Myopic EPRDF warlords in their airtight cage By Robele Ababya

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Self-defense is a natural right

Self-defense at this critical time in the history of Ethiopia threatened by divisive ethnic policy being perpetrated by TPLF’s warlords is a natural right. The Amharas subjected to ethnic cleansing and indeed the living under tyranny in abject poverty seek practical solutions to their multiple miseries quickly before it is too late to avert civil disorder of far reaching consequences to Ethiopia and the region of the Horn of Africa. The parochial EPRDF warlords in their airtight cage care less about peace and tranquility in Ethiopia and states in the region. The warlords are strange cage-fellows mistrustful of one another and devoid of constructive ideas.

Writings and quotes deemed relevant to this piece

In order to make a reasoned argument, I starved for knowledge and sought respite in the writings of fellow citizens as well as remarkable quotes of stalwart Pan Africanists:-

Ambassador Berhanu Dinke (ABD)

1.The Imperial regime had faced several rebellions and outright challenges to its policies, and rampant but silent disagreements among officials of the His Majesty’s administration. The Emperor was above the Constitution, which He said He granted it to the people of His own free will. He breached it in terms of devolution of power. This breach led to a serious quarrel between the Monarch and the renowned dissident Ambassador ABD – His Majesty’s trusted, visionary, effective, incorruptible official. DK sought political asylum in the USA where he had to contend with several threats on his life for his incessant and incisive criticism of the Imperial regime. Failure to devolve power to the Prime Minister in accordance with Article 73 of the Constitution was the main cause of the irreversible split between the principled BK and the Monarch that ruled in accordance with the precept of the divine right of kings.

2.I read BK’s two books written in Amharic each 69 pages long bound in one cover with the titles “Qaisar ena Abiot” printed on one side and “Albo Zemed” on the other. Each book in my opinion is as big as any in terms of its substance underlining the need to build democracy on solid foundation. He quite rightly characterized the elites of the Ethiopian revolution as rebels in an empty house devoid of the timeless fundamental values rooted in Ethiopian history. I agree with him entirely.

3.According to ABD’s eye witness account as a young boy: Dejazmatch Balcha Abanebso from his abode in Wolliso mobilized a small force to march on Addis Ababa to fight the Italian Fascist invaders. The Italians upon getting the news deployed one thousand soldiers supported by tanks, artillery and fighter airplanes to engage the veteran warrior with only 200 militias at his command. In a day long fighting, the Fascists suffered 100 casualties versus only 15 on the militia but with several men wounded. Several days later the Fascists made a surprise attack on a camp near his birth place and killed the veteran hero. He paid the ultimate sacrifice.

4.Balcha’s death motivated the likes of Abebe Aregay et al in Shoa; Mengesha Jembere and Belay Zeleke in Gojjam; Gebrehiot and Abay in Tigray; Geresu Dukey and Bekele Woya in the south. These illustrious heroes were part and parcel of the first guerrilla organization in the world. Incidentally, one of the Dejazmatch Abay’s sons was my friend in Addis Ababa; he tutored me a lot about power struggle within Tigray which I found to be similar to those in other parts of Ethiopia.

5.According to ABD poetry, literary works and philosophy in Ethiopia have independently developed to the level of European achievement in Ethiopia. This is true!

Gebremedhin Araya (GA)

5.I knew Gebremedhin in those days in Uganda when refugees were on hot pursuit. My better half was a close friend of his wife and did her best to assist the GA and his spouse when the couple was victims of nabbing by TPLF security operatives led by General Tsadkan and Hayelom. GA is one true son of Ethiopia with unrelenting courage and patriotism to this very date exposing the renegades within the TPLF top echelon in his capacity as a former member. I thank him for his article in Amharic titled እነ ማን ነበሩ? አሁንስ ማን ናቸው? posted on various social media.

6.I extol GA in all sincerity for his confirming that the Imperial regime was all-inclusive and that Tigreans held top positions in that regime. I know this to be true in my capacity in key positions; it is a matter of record that the Monarchy gave the highest priority to the development of Tigray and Eritrea in spite of meager national resources.

Jomo Kenyatta quote

7.“When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” In contrast the EPRDF regime is welcoming the old and new colonizers by leasing large chunk of fertile land to the latter in the face of serfdom bleeding Ethiopian peasants.

