Welcome to the whipped nation- FDRE. By Yilma Bekele

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Animal trainers use a whip with a stiff handle to show who the boss is. A whip is used to gain control and achieve compliance using pain. During slavery in the US whipping was a powerful weapon used by the white master. Whipping to humiliate was the hallmark of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Whipping is an old fashioned tool and really not that effective. Today psychological form of mental whipping is what is practiced by totalitarian regimes.

This cruel art was perfected by the old Soviet Union and taken to new heights by regimes such as East Germany. The Woyane regime in Ethiopia and the dictatorship in North Korean are the new practitioners of this inhuman method of turning a whole nation into one big concentration camp. How do they do that?

The North Koreans use communism in tandem with a home grown philosophy called Juche to reengineer the human brain. Individualism is substituted by collectivism, self- reliance and independence is not tolerated thus vertical collectivism meaning hierarchical form of structure is deemed to be the norm. With the old Soviet and China using it as a buffer for their own interest N. Korea has managed to survive for over fifty years as a pitiful example of man’s inhumanity to man. The demise of the Soviet Union and the slow pace of China’s crawl towards freedom is what is unnerving the N. Korean dictatorship.

The Ethiopian situation is a little different. Our old tradition steeled in isolation is a fertile ground for any and all usurpers’ that want to use our good nature for ulterior means. The fall of the benevolent Imperial regime opened the flood gates to all sorts of undesirable and unhinged individuals to come to power. The Mengistu regime was a perfect example of an experiment gone wrong. The little Colonel was obviously out of his depth as a leader of a nation when he was not even experienced or competent enough to lead a unit. His motto was kill’em all before they kill you and it worked.

Meles Zenawi and his rag tag TPLF army was served our country on a silver platter and inherited a demoralized and confused nation on the verge of total melt down. The coward Mengistu’s only interest was to save his criminal behind and left our country in the middle of the night with the door wide open. That is what we have been dealing with the last twenty years or so, another experiment gone totally wrong.

Meles Zenawi was a street smart, definitely a mentally deranged individual with enough intelligence to hide his antisocial behavior. Here is a definition of psychopathic type in Cleckley’s book the ‘Mask of sanity’

‘Primary symptoms of the antisocial personality are amorality (lack of ethical standards and consistent moral judgment) and impulsiveness. They typically have a hunger for stimulation and a lack of responsiveness to social controls. The sociopath will commit the same crimes or antisocial behavior repeatedly, even if caught and punished. When caught red-handed, a sociopath makes charming apologies and talks of how life will be different from now on. But he or she is likely to slide back into the same bad patterns. There is little effort to conceal wrongdoing; if caught, the sociopath freely confesses and tries to make everything all right with personal charm. But a sociopath has no real regrets over hurting people or breaking rules; the apologies come almost too readily because they are totally insincere, a means of minimizing the consequences of being caught rather than expressing true regrets.’

What do you think? Doesn’t this personality trait describe our recently departed bully? This was the person that was left in charge upon the other sociopath’s departure. This is what our poor nation has been dealing with the last forty years. The next question is what is it about us that attracts such abusers and mentally disturbed individuals to positions of power and authority? To answer that question we have to look at our rankings in such fields as education, health, technology and general quality of life of our homeland. How we interact with each other, how we interact with our leaders and how we view life in general is based on how much knowledge and sophistication we have achieved in our everyday life. It is not based on wish but on existing reality that is definable, measurable and real. Here is a general description of where we stand as a nation and people on important qualities that makes us who we are.

Item Percent Comparison to world
Urbanization 17%
Life expectancy 56 yrs. 196
Drinking water source unimproved 56%
Sanitation unimproved 79%
Children under 5 under weight 29%
Literacy (can read and write) 42.7%
Unemployment 15-24 age 24.9% 33
Education expense 4.7% GDP 89
Health expenditure 4.9% GDP 143
Population below poverty line 29.2%
Debt external 9.6 Billion US 94

What this chart shows us is that we are mostly rural, we have a very low life expectancy, we don’t have clean water to drink, we lack basic sanitation facility, our children are semi starved a condition that will affect them thru their adult life, more than half of our population is illiterate, we spend minuscule amount on education and health care and we owe our creditors more money that our grandchildren are left with to pay. We are a failed state. When we discuss changing our country, when we talk about bringing freedom and democracy to our ancient land, when we contemplate what we should do tomorrow it is always good to know what exactly we have on the table so we can make smart and real plans based on reality.

