it’s. Sir, Tigreans or not our airlines is one of the best performing carriers in the world despite the global economic downturn. The only evidence you have is your hate not people who knows the operation of the entity. Because of the state of the current global economy dynamics, the CEO was forced to get some concessions from the employees – which by the way is the way the western world dealt with it – for the survival of the airlines during this challenging times. If that makes the CEO unpopular with some disgruntled employees that’s more their problem than anything else. If Meles and Seyoum didn’t have a problem letting Girma do his thing, what makes you think then that they will be starting interfering just right now? Just get the facts from people who are on the know than from people – which are like minded – who are in the business of head counting the ethnicity of individuals.

  5. Observer
    | #5

    TPLFs are Ethiopians too. Times change, new administrations and events come. We have to do deal with it. We should not just look at the past and fear to change and evolve. let go of your fear. you will be ok and EAL will be ok too.

  6. amaraw
    | #6

    Too much Bla Bla I don’t think you are living now in Ethiopia you might be in one of those arogant western countries, men stop bragging, even if I don’t support the so called “TPLF OR WHAT EVER” the airline to me and to the Ethiopian’s is doing well by far what you are writing here is the same thing that most people were writing so many things a bout the late genuine Ethiopian leader till his death i.e. only bad things . Now a days things are clear to all Ethiopians that he was the real Ethiopian so will you be good to your people and country fellow if you are a genuine lover of Ethiopia so just keep quite what ever it happens the country is much better than where she was before just chop your benefit and sleep I know you don’t do any thing else that is why you talking too much.

  7. Ret. ET
    | #7

    Few details…

    1. Former CEO Girma Wake was not an “outsider” when hired, he already worked three decades with Ethiopian Airlines (ET) before leaving in 1990′s to work for Gulf Air…He left at a time when many ET executives were leaving and others fired by illiterate TPLF monster Seye Abraha, who was then politically appointed chairman of ET…Meles, to his credit, later threw that thug in jail.

    2. Under CEO Girma, earnings grew to 1.3 Billion dollars (not 1.3 Billion Birr).

    3. It’s not unique, in fact it’s the norm, for international airline cargo to be handled by private companies…ET is becoming a major global player, and major airlines prefer to concentrate on the business of flying, not shipping & handling of flowers, coffee or cattle.

    4. As for the meteoric rise of new CEO Tewolde…No comment.

  8. ሃይለ
    | #8

    I never see a stuped guy like this. አቶ ተወልደ ከትግራይ ስለሆኑ ካድረ ናቸው እያልከን ንው? ዘረኛ ደደብ ንህ

  9. Bikila
    | #9

    Have a hard time to say whether this is hearsay or a fact. What are the data points that lead to this conclusion? Some incorrect facts in this article make me question the rest for example. Just take the operation to the U.S. It did not start duding Ato. Girma. Other fact is that Ato Siye may have been arrogant, and everything you said but one thing he challenged at the time was … in his words something like “… you claim to grow Ethiopian by adding stopovers here and there, the boldest and courageous move I have seen is the operation to the U.S. ..” by the way if you know enough many in the then management opposed the then CEO accusing him of blindly leading the Airline to disaster by stretching it beyond its capacity. That was proven wrong.. right?

    It is too early to tell whether Ato Tewolde is heading in the wrong direction but one thing for sure is that whether it is Hilesilassie, Derg or EPRDF they all left the airline to be run by its professionals and the rest is history. Each of them were accused of some form of cronyism. That is also a fact.

