The Tall Tale of Susan Rice By Alemayehu G. Mariam

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On September 2, 2012, Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., delivered a nauseatingly sentimental oration at the funeral of Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi. She called Meles “selfless and tireless” and “totally dedicated to his work and family.” She said he was “tough, unsentimental and sometimes unyielding. And, of course, he had little patience for fools, or idiots, as he liked to call them.” The “fools” and “idiots” that Rice caricatured with rhetorical gusto and flair are Ethiopia’s independent journalists, opposition leaders, dissidents, political prisoners, civil society leaders and human rights advocates.Watching the video of her eulogy, one could easily say she “had gone native” completely. But it was clear that her aim was to deliver the last punch to the gut of Meles’ opponents as a sendoff present.

As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. Rice, like Meles, likes to insult and humiliate those who disagree with her. She had a reputation in the State Department as boor and a bit of a bully; or as those who knew her say, she was a “bull-in-a-china-shop”. She is known for verbal pyrotechnics, shouting matches and finger wagging at meetings. On one occasion, she is reported to have flipped her middle finger at the late Richard Holbrooke, the dean of American diplomats, at a senior State Department staff meeting. Prior to the onset of the air campaign in Libya in March 2012, France’s U.N. ambassador, Gerard Araud, advised Rice that the European Union would seek a no-fly zone resolution from the Security Council regardless of U.S. support. She gave Araud the verbal equivalent of a kick in the rear end: “You’re not going to drag us into your shitty war.” She later tried to claim full credit for the effort: “We need to be prepared to contemplate steps that include, but perhaps go beyond, a no-fly zone at this point, as the situation on the ground has evolved, and as a no-fly zone has inherent limitations in terms of protection of civilians at immediate risk.” This past July when China and Russia at the U.N. blocked adoption of language linking climate change to international security, she lambasted them as “pathetic” and “shortsighted” and accused them of “dereliction of duty.”

That was then. In the past several days, Rice was on the receiving end. Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham virtually called Rice a fool and an idiot for her statements following the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 in which four Americans were murdered. Rice appeared on five national Sunday talk shows five days after the attack and made the boldfaced claim that the attack on the consulate “was a spontaneous — not a premeditated — response to what had transpired in Cairo in response to this very offensive video that was disseminated”. According to Rice, the protest by a “small number of people who came to the consulate” was “hijacked” by “clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons.”

Senator McCain showed “little patience for fools, or idiots” and fairy tales when he angrily threatened to block Rice if she were nominated to become Secretary of State: “Susan Rice should have known better, and if she didn’t know better, she’s not qualified. She has proven that she either doesn’t understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face. There is no doubt five days later what this attack was and for.” Rice’s Benghazi story was reminiscent of the bedtime stories of the late Meles Zenawi.

Truth be told, only a “fool” or an “idiot” would not know or reasonably surmise the attack on the U.S. consulate was a terrorist act. CIA Director David Petraeus recently testified that from the moment he heard of the attack, he knew it was a terrorist act. He included this fact in the talking points he sent to the White House which somehow got redacted form Rice’s public statements. The experts and pundits also called it a terrorist act. For Rice, it was a protest gone wrong.

But there remain a number of puzzling questions: Why was Rice selected to become the point person on the attack in light of President Obama’s defense that Rice “had nothing to do with Benghazi.” Why didn’t Hilary Clinton step up to explain what happened? Did the White House throw Rice under the bus to save Hilary? Was Rice supposed to provide plausible deniability and political cover until the election was over by calling a manifest terrorist attack a protest over an offensive anti-Muslim video? Did Rice have to fall on the Benghazi sword to divert attention or delay accountability for the Administration’s failure to take appropriate preventive action in Benghazi as the price for nomination to the job of Secretary of State? Or was the White House trying to showcase Rice’s diplomatic adroitness and savvy in a futile attempt to bridge her unbridgeable competence and “stature gap” to become America’s foreign policy chief?

President Obama was ready to drive a lance through the heart of Republican villains hell bent on capturing and devouring his prevaricating damsel in distress. He told McCain and Graham to bring it on. If the Republican duo and their buddies “want to go after somebody, they should go after me. But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador? Who had nothing to do with Benghazi? And was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received? To besmirch her reputation is outrageous.” That was great drama staged by “no drama Obama.”