Nelson Mandela quote

8.“Ethiopia has always held a special place in my own imagination and the prospect of visiting attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England and America combined. I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African. Meeting the emperor himself would be like shaking hands with history”. The country so much admired is now Balkanized – the very concept the Great Statesman paid so dearly to eradicate.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

9.“… Let us all be clear – supporting devolution is not a choice, as some claim it to be – it is a duty. A constitutional duty. One that I have sworn to uphold. Our constitution does not suggest devolution, it demands it. I urge all Kenyans to be persistent, pragmatic, patient and non-partisan, as we pursue the promise of devolved governance.” This is in sharp contrast to the partisan divisive ethnic policy of EPRDF in the absence of no real devolution of power.

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam

10.“Ethiopians united — pulling together — can never be defeated by the bloody hands of tyrants!”, from his inspiring analysis titled Liberating a “Prison Nation” posted on Ethiomedia on 15 April 20113. I say Amen to this quote wholeheartedly.

Failures in political leadership & consequences

1.Dictator Mengistu Hailemariam has unashamedly shifted the blame of his failure in leadership to his close confidants and subordinates. His incompetence as Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Armed Force led to the disintegration of one of the largest fighting force in Africa.

2.This coward spent time building his personality cult and finally fled the country leaving the army in the lurch and the door wide open for invasion by the TPLF regime. He must be held accountable for high treason. In all fairness, however, he neither falsified the history of Ethiopia nor compromised the unity and territorial integrity of the country – which could have constituted a more treasonous crime.

3.The EPRDF regime has been unwilling or incapable of resolving colossal issues inherited from Zenawi. These require the collaboration of all Ethiopians in a democratic environment, which does not exist now. The mega dam project is a time bomb that will explode at the convenience of Egyptian authorities. Any Ethiopian opposition political entity would be right to link up with progressive forces in Egypt in fostering regional democracy and prosperity.

4.Endemic corruption is certain to destabilize the regime. Moreover, the pledge by the EPRDF Prime Minister to continue with the destructive legacy of the late tyrant Zenawi will lead to the eventual downfall of the regime sooner than later.

5.The longer the TPLF warlords stay in their tribal hermetic cocoon, the more they will become stupid and isolated from the rapidly changing outside world in the sphere of politics, economic growth and social development. This intransigence will not augur well for the stability of Ethiopia and the region of the Horn of Africa.

Slow pace towards unity

Unity still seems a blurred dream. After decades in the wilderness some Oromo elites are still unable to shed off their tribal garb to change their wrong premise and make a paradigm shift to embrace the spirit of Ethiopianism and Pan Africanism under the umbrella of the African Union. I ask the OLF liberation from whom? How can it be possible to dialogue on any national or AU agenda with a biased mind towards ones’ tribe? Under ethnic federalism, would it be possible for meritorious candidates from minority groups to hold electoral offices at the national level? I think NOT!

EPRDF warlords are locked in their airtight cage with their parochial views. The government is dysfunctional at this material time. This is the moment for the Ethiopian people to inundate public squares and streets and appoint an all-inclusive transitional caretaker government.

The fate of those movements with tribal mentality will be decided by the people forming the transitional government. Those concerned are well-advised to read the signs on the wall and do so recalling election 2005 where Ethiopians, regardless of ethnic origin or creed, dealt a heavy blow to TPLF at the polls.

I pin my hope on this quote by Kwame Nkrumah : “The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart” to be optimistic that the slow pace for strong unity will pick up speed.


Zenawi’s ill-conceived vision, mission, and strategy to destroy Ethiopia are well articulated by Gebremedhin Araya. Full support for his call for a coordinated civil uprising as broadcast in his interviews with ETSAT and G-7 radios is justified; his assertion that the Imperial regime was all-inclusive is correct; it is true that Tigreans held more than their share of top positions in government.

Ethnic cleansing is an intolerable vicious crime against humanity; no baby is born to parents of its choice and therefore the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Amhara race constitutes a heinous crime against humanity. The descendants of the loyal servants of Fascist Italy holding top position in TPLF/EPRDF must brought to justice.

The Ethiopian young generation should: pay tribute to the illustrious heroes (mentioned at paragraph 4 on page1) and multitudes of others for their heroic contributions, as Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic origin, to the first guerrilla organization in the world; emulate their example to eradicate racism being perpetrated by Bandas within the TPLF top hierarchy; stop rebelling “in an empty house” devoid of the timeless fundamental values rooted in Ethiopian history; act in unison to “defeat tyranny” and liberate the “Prison Nation”, vide paragraph 10 on page 2 above.

