Ethiopians in Las Vegas gear up to celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium

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Ethiopians in Las Vegas gear up to celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium (more…)

Ethiopians in Las Vegas gear up to celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium


  1. Jan Meda
    | #1

    You cannot call this an Ethiopian Millennium if it parades the CUD logo. It must be political free.

  2. kebede alemu
    | #2

    This group pulled out from the great Ethiopian Millennium 2000 festival organized by the Ethiopian Community in Las Vegas.Under the Ethiopian Community residents of Las Vegas and all political,Social and Business groups are represented and ready to celebrate the Millennium. It is sad that the so called Kinijit group refused to join the majority and do it alone.Rresidents of Las Vegas are highly disappointed by such act of isolation, at the time when unity is so much needed in the comming millennium.We pray for the individuals who toil day and night to divide our community.I hope,the Ethiopian Community festival will be successful beyond expectation as a result of Kinijit’s divide and concure tactics.Those who divide our community will have no place in the community and they abuse the good name of Kinijit.

  3. feleke
    | #3

    The foot soldiers of Berhanu Mewa has rejected the entire Ethiopian comunity in las vegas and are making a futile attempt of dictating how millenium should be celebrated i.e only by them and only them. The millenium will be celebrated by the ethiopian community office by including all Ethiopians regardless of thier ethnicity,religion and political affiliation That is ethiopianism at its best. Next time you come here to collect the benjamins, We will see to it that the whole community gets reminded of your divisiveness. That is a promise. What happened to Mewa’s astute political skills and be poorly served by a bunch of illiterates who are tarnishing his image locally

  4. Hagos
    | #4

    Wodi Melese don’t be mad. Berhan is invited leave him alon. Unortunately He is going to nail down woyne’s propoganda. If you are with democratic movemen you will support him wodi Melese. If not he is now every where you can not stop him becouse he is dedicated himself for ALL Ethiopian liberation. That is why you see him with Ogaden and every where. If you don’t like it it is to bad until you and your Wod trimbled he will not stop.

  5. Hagos
    | #5

    Wodiy Meles! Don’t be mad. It does not matter as long us it is not organized by woyaney we will go. And listen to me. Leave Berhan alone. He is coming as a guest. He is invited because he knows how evil woyne is and he is a strong peacful solidar who support the democratic struggle in Ethiopia. He knows how to address woyane break down governemnt issues. We love it. He is well come and we will also discus our past years struggle to evaluate what we did and how we will do it better for the coming year. God Bless our country and our people.

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