TPLF/EPRDF Nefarious Deeds That Will Blow Your Mind – Ethnic Cleansing By Ewnetu Sime

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We are witnessing unprecedented hatred to Amhara ethnic group under Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)/ Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF) ethno-centric dictatorial rule. As soon as TPLF/EPRDF came to power in 1992, the regime and supporters began to brutalize the Amhara ethnic group in particular. A well-coordinated support with extremist loyalist to the TPLF/EPRDF regime incited conflict in Arba Gugu, Hararghe area against the Amhara ethnic group. The houses of Amhara were burned with people inside, people were killed thrown over the cliff, people of hacked to death in broad day light, robbed, bodies mutilated by regime supporters., Some of the lucky ones fled to Addis Ababa, other took shelters in nearby towns. Ethnic cleansing was conducted in unprecedented scale. In 2012, poor farmers of Amhara ethnic group from the southern part of Ethiopia were expelled. People were made homeless; similarly, in 2013 Amhara ethnic group from Benishangul-Gumuz area forceful evicted. TPLF/EPRDF’s ethnic dictatorship anti-Amhara policy claimed many lives in many parts of Ethiopia. Sadly, the TPLF/EPRDF’s leaders and associated tugs are getting away with ethnic cleansing crimes. To-date no one is charged for it.

It is evident that as Derg came to power in 1974, they ruled the whole country in terror and brutality. Derg’s regime was faced with resistance and gravely weakened and finally defeated by TPLF/EPRDF and Eritrea Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF) guerrilla warfare. TPLF/EPRDF guerrilla movement transformed to large scale by recruiting fighters partly by intimidation of the Tigeran peasants, and finally able to mobilized thousands of fighters. They disseminated in their fighters propaganda of hatred to other ethnic and continuing to exhibit parochialism even after they assumption of power. Before TPLF enter Addis Ababa they quickly formed EPRDF to get a cover as an Ethiopian force. The TPLF claims in its propaganda that they fought Derg dictatorship for the pursuit of liberty or ideals of democracy has been revealed as carefully crafted deceptions. It is not too surprising that it is done to stay in power by coercion enforced by viscous Agaiz private armies that are recruited from one minority ethnic and secret police organization to continue their tyrannical rule.

As we briefly look back why the Weyane’s/TPLF revolt started we found that primarily reason was a conflict with the local authority to protect economic interest within Ethiopia. However, in mid-1970’s the Weyane intelligesta has shifted from the regional problem to call secession from the centralized Ethiopia state. For this reason, since the guerrilla years the Tigrian identity and historical heritage to Ethiopia has been deliberately and systematically reinvented by their leaders to mislead others. The rich and long Ethiopians history and nationalism has been distorted.

Their leaders have no love for Ethiopia or compassion for people except for their interest that is driven in creating non-viable ethnic states and provoking ethnic conflicts.

It is well to remind ourselves, their supreme leader Meles Zenawi made statements in public that Ethiopia flag is a piece of rug, proud to be pure gold ethnic, has done treachery acts about Assab, the Algerian agreement etc. all these originated from dogmatic ethnic political beliefs.

Furthermore, as TPLF/EPRDF’s seized the power, they implemented the divide and rule strategy under disguise of ethnic rights ideology. It quickly adopted a new constitution “the right of ethnic/nationalities Rights” under Article 39, 46 and 47. Of course, these articles objective are to divide and rule at same time to erode the eighty nationalities unity and diversity that coexisted side by side for generations. Even though active social interaction and intermarriage among nationalities is always a given fact.

The recent forceful eviction of members of the Amhara people from Benishangul-Gumuz area is indeed a direct implementation of the TPLF/EPRDF’s ethnic policy. They have a wrong belief that creating ethnic conflict is the foundation of their strength to stay in power. As demonstrated with above few facts, they are deliberately creating ethnic conflict as one of the tactics to stay in power.

We cannot afford to remain as onlookers where ethnic cleansing encouraged by regime. As stated by many scholars the international laws is applicable for this type of crime, and TPLF/EPRDF leaders can be charge by ethnic cleansing. This cannot be seen as a long shot. The role of Ethiopians, at least in USA, has to demand through available avenues such email/letters/on line petition, etc. to our senators, congressmen/women to expose the ongoing ethnic cleansing act. We should always keep in mind that the Opposition political groups, independents journalist, other concerned citizens risked all they had, their families, friends, homes, etc. all these sacrifice is for glimmering hope of a better life for all Ethiopians.

We should support them by intensifying campaign in exposing their ethnic cleansing that blow our minds, and put in its own coffin as seen in past world history. Ethnic cleansing is barbarous and heartless. As it said in the past, if you care about Ethiopia do not remain idle, get involved and make your voice be heard. It will take a massive effort, discourse, dialogue, and to get Ethiopia back on its feet and to make it home again for all Ethiopians.