As George Ayittey said “Back in the 1960s Africa not only fed itself, it also exported food. Not anymore.” Ethiopia was on the verge of take-off in economic growth led by the agricultural sector, but no more – due to economic mismanagement by the TPLF regime. The next pro-Ethiopia regime will no doubt: restore the principle of self-reliance; reclaim Ethiopian lands from unscrupulous investors and distribute to citizen private property owners!

God always does his part leaving to us what we can do!

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia and Muslim leaders demanding peacefully for their constitutional rights!


  1. Tesfaw
    | #1

    Every concerned Ethiopian need to heed the clarion call of the hour;There is no time to scoundrel any more. Many Ethiopians havealready warned us. Perhaps, Abebe Gelaw out lined the urgency of the time when he said,I am not quoting him in verbutm,” NOT ONLY TPLF BUT ALL THE SUPPOSED OPOSTION ORGANIZATIONS WHO APPEAR TO BE IN PRACTICAL COMA OR HIBERNATION NEED TO BE TOLD ENOUGH.” For this reason we demand specially those organizations who raised arms against the regime to conven speedily and solicit the public about the proper course of action.

    In short, such entities as, EPPF,G-7,and others need to reach a consensus to form a joint resistance .Most people are unduly pre-occupied about TPLF’s bravery; undeniably she is armed to the teeth but with no public support on her side. On the other hand, GOD, the truth, the unity of the people, and the home terrain are all on the side of Ethiopians at the moment.

  2. Oda Tulu
    | #2

    #1 Tesfaw: I agree with your excellent comment entirely. TPLF warlords and their evil thought must vanish from Ethiopia through an all-inclusive struggle.

  3. gelam
    | #3

    If people want to talk, they always have some thing to say regardless of the rationality of their topic. When the country was in drought and famine, they used to say ‘Green drought’ to mean that the country is poor while having fertile land. And now, when the country started to utilize its resources, they made a U-turn and they are telling us to stop farming our fertile land. for an average Ethiopian, it is not hard to imagine what some outsider groups/individuals/or countries would benefit if the country remains always poor. But for the opposition diaspora and the like, shame on you! study history and politics before you open your mouth.

    - “for the betterment of the country, the feudal system must be removed” …. Derge
    -”for the betterment of the country, the military dictator must be removed”…..Woyane
    -”for the betterment of the country, Woyane must be removed”…..opposition Diaspora.
    -”for the betterment of the ……….”

    When do you think this cycle will have an end?
    In my opinion, it will never end unless we are aware of our outside enemies. Ethiopia’s enemy’s are always enemies. They do not care about the governments. They help a certain group to come to power and the time that group becomes stronger, they train another group in order destroy the former one. In this situation, the countries always remains between RAISE and FALL states.Political game. I think the opposition diaspora are playing a political game without knowing the rules of the game. The rules of the game are in the hands of other masters (the outsiders).

  4. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #4

    Gelam, what is the diaspora disparaging comment? By giving the fertile land to the highest bidder of agricultural conglomerates of the world does not improve the economical condition of the Ethiopian poor. Yes leasing the fertile land to the Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Indonesians or Europeans brings hard cash to the coffin of the Government which is the cash jar of the Ruling Party – EPRDF, particularly to the pockets of the TPLF bosses. Until the people of Ethiopia become the beneficiary of their own fertile land, until the farmers of Ethiopia utilize their fertile land for their own good, the diaspora and the insiders will keep reminding you, me, friends and foes of Ethiopia, EPRDF, TPLF, and the rest of the world about the inequity of the land grabbing by rich foreign Conglomerates. This TPLF Bosses’ enriching land policy is not beneficial to the masses of Ethiopia. I do not see any irrationality in peoples’ talk on this issue. What are rules of game that you are talking about? The direct or indirect interference of foreigners in the affairs of the country is not a new thing or a new rule. It is an intrinsic part of the political game played openly on the international political field. It is what it is. The poor and the weak are threatened, reprimanded, and ordered to bow their heads to the rich and the powerful. But when the poor and the weak get the opportunity to express their grievances, it is necessary to hit the nail on its head. I do not understand your anger on the opposition in diaspora. Do you want them to shut up their mouths and their minds on issues that they find interesting and concerning? It seems that you despise the opposition in Diaspora. Can you have the balls to spit out your reasoning? People get dispersed in the four corners from their land in search of freedom to find their voices and to avoid persecution. For you to criticize and devalue the opinions of the opposition in diaspora shows your lack of appreciation for freedom and democracy which our country lacks. Keeping blaming the foreigners for our misery does not fly with logic. If you allow me to dominate you in your home, blame your weakness, not my strength. The rules of the game are in ourselves to stand up to fight for our God-given right. Let the Diaspora speak its mind whether right or wrong. If it is wrong, correct it; if it is right, support it; Don’t disparage it!!!!!

