Zenawi’s 40 years of homework for TPLF By Robele Ababya

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I chose to start writing this peace with this quotation by Thomas Jefferson: “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty”. I chose it because liberty cannot be guaranteed to the vast majority of humankind as long as merciless dictators with lust for power exist on our planet. I submit that the struggle to defeat tyranny must be continuous.

Thomas Jefferson was: one of the Founding Fathers of the USA; the principal author of the Declaration of Independence; and the 3rd President of the United States. Benjamin Franklin was also one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; the famous quote: “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” was in 1976 suggested by him to appear on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the USA so that it would echo the Declaration of Independence. I ask the present US leaders whether they still uphold the ideals of the Founding Fathers enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America

So my fellow Ethiopians, liberty comes and then kept at a hefty price paid for incessantly, more so now that the new ‘do-as-told’ Prime Minister of Ethiopia, inter alia: (1) has clearly, arrogantly and defiantly declared repeatedly that the policy of his notorious predecessor shall continue intact; (2) has ignored earnest calls for the release of all political prisoners and relax the political space; is denying the constitutional right of freedom of expression. Does he, as a professed Christian, understand the grief, despair and agony that this beautiful Ethiopian young lady in picture had suffered under the tyrannical rule of his predecessor?

There is no doubt that he obeyed the orders of Bereket Simeon and other atheists in the TPLF to dictatorship to authorize the Federal Police to carry out the outrageous killing of innocent Muslims in Wollo appealing for the respect of their constitutional rights. This act of savagery signals dark days of tyranny ahead in the process of implementing Zenawi’s 40 years of homework for TPLF of which the President of Tigray Abay Woldu spoke (vide the paragraph under the caption below). Are the Ethiopian people and opposition democratic forces going to tolerate tyranny for that long? Are we going to let the TPLF nurture and grow the seed of intra-ethnic and inter-ethnic hatred sown by the late tyrant? I think not at all and predict the end of the EPRDF is in sight.

Abay Woldu’s homework

The President of Tigray Abay Woldu in his speech after becoming also the Chairman of the TPLF Stalinist party replacing the dead boss of its founder said in his speech to the people of Tigray that their ‘Great Leader’ has given them forty (40) years of homework. It was clear from his speech that Abay meant holistic implementation of the ideology, policy, strategy and plans authored, approved and put in place by Zenawi. He seems to be under the illusion that Tigray as the epicenter of communist power is by right of legacy the custodian of that ideology.

Axum is the citadel of the Ethiopian Judo-Christian civilization and later joined by Islam thus making our country a unique land of harmonious abode of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic faiths for centuries. It is a bizarre twist of history that radical communists sprung from Tigray with the vicious intent to upset and ruin the enviable harmonious relationship bound by the belief in one creator of the universe in order to substitute it with atheist Marxist- Leninist- Stalinist-Maoist ideology. This is one of the legacies left behind by the late Zenawi buried at the holy grounds of the St. Trinity Cathedral – a decision in and of itself a hot controversial issue awaiting resolution.

Cry for leaders in the 21st century

In one of my articles I recall writing that “A leader is one with a vision of where people want to go but they won’t do it alone without the leader”. It is widely agreed that people in this age of information in the 21st century are equipped with the knowledge of identifying able leaders and exercising their rights to elect them to positions of power whether in government or private enterprises.

The people as: the only single source of political power have the right to hold those elected to public scrutiny and strict accountability; the only source of political power have the right to identify and vote for democratically-minded leaders with vision and proven ability in a free and fair election.

Unfortunately dictatorship will continue to be an impediment in post Zenawi Ethiopia where the literacy rate is 28% ranking the country as 182nd out of 184 nations. Incidentally the rate was 60% literacy during the Derg era for which the regime received international accolade.