What is mindboggling is the fact that Rice would believe and earnestly propagate such a cock-and-bull story about the Benghazi attack. Rice is a person with extraordinary credentials. She is a graduate of Stanford and Oxford Universities and a Rhodes scholar to boot! She was a top official in the National Security Agency and an Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton Administration. She has two decades of solid high level foreign policy experience. Yet five days after the attack, Rice shuttled from one news talk show to another telling the American people the Benghazi attack was not an act of terrorism. Is that willful ignorance, foolishness or idiocy?

The fact that the attack occurred on September 11 — a day that shall live in infamy in American history — and the attackers used their trademark “heavier weapons” (to use Rice’s words) of terrorism — pickup mounted machine guns, AK-47s, RPGs, hand grenades, mortars and IEDs — meant nothing to Rice. The fact that in Libya today there are all sorts of militias, rebel groups, Islamist radicals and terrorist cells are operating freely did not suggest the strong possibility of a terrorist attack for Rice. The fact that Gadhafi made Libya a state sponsor of terrorism for decades provided no historical context for Rice. Simply stated, in the Benghazi attack Rice saw something that looked like a duck, walked like a duck and quacked like a duck, but she concluded it was a giraffe.

The race card-ists and race baiters came out in full battle dress to defend Rice against charges of “incompetence”. Rep. Jim Clyburn, House Assistant Democratic Leader, was the first to strike a blow by politicizing Rice’s incompetence. “You know, these are code words. These kinds of terms that those of us — especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South — we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them. Susan Rice is as competent as anybody you will find.” A group of democratic lawmakers delivered a second salvo charging “sexism and racism”. That was the shot across the bow and the message to the Republicans is clear:

Obama wants Rice as Secretary of State. He has won re-election. Rice will be nominated. Republicans who oppose her will be tarred and feathered as racists, sexists and misogynists persecuting a competent black woman. They will be demonized, dehumanized and discredited in the media. The democrats have 55 votes in the Senate and will be able to peel off at least 5 Republicans to end a filibuster. Rice will get the job of Secretary of State. Republicans will have eggs on their faces and will look like fools and idiots at the end of the day.

Such is the Democrat game plan and screenplay for victory and triumph in the Rice nomination. The Republicans will probably put up a nominal fight but will eventually fold under a withering Democrat attack. Rice will rise triumphant.

Rice’s confirmation as Secretary of State will be a sad day for American foreign policy because she is simply not qualified to be America’s diplomat-in-chief. Her confirmation will mark the saddest day for human rights throughout the world and particularly in Africa. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses of Africa yearning to breath free will continue to find themselves in the iron chokehold of African dictators for another four years as Rice turns a blind eye to massive human rights violations. African dictators will be beating their drums and dancing in the streets. They will be happier than pigs in mud. They know she will have their backs for another four years. With Rice at the helm, there will be more money, more aid and more loans for African dictators. But the truth must be told. Calling Rice “incompetent” is a fact, not a racially coded denigration of African Americans. To paraphrase Clyburn, Rice is as incompetent as you will find.

The Peter Principle essentially states that in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization’s members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. In other words, “employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.” The Dilbert principle states organizations tend to systematically promote their least-competent employees to higher management positions in order to limit the amount of damage they are capable of doing. If Rice succeeds Hilary Clinton, she will be a living example of the fusion of the Peter and Dilbert Principles at the highest level of the American government.

Let the truth be told: Susan Rice is simply not competent to become U.S. Secretary of State! To be a competent diplomat-in-chief of a great country, fundamental moral integrity is a necessity. Rice is incompetent because she lacks not only the moral judgment to tell right from wrong and truth from falsehood, but she is also incapable of distinguishing between two wrongs. In March 2012, Rice scathingly condemned Iran, North Korea and Syria “for their mass violations of human rights”. On September 2, 2012, she delivered a canonizing oration at the funeral of one of the ruthless dictators in recent African history. Twelve days before Rice recited Meles’ hagiography, Human Rights Watch issued a report stating, “Ethiopia has seen a sharp deterioration in civil and political rights, with mounting restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and assembly. The ruling party has increasingly consolidated its power, weakening the independence of core institutions such as the judiciary and the independent media that are crucial to the rule of law.”