Thus when we despair about what the TPLF mafia is doing to our people and country it is always good to understand why they are succeeding with such bizarre acts and behavior when we look at it from afar. What is it that we in the Diaspora have that the Ethiopian people lack? It is true the diaspora in general is a little bit educated than those at home, we are a more exposed to newer ways of doing things and most of us have managed to conquer fear. All true but the most important factor in this equation is that we have more information to work with that our brethren at home. Information is power. Information gives the individual choice. Information opens the eye and creates that eureka moment we all dream about.

The power of TPLF comes from denying information to our people. That is why they work over time; spend millions of Bir to deny information from reaching our people. That is why in most library’s’ what is written prominently in bold is ‘ýe shall know the truth and the truth can make ye free.’ The truth is what our government is most afraid of. That is why my tile says whipped nation. They keep our people in the dark and whip them psychologically with falsehood, make believe stories and fairy tales that no one can contest. I will give you some examples from news that took place the last few days all beyond logic but told on Eth TV and media as rational and true.

1)I will start with the dead PM’s wife Azeb Gola Mesfin’s declaration that her husband used to make US $240 a month on government payroll. It is said ‘nothing else shows lack of conscience better than bold face lying.’ I guess the lady learnt from the best. We know that Ato Meles never worked for wages before he became PM, never have a bank account, never even paid rent, never paid bills of any kind and according to her didn’t even know how to drive a car. On the other hand the same Meles used to wear suit that cost close to ten thousand dollars- now how did that happen? There is no such thing as national medical insurance but Ato Meles used to travel to Brussels for regular checkup and died there after a lengthy and expensive treatment in a private room-do tell us how that was paid? Did we pay for that? Is that part of his employment package? How much did it cost the Ethiopian tax payer?

Furthermore a Spanish newspaper a while back reported that Weizero Azeb spent 1.2 Million Euros shopping for cloth. Is that money she earned all by herself or was it their combined money as husband and wife? You know why this is not known to our people? It is because there is no independent media to report is the reason. No one to call out her bold lie.

2)It was declared by the current guy who claims to be the PM that the regime has established Meles Zenawi Foundation (MZF) According to Walta ‘The Foundation would serve as a living center of ideas and programs to further advance the works and legacy of the great leader Meles Zenawi.’ Only in Ethiopia could such farce take place. I am sure you have heard of the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What makes the MZF different from the above? Those Foundations were established by the individuals so they could share their good fortune with the rest of humanity instead of just willing it to their family. They wanted to share the success they earned by their hard work and use their wealth to good use.

On the other hand the MZF puts that concept on its head. The MZF is established in a ‘proclamation passed by the House of Peoples Representatives’ thus making the tax payer funder of the tyrant’s legacy. To add insult to injury the dictator’s family is in charge of the foundation with his wife and relatives assigned the majority of the board seats. Dictator Meles has all of Ethiopian public media at his beck and call since he assumed power to share his half-baked ideas and infantile musings and now we gona get more of that even from afterlife. Alive he was always quick to dismiss our green, yellow and red symbol therefore it is odd to see his foundation symbol wrapped with our colors minus his silly star in the middle. That is why I said whipped nation. No one to call out their dishonest plans played on our people.

3)The ethnic cleansing against the Amhara people shows no sign of slowing down. It was only last year that with the blessing of the late dictator his agents such as Shiferaw Shigute felt free to drive our people from their homes to faraway places. We protested a little but forgot about it within a short time. It is déjà vu time again. This time the TPLF appointed folks of BeneShangul region felt no shame when they decided to deport the Amhars from their homes. As usual this bizarre behavior of displacing people within their own country has become an Ethiopian past time. Of course some of us show indignation but unfortunately refuse to connect the dots that connect such behavior with our practice. Let me ask you when you buy your beautiful condominium how do you think Azeb Kuma, Arkebe and other TPLF folks acquired the property? Where do you think the peasants of Sebeta and Akai went after being uprooted from their family land and home? The acts of Gura fereda and bena Sahngul is just the same immoral and ugly deed but in a bigger scale.

All are clear signs of a regime gone rogue. How exactly are we responding to this blatant abuse of power and unimaginable atrocity against our people? What new ways have we devised to overcome this debilitating sickness that is slowly but surely killing our country? What exactly have we prescribed to ourselves so we can overcome this disease that is destroying our country, people and the Ethiopia we know?

I am afraid we excel at talking, condemning and always waiting for the next abuse so we could do more of our talking and condemning in a new spirit. Nothing more, nothing less is what I have witnessed if asked to testify. Why do you think that is so? In my humble opinion what we lack is a leader to inspire us, to take us to new heights and gather our people to believe. I am afraid that is not something one can buy from a supermarket order on Amazon.com. What we lack is an organization that will respond in kind to the actions and deeds of the TPLF mafia in power. In our country Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion that states ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ doesn’t seem to work. Woyane kills we play dead. Woyane abuses we cry like a baby. Woyane ‘ethnic cleanse’ we talk about it and move on. Where is the equal and opposite reaction?

