The Sole Opposition MP Girma Seifu held an interview with TPLF’s Fana FM called Mogache(Hardtalk)interview.

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  1. kefyalew tesfaye
    | #1

    was the so called journalist arguing or interviewing the member of parlamet Ato Girma Seifu? Hard to tell.

  2. Tola
    | #2

    Ato Girma what you said in this interview is what we all could say if we get the chance to speak about the current situation in ethiopia. you are well articulated and proffesionnal. but the journalist is biased and lack proffesional discipline.

  3. Birtu/can
    | #3

    Under the circumstances, Girma was not at liberty to speak his mind. In a country where freedom of expression is supressed, you can’t blame the guy. In fact, Girma should be commended for not falling into the moron’s trap. At any rate, here are a couple of points to debunk the moron’s assertions.

    —In regards to bombings of taxis, hotels and so on–in a different environment–Girma would have responded; listen stupid! that’s the work of your masters aka woyane mafia. No home grown groups were involved in these terrorist acts. The whole world is privy to that except moron’s like you. In fact, the only terrorist group from Ethiopia registered in the archives is TPLF who used( and still is) to rob banks in broad day light, torture and kill innocent civilians left and right. Look it up!

    —In regards to accusations that members of medrek traveling abroad to meet terrorists in America and Europe and supporting their cause must be the joke of the century. Question to the moron; do you think America and Europe allow terrorists to live in their midst and ignore their terrorist activity/plot on their soil? Are you questioning America’s intelligence when these groups are labeled as terrorists by you but not classified as such by them? Or are you somehow admitting your defination of terrorism is out of whack in comparision to these developed countries?

    A lot can be said about this nitwit, but it is a waste of time arguing with hired agents. as the saying goes “don’t argue with a fool….”


  4. yohannes
    | #4

    Is this an interrogation or an interview? Is the the guy (the so called journalist) is the guy who tried to warn the VOA journalist from bole police? OMG. I really appreciate Girma’s patience for this kind of interview.

  5. ሙግት?
    | #5

    ጠየቀው ነው? ብንል ሞገተው?
    ምን ልዩነት አለው
    ግርማ ሰይፉኮ መለሰው

    ጉንጫ አልፋ ንትርክ ቢሆንም
    ክስ ብጤም ቢቀላቅልም
    ጠያቂው ስራው ቢሆንም ባይሆንም
    ሰማን መልሱን የግርማ ስይፉንም

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