A competent Secretary of State must have a working knowledge of military operations. Rice is clueless about military and paramilitary operations. She said the Benghazi attackers used “heavier weapons” but she could not connect the signature weapons of terrorists to the attackers who used them. Cluelessly or disingenuously, she tried to convince Americans and the world that a coordinated assault on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi was caused by “a small number of people” whose “protest” had gone awry!

A competent Secretary of State must have sound political judgment. Despite her stellar education and broad experience in foreign policy, Rice has traded intellectual integrity and prudence for blind political ambition. She seems incapable of discerning truth from falsehood even when it is obvious. She seems to have little concern for the truth or falsity of what she says; and evidently, she will say anything to advance her political ambitions in reckless disregard for the manifest truth. As Senator McCain perceptively observed, “she either doesn’t understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face”. She also does not seem to understand or appreciate the fact that a high level public official in her position has an obligation to undertake due diligence to find out what is true and what is false before swaggering in public peddling boldfaced lies.

A competent Secretary of State diplomat must subordinate his/her political ambitions to his/her patriotic duty to those who put their lives on the line to defend American values. Rice is incompetent because she will put her own political ambitions and loyalties to her political party above her patriotic duty to her fallen compatriots. She is a person for whom political expediency and opportunism are the creed of life. She will blindly tow the party line and support a policy without regard to principles or scruples. In other words, Susan Rice is a party hack and not material for the job of America’s diplomat-in-chief.

A competent Secretary of State must have intellectual courage and conviction. Rice is incompetent because she lacks intellectual courage, commitment and conviction. In a scholarly writing in 2006, Rice energetically argued that “Mali [as] an example of a well-governed country that suffers from capacity gaps that extremist groups have been able to exploit. Mali cooperates fully with the United States on counterterrorism matters.” In April 2012, when radical Islamist rebels took over Northern Mali and split the country in half, all she could offer was an empty statement calling on “all parties in Mali (including murderous terrorists) to seek a peaceful solution through appropriate political dialogue.” She folded her hands and watched for nearly four years doing nothing as Mali spiraled from a “well-governed country” to a divided strife-stricken country half of which today is a haven for murderous terrorists. Rice will talk the talk but not walk the talk.

A competent Secretary of State must be tempered in language and demeanor. Rice is incompetent because she lacks diplomatic temperament and thrives on being antagonistic, condescending and disrespectful to colleagues and other diplomats. A bullying and loose cannon Secretary of State cannot perform his/her job competently. She has a disgusting scatological lexicon. She is intolerant and arrogant and will try to vilify into submission those who disagree with her.

It is said that “stupid is as stupid does”; so “incompetent is as incompetent does”. I hope President Obama will not nominate Rice to replace Clinton. But I believe he will and we will all get to see a Shakespearean mini-drama at the confirmation hearings: “To be, or not to be (Secretary of State): that is the question (for Rice):/Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer (for all the lies she has told)/ The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (in a Senate confirmation hearing),/ Or to take arms against a sea of troubles (by coming clean and telling the truth)…/.

I believe Rice will be will be exposed for what she really is at the confirmation hearing– a grand obfuscator of the truth, an artful dodger and a masterful artist of political expediency and intrigue. In 1994, when the Clinton Administration pretended to be ignorant of the terror in Rwanda and the death toll continued to rise by the thousands, Rice’s concern was not taking immediate action to stop the genocide and saving lives but the political consequences of calling the Rwandan tragedy a “genocide” and saving her job and others in her party. She had the audacity, moral depravity and sheer callous indifference to ask, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?”

Did Rice avoid using the word “terrorism” in explaining the Benghazi attack because she was concerned about the political costs the President would have to pay in the November election if the voters were to see him as doing nothing to prevent it?