  5. weygud
    | #5


    Ababya, as usual blaming the past is not going to do anything. We still have so many secrets on the rise of DERG. After all Mengistu was not the first president of DERG but an Eritrean, Aman Abdo. We must know the details of our past story before transfering the blame. Who was really involved in the killing of Haile Selassie and the 60 men? Yes, Mengistu might be accused of for being nationalist and blindly fighting the secessionist without strategy. But it was under Mengistu where our diverse biodiversity seeds were kept for drought and for future. Guess what, the same organization you and Bulcha Demeksa working for World Bank removed every part of seedlings that is organic from Ethiopia for Europe. We are left with donated GMO foods that is killing Ethiopians through cancer, and affecting their hormones. So although I agree with most of your writing please stop the blame. The same people who have given a hand to foreigners to bleed Ethiopia are not only TPLF and Shabia but most shady Ethiopians as well. Indeed it also requires to talk about the Eritrea’s direct involvement in current TPLF. It is useless to talk about TPLF all the time without directing the main groups who continue to bleed Ethiopia because they benefit from it. The unity should be to oust any Eritreans from taking office until they decide what they stand for otherwise they cannot be trusted. The getting rid of TPLF is must before it does serious grounds it is preparing for huge crimes against humanity. All the fake ethnic oppositions such as OPDO should not be trusted and therefore dismantled. They are the ones freezing the struggle because they beleive they are getting something out of it under TPLF. In other words the opposition and tPLF are getting benefit from eachother by framing one another. If they don’t have their way, they won’t allow them to implement pro ethnic agenda they want.

  6. Oda Tulu
    | #6

    #5 Weygud: General Aman Andom (not Abdo as you wrongly wrote it) was executed one day before the 60 dignitaries. You are also wrong in saying OPDO is on the opposition it iss one of the EPRDF puppet coalition.

    One of the worst mistakes of Mengistu was ordering the execution of the briliant General Aman Andom who had served Ethiopia well.

  7. ግሩም
    | #7

    @gelam,Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A

    gelam raised such a good point in that we are some how sabotaged to be deliberately and systematically entrapped in some sort of confusion and vicious-circle. There is no such a thing as rule of the game that is eternal, as long as it is man-made, and only there is rule-of God and rule of Nature that can sustain eternally. The current globally pervasive rule of the game is order of the day, called Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic Projects that are globally pervasive. So what we have to do is to both internalize (historically as Nation-State Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet) and externalize (Global Social-Order of the day=Global Capitalism) our multifaceted and deep-rooted problems as a Nation-State. TPLF and EPLF are foreign imposed stooge Client-regimes who advance Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic Projects. So as a regime of a certain nature this is what we have to externalize. As a society and nation-state we have to internalize our lack of proper knowledge, wisdom, unity, harmony and integrity to protect ourselves from undeserved and limitless foreign intervention that doomed us to the advent of such corrupt and irresponsible powers like TPLF/EPLF cling to power. If thieves are all over around us then it is our responsibility and duty to be alert and properly secure and protect our surroundings. However the very important point is for how long we are getting entrapped in the perpetual vicious-circles of such destructive power relations and power exchange dynamism and schemes among corrupt and irresponsible local comprador-elites who knowingly or unknowingly serve as stooges of Global Power Masters? For example how many of us are so aware that Global Power Masters may do such an ethnically driven insidious schemes of making fierce fight between Amhara and Tigray peoples so that Ethiopia shall disintegrate if the two historically rivaling power-houses are in such irreversible and severe antagonism and conflict. The tragic dislocation of Amhara peoples from their farming lands is with such a diabolical motive in order to instigate ethnic conflict that culminates in Balkanization. What happened in former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria … is with such diabolical motive of destabilization and eventual Balkanization. Whether we believe it or not Amhara is such a stabilizing buffer zone for both Tigray and the rest Oromo or other ethnic groups. So the direct attack on Amhara is directly tantamount to the direct attack on greater Ethiopia. During times of foreign aggression and war it is this same Amhara rural farmers who go to war and sacrifice their invaluable life to their beloved Ethiopia. The fate of Ethiopia is mainly under the hands of political and intellectual elites among different ethnic groups and not as such among the poor power class majority mass.As long as such local elites become patriotic nationalists so loyal and so loving to their beloved nation Ethiopia then foreign powers can not do that much to carry out their destructive Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic Projects.