Fortunate for us I am happy to point out we have one area of responding in kind covered. Of course I am talking about ESAT. It is the first and glorious response we have devised to level the playing field. ESAT is an empowerment tool we have at our disposal. ESAT is the expression of our collective will born from amongst us, nurtured by us and serving the ordinary Ethiopian in a new kind of way. ESAT is fair, ESAT is balanced and ESAT don’t need to lie, tell tall stories and ESAT self corrects when wrong. ESAT is the proto type of the new Ethiopia we are capable of building when given the chance. It is the duty of all patriotic Ethiopians to support ESAT, to protect ESAT, to promote ESAT and safeguard ESAT from all and any naysayers that try to nick pick and slander our baby.

I also propose we start a new equal and opposite reaction’ to the current idiotic idea of white washing the legacy of the Woyane warlord. We have to nip this farce in the bud. They have established the Meles Zenawi Foundation and it is fitting we establish The Meles Zenawi Criminal Enterprise Data Base. I call all Ethiopians educated in the field of Library science, data base compilation, achieving, and media to help us preserve the twenty years of atrocity by the architect and his TPLF comrades. We have enough material to fill the library of Congress. We don’t even need a government proclamation nor a handout from dictators. Let us get to work!

So what did you think when you saw the title of my article. I am sure you most of us know what being whipped means but where the hell is FDRE? That is the official name of your country. Not only did TPLF folks come up with a new flag and the Kilil system which they copied from good old Mussolini but they changed our name too. I bet most of us don’t even know our national anthem, do you?




  1. Solomon Tadele
    | #1

    Ato Yilma Bekele

    The perfect comparison would be what was the development level of Ethiopia with the previous regimes. Meles inherited a nation on the verge of a collapse, totally neglected by the Derg regime, and now made it one of the top developing countries. This fact you must admit. You cannot just cherry pick your own fact and run with it. In fact, I think you are the delusional person, a person who has not set his foot in the country in the last 35 years, yet talk about Ethiopia, as he has been there a few days ago is amazingly a sign of mental weakness. You are obsessed with finding everything wrong, you have closed your mind to the fact. Ethiopia is moving forward and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I know this comment will never ever get posted, and you will not hear how people will feel about you. But for the sake of it.. I am posting it.

  2. yilma b
    | #2

    Dear Ato Solomon T.,

    How do you know I have not been back to Ethiopia for the last 35 yrs? Where in the world did you pick that number or do you have the habit of randomly stating facts and numbers to support your argument? I checked my passport & I can say for sure you’re wrong. Your claim that Eth. is ‘one of the top developing countries’ is also not verifiable or true. Even if we grant you that and give you credit I believe a leaders worth is judged by the total body of work not just one little aspect. I was writing about the total MZ that included his legacy such as the 2005 massacre, the Kilil debacle that is the cause of ethnic cleansing, selling of people and country, devastating war with Eritrea, his half baked adventure into Somalia, the war against the free press and looting of our economy using EFFORT etc. Calling me names and looking at my motive is not the way to go when the focus should be on the work of your hero and its ramifications on the future of our nation. I am a social analyst thus I comment whereas he was supposedly the elected leader thus we judge his work cause it has direct bearing on people and country or do you think he is above criticism? I am glad the editors published your comment for what it is worth but you have to admit your hero will not allow divergent opinions on the news papers he controls and he even goes out of his way to shut them down, jail editors and publishers and exile independent thinkers. Finally you know you don’t have to be in Ethiopia to make an educated observation or do you think one should only talk and write about upon direct visit- well no one has been to Mars but based on evidence gathered by Curiosity and Opportunity rovers scientists here on Earth are discovering facts about our neighbor, what do you think we should reject their findings and call them ‘delusional and mentally weak’? I expect an apology from you for your name calling and hopefully a correction regarding your stating of totally wrong items as facts. Hope to hear from you my friend.

  3. Dawi
    | #3

    [[..I will start with the dead PM’s wife Azeb Gola Mesfin’s declaration that her husband used to make US $240 a month on government payroll. It is said ‘nothing else shows lack of conscience better than bold face lying.’ I guess the lady learnt from the best…]]

    It is not “bold face” nothing!! if you ask me.

    All she is saying is Meles’s salary was just about $4000 a year.

    Michele Obama can tell you the same thing by saying that her husband’s salary is $400,000.00 a year. Is that a “bold face lying”? Not.