  10. Sam
    | #10

    Berhane’s wishful thinking read like this:”It is time for the Chairman of the Board, the PM, and other responsible parties to see what is going on in the Ethiopian Airlines and rectify the problem.” It is not going to happen, Berhane, and you know it. In fact, your article clearly stated why it is not happening. One thing you pointed out stands out more than others, which is employees are coerced to be EPDRF members. Yes, Berhane, it is sad, but true, your being Ethiopian is not completed until you become a party member, especially if you reside in big cities and work in a place where the government controls the employment. That is more than 90 percent of the employment. Totalitarian regimes believe by creating mass party they silence future dissents. The communists tried that approach. But even the communist parties did not try to have as many party members as EPDRF wanted to have. They had coerced followers, but much less faithful supporters. The former could not become party mnembers, the latter do. EPDRF does not have a choice to make the distinction between coerced followers and the faithfuls. Making that distinction does not work well for EPDRF. Why? The communists had so many faithful supporters than EPDRF ever could imagine to have. EPDRF continues to be a party which increases its mebership by promising employment, by warning those who already employed that their future employment would be at risk if they refuse to join the party. It is really, really sad, but true.

  11. Abiyy
    | #11

    The airline is doing well by all indicators while western airlines are falling apart. Just browse what The Economist and CNN have been saying about it lately. What is your problem then? You keep on saying ‘employees tell me’, but I wonder how many you spoke with. If I have to guess, you’re pissed of that the new CEO is from Tigray. Even more, you are pissed of he’s doing well. Or perhaps you have some past issues with the guy? What ever you did, the airline seems to do better with out you and you don’t like it. Get over it and tell us something of value.

  12. love
    | #12

    Ahhh, TPLFites have started to infest this site also. Well I know from personal account, Westreners who said he will never fly EAL again. He used to be a frequent flyer to EAL because of its respect, excellence and was proud of EAL. Lately he found out the staff have become nasty, and none of them seem to know what is going on in terms of hospitality or what is on the menu. There also lack of neatness as it used to be. He was disappointed.

    Once again The TPLF is playing the neoliberalism, which is privatization of the Airlines. This is one proof that public use such as EAL, when privatized, quality goes down, and lose money. The owners do not care about paying taxes but profit that is why they don’t care as long as they get return. The quality of EAL was good before because everyone works there for common good: they care for quality of EAL, they care for the income that benefit Ethiopia and Ethiopians for tax and payment. This does not happen in neoliberalism because the maximum profit goes to the owner and pays employees as the owner desires but not obligated.

  13. Kiflu Hussain
    | #13

    Indeed all is not well with Ethiopian Airlines like Mr.Berhane Kidane pointed out. In fact, the information I have on the Airline reminds me of our proverb “When everybody cheers a hairy dog as vital, he suddenly drops dead.”Yet, as a former employee of the Airline still in touch with current situation through solid contacts, I expected better facts than this from Mr.Berhane.Perhaps I myself should scribble just to fill the gaps. By the way, some information about the Airline is not that secret. For instance, if anyone remember what Addis Fortune published recently about Tewolde asking the Airline employees to work at a reduced salary in light of its decreasing profit and how the employees are unhappy about it; and how the Head of the Airline Legal Affairs Head,MS.Rahel Zerihun,warned the paper to desist from publishing that story but the paper that enjoys unique relationship with the ruling class published it anyway and suffered no consequences unlike other papers, were all things that called for in-depth analysis of the whole situation. During the same time Ethiopian Airlines is engaged fervently in the acquisition of new aircraft such as Triple Seven and Dream liners, another famous airline of a very rich country cancelled its plan of purchasing new aircrafts due to a decrease in profit. That airline is Qantas of Australia. No “Tewoldes”in Qantas can dare ask employees to work on reduced salary while the management is engaged in shopping spree of sleek aircrafts. Also most of the feedback and comments this piece is so far receiving are uninformed, biased and asinine. For example, Gragn Ahmed says no Muslim is allowed to be employed in Ethiopian Airlines. What does one make of Captain Mohammed Ahmed who led the Airline to success during the Derg regime after being employed on his own merit during Haileselassie’s time? I could have cited many individuals like Captain Mohammed but for the moment, it’s enough.