The TPLF power behind the new Prime Minister (PM) has successfully converted him into a clone of his former boss in that not only did the new PM underline that there shall be no change in policy but also tried to act as an incarnate of his master. This is a shameful but nevertheless a clever devious drama that only a devil can conceive, refine and implement. The PM and the driving force behind him are under the illusion that the legacy of their boss including ideology, policy, strategy and plans will continue undiminished and that the masses have the sole duty to listen to the massive state propaganda and obey the diktat of the party.

Exemplary Ladies fighting for freedom

The news of the recent assassination attempt on the 14 year Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai, propagated like a shockwave on our globe causing a state of anger and outpouring sympathy for the victim of a Taliban extremist opposed to modern civilization, enlightenment, freedom of expression and above all the right of women to education. The savage act deserved the description “The War Against Intellectual Freedom”, a theme of common concern to humanity as demonstrated by the mammoth vehement condemnation emanating from all corners of our world. The news of the recovery of the lass is most welcome and the award of bravery she has received from the government is wonderful and the campaign for her candidature for Nobel Peace prize spearheaded by celebrities including Angelina Jolie is a mortal blow to extremists everywhere – including the leaders of TPLF who created the Al Shabab by their naked aggression of Somalia.

Malala spoke in defense of moral and legal rights of girls enshrined in the Universal Declaration of the United Nations and became a towering champion of those rights. This is a shining example of women fighting for their rights everywhere because they are grossly disadvantaged in our global village.

On our side, the emergence of ladies leaders like Asayesh Tamiru is inspiring. In her interview with the remarkably seasoned journalist, Sissay Agena, on the highly esteemed ESAT Radio, she made me exceedingly proud of her tenacity to expose the gross injustices that were being perpetrated in Ethiopia for the last 21 years of TPLF. Her resounding success after 18 years of persistent attempts to convince and win to her side the initially stubborn German Lawmakers and taxpayers is a spectacular distinction of her great leadership quality. Her clarion call for more work to be done in order to replace injustice so far fostered by the TPLF regime was so clearly and powerfully made for all of us men and women to heed and implement vigorously.

I heard the news with utmost pleasure that the invincible Reeyot Alemu was awarded the “2012 Courage in Journalism” Prize by International Women’s Media Foundation. I extend to her my sincere congratulations from the depth of my heart.
The quest for freedom, dignity, democracy and prosperity is shared universal value of humanity. Bravo ladies! You will emerge victorious in your just struggle.

Lesson from current demographic

According to the CIA World Factbook the population of Ethiopia was 93,815,992 (July 2012 est.) with demographic as follows:-

Ethnicity: Oromo 34.5%, Amara 26.9%, Somalie 6.2%, Tigraway 6.1%, Sidama 4%, Guragie 2.5%, Welaita 2.3%, Hadiya 1.7%, Affar 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, Gedeo 1.3%, other 11.3% (2007 Census)
Religions: Orthodox 43.5%, Muslim 33.9%, Protestant 18.6%, traditional 2.6%, Catholic 0.7%, other 0.7% (2007 Census)
Languages: Amarigna (Amharic) (official) 32.7%, Oromigna (official regional) 31.6%, Tigrigna (official regional) 6.1%, Somaligna 6%, Guaragigna 3.5%, Sidamigna 3.5%, Hadiyigna 1.7%, other 14.8%, English (official) (major foreign language taught in schools), Arabic (official) (1994 census)

For the purpose of this article I have derived the following classification:-

1. The Big-3 groups according to religion that have decisive impact on the Ethiopian society are in shown below:-

• Orthodox Tewahido: constitute 43.5% of the Ethiopian population
• Muslims : constitute 33.9% of the Ethiopian population
• Catholic and Protestants: constitute 18.6% of the Ethiopian population

Tigray with its population of 6.1% of the Ethiopian population is a bastion of Orthodox Christianity and is therefore subsumed in the Big-3 category. Sidama, Guragie, Welaita, and Hadia most probably fall within Orthodox (Guragie in particular) or in the Protestant. Most Somalis as Muslims are in this category.