At the end of the day, what Rice told the American people five days after the Benghazi attack, to quote Shakespeare, “is a (tall) tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  1. The Eritrean one!
    | #1

    Dearest professor: in all honesty, you can be a major contributor to the people of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and the whole East African communities in general if your analysis would be fair and not narrow minded. In your regard to Susan Rice, I could not agree more with you than what you have posted EXCEPT I would add more to her bleeding of Africans under her own eyes: Ethiopia and Ethiopians elite are being hunted by the day by her own puppets (weyanes/agazis) all over Ethiopia, Eritrea and Eritreans are made to flea their homes for Susan Rice’s promotion(s) using the UN; Somalia and Somalians are about to finish each other with Susan Rice’s puppets (weyanes) invasion and so on. Dearest professor: as they say in our American politics, “show me the money”, I strongly believe Susan Rice and her entourage are inflated with poor Ethiopian flesh money and I do not see any stopage to it unless you, I and the whole East African communities get together and tell Obama/Susan Rice: enough is enough and elite Ethiopians are not fulls or idiots. Thank you

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    With all do respect and in my humble opinion, what the Republicans are doing to Susan Rice about Benghazi’s attack is partisan politics. Regardless, it was committed by a few individual or by Al-Qaeda, at the end of the day, it is Terrorism. The Lack of judgment of Susan Rice is insulting millions of law-abiding Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia who are fighting dictatorship and struggling to bring Democracy to Ethiopia. Susan Rice has shown her poor judgment and how uninformed she is about the horrible condition of Ethiopia/ns. Who in the world and what kind of govt. official go to a foreign country and belittle millions of peace loving citizens of the country and show undying love and support to a DEAD brutal dictator that had killed countless number of innocent people, incarcerated tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens and also looted billions of dollars from the mouths of millions of starving Ethiopians???

  3. Sosina Balege
    | #3

    from: Sosina Balege [Visitor]

    Tell Susan Rice she went to bed with the killers in Ethiopia. Go and sign the petition above to show your disgust !!!

  4. Sam
    | #4

    Alemayehu wrote “Rice is incomptent because she lacks not only the moral judgement to tell right from wrong and truth from falsehood, but she is also incapable of distingushing between two wrongs.” Wow! Americans had this lady for almost four years as the United States UN ambassador. Alemayehu sounds very ridiclous. He sounds a very angry person with little substance, not an intellectual. Once again, Alemayehu is craving the diaspora’s angry crowd adulation. Even the Senator from Arizona who might filbuster her nomination did not say she has a hard time telling “right from wrong.” Alemayehu: an intellectual does not preach like a priest to its followers. An intellectual writes his argument based on facts to bring readers to his side of argument. An intellectual cannot let his personal feeling to cloud the issue he is interested about. We have too many orators, Alemayehu. We need well-adjusted intellectuals, who tell the truth without any consideration that the side they take might anger the angry crowd. From being considered an intellectual to downgrade oneself to an angry orator is not something anybody could be proud of. By the way if she is nominated, she will be confirmed. Why? She is an able diplomat, and her records prove it.

  5. Zerayakob Yared
    | #5

    ወድ ኢትዮጵያውያን,

    የሚቀጥለውም በእኛው በኢትዮጵያችን ጎንደር ስም ነው እየተሰነዘረ ያለው?? በ’44ቱ ገዳማት ይሁንብኝና እንዲህ አይነት ዝቃጭ ነገሮችን በኢትዮጵያ ስም አትበትኑ!

    “Comment from: Gondar [Visitor]
    Thank you prof


    Susan Rice small, tiny, dirty,nasty, ugly,and worst human being creature.

    11/26/12 @ 01:19″

    መጠኑን ያልጠበቀ የ’KKK’ን የመሰለ ቃል በጥንታዊት መዲና ከተማችን ስም ስለተሰነዘረብዎት ወይዘሮ ሱዛን ራይስ ይቅርታ ያርጉልን!! በስር መሰረቱም ኢትዮጵያውያን በግብረገብነት የታነፁ ናቸውና! ግን ከብስል ውስጥም ጥሬ አይጠፋምና!
    በስር መሰረቱ እኔም በየቀብሩ ለቅሶኛ መሆንዋን አልወደድኩትም ነበር, ግን ይሄን ያህል!?

    I hope she will be the Next US Secretary of State!