    If you are talking about fringe benefits of PM’s & Presidents, it comes with the teritory and job description. Cloth for international meetings and privileges of up scale transportations that are associated with security are huge for such top dogs of nations because countries can’t afford to lose them in drive by shootings and what have you.

    So we can talk about their benefits and how to cut it down if you like but, the fact is their salary is their salary. That is what they use for non other than state functions.

    Azeb was talking about what Meles had available for non Ethiopian State functions and there is no reason to mix things up and turn it into a comedy. You’re wasting our time.

    Don’t mix apples and oranges and shoot cheap shots.

    [[..Weizero Azeb spent 1.2 Million Euros shopping for cloth…]]

    I am sure as the first lady she had a huge expense account for her shopping needs however, I always see her on TV with modest attire so unless you show us the receipt of the above items bought it is just another Tabloid news and again a waste of our time.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Solomon Tadele,
    Wow! hard to believe! You have a nerve to tell us that TPLF is much better than Derg! Obviously, it’s not a surprise for a TPLF to go back 22 years and blame the other dictator and ignore the despicable and the horrendous crimes of Dictator Meles and TPLF. Only members and the family of the ruling party and the few who have been profiting from the TPLF regime praise the TPLF regime by giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to those who have been slaughtered, tortured, incarcerated and the struggling Ethiopians in every part of Ethiopia. Here is news for you, Solomon Tadele, actually, the DERG is thousands times better than the TPLF regime. At least, the other bloodsucker Dictator Mengestu didn’t govern and control every government departments with only his ethnic group… Dictator Mengestu is not the one who gave a billion dollars and the only seaport to Isayas and left Ethiopia LANDLOCKED… Dictator Mengestu never kicked out and killed Ethiopians to give their land to Sudan free and clear and sold Ethiopians’ FERTILE LAND TO FOREIGNERS!
    Taking away the God given rights from Ethiopians and Ruling them with IRON FIST with fear without FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS AND THE RIGHT TO ORGANIZE is not what we know as DEMOCRACY. Evicting and gunning down Ethiopians and giving their land to foreigners to grow flowers and other goods for their own profit is not what sane and fair minded Ethiopians call PROGRESS or DEMOCRACY. Locking up, torturing and killing unknown number of innocent Ethiopians is not what sensible Ethiopians think of DEMOCRACY OR A PROGRESS! Yes, Dictator Mengstu was a bloodthirsty soulless evil, just the same as Dictator Meles.

  5. yilmab
    | #5

    My dear friend Ato Dawi,
    I know you’re working hard to come up with something that will put a positive spin on this bizarre statement by the lady from Gedearef but it is not just possible in the words of President Obama “you know you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig” by the way I didn’t know the state paid for the PM’s cloth if they did may I suggest a sale item from Walmart after all if it is good for us working people it should be good for our leaders too, I wonder if we cloth and feed the new PM and his three deputies too, lord have mercy!

  6. aha!
    | #6

    The cause effect analysis lies in the constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, the alignment of parties along ethnic agenda rather than national agenda as it prevails in the western democracies, the absence of checks and balances in the three branches of government and the formation of mirror image party like OPDO/Medrek/EFDF/fdre with ethnic agenda in a mix with that of the subset of national agenda by UDJP to the effect of humanitarian, economic, and environmental crises as well as denying the silent majority of Ethiopians individual freedom, liberty and equality to preceed ethnic and secessionist rights, which coincides with your assessment, together with unity, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ethiopia,by the TPLF/eprdf regime, composed of ex-liberation fronts spearheaded by TPLF as teletafi parties and killil mengitat administrators of the ethnic federalist parties serving under a leash by TPLF Politbeurro. No matter how the leaders lack positive intelligence, never the less have the negative intelligence to operate as negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia along with their ability to draft anti-terrorism law derived from the constitution to deter individual, party members from criticizing the government, call for a peaceful protest and formally bring put individuals without justification for the arrest.

    What is intriguing to me and Yelfiwos Wondaya that the loayalist opposition parties including Tigrai-harena formed a coalition with ethnic agenda in a similar fashion as the coalition in the TPLF/eprdf regime prior to 2010 E.C. election, in contrast to those parties with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians as the positive forces of integration. Without Medrek/fdre and those other parties adhering to the national agreeing to adopt the national agenda as their party platform, it will be an uphill battle to tip the balance from the current negative forces of disintegration of the TPLF/eprdf regime, the outcome of which have been manifested in the humanitarian, economic, political and environmental crises perpetrated by TPLF/eprdf regime in addition to the negative attributes assigned to the Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in a commendable presentation, especially to governance with respect to collectivism vs. the individual (freedom), where in Ethiopia it amounts to ethnic and secessionist rights precede individual rights, whereas if individual rights are respected the groups rights follow but not vise versa as it continues to manifest in Ethiopia today under ethno-centric rule under minority now and majority in the future by OPDO/Medrek/EFDF/fdre, where democratic rule is supper imposed with ethnic rule, does a democratic government make, no matter how vocal we may be about bringing democracy and justice to Ethiopians.