2. The Big Two according to Ethnicity

• Oromos: constitute 34.5% of the Ethiopian population
• Amharas: constitute 26.9% of the Ethiopian population

3. The Big-2 according to language

• Amharigna 32.7% and
• Oromigna 31.6%

From the array of data and derivatives given under the section above it is logical to deduce that:-

• The potentially overwhelming combined force of Christians, Muslims, Oromos and Amharas is suppressed by the brutal TPLF/EPRDF regime. The senile, Sebhat Nega, architect and co-founder of MLLT, is hell bent on destroying Orthodox Tewahido Christianity and the Amharas. His claim is a crystal clear disclosure of the hidden agenda of his party to destroy Ethiopia. Triggering the aforementioned potential force into action will see the quick end of the few diehard communists within the top echelon of the TPLF that are desperately fighting for their survival.

• The Oromos and Amharas are dominant in each of the scenarios (1, 2, 3) presented above. This is the reason the TPLF warlords are scared to death of the two groups as demonstrated by distancing them from the inner-most core of power. It is to be recalled that Fascist Italy devised and perpetrated the policy which is now being religiously applied by the Stalinist communists within the TPLF.

• It would be a shame if opposition democratic forces fail to cease this moment of political turmoil – within the traditional cash cow of the TPLF in the Arab world – and the demise of arch communist Zenawi in order to engender the kind of a new regime that the Ethiopian people need so critically.

• Religious groups: Orthodox Tewahido Christians at 43.5 %; Muslims at 33.9% and; Protestants plus Catholics at 18.6 % amount to 96.0% of the Ethiopian population. The scared die-hard communists in the top leadership of TPLF hell bent on unconstitutional interference with religious affairs such as not allowing elections at Mosques. The same fate will come to other religions unless a united action is taken to dislodge the TPLF regime from power through massive civil disobedience.
In closing I would like to convey the sentiment of my highest esteem to ESAT and all pro-Ethiopia democratic websites for keeping the Ethiopian people informed.

God has done his part leaving to us what we can do. Ethiopians have their God and themselves to claim their natural right to be free and live in dignity. Let us invigorate the struggle at home!

Stop the killing of the Ethiopian Muslims!
Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, and Reeyot Alemu et al

  1. Oda Tulu
    | #1

    Weldone Robele. There is full jusification to remove TPLF extremists from power

  2. dodo
    | #2

    an excellent article by all means Thank you Robel. However, your statistics of ethnic (and even of religious composition) is HIGHLY SUSPECT AND GROSSLY LOPSIDED. The idea of DECREASING the total numbers of Amaras was contrived by the DERG (and encouraged by Amhara members of the Communist Meison) who were quoting an obscure passage from Stalin which says that the dominant ethnic group (in his case) the Russians, have to give a leeway to the others. So this is how the FICTION of the Amara being LESS to the Oromo was born! Check the ACTUAL statistics of the era (which has been kept secret).
    TPLF came and said that 2.6 millin Amara disappeared due to AIDS and other pestilence prevalent in the Amara “kilil”
    A democratic Ethiopia would soon expose all this fiction. WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam
    | #3