  6. t-man
    | #6

    mr, dr. … whoever u are i love you alemayehu. u are one of the few precious sons of that poor country. man i realy cried to the end of ur article. this is it, brother u nailed it. you done ur part THANK YOU SO MUCH. i wish i know u in person, know where u live, so that i come in person salute u as one and the only brave hero of Ethiopia. wish you love and peace. hope to read more from you. out

  7. Marzzo
    | #7

    If Susan Rice is a white woman she would be fired long ago for her pitful remark on Rwanda “Genocide” in 1994 and, for her over-zealous effort beyond the call of duty to oust the late President Mobtu of Zair from power in 1996.Next came, Usman Bin Laden while a resident in Khartoum.Now Benghazi. It is not about gender nor race nor Ivy League (Stanford+New College,Oxford).Based on her dicy reputation she would be a grave liablity to fill the postion of Secretary of State at this perlious juncature in world hisory. Her dismal record speaks volume.

  8. Dawi
    | #8

    Prof. Al said:

    [[..Let the truth be told: Susan Rice is simply not competent to become U.S. Secretary of State!... Senator McCain perceptively observed, “she either doesn’t understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face”. ..]]

    This old Senator also once thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be Vice President???????? :-)

    At a minimum Prof. Al should have realized Susan is Ethiopia’s Friend. The reasons he gave of her not being qualified can be labeled on Clinton or Obama or anybody else for that matter. Then accordingly to him non of them are qualified.

    Rice once saw in Eritrea’s Isaias and Meles as “potential of the African Renaissance of the 1990′s”.

    In her own words she called both as “committed leaders, frugal and scrappy — the antithesis of the rapacious, corrupt African big men like Mobutu or Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.”

    Unfortunately, five years after independence Eritrea launched a massive invasion and a 2 year war with 100,000 people lost in the process. Off course after this conflict ended in 2000, let alone Ethiopians even Eritreans began questioning the independence of Eritrea itself.

    Isaias continued to disappoint her & the rest of us to this day. It is not by a rush to judgment that she praised Meles; she has followed the twins for over a decade.

    Don’t hate her because she knows what she is talking about is what I am saying.

  9. t-man
    | #9

    @Dawi hello mr dawi. i think u must be a deaf anti-wisdom ignorant person as ur name,DAWI, refers. “year goredo fesse” yelu yele?

  10. Ethiopian in Minnesota, USA
    | #10

    What an American representative does in and out of the country is promoting American self-serving political domestic and foreign policy. It does not matter whether Ethiopians or other non- Americans like it. What Susan Rice did and continues to do is according to the normal continuous proposition of the nation’s foreign policy. There are blood-bathed dictators around the world who fulfill the wishes and demands of the U.S.A’s foreign policy. Those are given the blessings by this country’s foreign policy to stay in power instead of the wishes of their peoples. There are other dictators who are punished by the same foreign policy because they do not bend over their behinds. Susan Rice implements what has been set up. Blaming her compares blaming the horse instead of the rider. Can anyone remember Secretary Colin Powell’s argument at the United Nations’ Assembly regarding the reasoning to invade Iraq? He never personally believed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. But the Big Kahunas decided to use WMD as the premise to go into war with Saddam, and he had to go along. So Susan Rice is a team player, and as a team player she does whatever the team demands her. Nobody from this forum had been in a meeting with her. I do not think it is fair to make a character assassination based on innuendo. Anybody can argue on the unfairness of some parts of American Foreign Policy. Blame the source and the message not the messenger.

  11. Zerayakob Yared
    | #11

    “from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

    The only reason Republicans are doing what they are doing is obvious. I will support Susan Rice nomination based on her ability and not on Bengazi or what she said at Meles’s funeral. It is my belief what she said in regards to these events do not define her abilities. That is that.”

    የንግስተ ሳባ ልጅ,

    የመጪው ጊዜ የአሜሪካዋ የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስተርም ከናንተው ነች እንዴ!? ሳላውቅ በመሰንበቴ ያው አሁንም ይቅርታውን! ኪ..ኪ..ኪ.. ሁናቴው ከፈቀደ ለውድ ወንድማችን ‘Brooks’እንዲሁም ሰላምታዬን!

  12. እህቶቻችን ዬት ገቡ?
    | #12

    @The Eritrean one!
    Acuses the contributor as follows without any elaboration with facts:
    “Dearest professor: in all honesty, you can be a major contributor to the people of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and the whole East African communities in general if your analysis would be fair and not narrow minded….”
    I hope he/she would help us by telling us this accusation.