  7. ጉረኞች
    | #7

    ” I always see her on TV with modest attire …” not modest attire, she just doesn’t look good in it. She is suffering from one of the things money cannot buy!!

  8. Dawi
    | #8

    [[..I didn’t know the state paid for the PM’s cloth if they did may I suggest a sale item from Walmart after all...]]

    Brother Yelma,

    Meles was the commander in chief. If his salary is $4000.00 a year per Azeb, he can’t afford to buy the uniform to do the dog and pony shows for the State. So it is only logical for the State to cover his uniforms and other associated cost.

    As I said you can talk about cost saving and consult the State on the subject to lower it.

    You are suggesting Obama to wear Walmart Chinese made suits to look like you? because I assume you work in the US. If you ask me locally made and green is what I would suggest not just cheap.

  9. Dawi
    | #9

    [[ …” not modest attire, she just doesn’t look good in it…. She is suffering from one of the things money cannot buy!..]]

    Well, she didn’t become the most powerful woman in the country by looks alone; although her charm may have to be one of the reasons that won the heart of her “world class intellect” man.

    Let us put it this way, she didn’t get there by her looks alone, she took power by the barrel of the gun.

    If you ask me, Azeb is the best looking Central Committee member of EPRDF and TPLF. And I won’t apologize for that statement.:-)

  10. yilma b
    | #10

    Dear Ato Dawit you just don’t give up do you? What your friend Azeb said was ok for her cadres but we all know it is all BS. Meles did not need no freaking salary, he owned the banks and his wife and party controlled all key businesses in the country thru EFFORT so what kind of crap are you peddling here? This is not Walta or Meles TV. Did you see Obama’s tax return, it is official and verifiable and sorry the state don’t buy him cloth, pay for his private grocery, send his kids to school or open a million dollar expense account for his wife. I doubt in a country like ours where over fourteen million people are starving, where the vast majority survive on less than 200 calories a day you trying to tell us the state buys the PM $10,000 dollar savile row suit is a rational thing to do is just crazy thought. Is that ok with you? This job you are assigned to do or taken upon yourself to serve is not easy, I understand but no matter how much you try it is a hopeless cause. It is possible Aiga or Tigrai on line readers will cheer you up but on most of our independent sites you are leaving your self open to “tizebit’

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    Brother Yelma,

    [[..Meles ... owned the banks and his wife and party controlled all key businesses......]]

    There are many like you who have criticized Meles as being authoritarian and intolerant of dissent however, he is also widely respected by many Ethiopians, Africans and others in general for contributing and writing the scheme of the theoretical framework on how to fight the main enemy of the continent. that is POVERTY and transforming it to a rapid speed development.

    The latest April 12 – Christian Science Monitor “Africa’s economic boom – Five countries to watch” is case in point.

    The Developmental Scheme developed for the African setting by Meles is in line with the great thinkers like Lee Kuan Yew and Park Chung-hee. They are both condemned as authoritarians but are credited for building the Economic foundations of Singapore and South Korea.

    So “..controlling all key businesses..” even “suing political opponents” and newspapers who express unfavorable opinions such as yours is part of a developmental state leader scheme to slow the speed of detractors from gaining ground and stop fast development. Lee was known to be very successful in suing newspaper journalists like the New York Times and others and winning.

    You are still shooting blanks; no evidence what so ever. You pulled “$10,000 suit” from thin air; where did you get that # from? show us the money, receipt or something.

    You mentioned Obama’s tax return? So what? Do you know just Michelle Obama’s personnel staff cost taxpayers $1.75 million per year?

    Why shouldn’t the State protect Meles’s kids? Do you assume Obama’s kids go to public school?? I think you are naive to think in the way you do.