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    it is not new tht such kind of ppl have started a war against the strong organizations and institutes our country is hatching! am quite sure this article is one of such a kind. no doubt it is written by one of the red eyed diasporas. the thing is we dont even have time to talk abt such nonsense issues. u keep talking we focus on working and growing!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Asteway
    | #15

    I was ET employee and I was Tigirance being promoted without being qualified and that’s the truth my freinds. It is not hate or being Zeregna..just check the facts. Lets look at the facts
    1) Junior empoyess are being promoted to Area Manager and other key management position just because they are Tigriance.
    2) the current CEO came from junior poistion and promoted to COO so that Mr Grima can teach him to take over the company. And all employess knew that and for seven years it was clear he was just learning the job and no one was even considered to compete with him.
    3)Tigre cadres are being hired from EFFORT and other places without qualification and training. i’m saing this because ET never hires people with lots of years of experiance from other companies. They always hire recent gratuates in groups and gives them trainig makes them sign 3 to 5 years agreement to serve the company. But nowadays more Tigraince are being hired without this proceedure.
    4)There is one case I know where a Tigre Cadre was given a one year paid sickleave with airline free ticket.and the sad part is he was only hired to get these benefits and did not work even for a month for the company. Eventhough helping people is good we have to do it in a right way and not by dismissing all the rules and regulation of the company.
    5)and let me tell you about the one free day work each week. a circular was distributed saying that “due to high fuel cost the compnay is experiancing ET empolyess have suggested in a crew meetings that they want to give free service for the company”…my friends there was no meeting or agreement. everybody was taken by surprise…Would you give 40 hours of free sevice each month? Can you afford it? it was pure force.
    check the facts. Thats the truth.

  16. tewbel
    | #16

    Probably we will see soon that the airline is for sale??Its expansion is too fast and I wonder how much economic feasibility study is done before the extentions that it is making from China to Brazil and sundry places it reache, and new equipment is purchased.

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    No matter how TPLF try to spin the reality to hide their crimes and their agenda to destroy the country and the people, the last 22 years is the proof by itslef that TPLF do not have the best interest of the country and the people — TPLF are just like the Mexican drug cartel…chasing that mighty dollar even at the cost of countless number of innocent human lives to make themselves rotten rich. Regardless, it is coffee, gold, EAL or other Ethiopian national treasures, TPLF have proven themselves to be a bunch of hateful senseless subhuman racist criminals that are in the government to loot. Ethiopians have to find solution to GET RID OF THE DEADLY CANCER CALLED TPLF, period!

  18. selamta
    | #18

    What in GODS name are you saying ,you do not have to say anything eko.
    @berhane you are a disgruntled eritrean, who use to work at the airlines you say.WHY do you care if the CEO from Tigray or somewhere else he still works for ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES you moron

  19. Girum
    | #19

    Too many factually incorrect claims made in this article. In short half of it is full of lies, and it is hard to belive the rest of the article. There is a lion on Ethiopian airlines airplanes, Ethiopian started flying to US before Ato. Girma Wake etc. etc.

  20. N. T.
    | #20

    The airlines is making record high income but Ethiopians still are suffering from the lowest GDP in the world.Meles Zenawi and his wife Azeb Mesfin had made millions of Ethiopians homeless so far. Making people homeless is seen as a normal thing in the Meles Zenawi’s family.Using social media Please Sign the petition to Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank to stop this trend of making people homeless , jobless and foodless.

    Big land deals are tearing whole communities apart, leaving people hungry and homeless. It’s big business at a big cost. But the World Bank has the power to be a force for good. With your help, it can protect the rights of the world’s poorest people.
    • Factors like rising food prices and a demand for new fuels have caused a huge rush of big land deals
    • Every second, poor countries lose an area of land nine times the size of a football pitch to banks and private investors
    • Poor families are losing the land they rely on to grow food – often evicted without fair treatment or compensation
    The World Bank funds many big land deals. It also influences how land is bought and sold. So this means it has the power to help get the situation back under control. We need your help to call on the Bank to play an important role in stopping land injustice.
    Big land deals are forcing poor people from their homes, jobs and food. This injustice must stop now before any more lives are ruined. I want the World Bank to help protect poor people’s rights and freeze its investment in land while it sets a fair standard for others to follow.