  13. እህቶቻችን ዬት ገቡ?
    | #13

    You can worship her.
    Sam! You said: “…Once again, Alemayehu is craving the diaspora’s angry crowd adulation….” Such assertions of you and your likes your shallow understanding of politics. Intelectuals address the issues at hand…don’t call names ….idiots like you are their own enemis….

  14. እህቶቻችን ዬት ገቡ?
    | #14


    How dare you say “…Don’t hate her because she knows what she is talking about is what I am saying.”

    | #15

    I do not understand why we are obsessed and entangled with small fish size issues while we are totally ignorant and indifferent to shark size issues lurking in the background intact of proper scrutiny. Like a tiger can not change its color like wise the American Government is also inherently with a nature of American Government as it has always been whether it is Suzan Rice or Condoleezza rice Democrat or Republican Obama or Bush the difference is like that of the difference between Pepsi and Coca. So there is no such a thing like Susan Rice hyped issue as if Susan Rice is the first or the last American Diplomat or representative of American Government who does ‘stupid’ things. Because the entire system of the American Government itself (Because of its inherently Imperialistic and Global Capitalist Nature as a System) has been doing so many ‘stupid’ things for the last so many decades for the sake of the so called hyped ‘American Interest’.And because this so called hyped ‘American Interest’ then America as the main epicenter and crux of Global Capitalist System has gradually evolved in to a nation driven by unbridled lust or interest rather than decent binding Universal Principles and Intrinsic-Virtues. And eventually because of this blatant reality America has become the number one hypocrite and double-standard player in the world in that what it actually does and what it preaches to the rest of the world is totally contradictory. So when we come to the main issue at hand why there exits terrorists after all in Libyan soil after the down fall of the allegedly demonized ‘murderous’ and dictatorial Ghadafi to the extent that such a higher level diplomatic officials of US get murdered in the newly ‘Liberated and Democratic Libya’?
    We have been overwhelmingly preached and indoctrinated by the mainstream media that Ghadafi has murdered his won peoples while to the contrary the new armed groups against Ghdafi are democratic Liberators and messengers of freedom to save Libya and Libyans. So then why such event of September-11 happened in Libya that took away the life of higher level diplomatic officials of US? That is why I said at the beginning of my comment that it is worthless to be entirely obsessed and entangled with small fish size issues while we are totally ignorant and indifferent to shark size issues lurking in the background intact of proper scrutiny. USA and the West has insidiously colluded with armed groups who are virtually terrorists by themselves(even including Alqaeda) in toppling Ghadafi from Power under the hypocritical and doubles-standard disguise of the so called humanitarian mission(R2P as is endorsed in UN) and the emotionally and mentally comfortable euphemism of ‘No-Fly-Zone’ .The same modus operandi is underway in toppling Asad of Syria by using the Libya’s scenario as a template, but this time becoming so tough and complicated because China and Russia vehemently Vetoed UN resolution against Syria and also Syrian peoples have got such a great lesson from the consequential tragedy of Libya that has been externally and imposed by the interventionist West under the disguise of bogus Democracy. Here I am not supporting dictatorship in opposition to real democracy but the very narrow and small fish size issues and arguments like that of blindly demonizing Ghdafi, Asad … as dictators does not as such outweigh or does not hold water when compared to the shark size issues lurking in the background related to global capitalism’s neo-liberal and neo-colonialism imperialistic projects insidiously underway under the disguise of the so called humanitarian mission(R2P as is endorsed in UN) and that of bogus democracy. According to the preaching of Western driven mainstream media regarding the general situation in Libya what we expect(well naively and gullibly) after the fall of allegedly demonized Ghadafi is peaceful and democratic Libya and not as such a host of bunch terrorists that has been manifested as is the case of the recent September-11 attack on US consulates. It does not matter whether Suan Rice said it is/is not terrorist attack because it is such a small fish issue when compared to the shark size issues referring the entire situation in Libya based on Pre-Ghadafi, Ghadafi and Post Ghadafi Libya. As an African if we worry this much with this much coverage about the death of some high level US diplomatic officials and the related usual response of Susan rice or any body lese there in US then why we worry not something abut the entire situation and fate of Libya and its peoples? Or is it because in our perspective Libya after Ghadafi has become a host or heaven of democracy, peace and prosperity? Well this is one of the manifestations of our idiocy as Suan Rice referred our big boss Meles on his own funeral. And this sort of our idiocy arises mainly from our very naive and gullible nature regarding USA/West labeling them as if they are innocent angels who are the sole protectorate vanguards of Freedom, democracy and justice. Any body who can answer me one very vital question in that should Ghadafi have been dehumanized and murdered that way with out the slightest exposure to justice of any sort? If Ghadafi was to be dehumanized and murdered that way with out the slightest semblance of exposure to justice of any sort that proves his alleged crime then what is the very ultimate meaning and purpose of that sort of hyped humanitarian mission presented to save Libyans from the so called hyped murderous act of Ghadafi himself? The saying that what you reap is what you saw is such an amazing universal truth and hence America, a nation mainly driven by mere unbridled interest rather than principles, reaped some how what it saw based on what it did immorally and unlawfully against the tragic end of Ghadafi. And hence why not we and the rest of