  12. yilmab
    | #12

    My Dear brother Dawi,
    there you go again bringing more personalities into the discussion. I will answer the issues u raised.1) I really don’t care or accept conclusions raised by some hacks of Christian Science Monitor, the Economist IMF etc after a cursory five minute investigation, we the Ethiopian people that are starving, we the Ethiopian people that are losing their daughters to the Middle East, their young boys in the Arabian sea and the jungles of Africa are the best witnesses. Ask the people all around you why and how they got here. Where you got the opinion that Meles is respected by the Ethiopians is not clear. The Meles I know hated the Ethiopian people, insulted their culture and history every chance he got and lived his life protected by security and never even went to the airport without closing the highway, very strange for a loved person wouldn’t you say. 2) You brought Singapore and Lee Kuan not a good analogy because as you said he ‘sued’ but he did not kill wheras your friend was a murderer I have Professor Asrat, teacher Tesfaye Maru and others in mind. He did not sue he closed newspapers, bankrupted them and exiled the reporters and editors, no need to name names except Eskinder, Reyot and others that are still in jail. 3) Meles can jive but he can not write or justify his half backed ideas in front of his equals. The only time he wrote i know of was after the 2005 elections and that was to insult Parliamentarian Ana Gomez and that was embarrassing to say the least. You remember he called her names like a four year old with tantrum. The so called ‘Revolutionary Democracy’never got defined nor was he able to elucidate what it means while alive. It was left for every cadre to define it. May be with this Foundation scam they could hire Endreas and others to write it down and publish it in his name, good luck! As for the cloth I can tell a savile row suit when I see one and I doubt Meles wears locally tailored suit, it is just not him. When the time comes I will furnish you the info from Azeb’s trial 4) Michelle’s staff cost 1.5 Mil, do you know how much that would be for Azeb when put in perspective with the size of our economy-less than a dollar and I am being generous. But Azed spent over a million euro in Spain and it was recorded. I am not naive, I am realistic. Let me tell you about the President of Uraguay Jose Mujica. He was a freedom fighter like Meles and spent fourteen years in jail. Now he is the President. He did not tell his people because I fought and suffered now it is pay back time. He refused to move into the Presidential palace and still lives on his small farm. He still drives his 1987 VW Beetle. He donates 90% of his salary to charity. Our Meles taunted the opposition by saying if you want power the only way is to go to the field and raise arms! Here is a link if you want to read about Senor Mujica, a real hero and heck of a freedom fighter, not a mercenary that have to be paid. http://digitaljournal.com/article/336983

  13. Dawi
    | #13

    [[..Azed spent over a million euro in Spain and it was recorded..]]

    “Recorded”? On what? All we read is some tabloid paper wrote it. That is your source. Correct? I don’t consider that credible.

    [[..President of Uraguay Jose Mujica ... refused to move into the Presidential palace and still lives on his small farm. He still drives his 1987 VW Beetle...]]

    Good for him. What is the population of Uruguay? Less than Isayas’s Eritrea? Right? 3 million of so? Nerere was like that too. What happened to Ujama??

    Meles is not a voodoo economist is what I am trying to say my brother.

    He has made theoretical contributions to Developmental State Economics as it applied in an African setting. He has made Ethiopia one of the five fastest growing economy in Africa. That is without a drop of OIL.

    Hydro Power is going to be our major export and Ethiopia will be the destination of manufacturing of the world because we have cheap renewable energy and cheap labor. We shall beat the future competition as planned by the great man.

  14. Dawi’s Democracy
    | #14

    According to Dawi and the likes…As long as cheap highrise buildings and roads are being built in Addis and expensive ones in Mekele, Ethiopians have to accept to live with guns pointing at them 24/7 by one small minority ethnic group… Tens of thousands of innocent law-abiding Ethiopians locked up in cold rat infested prisons and thousands tortured and gunned down everywhere in Ethiopia… Women and children packed like sardines in a bus and thrown like a piece of trash… Tens of thousands young Ethiopian women being sent everyday to be slaves in Arab countries… Millions of small Ethiopian children being used as commodities as we speak… It is Dawi’s and Woyanes’ type of Democracy where Ethiopians expected to live without Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion… Denied the freedom to organize peaceful meetings and Demonstrations… Evicting Ethiopians and selling their land to foreign billionaires and if they refused to be evicted, slaughtered in the hundreds by machine guns, case in point, 400 Gambelans… In the eyes and minds of the few like Dawi, it is okay for a couple of million TPLF to rule the country of 90 million Ethiopians with iron-fist and loot the poor country and stash the money in foreign banks, while 12 to 15 million Ethiopians are expected to die of starvation. And the rest of Ethiopians straggling to make ends meet and live as second class citizens in fear of being locked up and gunned down… And millions to die from preventable diseases due to lack of medicine, medical equipments and up to date Hospitals , etc. DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY ONLY FOR A FEW TPLF! DIRECTORSHIP AND HARDSHIP FOR 87 MILLION ETHIOPIANS and A GREAT SHAME FOR ALL ETHIOPIANS!