    Robele wrote “It is a bizarre twist of history that radical communists sprung from Tigray with vicious intent to upset and ruin the enviable harmonious relationship bound by the belief in one creator of the universe in order to substitute it with atheist Marxist-Lennist-Stalinst-Maoist ideolgy.” What does Robele really is saying? He is all over the issue in one single sentence. He is emotional, but less knowlegable if the sentence I qouted serve as a guide. First, TPLF was not created by communists, but by those who took ethnic politics as their political religion. In fact, the TPLF leaderships started embracing Marxism-Lennism late in their political game, mostly to compete with EPRP. Second, the TPLF leaders did not start their fight in order ” to upset and ruin the enviabe harmonious relationship” of Ethiopians. To question the leadership limited knowlege about Ethiopian politics is a right thing to do. But to say that they started fighting in order to upset the relationship of Ethiopians is a hearsay. Here is the problem. A writing of such unsubstaited claim might satisfy the already converted, but does nothing to sway those who believe otherwise or prone to be convinced one way or another. Third, we Ethiopians are not necessairly “bound by the belief in one creator of the universe.” True, almost all Ethiopians might believe in one creator, but that belief is not necessairly which bound us together. People do not bound together necessairly because they believe in the same creator. People could bind together as a nation even if they all not agree in one creator. Robele seems to believe those who are atheists are only Marxist-Lennists. Not necessairly, Robele. There are millions who are not Marxist-Lennists, who are atheists. By the way the atheists have the same right as those who believe in one creator to choose what they believe in. To believe otherwise is very dangerous. It leads to a new classification in Ethiopian politics based on a belief in one creator or not. Whenever anyone tries to bring in religion to politics I become nervous. For a reason. For a while now I see it being used by religious dogmatics and fanatics to further their political agenda. I do not want religion to cloud Ethiopian political discourse as I see it in another part of the world.

  4. dodo
    | #4

    What Sam (#3 above) is saying is what is popularly known as a a”straw argument” i.e.- to come from the almost non existent in this case (the miniscule non-believers) to define the role of the absolute majority (the 99% who believe in one God) Moreover, TPLF is a communist organization pure an simple. You better believe it . Otherwise you would continue crying wolf in the wilderness

  5. titann
    | #5

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane


  6. love
    | #6


    The fact remains that their [TPLF] belief system after conversion to Communism which no one in the developed and developing country is adapting today and proven to commit genocide, have become aethiests related to do with this ideology. What is the problem of being aethiests that is connected to communism, is that by disintegrating society of their nationl cohesiveness, you are creating a chaos in society based on the agenda of the very few without the consequences of what will happen later on. Look around the world. Many nations, although they adopt to the belief of the separation of church and state, they do embrace their own faith whether be the growing of reinstating the Orthoodx faith in Russia, Protestants: in the form of growing faith in the West and throughout the world, Catholics, Hidus, buddhists, etc. Take a look at China, more and more its societies are not reinstating Buddhism which was banned by communists. By the way, the aethiests that you believe is growing, they, Westerners are actually abandoning Christianity and turning to Buddhism considered to be one of the most peaceful faith unlike Islam and Christianity. So the extremists, radical TPLF system is regressing back ward, perhaps not for its society but as Ato Ababya exaplained above, but for the Ethiopians society that TPLF is threatened with the Oromos and Amaras.

  7. Sam
    | #7

    Love: I have no doubt the majority of the world population are believers in one religion or another. That is no the question though. If you believe in democracy what you should care more about is about the minority. The majority could take care of themselves. The tyranny of the majority on minority is not the right recipe for democracy. My argument is the atheists have the same right as believers of any religion. There is this misconception that democracy means majority rules. To a point, Love. What distinguish democracy from other poplitical system is it is the only proven system to gurantee the rights of the minority. The majority rule could be totaliarian. The best example is Germany’s Hitler. When he invaded Poland in September 1939, his popularity at home was sky high. But that was the day the Second World War started, although he annexed Austria and part of Checoslavakia before then with the consent of the appeaser Prime Minster of England, Chamberlin. Do not count on the theory that the majority is always right bullshit. As for the TPLF leadership whether they are religious or not is not the concern of mine. I support political leaders who are committed to democracy and practicing it. EPDRF does not. That is the very reason why I am not the fan of the party. I repeat wehther they are religious or not is not the concern of mine. By the way I do not believe the whole leradership are atheists. There are some who attend church and mosque services. In fact, not long ago one of the minsters wife was accused of fanning Islamic extremism, distributing money acquired from Saudi embassy for radicals. The minister and his wife do not appear atheists to me.