  8. Oda Tulu
    | #8

    #3 gelam: The writter advocates strongly that land of Ethiopia must be given to her citizens,recalling that farming had scored a remarkable success before the 1973/74 drought in the north. Ethiopian land for Ethiopians,stupid! is his motto. Therefore,vanishing the fascist TPLF warlords is the only option to realize self-reliance in what citizens can easily do.

  9. Long Live Ethiopia!
    | #9

    weygud #5, and Ethiopian from MN, U.S.A
    Well said! You two hit the nail on the head.

  10. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #10

    Brother/Sister ግሩም: If local elites had been or become patriotic nationalists, so loyal and so loving to their beloved nation, Ethiopia, we, in this forum, would not have the dialogue and conversation as well as the brotherly/sisterly exchange of opinions. As the saying goes “everyman is for himself”, every country is for itself. Whether you label the economically powerful countries as Neo-liberal and Neo-colonialist or Imperialist or Capitalist or fascist or man-eater, what they are doing is what is good and beneficial to their peoples. Whatever they exploit from us goes to their purse. What we dream and wish from our leaders is that good and beneficial to be brought to all Ethiopians. The lack of good will from our leaders frustrates and upsets us. We cannot keep on blaming the FERENJOCH, AREBOCH, HINDOCH, and now CHINAWOCH. The responsibility lies with us. We allow the oppression to go on. Our own brothers and sisters who embark on the power throne by wielding the power of gun rather than the power of their mind forget the mission of Democracy – a government by the people, for the people, to the people. This abuse of power has been going for generations from Haile Selassie, to Mengistu, to Meles, and now to collective TPLF elites’ governance with Hailemariam’s powerless face as decoy. The enemies of Ethiopia, the causes of Ehiopia’s backwardness, the offenders of democracy, the abusers of human rights in Ethiopia, the killers of innocent Ethiopians, the instigators of the social destabilization in Ethiopia, the architects of balkanization of Ethiopia, the looters of its natural resources, and the promoters of the ongoing starvation of millions of Ethiopians are Ethiopian children themselves. We have to take responsibility for our own destiny. When foreigners invaded our motherland, our fathers and mothers as well as our forebears stood up for their rights and fought and got rid of the intruders and invaders from the face of our country. They were very brave and courageous. Our current generations have lost their manhood. Bravery and courage do not exist in our vocabulary. They are very strange, unknown, meaningless words. We have become paper-tigers. NO,no,no. We have graduated to computer keyboard tigers, more invisible, suffering from logorreha, including myself. So whatever we say about foreigners meddling and interfering in our internal affairs does not fetch any benefit as long as we open our door and invite them or we allow them to run over us with our passiveness. THEY ARE IN OUR COUNTRY FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT BY EXPLOITING THE OPPORTUNITY, NOT FOR OUR CHARITY. OUR LOSS OF RIGHT IS THEIR EXPLOIT. THIS IS THE TRUTH AND THE ONLY TRUTH. What are you going to do about it, JACK?

  11. ግሩም
    | #11

    @Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A

    So what we have to do is to both internalize (historically as Nation-State Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet) and externalize (Global Social-Order of the day=Global Capitalism) our multifaceted and deep-rooted problems as a Nation-State.