  15. Dawi
    | #15


    Meles had made it clear in the past that Democracy is good by its own merit but he also pointed out folks like you who mix/talk of democracy and economic development as one and the same as “bed time story tellers”.
    He was correct.

    Democracy might be a form of government that many prefer to live under, but there is nothing theoretically compelling that suggests that it is the form of government that gets Ethiopian citizens out of POVERTY in the fastest way possible.

    I like to see you and others coming up with an alternative that works in the Ethiopian/African setting that gets us out of POVERTY and helps us be able think clearly to use Democracy and take advantage of it. You don’t have one yet.

    What we know for sure however, is countries that are economically and politically free are under-per­forming the countries that are economically but not politically free. Case in point, un-free China had a growth rate of 9.5 percent. Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore have similar high rates. What does that tell you??

    If you don’t have a better and faster alternative you are wasting our time.

    Meles studied the subject and planned for us the fastest way out of POVERTY possble and at a minimum we should be thankful for his hard work..

  16. Dawi’s Democracy
    | #16

    How pathetic! Dawi, let me repeat it for you one more time:
    Your type of Democracy is where the country is ruled with iron fist by one of the most ruthless dictator that ever lived on the face of the earth and now by his leftovers…According to Dawi, the rest of Ethiopians need to shut the hell up when Ethiopia is left land locked… When one ethnic group is demonized and Ethiopians intentionally divided by ethnic groups and religions–which is to DIVIDE RULE…In Dawi’s Democracy — it is okay when innocent young men and women even children gunned down in the streets… When Ethiopia’s land given and sold to foreigners… it is fine and dandy when peaceful Ethiopians tortured, locked up in a cold rat infested prisons like our brave soldiers, business men and women, intellectual professors, church leaders, teachers, students, and outstanding journalists like Reeyot Alemu, Eskinder Nega and countless number of others like them. In Dawi’s Democracy, If you do speak-out expect the unthinkable, one needs to look the other way when tens of thousands Ethiopians forced, kicked, evicted and rooted out from everything they knew and loved to give their land to Sudan and other Ethiopia’s virgin fertile land to sell to foreign billionaires for mining and to grow flowers using health hazardous fertilizers and pesticides using Ethiopians as slave workers. It’s Dawi’s kind of Democracy the few to loot the country and to become disgustingly wealthy and send their children to the most expensive schools around the world. But in Dawi’s Democracy, it’s okay to sell poor Ethiopian women and children for profit…endless crimes INDEED!

  17. yilma b
    | #17

    Dear Dawi -Good for him. What is the population of Uruguay? Less than Isayas’s Eritrea? Right? 3 million of so? Nerere was like that too. What happened to Ujama?? that is what you wrote-

    now tell me where is the cutoff point where a ruler can be brutal,according to you if you have less than 3 million all is acceptable? I believe you are sinking lower as I said before defending the indefensible is a slippery slope and look where it is getting you as for the his theoretical contributions to developmental state it is another figment of your fertile mind – the dude has never contributed anything worthy of peer reviewed stuff as for theory you should see all the theory I have on various subjects the only problem is as the say the proof of the pudding is in the eating thus his theory can not be translated into practice has not been translated into practice and when he had the absolute power to thinker around and prove it he never could the only chance he stands now is if Dr. Endreas Eshete his scribe can polish it some and publish it in his name I know it is a tall order since the good Dr.’s brain cells are frayed with alcohol and I am afraid humanity is going to loose on such work of colossal waste – Meles was a despicable criminal filled with hate and envy and he died alone in a hospital with no one to hold his hand- a fitting tribute to a scum-he hurt our nation and people big time and no need to be diplomatic or charitable his negative legacy will be with us for a while on the other hand we hope we learnt a lesson and we build positively on his negative experience.

  18. ጉረኞች
    | #18

    If you want to see Tigre people prosper, live in peace and harmony in Ethiopia, defending and advocating for hegemony of Tigres on the rest of the ethnic groups of Ethiopia is the worst choice you should make. Believe me! Tigres hegemony seems to be you are defending.

  19. Dawi
    | #19

    [[...Women and children packed like sardines in a bus and thrown like a piece of trash… Tens of thousands young Ethiopian women being sent everyday to be slaves in Arab countries… Millions of small Ethiopian children being used as commodities as we speak...while 12 to 15 million Ethiopians are expected to die of starvation.......And millions to die from preventable diseases due to lack of medicine, medical equipments and up to date Hospitals , etc.....]]

    If you notice you listed the the things what Absolute POVERTY did and does to our country.

    Meles’s genius is he identified “POVERTY” as our main enemy above everything else. He thought his cadres and people to only fight other enemies only when they become detractors in fighting his main enemy.

