The Other Kinds of Children Killers Belayneh Abate

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The elementary school children’s massacre in the United States of America on December 14, 2012 is one of the horrifying news I ever heard in my life. We adults kill each other because we are filled with evils of power and greed. But why God allows the murder of innocent children? Although, I could not find any answer, I was asking the same question time and again thinking about the number of children slaughtered (in one or another way) throughout the world. At any rate, whether they could find responsible listeners that could take measures to prevent similar crimes from happening again, professional journalists were reporting continuously about the insanity of the current and former children killers in the United States.

But, what about reporting regarding the other kinds of children killers? According to the Hunger Project organization [1], one child dies every five seconds from hunger-related diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. One third of the all these childhood deaths is caused by hunger. Similarly, 90% of children living with HIV are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, more than 11 million children die every year from preventable health issues such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa. But what are the root causes of these highly prevalent hunger and preventable diseases in Africa? In other words who are the serial children killers in Africa even in this very 21st Century?

According to one estimate [2], African Dictators hold between 700-800 billion US dollars outside of the continent. African tyrants often brag that they have established better health care systems in the countries they rule but they and their families as well as their body guard generals do not utilize it. Instead, they fly to the Western Countries, and pour money in the most expensive hospitals and clinics. They do not even want to die on Africa Soil. African despots relentlessly claim that they have established modernized education systems, but they do not want their children to pass through it. Instead, they send their children and family members to highly developed nations so that they can live luxuries lives and attend prestigious schools while poor African kids die every five seconds.

African dictators sell Africa’s land, minerals, water, and other resources cheap without the knowledge of the owners-the African people. These treasonous acts cultivate long lasting poverty and hunger on Africa soil. African dictators abominate indigenous intellectuals, and experts with integrity. They drive these indispensible citizens out of the country or burn them to death in one or another way. Instead, they sow the seeds of greed and cultivate immoral and un-ethical “business men” throughout the continent. I do not think anyone can mention even one rich man in Africa who amassed wealth without inserting his finger in the mud of corruption.

The ruthless dictators and these immoral-greedy business men form a net- work to consume the wealth of Africa. This net-work snatches even the aid the tyrants receive after unrelenting begging on behalf of the children they starved to death. By the time the dictators’ and corrupted business men’s wives or mistresses jump from one most expensive Western- Countries’ Mall to another to buy lipsticks, nail polishes, necklace, perfumes excreta, one child dies from hunger related problem every five minutes in Africa. Mind you that is 12 children per minute; 720 children per hour and 17, 280 children per day. Allow me to repeat this routine despicable crime! This complex dictator –corrupted business men web traps and kills 17, 280 African children every day using hunger as a weapon. It is unfortunate, the origin of human race, Africa, is trapped by interweven webs of tyrants and greedy businessmen with no shred of conscience inside their skull. Sad! Using these webs, African tyrants and business men trap African children and suck their blood until they die from shock of starvation and/ or preventable diseases. Therefore, the chubby cheeks or protuberant bellies of African dictators or the so called “business men” are nothing but African- children’s blood stored in sacks. To describe it in another form; African despots and corrupted-immoral business men are child- predators.

In summary, as George Ayittey rightly describes it [3], Mama Africa is in Chain interwoven by merciless dictators, corrupted business men and intellectual prostitutes. A mother in chain can neither feed nor protect her children from preventable diseases. Therefore, the root causes of children’s death from hunger and preventable disease in Africa are tyrants and corrupted businessmen. In other words, African dictators and corrupted “businessmen” are children killers. The only difference between the sporadic children massacre in American and the endemic children massacre in African is methodology. The rare American children-killers use guns whereas the common African- children killers use hunger and preventable diseases (some use guns too) to kill children routinely every five seconds. Therefore, Professional Journalist of the world, as you put us in immense grief by providing accurate information about the recent massacre in USA; please allow your conscience to remember the highly prevalent endemic child killings in Africa. Furthermore, pick up your pen or turn on your camera to expose the serial African- children murderers. For the sake of children’s live, morality, ethics and justice, do not dress up and dance with African- children killers like “the uncommonly wise” Susan Rice does.

Thank you.

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  1. Sam
    | #1

    Belayneh seemed to have believed the recent children killing in USA is the same as African dictators allowing African children dying of hunger. He wrote dictators kill “17,280 African children every day using hunger as a weapon.” “Kill” is the most unfortunate word to use here. Furthermore, using the recent carnage in USA as a premise to make a point the way Belayneh argued is pointless. Do not get me wrong what Belayneh wrote about the high living standard of the dictators while millions are dying of hunger rightly points out how African dictators greed has no comparison. The dictators care about themselves way more than the countries they govern. But they are not killers of children in its literal sense. Are they being accused of being irresponsible? No doubt about that. Are they can be accused of being self-centered, greedy dictators? Of course they are. Killers of African children? No, I do not buy that. The recent killer in USA has every intention to kill. One cannot say the same about African dictators having the intention to kill African children. Their way of governance led to African children to die does not necessairly mean they have every intention to kill African children.

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