  8. Confused?
    | #8

    The article has some very confusing teachings that needs critical thinking and rectification.Every time our naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals politicians fail to discern and figure out the intricacy behind TPLF/EPLF and the associated Global Capitalism Neo-Liberal and Neo-colonialism Imperialistic projects then it is usually easier for them to naively resort to the usual demonizing of Socialism/Communism even by associating it to atheism in its entirety. However Christianity it self by nature is Socialism/Communism if we see it from a practical pint of view in life. Look how Jesus Christ passed his entire life on earth together with his followers and disciples. Did he and his spiritual followers and disciples have even a private property or was he even born from such an affluent class?
    Associating the intrinsic virtues and values of Socialism/Communism to atheism in its entirety absolute naivety and ignorance wherein no sensual person gives attention. Such usually naïve and sometimes very insidious mentality of associating every bad things to Socialism/Communism is the diabolical indoctrination workings of the elites of Global Capitalism so that the status-quo of their pervasive looting and impoverishing global social order of chronic global capitalism shall continue unabated and intact without being displayed to critical thinking and proper scrutiny. Shame on our Ethiopian intellectuals who naively associate the intrinsic virtues and values of Socialism/Communism to atheism in its entirety based on polarized back and white thinking. The motto of the neo-liberal working of global capitalism is even Socialism in a sense that they Socialize debt and crisis to the tax payer global mass thorough their hired corrupt government using bank bailout and austerity measures but when it comes to profit then they privatize the profit to the secluded minority affluent class. I do not see such a meaningful sense of congruency related to the intrinsic virtues of Christianity that is being claimed and advanced by those Western elites of Global Capitalism whom they claim they are Christians as long as they are deeply engaged in the unjust and inhuman looting and impoverishing the global mass to such misery. Is it Christianity? Now days who is killing the global poor mass in Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan Yemen …..with such an amazing unattended war machine called Drone under the disguise of fighting terrorism? Socialism or Communism? For our naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians Global Capitalim whose epicenter and crux is that of the West especially the Anglo-American is considered as a Saint of divine nature whose all works are so blessed. Do even our very pervasive and deep rooted global problems happened or arise due to the presence of Socialism/Communism or to the contrary due to its absence as a result of the pervasive Social order of Global capitalism? The very amazing thing I happen to figure out is that the ordinary impoverished and jobless majority citizenry mass even living in the West is not as worshiper of the global social order of Global Capitalism as our Ethiopian intellectuals who usually write such articles in support of Global capitalism while to the contrary demonizing Socialism/Communism. What we see in the Occupy Movement that audaciously directly targets the Capitalist system itself is contrary to what our naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals say about system of Global Capitalism. Following the collapse of USSR and end of cold-war, after 20 years of the temporary failure of Socialism and its associated intrinsic virtues of Welfare-State culture globally and the ensuing pervasively looting and impoverishing system of Global Capitalism then demonizing Socialism/Communism by associating it to the attributes of atheism in its entirety is the ultimate climax of intellectual ignorance and/or sabotage/betrayal committed in this 21st century. So when Ethiopian peoples potentially demand the revival of Socialism and its Welfare stare virtues again then guys like the writer shall say “Oh you peoples Socialism means atheism and hence please do not even mention its name let alone its practical implementation as a system!!!”.
    Let me tell you one thing Meles does not have his own proprietary version of brand legacy or even play book of such hyped legacy as such except the Legacy of his Western MASTERS who abused him as a stooge client-regime so that he/TPLF/EPLF have been applying their insidious Global Capitalism’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. Meles is dead and he never had his own proprietary version of brand legacy except problems created by him. However the legacy of Western MASTERS who abused him as a stooge client-regime so that he/TPLF/EPLF have been applying their insidious Global Capitalism’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects is well alive and active. So the irony behind the curtain in that the motto of “Meles’s Legacy shall persevere and continue!!!” is indirectly to say that Global Capitalism’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects shall persevere and continue. And indeed the