  21. Yared
    | #21

    In today’s Ethiopia where there is no accountable government elected by the people for the people we know that all the generated money from EAL and other public establishement will gose to the miniority TPLF/WEYANNE ethic warloard’s pocket! So our primary task has to be freeing our people from this minority Tigrean controlled ethnic aparthied system after that then we will talk about investing in technology in the benefit of the Majority ethiopians regardless of their ethnic background! BTW good article keep up the good work!

  22. ከበደ
    | #22

    How about leaving the job to those who are given the responsibility?
    Stop guessing and playing with fire.
    Let’s do the right thing and this nonsense.

  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    I thank the writer of the article for highlighting this issue.

    I too am an ex-employee of the Airlines who has left the organization some time ago.

    What happens with other organizations and institutions in the country is also happening at Ethiopian Airlines.
    Key positions are being filled in and controlled by Tigrayans.

    The ethnicization of Ethiopian Airlines is real and it is not a false thing told by those who are accused of hating Tigrayans.

    The once politically neutral organization that was driven by merit alone is none of these things these days.

    How could it be in a land where everything has to be micro-managed by the all controlling and ethnically biased TPLF/EPRDF?

    The fact that the key positions are being temporarily shared with Non Tigrayan individuals, who have been there already, does not alter the picture. The latter’s positions remain temporary.
    While their compliance is being secured by various means including membership of the party of EPRDF,the Non-Tigrayan managers and supervisors are also used as smokescreen that there are no ethnic favouritism.

    Those non Tigrayan senior position holders are there until the time that their places are ready to be taken by fast tracked ethnic appointees.

    It is not at all subtle.

    The result of all these is that Tigrayans are holding more and more positions of management far outstripping their relative numeric ratio.

    This is something that can easily be verified by studying the org.from close quarters and not consume its official pronouncements.
    You have to be able to scratch the surface a little bit to see the real color of how the Airlines is being currently run.

    However,you do not need to do that if you are inside.Everybody within the company knows what is going on.But,there is no one who dares to challenge it. And this is because there is a widespread fear and sense of powerlessness among employees.
    Party operatives actively spy on the views of other colleagues and report them if those views are not found to be in line with the party’s i.e. EPRDFs.
    All sorts of pressure are then brought to bear upon on those employees with undesirable views including denial of opportunities for further training and promotions.
    I know many individuals who have left the organization resulting from these intense pressures and the frustrations that such unfair treatments result.
    This is the true picture of the Airlines that I know and feel need further exposing.
    However,I remain pessimistic that anything good change might be brought as a result of these and similar efforts.In my opinion,this remains a political problem. It is not a management-labour issue.
    TPLF as a rule has to bribe its Tigrayan elite for their wholehearted support.That elite are,if you like,its political constituency.The ruling party must continue to create opportunities for the elite in every field.

    In EPRDFs Ethiopia,they are first class citizens.And we,in our own country,are treated as though we were second or third ones.

    I don’t know how long they think they can continue with this practice.But I know that this is not fair at all!

  24. Azeb
    | #24

    If what you tell us about unqualified Tigrayans getting senior positions you need to also name names. There is nothing wrong with that. It is not like you are attacking them; they don’t deserve to be there in the first place and the position they occupy now belongs to a qualified person [irrespective of their ethnicity]. Otherwise you will not believed.

  25. love
    | #25

    wrong. they are eritreans they do eritrean interest

  26. love
    | #26


    did you make a point based on my comment?

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    @Kiflu Hussain

    Facts please Capt Mohammed was not during Hailesilassie

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