    Extreme poverty makes our people lack the basic survival necessities. Many are starving as you pointed our, lack clean water, transportation, housing, clothing, medicine and are just fighting like hell to stay alive. That is the majority of Ethiopia’s problems not “freedom of speech”. However, Democracy is still good by its own merit as pointed out.

    When we talk about poverty we are not saying “tens of thousand women going everyday to be “slaves” in Arab countries.” are doing it for lack of freedom of speech or Democracy? Are we??

    What is the fastest way to Democracy then?

    We can quote Aristotle on this: “Only a wealthy society in which relatively few citizens lived in real poverty could a situation exist in which the mass of the population could intelligently participate in politics and could develop the self-restraint necessary to avoid succumbing to the appeals of irresponsible demagogues”.

    So if you ask me under our circumstances where there is no shortage of “demagogues” economic development is a priority and if promoted by what you call “dictatorship” as in the Asian Tigers.

    Thus IMO, Meles’s legacy and vision is fighting the main enemy first.He has developed a scheme to do that in the fastest way humanly possible.

    As I see it the GTP is the map to get there.

  20. Dawi
    | #20

    [[..now tell me where is the cutoff point where a ruler can be brutal,according to you if you have less than 3 million all is acceptable? ..]]

    You are not getting my point Bro!

    I am saying being a nice guy and driving the old bug or walking with sandals as Isayas does everyday is fine but, you need more than that to get out of poverty, the main enemy of developing countries in general.

    The “UN-Free” countries like China are doing a better job at fighting POVERTY.

    Thanks to the “World class Intellect” Meles,, the study of the fastest way to get out of poverty in the African setting is mapped. We just need to keep adding on his “collected” work.

  21. Dawi’s Democracy
    | #21

    You’re one brainwashed woyane like a cult worshiper with no return. You’re not alone, you’re just like the enthusiastic supporters and admirers of the other bloodthirsty evil Adolf Hitler. Being a brutal heartless, hateful racist DICTATOR has nothing to do with BRAVERY. You keep on coming up with one excuse after another for Dictator Meles and his TPLF mafia horrific crimes on Ethiopia and Ethiopians. You can try, but the gruesome crimes of TPLF will never be erased… Once again only your kinds give excuse for inexcusable act of crimes on the country and the people: Controlling the entire Ethiopian govt and major Ethiopian business, banks and mines by one ethnic group… Giving away the only seaport and leaving Ethiopia landlocked… Ruling Ethiopians with gun pointed at them at all times… Taking away their Freedom of Speech… Freedom the Press… Freedom of religion… The right to organize… Incarcerating and torturing innocent Ethiopians… Gunning down innocent Ethiopians… Dropping bombs on innocent people and just to blame on the opposition… Giving and Selling the most fertile land to foreigners… Chasing away women and children Amharas and Gambelans from their own country and tossing them like a used napkins without food and water… Gunning down over 400 innocent Ethiopians in Gambela… Selling young women Ethiopians to be slaves in Arab countries… and so on and so forth… The TPLF Democracy only delusional people love and admire. THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY WITHOUT HUMAN-RIGHTS, period! May the loving God grant you wisdom and restore your conscience to have compassion to understand the sufferings of Ethiopians from North to South and from East to West. Regardless you’re a Muslim or Christian, you cannot claim to believe in the loving and the merciful God, and at the same time support a brutal TPLF mafia group who are committing crimes against humanity. Goodbye Dawi.

  22. Dawi’s Democracy
    | #22

    Dawi, Don’t be in denial. Do your soul a favor. I urge you to read some of these articles and get informed so you can make some sense:





    I wish you peace. May God open your heart and the likes of you for the sake of humanity. Goodbye!

  23. Dawi
    | #23

    [[..Dawi,….You’re one brainwashed woyane …..]]

    As I said the fastest way to Democracy is Dictatorship. That is “… to avoid succumbing to the appeals of irresponsible demagogues…” per Aristotle. I will include you in that list of “demagogues” because if you wanted our folks to win against our main enemy POVERTY [the cause of most evil in Ethiopia], you would have seen there is no faster way than Meles’s vision.

    If there is another path, you and others would have shown us the way.

    As Meles would say, EPRDF or any organization is not created by group of angels but mortals. So when they do wrongs like “ethnic cleansing” of Amaras or gunning down folks and creating havoc or giving away a seaport…. They will have to pay the appropriate punishments.

    Contrary to you and others, I see the Leasing of some land to foreigners as done will kick start commercial farming and accelerate development.

    We have no shortage of land to farm for those who want to engage in for now. Those who cry foul are the old colonialist “brain washed” advocates because those who have leased happen to be Indian and Chinese.

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