irony behind the curtain in that Socialism/Communism is naively/mercilessly demonized by being entirely attributed to atheism is indirectly to say that the looting and impoverishing status-quo of system of Global Capitalism’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects shall persevere and continue. So many Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals in the opposition camp are so confused and confusing in that on one hand they support or are at least are indifferent to West’s system of Global Capitalism’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects on the other hand they demonize TPLF mercenary thug and its associated ethnically driven unprecedented large scale looting, mass impoverishment and destabilization of Ethiopia that is supported and backed by the same West and its pervasive system of Global Capitalism. This sort of knowingly or unknowingly committed intellectual political prostitution and betrayal is still continuing unabated. Sometimes it seems we write to confused and confusing things in order to avoid guilty consciousness/bearing responsibility for the crisis we know at heart that it happened either due to our indifference or due to our egoistic selfishness and cowardice that failed to stand up for the truth. Unless we stand up for truth then truth shall not stand up on our side and hence whenever we betray truth for circumstances then truth also betrays us on different circumstances as well. We have come to a moment of time in history wherein formal education has evolved in to becoming order of the day de-education wherein critical thinking is so absent is totally against universal truth and intrinsic virtues and values. And I dare to say that such naïve or insidious association of Socialism/Communism to the attributes of atheism in its entirety is the result of massive and pervasive de-education by the system of Global Capitalism. For the status-quo of Global Capitalism to persevere then its abhorred and inherent rival system of Socialism/Communism has to be mercilessly demonized through in advance de-education even by associating it to the attributes of atheism in its entirety. It is well known that not only our Orthodox church was even once against scientific and technological advancements but also foreign churches of Christianity in the current civilized world were also occasionally against such civilization in the beginning. Well this is human nature to be resistant to comply and adapt with radical changes. However, i believe that Christianity today is not at all against scientific and technological advancements and civilization as long as its vocations are not against humanity and the laws of God and as long as it is beneficial to the betterment of human life. Every thing is tested through the pages of time and history and like wise both Capitalism and Socialism/Communism are also tested through the pages of time and history. So it is time we make such an honest, responsible and sensible judgment about both systems of social order. And hence at this moment of time in history we are not in a situation where we naively demonize Socialism/Communism as atheism and godless in its entirety and to the contrary hailing global capitalism as a saint and of divine nature. Thinking both extreme ways in polarized black and white thinking is so dysfunctional and backwardness and hence let’s come to such a sensible grey area and then make wise judgments. Today and especially for the last 20 years, wherein Socialism/Communism was virtually absent, we are witnessing not only scientific and technological advancements but also to the contrary such unjust inhuman unprecedented globally committed massive looting, impoverishment, human migration, environmental and natural pollution and despoiling, war and occupation against sovereign nation stated under the disguise of different names, joblessness, moral and social crisis globally especially in poor 3rd world nations. Is it the result of faith in God? How many of we Ethiopian intellectuals know that the well-fare state culture that was once so practical even in the West was due to the compelling situation that was so pervasive among USSR and the likes of Socialist nation in Eastern Europe who primarily advance Welfare-State tradition? Such Welfare-State tradition that is primarily so pervasive in Socialism and Socialist nations like USSR and Eastern Europe(including 3rd world nations like us who were Socialist like during Derg) was serving as a check and balance for protection of the global mass from Western Capitalism exploitation in order to protect social securities and the associated Welfare State. Then what happened following the collapse of USSR and Socialism globally, that was once serving as a rivalry check and balance instrument, is such unprecedented global looting and exploitation of Global Capitalism by “raping” Welfare-State through bank-bailout and austerity measure that has resulted in massive impoverishment, joblessness, homelessness and social crisis as we see it live in Greek, Spain,Portugal, Italy, UK,USA …where Neo-Liberalism has been rampant. What is today and for the last 21 years has happening in Ethiopia? TPLF has been mercilessly selling off Government and publicly