Ewnetu Sime

  1. ለምለም
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    ሁላችሁ እናንት የሰው ልጆች
    በሉ, ቁሙ፣ ሃይል ያላችሁ፤
    ተማርን፣ ሰልጥነናል፣አውቀናል፣ ያላችሁ።
    በሉ ተነሱ በቋንቋ ከሆነ ሚዛኑ
    በሉ ተናገሩ፣
    የትግሬ፣ የጉራጌ፣የአደሬ፣
    የኦርሞ …ወዘተ ልጆች
    በክልል የምታምኑ፤
    ቁሙ ተፋረዱ
    ለዚያች ዓማርኛ ለምትናገር እናት፤
    አስረዷት ቋንቋ መሆኑን ሚዛኑ
    ለፍርድም ሆነ ለመኖር በህይወት፤
    በሉ በጥቅሻ አሳምኗት፣
    ያችን ዓማርኛ የምትናገር እናት፤።
    ቋንቋ ከሆነ ሚዛኑ
    ሰው የሚለካበት፣
    በሉ እናተው አስተምሯት፤
    ያችን ያማራ እናት።
    በጥቅሻ አስረዷት፣
    ከእንግዲህ ልጅ የሚሉት፤
    እንዳትወልድ በኢትዮጵያ አህጉራት።
    ለዓለም በማወጅ ንገሯት!
    በሉ እንጅ የስልጣኔውን መንገድ አሳይዋት፣
    ያችን ዛሪ ጎጤ ሳትል፤
    ሳይገባት የወለደችውን በክልል።
    ሚዛን ከሆነ ቋንቋ፤
    በመጮህ ወይም በጥቅሻ፣
    አስታውቋት እንጅ
    ጅብ እንዳዬ ውሻ።
    ሚዛን ከሆነ ቋንቋ፤
    ትባረር ወይስ ተዘፈቃ ትሙት
    በክልል አረንቋ?
    ትፈንገል ብላችሁ ከፈረዳችሁ
    ሰው መሆኗ እንዲፋቅ በዚያ ቦታ፤
    የሐጤአቷን ሃቅ እኔ ልመስክርላት፣
    መሆኑን ላስረዳ
    ተሸካሚነቷንም ላሳይ
    ልክ እንደ ተባለው ሁሉ፣
    “አይጥ በበላ ያው ዳዋ ተመታ”!
    © ለምለም ፀጋው ፤ ሚያዝያ 8፣2005 ሁናቴውን አዳምጡ!
    Lemlem Tsegaw, April 16, 2013

  2. Anonymous
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  3. EthioLion
    | #3

    I too have my eye’s on this murdering tplf/woyane regime, not one must escape when time comes, and I mean time is closing on them. They don’t have the little devil leading this wild pack, we have names, picture, and you know in Ethiopian culture, we know who’s who in the lower ranks, from the foot soldier’s to top brass, anyone who gained on Ethiopians misery for last 22 years and counting, will pay dearly. We will hunt every tplf/woyane everywhere on Mother Earth, they will paid for their inhuman crimes, they will be no mercy, you will see my fellow Ethipians their are cracking already, they fell the Ethiopian heat, well after 22 years and counting, and that’s enough. And now the dead little devil’s wife has come in reincarnation as the midget himself, she will receive the Ethiopian justice that her evil bastard husband escape from.

  4. hun
    | #4

    TPLF/EPLF are the byproduct of colonialism. As such the anti Ethiopia and anti Amhara policies of TPLF/EPLF are not their own original ideas, but of their masters.

  5. hun
    | #5

    TPLF and EPLF are movements of people who are/were programmed to work for their colonial masters against the interest of their country. The mentalities of these people were changed in such way that they consider being anti Ethiopia, anti Amhara as acts of heroism.

  6. umdda
    | #6

    Undoubtedly, the gangs who established and ran the fascist and the hate-ridden regime are the one and the only owners of the crime committed on Amaras; for this, all courageous and determined Ethiopians will fight the enemy to the end to bring all the Hiwhat-TPLF/EPRDF hate campaigners to this dirty and despicable crimes that swallowed the lives of children, mothers, fathers, and the rest who lost their precious life while being transported to deportation.

    Death will not exempt Meles Zinawi, the criminal who has been campaigning on the destruction of Amaras since the time he has become the fugitive, although now is dead and being disintegrated into tenuous bones. Worse,worse the fate of Sibhat Nega shall definitely be uglier and worse than the dead Meles Zinawi who is now lonesome in his dark grave.

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