    In my above statement I used words both internalize and externalize. So when I say internalize i mean we have to take responsibility for our own failures as a nation. Also when I say externalize i mean we have to be awaken and aware of Global Capitalism and stop the very mystical illusion that we have got trapped in for many years by believing that as if Global Capitalism means Global Democracy, Global Humanity, Global Prosperity, Global Peace while to the contrary in reality Global Capitalism is Global War, Global Conquest, Global Dominance, Global Scramble, Global Oppression and Global Exploitation and Global Impoverishment. So we are part of this global social order that is so pervasive wherein we are so much influenced and hence we are not able to solve all our internal problems externally imposed over us by this global social order by ourselves and hence requires Global Mass awareness and awakening for Global alliance with the other Global Mass. Like there is Global alliance among the very few supper rich capitalist elites then likewise there has to be counter global alliance among the oppressed, exploited, impoverished and downtrodden global poor mass. If you view the overall situation as a global social order as a global community then there is no such a thing as internal and external. The massive impoverishment following the severely deregulated systemic implementation of Neo-Liberal Global Capitalism and the ensuing deterioration of Welfare-State for the last 20 or more years is not only pervasive in 3rd world nations but also in those developed Western nations that we see now days as is in the ensuing economic crisis and then the ensuing social crisis as is manifested in massive unemployment, homelessness and then suicide and homicide and well then the Police-State we see it today even in USA. Do you believe that US government is engaged in perpetual Global War for the sake of the main interest of the majority local US Peoples? If that is the case then why there is such massive spending cuts for social welfare and hence the ensuing school closings in Chicago? Here you have to admit that now days under the pervasive social order of global capitalism the very essence of a government has been very confusing to the extent that most governments globally have been hijacked by few supper rich globalist capitalist elites and hence politicians are just their hired employed stooges who have same stake or interest in the system. So it has become difficult to proudly say that governments stand in what is good for the majority mass but rather they stand in what is good for transnational corporations owned by the very few capitalist elites. Bogus electoral democracy where in the mass participates has become a crafty tool for the capitalists elites and their stooge politicians only serving as a means to cling to political power. So we need to externalize somehow in such a wise manner when we see this very challenging global phenomenon. Regarding Ethiopia case, here I want to tell you that even those many Ethiopians who ardently oppose TPLF, if they are some how in power, are so potentially inclined to commit similar mistakes TPLF has been committing, as long as they knowingly or unknowingly support Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism, Imperialistic projects under the disguise of Democracy and humanitarian mission. And hence if we support Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism, Imperialistic projects under the disguise of Democracy and humanitarian mission then we have to inevitably expect the ensuing Land-Grab by Predatory Global Capital and also the ensuing dislocation of Ethiopians from their farm lands and the ensuing impoverishment. As there is no free-lunch then there is no such a thing that on one hand we desire foreign aid and loan and on the other hand we demonize TPLF for looting this foreign aid and loan and also the ensuing prevailing economic plundering in the nation that has been impoverishing the majority mass. If you read the Economic Hit Men this is how the system is working globally.
    As far as I understand what has been critically missing as an ingredient part of Ethiopian politics for the last 22 years is the essence of Class-Consciousness and Class Struggle based on national and global social fabric and class structure. We have been hyping naively and gullibly and sometimes deliberately by sabotage about democracy, human rights free-press ….for the last 22 years but we said nothing about Class-Consciousness and Class Struggle. And in this regard some Ethiopian Political and intellectual elites are knowingly committing treacherous intellectual and political prostitution and also so many others are also unknowingly, naively and gullibly become confusing and confused in this regard by simply hyping bogus democracy and free-market nirvana.We have to be really honest about Class-Consciousness and Class Struggle.So we need a awakening awareness and the ensuing paradigm shift regarding the order of the day of the global social-order (Global Capitalism) related to Class-Consciousness and Class Struggle.It is neither externalizing nor internalizing in such black and white terms. It is a blatant global reality we better not deny or cover-up but rather face it audaciously as the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did it. If we are as such truly concerned about the majority Ethiopian poor mass and well indeed also about the rest global poor mass then we have to be all Hugo Chavez.
    Any way read the following as a reference for what I have been saying regarding Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism, Imperialistic projects globally so pervasive.


  12. Feissa Balcha
    | #12

    #10 Ethiopian from Minnisota: Thank you for your brilliant comment. The Derg killed the spirit of entrepreurship out of jelousy the TPLF warlords are bent on destroying Ethiopia.

  13. umdda
    | #13

    Our collective goal and collaborative effort is to completely get rid of the enemy that invaded our country and currently is wasting human and natural resources of our country. We know well that our enemy, the enemy that all we knew and it is what it is today is the enemy that we have ever had in the history our country and in our lives too.

    All Ethiopians, keep the faith, keep the fight!!!!

    Although we know the enemy either will die or get crushed with our mighty feast, it is with our ongoing determination and focused target that we for sure know the enemy will soon get crushed before our eyes and under our crushing feet. All Ethiopians do what you can do in your capacity to shorten the life of our ugly enemy.

    Zenawi is now dead and lonesome in his dark grave, and will remain quiet for eternity; however, Sibhat Nega is spitting its deadly venom on our people and is avenging his dead son who is now ash and dirt in the house of devil.

    Zenawi never has he to think of being exempted from standing trial and face the justice; simply because Zenawi is dead doesn’t mean he has escaped justice; he along with the rest of the robbers shall stand trial before millions of Ethiopians.

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