owned Economic sectors to the so called foreign Investors like Alamudin ( also Economic Rapers) at very cheap price and also even without proper in advance payment. Privatize profit and Socialize loss or crisis is the motto of Global Capitalism.Is it after all the essence of Socialism, Revolutionary Democracy, or MLLT ?Well the problem is not actually about those crafty hypocrite elites locally or globally but rather the problem is about our naïve and gullible intellectuals and politicians who fail us based on their shallow analysis bereft of commonsense, wisdom and insight. Socialism is inherently nationalistic that stands for the global mass and hence it is very much abhorred by the global capitalist elites because it is against their common interest and unjust looting system. So 3rd world intellectuals like such writer are brainwashed de-educated and indoctrinated so that they are against Socialism by labeling it as if it is atheism in its entirety. Yes not only this all time Socialism is misinterpreted and presented as if it is against Democracy. But having some commonsense why not we see even the usual fashionable bogus democracy implemented through election. Individuals have the right to vote who and what they want but ultimately it is the majority vote (Socialism) that is assumed to determine the outcome of the election. Well indeed in reality it is the minority Capitalist elites, not the majority vote, who determine the day to day policies and workings of the system behind closed doors. The periodical honey moon election hyped and presented for the naïve and gullible mass as if majority vote determines things in the future is just some comfort of emotional fantasy presented to us by the crafty capitalist elites as if we are having our say on things that matter and our fate. I say this all because I am a bit upset in that Socialism/Communism is misinterpreted and misrepresented by our usual Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians as if it does not have any useful intrinsic virtues and values ,and if any it has as such then it is then doomed to atheism. How can we liberate Ethiopia from the savage miserable grips of TPLF and the likes if our mentality is trapped in such blatant hoax and polarized black and white thinking? Well I tell that Socialism is not as such atheism and Socialism is even by far very very closer to Christianity than that of Capitalism. Even Socialism shall unite the majority poor Ethiopian mass despite our artificially created and hyped differences based on ethnicity, religion and sex. Blindly and naively demonizing Socialism as if it is atheism is then demonizing humanity because we human beings are more of interconnected and interwoven Social animals than mere detached stand-alone self-maximizing atomic individuals as is presented by Capitalism’s philosophy of liberal-democracy and liberal-economy. For the last 40 years we have a life and Social-political and Socio-Economic experience of both systems of Socialism and Capitalism. So where are we to take a lesson at least from history itself? So polarized black and white thinking is not only worthless but also very harmful and hence history requires us to take a lesson and then make such a wise decision in order to devise and adapt such a practical and working hybrid system where individual as well as collective well being and right is balanced and respected. Those of us who time and again preach about Unity then better think about Socialism again.Because Socialism has such a strong cohesive force than money to unite us.
    Viva Socialism!!!
    God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  9. love
    | #9


    Let us first correct the lingo. I am sure you want to transfer blame to EPRDF instead of the brain child of diviision, TPLF. EPRDF=TPLF all those OPDOS, are hand picked by TPLF. That is one thing. Hello, there is no once size fit all whether who is good or bad when it comes to majority or minority. o The issue we are talking about is how to get societies live in harmony is the issue whether you want to apply democracy or not. Have you heard of Hutus and Tutsis? The Tutsis were the minority subjugating the Hutus in Rwanda and Burundi and probably still is. So it doesn’t matter. The reason why majority is the measure in democracy is becasue if the majroity rules that is in a way will stabilize the nation although not necessary, as supposed to the very few exploit which eventually be unsustainable and sooner or later, they cannot with stand the uprising of the majority. For the first time in Ethioipa’s history we are living in a very tense society afraid of one another. I don’t know what you call the deliberate instigation among ethnic groups and today to destabilize Ethiopia by affecting Muslims. Because you guys know you don’t thrive without division. You are following the Rwanda way if you have the guns and the money, you will have no doubt to rule but not forever. By the way, Ethiopians and Rwandans are not the same and you imported the colonial rule system where if you demonize, subjugate the mass, you will rule forever. Just emember the West has permanent in interest but not permanent friends.

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