the world pressure USA so that its politicians and diplomats like Susan Rice officially assert phrases like “American Principles” rather than the usual boring and uncomfortable “American Interest” that we are all abide by universal principles more than mere desires and interests. If America can not restrain itself from its unbridled interest for the sake of universal principles and humanity then we shall never have a loving, peaceful and prosperous world free of events like Speetper-11 terrorist attacks. The entire nature and scheme of toppling regimes like Ghadafi under the disguise of humanitarian mission and bogus democracy (even if demonized as Dictators and undemocratic just mainly because they are ‘unfriendly’ independent sovereign nations who do not easily bow to USA and West’s imperial interest pressure) is tantamount to terrorism as is phrased “State-Terrorism”. Well for that matter regarding the essence of “Terrorism”, due to its evolving nature of intricate hypocrisy and double-standard, so many peoples of the world have gradually become desensitized and sometimes confused because of it and hence has become such a controversial issue. Look is it not such an amazing and tragic event while TPLF which is such an ethnically driven and organized mafia and mercenary group, once upon a time a gorilla fighter, calling ,demonizing and jailing any dissenters like Andualem Aragie as terrorist? Those so called liberators of Libya displayed on the mainstream media were also backed by armed terrorist groups even including Alqaeda gathered from different Arab nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and the likes and that is why Ghadafi once despised them as mice and cockroaches. I think it is either this same terrorists or loyalist supporters of Ghadafi like from his birth place Sirt committed the attack on US consulate in Benghazi. Any way the event on the recent Septemoer-11 must not be only narrowly limited to the critics on diplomatic response of Suan Rice based on what she said on it but more than that is an event that has to compel us to ask serious big questions like “What looks like is Post-Ghdaif Libya?” and “What is the motive and end-game of toppling Ghadafi and also Asad and the likes?” and “What lessons do we take from such events?”. Other wise the rally of some Diaspora Ethiopians against Susan Rice in opposition to her future possible nomination as US Secretary is another manifestation of our idiocy (what I call it usually naivety and gullibility) which again helps to prove once more our idiocy based on that of the officially spoken despise of Susan-Rice against we Ethiopians who oppose TPLF regime in reference to hailing Mele’s political view on his own death Whether Susan Rice says it is a terrorist attack or not well then that is a secondary minor small fish size issue (we Ethiopians better not argue and quarrel as such taking it seriously except McCain and the likes)for me when compared to the big shark size issues as I tried to say few things above which i feel and know about. Why not we even seriously scrutinize Obama himself, Suzan’s boss, whom we have been dancing with in expectation of miraculous changes from his government foreign policy related to Ethiopian politics? I think we are some how confused. Sorry if I use undiplomatic rhetoric. Well I am not a diplomat. Well you better not become a diplomat to tell the truth. As an Ethiopian for me there is no as such a big issue that is right or wrong with what Suzan said related to the recent Seprember-11 even as an American diplomat related to ‘American Interest’ but rather what is wrong is with our naivety and gullibility as Ethiopians (related to with what Suan Rice once referred it as our idiocy for which Meles had been so impatient and uncomfortable with) with which we failed time and again to view and figure out the big shark size issues lurking in the background. If the big boss Obama, under the disguise of humanitarian mission and bogus democracy, endorsed the blatant interventionist invasion and destabilization of sovereign, stable and prosperous nation Libya (but with out bogus democracy) that was under the rule of Ghadafi and then caused it to be plunged in to such catastrophic situation then what is wrong with the little diplomat Suzan Rice to say anything she wants to say under this situation? It was this same writer who was among many other Ethiopians who has been writing articles in support of the interventionist Western led toppling of Ghadafi that way. Now it is that sort of Libya which the writer aspires to become that has killed top American diplomats. So it does not matter as a big front runner issue who killed the diplomats whether be it terrorists or violent mass uprisings provoked by the released anti-Muslim video as Suzan Rice may think which is secondary issue. But the big shark size issue lurking in the background is as follows.
    What sort of Libya has USA/West created after the interventionist blatant invasion and downfall of Ghadafi led by Western NATO? And what sort of Syria do USA/West want to create after the insidiously crafted interventionist scheme and consequential downfall of Asad regime? No one Ethiopian demonized Suzan Rice or Hillary Clinton when they both officially scorned China and Russia following what they did at UN summit warning them “they will pay the price” just because they vetoed and thwarted the same scenario of Libya from being repeated against Syria. Does really what Suzan Rice said following the recent Spetemoer-11 attack in Benghazi on US consulate as such matter to us?
    None of us know the real cause and motive behind the attack and event for sure. For me what she said on funeral ceremony of Meles regarding our alleged ‘idiocy’, which needs to be further seriously scrutinized and proven, matters to me by far more than that what she said regarding the event in Benghazi. Well for me such events like September-11 in Benghazi compels me to seriously ask what sort of Libya has been created after the down fall of Ghadafi demonized as dictator and murderous by West and its global chain of brainwashing mainstream media. What was the incestuous love affair between USA/West and the so called rebellious liberators of Libya who were fighting against Ghadafi as messenger of democracy and freedom?

