Ethiopian prime minister fires gov’t minister whose wife faces terror charges

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Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday fired the country’s civil minister, Junedin Sado, whose wife is one of 29 people facing terrorism charges related to protests by Muslims who accuse of the government of meddling in their religious affairs.

Sado published a letter in the country’s independent newspapers in which he defended his wife and criticized the federal prosecutor’s charges.

Also in Thursday’s Cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam promoted two ministers to double as deputy prime ministers, giving the country three deputy prime ministers for the first time, a sign the ruling party is favoring collective leadership after the August death of its longtime leader Meles Zenawi.

Tedros Adhanom was appointed as the country’s new foreign affairs minister and Dr. Debretsion G/Michael and Ato Muktar Kedir to become deputy prime ministers

  1. HMD is puppet!
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    It is obvious the current prime minister is being used to do the dirty jobs of TPLF. If I were Hailemariam, I would step down for the sake of my beloved country, my fellow Ethiopians, my own sanity and honor.

  2. abbadulla gemeda
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  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    This is the typical Abussinian conspiracy. They do not want an Oromo to have power. The world is changing and the timing to play this dirty is numbered. Junedin was and is still heroe among the Muslim Oromo who are the majroity in Ethiopia unlike the Amharized groups as Aba Dula and the mayor of Addis. We all know that Meles Zenawi has helped to keep in power Junedin from the evils.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    #3 Anonymous,
    Please check your facts, before you start pulling unfounded race card that was created and manufactured by the two evil cousins Isayass and Meles to divide and rule Ethiopia.
    To begin with, there is no majority in Democracy — Obama wouldn’t have become the president of the Super Power of the world if we take your case. Ethiopian people would have loved and taken Meles as their beloved son if he had a compassionate loving heart for all Ethiopians. Unfortunately, dictator Meles was the most cruel, heartless, coldblooded hateful racist Ethiopians have ever seen or experienced with — Meles hated Ethiopia and Ethiopians and did every thing in his power to divide Ethiopians and dismantle Ethiopia to build Greater Tigrea — I’m afraid, his vision is alive and well as we speak.
    #3 Anonymous, please do not forget that Haileselassae was a mixed race from Amhara, Guragae, Oromo and came from a family of Christians and Muslims. Unlike the TPLF regime, Hailesslassae’s cabinet members, the army generals, the ministers and other govt. workers were from every ethnic groups of Ethiopia. I grew up and went to school with many rich Oromo students that worked for Ethiopian govt. Hailesellassae did not modernized one province on the backs of all Ethiopians as tyrant Meles had done to his birth place. FYI–Haileselassae did very little to Gondar, Gojam and Wollo.

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