    God Bless Ethiopia

  16. Sosina Balege
  17. Sam
    | #17

    # 13 said Sam “Idiots like you are their own enemies.” First, I am not an idiot. Who really is an idiot? According to number #13, people like me who “have shallow understanding of politics.” I believe I have a fair understanding of politics. But I do not write feedback or will ever be to satisfy #13 and the likes of him. In fact, I believe #13 and the likes of him are one of the very reason that the diaspora politics will fade in time. There is hope if # 13 and the likes of him will come to their own senses. I do not hope on that because their very “know-it-all political ploy survives if they do best to satisfy the angry crowd. Why Am I my own enemy? This totally does not make sense. Am I my own enemy because I do not agree with Alemayehu’s article? Is not sad to say that if you do not agree with Alemayehu you are digging your own grave? People told me so many things over the years, but nobody ever told me I am not able to think for myself so that somebody has to think for me. About my “shallow understanding of politics,” I say this: I know Alemayehu teaches politics for a living, but in understanding politics, especially Ethiopian politics, I would say I know better than he does. The reason is because I study and read politics without letting my personal feeling interfere with my reading. I am not saying that is true though — You know about whom I am talking about.

  18. እህቶቻችን ዬት ገቡ?
    | #18

    Dear CONFUSED: Realy you’re confused. The squabble between the republicans and democrats is just a fight to win the people at large. Just to gain votes. It’s not about the real issue. so leave it to them. I don’t know why you couldn’t focus on issues properly, instead you wasted your time and your readers time by writing such long write up. You seem that you’re asking your compatriots to focuss on major issue. People have different view/s and outlook/s regarding a given issue. You would have contributed much should you have treated positivly those who rallied against Susan Rice because of her disgusting speach on the funeral of meles zanawi.For you the President of the US should be a focal point. Here, you missed one great issue. The raslly was aimed at Susan Rice_with a strong fact…The stand of US goverment regarding the country is a broad issue. I hope you would work hard to that end and come up with a viable method of struggle.

  19. እህቶቻችን ዬት ገቡ?
    | #19

    You’re a hypocrite. I say this by you bown addmission. You said. “…I believe I have a fair understanding of politics. But I do not write feedback or will ever be to satisfy #13 and the likes of him….” Wow! I thought hypocrisy too has a climax….Do you really know that country called “ETHIOPIA”? Would you tell me the Literacy rate? I’m very hungry to get a bit of your so called “fair understanding of politics”. …
    To evaluate others one needs to have the best knowledge and understanding of the given subject_not juast fair understanding…

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